January 18th, 2006


FO - Knitted and lined Purse

Hello all, thought I'd post an FO.

I knit this out of some handpainted wool double stranded with some funky, novelty yarn with mohair I picked up at Michael's. I had every intention to felt the thing and then make a bag out of it, but as it knit up, I decided I really liked it the way it was.

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Anyone else have project-itis?

So, I had all these projects I was working on for Christmas, 9 I think in all. Now that the holidays are over and there are no birthdays or other holidays coming up, I didn't have any pressing projects in my queue. I went bonkers when I realized this! I immediately starting scanning for stuff to make. I went through all my project books and noted anything I had wanted to make for myself (which is wierd for me cause I've only ever made I think 2 things for myself before now) and then went online and bought everything needed for these projects. It was crazy, it was like I was going through withdrawal or something. And now I can hardly wait for the stuff to come so I can get started!

Anyone else go through withdrawal when you don't have something to work on?


Landscape Sockathon

I just bought the patterns for all of these socks.

I am fully expecting them to kick my ass; I have never done anything in intarsia. For that matter, I have never knit a sock in my life. (Well, not one that had a heel, anyway.)

Have any of you done these socks, and if so, do you have any hints/tips/encouragements/warnings for me?
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Fight those against Knitting!

As a preface to this post - I reviewed back a day and didn't see this posted and Mods, if you deem this inappropriate, please by all means delete it.

If you are irked at all about the SewFast SewEasy debacle, please read on!
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So this post isn't completely preachy, here's a question. If I am a bridesmaid a wedding in April, and I was thinking of knitting a lacy shawl (we got shawls with our dresses, but I think I'd prefer to make one). I don't want a triangular one - I think a long rectangle would be better. I would consider myself a higher level intermediate knitter (I've made the Rogue sweater - as an example of skill level, but I haven't made much in terms of lace) So my questions are these:
1. Do I have time? (I knit at most one hour per day on weekdays, more on weekends if I don't have other plans)
2. Can you recommend a relatively inexpensive lace weight yarn to use? Preferably something that comes in a red wine type color.
3. Can anyone recommend either a free or cheap pattern that's available online? I'll Google of course, but I wanted to see if anyone had a favorite.

Thanks Knitters!

EDIT: Explanation of the source of the CafePress shop is in the comments.
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quick and easy afghan pattern?

Hi folks,

I've been knitting for a little over a year and my friend/knitting student has been knitting for about 8 months. We want to make an afghan together for a friends who is graduating in May. So we are looking for patterns that KNIT UP QUICK, and are very easy, and could be done with inexpensive yarn. We tend to knit at different guages - I can tell just by looking at our work. So do you all know of a pattern where we could work on parts individually, and put them all together, and the different guages wouldn't matter so much? Like blocks or something? Perhaps I ask the impossible.... :-)
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super mobius scarves

i made a simple mobius scarf for myself before christmas which my mother quickly confiscated for herself... psh... so i let her. and my grandma said "i want one too!" so i bought more yarn for her and myself(for a replacement) and quickly worked it up.

it's like a size 15 36" circ and i just knit for a bit. her's is very twisty as i didn't really pay attention to it much

for reference:
original scarf

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Angry Potato

FO - Spirit of the Southwest shawl

Pattern - Spirit of the Southwest shawl from Fibertrends
Yarn - Grignasco Regina. Near as I can tell, this stuff is the same as Skacel Merino Lace. Both are 100 grams and both are 2/25; the Grignasco is marked as "1250 m - 1363 yards" and the Skacel as "1375 yards". Just a bit of rounding there... and when you look at 'em close-up, they're the same.
Needles - 3.5mm circs
Finished size - about 39" deep / wingspan of 78"

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Please help me interpret this sock pattern

Hello knitters,

I'm starting my first pair of socks using this pattern: Knitting Basic Toe-Up Socks Using the “Magic Loop”Circular Method.

The instructions start with casting on the toe, and knitting 6-8 rows before moving both toes into the magic loop position. Then it starts talking about round 2, round 3, etc.

Should I be knitting straight for those 6-8 rows right after casting on, or should I use the directions for rounds 2 and 3 for those rows?

(I know this question sounds totally stupid, but the numbering in the pattern isn't exactly straightforward.)
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(no subject)

I JUST learned how to purl omg I'm so proud of myself TWT <3333 It's kind of sad since I've known how to knit for ten years and not how to purl, rofl.

Anyhow now that I know how to purl, I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for simplesimple knit and purl scarves? I've never used a pattern before so it's my next thing to learn *_*

Right now I'm working on a extra extra long skinny scarf in some mode-dea jai alai yarn 'cause it was on sale and I loved the colour TwT <3 (only like 2$ for a skein after sale price & employee discount yay!)

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Oh and hi I'm new to the comm 8D *wave* I learned how to knit from my grandma/school in 3rd grade (so I was about 8 or so) Yes my teacher had the great idea to teach us all how to knit in 3rd grade it was pretty cool XD
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Barbara walker treasuries

I'm considering buying the first, or second, of this set, and I can't quite decide which is the better of the two. Either way, I'm really looking to increase my lace pattern arsenal. The reviews I've found online have been little more than Walker worship, so I've had little to no help from there. Those of you that have this book, which is the better of the two? Especially in terms of lace patterns?

Yes. I have checked my library system. The only one of her books we have in it is the third treasury, and it's just awful.

Thanks in advance.

Grocery Bag Tidy

Hey there,

After a year or so of grocery shopping I seemed to have amassed a huge collection of bags which I reuse for my waste paper bin. At the moment they are all messily and uninspiringly put in a bigger grocery bag and are sitting in a cupboard taking up much needed space! I was thinking of using up some stash yarn (one of those mega thrift-store balls of acrylic aran yarn) to make a grocery bag tidy for them, like those tube ones with the hole in either end. I know you can sew them, but is there any patterns out there for knitted ones? I've trawled Google, Craftster and this forum to no avail. I was thinking of modifying the Om Yoga Mat Bag in Stitch N Bitch Nation if nobody could think of any alternatives, although I've never ever modified a pattern before, being a total newbie knitter!


Yarn! and FOs

This past weekend, I made a stop at comuknity. Now I know there have been a lot of reviews on the place, but I thought I'd just add that I absolutely loved it there, and if anyone is in the South Bay Area, they should definitely make a stop there.

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And the products:

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(no subject)

Sometimes it's hard to tell if a project is doable for me, since I am still at the beginner stage. At this point, I've completed the Baby Albert coat, I'm finishing up a beginner poncho, I'm working on a scarf for my husband (rib stitch), and I have yarn coming to make a prayer shawl.

I have not yet been able to view the pattern for the Charlotte's Web shawl, but it looks so beautiful that I'd love to try it. How difficult is this, for those of you who have seen the pattern and/or made it? It looks like it incorporates yo's, which I've done, but I don't know what else.

If you think I'd be able to do it, where would I get the pattern? I know it takes 5 skeins of Koigu yarn, and I'm sure I can find that locally.

Thanks for your thoughts on this.


I suck at them. I've watched the video, I've read the wonderful entries in here, with long descriptions of Bob and Alice and Ted, and different colored needles, and STILL, it's a mess. I think I'm watching carefully to make sure stitches aren't twisted, and I'm trying to juggle needles that seem to want to flop around and get tangled in the working yarn (and the icord I have dangling from the center), and it's just not working.

I'm trying to knit some cute flowers for felting. Maybe I should just try to learn how to crochet some flowers, but i'm a little nervous about trying to learn something ELSE new right now since I'm failing so miserably.

I hate how long the DPNs are, too. But I'm hating just about everything right now, so maybe it's just a side effect of being totally frustrated.
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Interchangeables and magic loop and socks, oh my!

I just got my Denise interchangeable needle kit today and it's so spiffy! I have tendonitis, so the light-weight needles are amazing. I took the opportunity to teach myself magic loop knitting and am now working on my first pair of socks. I'm attempting the bell lace socks at http://www.keyway.net/crafts/giftbellsocks.htm in a pretty pink veriegated yarn. Hopefully they won't be too hard, though I do enjoy a challenge. Has anyone made the socks and have any pictures? There's no picture on the page. If not, I guess I'll just be surprised.
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besotted scarf

i am currently knitting the besotted cable scarf out of a chunky alpaca. It is turning out just lovely...I cant figure out how to use my digital camera yet or I would post a WIP. But I have a question for anyone who has made the scarf. Do you remember how many yards of yarn you used for it? I only bought 2 110 yard skeins and am almost done with the first one and its not very far along at all. The yarn is expensive, so I want to get an idea of how much more I will need so I can buy it now rather than later. Thanks!
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Chemo Cap tutorial

Alot of people want to make things for charity, but arn't sure how. So here's a start into chemo caps.

First off, remember that most chemo patients don't have hair. So imagine your head without hair -- sometimes a normal size hat is too big. Google "knit chemo cap" and you can compare the size of the hats to "normal" patterns.. then you should be able to adjust any pattern to fit your needs. Also remember that the hat is typically pulled down farther, so it needs to be deeper.

Some chemo patients need softer hats, but others don't mind. So just play it safe and use a softer yarn. Don't like Homespun, or Fun Fur? Some of my most popular hats have been made out of them. And this isn't to make me happy.. its to help them out. These hats need to be wash and wear, so a superwash fiber or acrylic is fine. And chemo patients come in all sizes and styles.. so vary from the most subtle colors to the most flamboyant yarns and colors you can. But remember simple, wash-n-wear, and practical. Most don't want to spend time blocking a hat.

Some good links to get started are:
Chemo Caps
Head Huggers
Bev's Country Cottage -- Cancer Caps
Red Heart Gotcha Covered Knitted Hats

The community I run on Yahoo (Charity Knit and Crochet) has a bunch of awesome links that people have put in if this doesn't suit your needs. There are some awesome LJ communities for charity crafting if that strikes your fancy, but I am not familiar with those.. any recommendations?

And there we have it -- a very beginner tutorial into chemo caps.