January 20th, 2006


felted item - how make a larger hole?

Tomorrow is my last day at my job, and as a "thanks for being so fun to work with" gift, I knit and felted a pencil sharpener cozy for my co-worker.  (Ever since he found out that I knit, he has wanted me to knit something unusual for him to have on his desk.  He has a battery-powered pencil sharpener that he uses frequently, so I made a cozy for it in his university colors.  I know it's a weird thing to make, but I think he'll think it's cool, and that's what's important.) 

This was my first time felting and my first time coming up with my own pattern, and it turned out pretty well, with the exception of the hole where you put the pencil through the cozy and into the sharpener (top of the sharpener).  I used yo, k2tog to make the hole and kept checking the hole to keep it open/stretched out during the felting process (in the washing machine), but it ended up a little too small and slightly to the side of where it really needs to be to work perfectly. (I borrowed it from his desk for the night so I could work out the pattern and use the sharpener to block the cozy.) 

At this point, is there anything I can do to fix this, aside from trying to stretch it (doesn't seem to help much).  Would it cause unraveling/fraying if I were to cut it just a little bigger with scissors?  I would like to fix the size and location of the hole, but if it will end up ruining my work I'll leave it as it is and it will be good enough...usable but not perfect.

Any thoughts or experiences?  Thanks!


Choosing strand placement for intarsia knitting?

Hi! I'm an advanced beginner who does mostly "fannish re-recreation knitting" (Jayne hats, Potter scarves, etc). Anyway, I've cast on to begin my first ever project that involves intarsia, the Andre scarf from Knitty.com for my son. Anyway, I *thought* I understood the whole intarsia thing -- when to cross, when not to, all that -- but now I find I'm not clear on something.

Looking at the pattern, it appears that there are some too-wide spaces I would have to carry the yarn, if I just used two strands, one of each color. Some of the videos and stuff I've looked at seem to suggest I should have multiple strands of the same color for parts of the pattern, but I can't tell how I would divide that up. Could someone who knows anything about intarsia look at the chart and suggest what number of strands to be using? I know that for some parts (the nostrils?) I can use duplicate stitch.

Lovikka Mittens

Has anyone made the Lovikka Mittens in Marcia Lewandowski's Folk Mittens book? I was wondering because it calls for bulky lopi that knits up to 4sts=1inch on a #7 needle. All the bulky yarn I'm finding knits 2.5sts=1inch on a #13... but lite lopi from Reynolds knits the same as the book. Would it be the same to use the lite lopi? The pictures all look like it would be knit with a smaller yarn... but then again it's hard to tell.
It also calls for 4 1/2 oz in bulky lopi. Would I buy the same weight if I was using lite lopi instead?
I already checked the corrections on the interweave site and they didn't have any for this particular book... so any advice would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

Short-row shaping on a cardigan

I'm currently making Samus from Knitty for my partner. I'm thinking of adding short-row shaping for the bust, but not having done a cardigan with short rows I wanted to make sure there aren't obvious problems with my intended method that I'm missing.

I'm more or less planning to follow the placement of the short rows described in the Shapely Tank pattern, but doing half as many short rows on either side of the front (doing one side, then knitting across and doing the other side.) This would mean the shaping is offset by one row for the left side vs. the right; am I right in thinking that won't be too noticeable? I guess I could also break the yarn after doing the short-row shaping on one side and then rejoin on the other side, to avoid the off-by-one difference; has anyone done something similar who can comment on this?

What am I forgetting?

I'm in the midst of teaching someone to crochet and knit, and am making sure all the essentials get covered so she's got the basics down and can go off on her own and get lots done. But, it's been SO long since I learned that I feel like I'm leaving stuff out.

Last weekend, we did (lots of crochet stuff I won't get into in this community), the knit stitch, the purl stitch, how to work in garter stitch and how to work in stockinette stitch, and how to read what you've just done as far as knit vs. purl, and covered twisting stitches, how stitches lie on the needle, front leg and back leg, dropped stitches, ripping out safely, picking up a dropped stitch.

This weekend, I figure the topics should be ribbing, knit/purl patterns (and seed stitch), YO increase, make a stitch increase, k2tog and SKP decreases and the implications for fabric leaning, adding a new colour or new ball of yarn, 2-colour simple patterns, and simple binding off. (and the crochet stuff I won't get into here)

Next weekend, several cast-on methods, more complicated decreases, more cast-off and finishing methods, knitting in the round with circs and dpns, applying increases and decreases to shaping, fundamentals of garment structure, a few seaming methods, and how to do a cable. (plus the crochet stuff as well).

As we're going through, I'm teaching her the common notation for these things in US and UK terms, what things are called in general, how to use various notions and tools, how to weave in ends, and that sort of thing. I figure chart-reading for colour charts will start this weekend with colour work, and for lace stuff the following weekend, with the increases and decreases. We're also covering project selection, yarn substitution, gauge, swatches, tension, and appropriateness of fibers/yarn constructions for various things. And there are several projects per weekend, to use all the various things learned.

So, I think that covers the bare bones basics that I can think of offhand, but it seems like I must be missing some things. So what basics am I forgetting?

(no subject)

Ok, I finished one scarf and started another one. Im thinking I am going to try to sell the one Im working on now. Just so I can see how much money I can get for it. I also started a pair of socks for myself last night. This will be my first pair of adult socks and Im excited about it! I made the pair that you see in my icon but those are baby socks. Hobby Lobby was having a sale yesterday so i picked up 3 sets of DPNs for half off! and I got some lion brand sock yarn at a discount also. :)

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much yarn!

I've just been to my LYS, and I have gorged myself in a matter shameful!
I showed up with a question and a intentions to get materials to finally knit myself a decent scarf, and I came out with two huge skeins of Noro for my scarf- Transitions in cream and Iro in purples.
I also bought all 13 skeins of Noro Shinano because they were on sale and I now have intentions of making Noro Butterfly.
pictures of yarn!
future scarf, Iro and Transitions
future Butterfly cardigan, Shinano

Anyway, I'm looking for suggestions for a scarf pattern. I want something simple-ish, but a little more creative than a standard rib with stripes. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I'm also open to possible alternative uses for the Shinano.

i sense everything vaguely

Knitting Backwards

I've run across a few references in the last couple of weeks to knitting in reverse, moving the stitches from the right needle to the left so that you don't have to keep turning the work as you go. I've been trying to train myself to do this, figuring that it will be immensely handy and enabling of my laziness. However, my left hand is being extremely stupid, especially with the backwards knit stitches, and I've got some tension problems with the first stitches of each backwards row.

Has anybody out there successfully learned this trick? Any tips, advice, etc? Do you find it easier to transfer the yarn to your left hand or keep it in the right hand, or switch it for one type of stitch (knit/purl) and not the other?
cheat knit

Eris pattern

EDIT: Problem solved! She sent me a new one.

I am trying to dowload the pattern I bought from the Girl from Auntie- Eris- and it keeps telling me the file is corrupted and cannot be fixed. I changed the file, updated to the newest adobe, changed the file name, tried opening it with my browers, directly from adobe, by itself....nothing changes.

For those of you who've bought a .pdf pattern online- any ideas on how to fix this?
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Downloadable patterns

Oh Wise Knitters,

Does anyone know of a website where you can download a pattern after you've paid for it, instead of waiting for it to be sent?

I have such a bad case of project A D D that by the time it arrives I will be onto other things (grins sheepishly)

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Evening date purse

It's not totally done, but I wanted to post it because I'm so excited! Right now if I open it by pulling the purse apart, the yarn could rip. I'm not willing to take that risk. So for now I open it by slipping my finger nail in between the magnetic snaps. I just "sowed" it up real quick last night before I went to bed.

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So that's that. I have work tonight. I should be leaving in about twenty minutes. It's not cool because work is taking up so much of my time that I can't knit. I'm supposed to be working part time, but I'm working 35 hours a week. Full time is 40 hours a week. This is totally draggin me down. So I may become a Mary Kay rep!!

Anyway that's that, hope you all have a much better than what I'll have. *grumbles*

Pattern request.

OK I've been doing the "google boogie" and can't seem to find what I'm looking for. I just received some sockyarn from my SP. What I'd love to do with it is make a Christmas stocking for my new Grand Daughterk, for next Christmas. All I can find are patterns that call for worsted weight. It doesn't need to be huge, just a smallish stocking with a white cuff...oh well any color cuff...oh heck who needs a cuff I can just do the top in white. Does anyone know of such a pattern? TIA. The yarn is adorable..knitpicks sockgarden in Hollyberry. I'm thinking it would make an adorable stocking!
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Uhoh! Sadie found the scissors!//Me


So I just started a st st scarf (I finally learned how to purl!). But I bought a whole bunch of worsted weight acrylic to do it in, but it's not that soft, especially since I knit tightly and it's on size 7 needles. Would it get softer after I wash it? Or should I just buy a different yarn altogether? I bought the acrylic because it has nice solid colors...any suggestion/comments?
Also, now that I've started purling, anybody have some fun (but still relatively easy, I'm obviously a beginner!) stitches/patterns I can do?

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twisted rib while knitting combined

i'm working on teva durham's lace leaf pullover using doubled lamb's pride worsted (i'm right on gauge with #13s! this is a good sub for that weird van dyke stuff she suggests) and everything is going well except i cannot figure out how to knit the twisted rib flat.
twisted rib is just knit in the back of the stitch, purl in the back of the stitch blah blah blah, but since i knit combined everything is weird. in the round i was fine, but for some reason i cannot get a decent twisted rib going in rows. even if i manage to get every stitch twisted, the legs end up twisting in different directions and it looks horrible.
can any other combined knitters help me out? thanks!
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red rose

How much do you have to change?

So...how much of a pattern needs to be different for it not to violate copyright? I get all sorts of complements on my sparkle hat from SnB and sparkle hats that I have done for others and have been told that I should sell them. My campus yarn club is doing a fundraiser and it would be awesome if I could sell similar hats. I shape the crown differently than outlined in the book (I'm not such a fan of the pointy top) and I wanted to try different designs for the sparkles. And I use different yarn than suggested. Is this sufficient enough change such that it's a different hat? Or not so much? And if not, how much more would have to be different? And how do you know in general?
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Online knitting zines

In looking for a pattern for knit shorts that I know I saw in an online knitting magazine, I realized there are a lot.
I know about Knitty,
and Magknits,
and SpunMagazine,
and MenKnit,
and TheAntiCraft.

What others are out there? (I thought everyone else might like to know about the ones that they haven't seen before)

Stitch Search

I was in Express and saw this really cute shrug. I loved the stitch pattern but I have no clue as to what it could be. It looked like little cables on top of each other but there were also little holes in between the cables. Here is a picture of it. It's only in white, so sorry you can't see it better. I really hope someone could help me find it.

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i'm so sleepy

little star sweater

yea! i have finished and washed and blocked the front and back of the little star baby sweater from adorable knits for tots. the only thing i'm not happy about is the star intarsia design, i was not careful while weaving in ends and ended up with a wonky part right in the middle. oh well, it's my first sweater and intarsia project so i'm trying not to be too hard on my self. besides the intended recipient will be getting more sweaters from me in the future as he grows up :)

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can you see the wonkiness?
croaky's icon

Similar--But Not The Same As--"How Much Do You Have To Change?"

I have another question about "What makes it yours?"

I'm knitting away at a baby blanket. (I love baby blankets, and my friends are being very obliging at the moment about providing the requisite offspring.) I tend to do a basic pattern, similar to the BBBB from Stitch 'N' Bitch only in that it has a seed stitch border. I vary the number of stitches and the pattern inside the border.

So, here's my dilemma. For my latest effort (which I am absolutely loving), I took the slip stitch pattern from the "Slip Up Socks" in Knit Socks!, translated it from in-the-round to flat, and used it for my inside pattern. I was so proud of me! As I knitted, I thought to myself, "Gee, this is a nifty stitch pattern, and it makes a danged sweet blanket. I'll bet other people would like to make one like it. I wonder if I could submit the pattern to Knitty when I'm finished?" I do not, however, want to violate anybody's copyright. I have seen some of Knitty's submissions with notes that say things like "The cable pattern on this project was inspired by/is from such-and-such a book." Is that acceptable, or do I need to write to the book publishers and ask for permission? Or have I modified the pattern enough from its original version to "make it mine"? I don't think I'd be comfortable submitting a pattern without at least giving credit to my inspiration.

I don't have to have the pattern published, but I thought it might be neat. Help? Advice? Chastisement?
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Afghan yarn recommendation

I would like to persue knitting Barbara Walker's Learn to Knit afghan, after seeing Kay of Mason-Dixon knitting make 10 of the squares in Denim yarn. Check out her excellent post here: Live from Denim Central.

I've checked out the price of Denim Yarn, and to make this afghan denim-stylie would cost roughly $260USD. I don't have the kind of money, so now I'm thinking a blend that you can buy at a big box store like Michael's or JoAnn's.

If you have a moment, could you comment on your favorite affordable yarn? Thank you!

DPN casting off!

OK...here we go

I'm making a baby hat out of boucle yarn using 5 size 8 DPN. I have 40 sts, and 10 on each needle, naturally. I figure I'll wait til it gets to be about 5-5.5 inches from the start and then start shaping the crown.

So since I'm not working off of a pattern, I'm not sure how I should go about decreasing and things. This is only my second DPN project.

What would you do?

Thanks for all the help.

(no subject)

Im making my first sock and im at the heel part.
I have 20 sts on the needle and the instructions are

slip 1, k10, ssk, k1, turn

And this is supposed to result in 19 sts

But what do I do with the extra sts that dont seem to have instructions for.
If I have it correct, the slip 1, k10, ssk, k1 only gives 13 sts, so what about the other 6?
Ice City

Fair Isle Christmas Socks?

Some time back (probably eighteen months or so) someone posted a picture of some socks they'd done, that were done in Fair Isle.

As I recall, there were two socks photographed, and they were somewhat "mismatched"...one was little Fair Isle reindeer(s?) and I can't recall what the other one was, but they used red, white and green.

I *thought* I had memorified it, but apparently did not, and my search of both knitting and Google's search didn't turn up what I *thought* I had seen, which was different from these (although those are as cute as sin, too).

Does anyone remember what I am talking about or am I remmbering incorrectly?
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Seaming for Blackberry

Hi All,

So I'm done with all the pieces for Knitty's Blackberry. Has anyone here completed it? If so, what stitch did you use to do the seaming? I'm new to sweater making, so I'm just trying to figure it all out.

Thank you!