January 19th, 2006

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So right now I'm working on the little purse that (it seems like) everyone is working on. lol It's this one: http://ruthknits.blogspot.com/2005/06/cabled-clutch.html
Ruth's Knits: Cabled Clutch

But I'm having a bit of a problem. Everything's knitted up, and it's looking good. The project is on the dowels and ready to rock, but I don't have a lining in it yet (my Mejijers isn't that much crafty, so I'll have to look tomorrow at work, after my shift has ended), but I did however purchase some cute ribbon to match the yarn, and I bought some magnet button closures.

My problem? How would one go about attaching the closures to the purse?

Any info, links, whatever will be very helpful :) Thank you all!
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Okay, I so need help.
I can't purl. I've read the instructions in Stitch and Bitch over and over again! Is there something more detailed I can read, or look at?
Please help me someone, there is a scarf I'm trying to make, and it lookes like crap. I know I'm not doing it right!
Thanks a lot,

questions about socks

I made a horrible (1st) attempt at socks today. I wasn't going to keep it anyway since i used Red Heart to get the basics down (I used the guide Circle Easy Knitting holiday 2005 issue had). I ran into a problem with the instep right after the heel flap. Instead of knitting the stitches, I was purling them to make it look right (which isn't a huge problem and I don't care much about that). What am I doing wrong? I do knit left handed, so an opinion from a fellow left hander will be appreciated. Also, I don't understand how to do the kitchener stitch. Wished I could see it being worked and the pictures that are there, don't really help. Mind you, I love doing socks since I found out how easy they really are, just need to work the kinks out. Thanks for the help.

Poster Boy

I just got photoshop so I can make Poster Boy from Stitch 'n Bitch but I'm hoping all you clever people can help me.

It says to print the image, put it on a lightbox, put some knitter's graft paper over it and shade. I must have left my lightbox in my other purse and I also don't have any knitter's graft paper. Does anyone know of a different and / or easier way to do this?

It also calls for 5 mm, 16" circs. I have 4.8 mm, 17" circs. Will it cause any problems if I use these instead? I don't think so since it's not a fitted garment, but I just want to make sure.
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I just finished the first in a pair of socks for my Father-in-Law and as I was weaving in the ends (and looking at the ridiculously bad finished product) I decided it was time to seek some finishing wisdom.

I suck at weaving in the ends. I've looked through all of the books I own, checked online, and I can't seem to find a good technique. Then I see these beautiful airy shawls and think...how did they get the stringy-end-bits to disappear like that?!?!?!

So, favorite community of mine, I ask you.

Where do you hide your ends? What is the best technique you've found for making sure your lovely socks/lace shawl/beautiful sweater don't unravel, and don't share their ugly stringy ends?
Lovely Nick

i apologize in advance for the abundance of "!!!"...i'm ecstatic right now!

hi, guys! my name is michele, and i've been knitting for about two years, but have been lurking around this community in absolute awe for about a year and a half :] i've done a bunch of projects, most that i'm proud of, but i didn't really have the urge to post pictures...that is until i mastered circs!!

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thanks so much for checking out this bored college kid's little hobby :]
i look forward to posting again!


Cotton vs Wool

I'm ALLERGIC to animal fibers, so I can't even work with it as gifts for others. I've tried wearing an alpaca hat, but that was a disaster. Consequently, I'm forced to feed my crochet and knitting habits with the pseudo drug...acrylic. Lion Brand Homespun nearly cured me, so I looked to cotton for a quick fix. Since my LYS is Wal*Mart, the only products locally available are either Sugar'n Cream (Canada) or Peaches & Creme (USA). What I'm really looking for is something nearly-100% cotton that knits/crochets like a 4-ply worsted weight acrylic. I've Googled my way through many online, cotton offerings, but I thought I'd approach this august community for guidance first. Thank you for your time.

a few FOs

i needed some instant gratification knitting, so i made a sweater for my blythe dolls. when i got ready to post it, i realized i had a few other FOs that i hadn't posted yet, so i tossed those in here, too. these are the less-impressive of the christmas gifts i made, plus a purse for me. ^_^
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so i have finally come across a sweater pattern that i actually love - Cavern Cardigan
the only problem is that it is written as a size M 36" bust and i am a size S 34" bust...my question is, if i go down a needle size should that give me the size i want? im horrible at math and gauge etc so any help to point me in the right direction would be awesome.

the contradiction of what i expected you

jelli beenz mittens!

today i whipped up some mittens for my son, zack. i got this jelli beenz yarn from my secret pal and just thought it would make the best mittens for him. these took less than one skein and since i have one more i'll just have to make a matching hat or scarf :)

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WIP and yarn porn. I mean REVIEW. XD Right.

One of the first online purchases of yarn that I ever made was last year about this time, when I bought from lotusblossom on ebay. I love love love this yarn. Last year, the same colorway had a little more green in it, but it knits up so beautifully as lace that I actually impulse-bought a skein this year. :)

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I have about 2/3 of my original skein left, and this one is another 700 yards. I am thinking a nice spring/summer shawl, something filmy and light and airy.

The content is acrylic and kid mohair. It's a soft, sticky yarn--by which I mean that it sticks to itself in the skein and can be hard to handle until it's wound into a ball. I recommend patience and a ball winder & swift if possible. :)

The texture looks wavy in the skein, but you don't see it so much once it's knitted up. Because of the mohair, it's not great for super detailed lace, but it looks great on simple patterns. I used it for "Rabbit Tracks", which I found in last year's Knitting pattern-a-day calendar. The scarf has a very vintage look to it, as though it's been worn for years but has been cared for and loved. The color is very soothing and calming, again, very delicate.

I know this isn't a mass-produced yarn, but lotusblossom has such nice colorways, and I thought you'd like to know what someone who's used the yarn had to say. I think Fluffo is a very silly name, but it makes up for the name by being one of my favorite--and only--laceweight yarns in my stash.

Moving on.

My current WIP is a pair of green alpaca socks for my honey. I'm also working on a scarf for my mom, but that's not going to be photographed until it's blocked. XD Ahh, the glory of lace.

So yes. The yarn is some no-name brand that my LYS owner imports from South America. It says "Alpaca Soft" on the label, and that's about it. :) No dye lot, no nothin'. The one my husband chose is forest green with almost gold longer hairs spun in. Not my first choice of colorway, but they knit up really nicely and they do look masculine, which I suppose is the point, isn't it? :) He just wanted socks to keep his feet warm while at home; at least he won't be wearing through them with his shoes.

He THINKS he's getting tube socks, but I think I may do a heel. There is nothing like a pair of socks made specifically for your feet. I'm not using a pattern; I just checked the number to cast on approximately and then I'm going from there. The body is stockinette on size 5 dpns, and the ribbing is k2p2 on size 3 dpns.

Sock modeled by my wacom tablet. :)

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ETA: sorry, this was accidentally x-posted only to my personal journal. I meant to put it up HERE in this comm, but forgot to change where it went. I will remove it from my LJ if the mods request, since this was the intended target. XD
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Shawl Debate


I'm trying to decide between Birch (by Sharon Miller in Rowan 34) and Kiri (pdf link) by Polly Outhwait at www.alltangledup.com

Polly (of the Kiri shawl) states in the pattern that she's made Kiri an adaptation of Birch to be easier for beginning lace knitters...

I was wondering if any of you have knit either/both of them, and what you thought of each of the patterns.

My initial thoughts:
Birch - straight edges, knit top-down (rows get smaller as you go), about $20 for pattern
Kiri - scalloped edges, line of eyelet down the centre of the shawl, knit bottom-up (rows get longer as you go), free pattern

Thanks!!! (And happy Thursday, the week's NEARLY done!)
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WIP: Uneven Rib Scarf

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This scarf was inspired by one I saw in Last-Minuted Knitted Gifts. Instead of plunking down $18+ for a pattern book, I just decided to invest my money in The Big Book of Knitting Stitch Patterns and recreate the scarf myself. I'm using US 8 needles with one ball of Noro Kureyon in the colorway #74 and approximately half a skein of Cascade 220 in the color 7816 (a turqouise-ish color) that I had in my stash basket.

I love the texture and color combination. I liked the idea of doing alternating stripes with self-striping yarn, but thought it would be too much if I used two balls of Kureyon, so I used the Cascade instead. I really like how the turquoise compliments the jewel-toned colors in the Kureyon.
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Question about rating of "yarn" weights.

Does anyone have a refrence to how tinnny 120/2 or 140/2 yarn is? I'm guessing it's like thread?

Way too tiny to use for anything? Would my only use for it be like sewing or maybe plying for spinning?

Just curious...I know it's itty tiny, but I'm just trying to figure out HOW tiny it really is. Thanks a bunch.

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Lulu Kitty is sitting on my arm, so is hard to type! Went to a Knitting Retreat last weekend with friends from my LYS. Lots of knitting, wine drinking (after the knitting),eating, and laughing. A good time was had by all! I did pass on the lace knitting seminar. Shame on me, but they were making doilies!
So, for my question, I only learned to knit last spring. I am an advanced beginner, I guess. I recently finished a pair of socks for my mom that turned out quite nicely. I am wanting to make my first sweater with maybe a wool blend. Any pattern or yarn suggestions. Are cardigans easier than pullovers?
Knit Pic 2

FYI: The Denise Interchangeable Set

I know that a lot of you have this set, and I know a lot of you are thinking about buying an interchangeable set, and I just got a replacement cord today for the one in my denise set that broke (while I was knitting) so I figure that since I seem to have a pretty full experience of how good they are, I'm going to make a post.

I've had my set for about a year and a half now, my fiance got them for me for a birthday the year before last- I have adored them the entire time- I use them for everything, and the only circs I buy now other than the Denise ones are some large ones for blankets (large size, I mean, like US 30), and very small sizes for socks- I use the 2 circ method to knit 2 socks at a time. Other than this, the denise set has been perfect for everything except perhaps lace- they are not quite pointy enough for doing things like K5tog. The plastic is light, and not annoying, and they are fairly sturdy.

Since I do the 2 circ or magic loop method for anything that is smaller than the cords, I get a lot of use out of them, and I do know that one complaint about doing the 2 circ method (it is possible, you only need to use 2 tips to get it right) was that you could not do anything with size 5 because of the tips being bigger. I have not had this problem, as I knit rather loosely, so I imagine that some of you loose knitters out there would also not have the problem. I also don't have the problem with the joins snagging, like I've heard, but if you knit tightly they might not be as good for you.

The set also comes with a lifetime guarantee, and I had to deal with that when the connecting part of one of my cords snapped right off while I was in the middle of making a sweater- not a problem knitting wise, I just changed cords and picked up the few dropped stitches. Then I mailed off the broken cord with a note and $1 for shipping as instructed on the website. I mailed them off on January 11th, expecting that it'd take several weeks- but I got the replacement cord today, with a nice little note apologizing for the inconvenience and the problem.

It was so completely hassle-free that I felt you guys ought to know. I love my denise set in every way, and now that I know how good their customer service is, I'm even more impressed.

If you want more information in the way of reviews of the denise set, Knitty has a good one here.
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I didn't see a link to this site anywhere here (Memories, etc. but it's sure helped me. All of you may be familiar with it. I wish there were a memories section for beginners. Anyway, the site is KnittingHelp.com and it has videos. And it taught me that the way I was casting on was not the best method (Single Cast-On = frustrating to me).


Also, I bought some bamboo needles and they are super!

Soon I can show you my ridiculously long pink scarf.