January 23rd, 2006

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My Final Christmas FO, and a couple of odd projects

I have two baskets nestled behind my couch with WIPs in them. In addition to finishing the last of my Christmas presents, I'm also trying to finish off some of those projects. Perhaps someday I'll be down to one WIP at a time.

Oh, I'm so funny!

Anyway, Collapse )

So I'm down to five WIPs in my baskets right now. The Slytherin scarf shown above, a Wheelie for my mom, a scarf in Pandora (in Lavender #15) which will be a sample for the LYS I just started working at, the clapotis I started for myself over the summer (just hit the decrease section today), and a seed stitch scarf that I frogged and restarted today for the third time.

Yes, that was "down to five WIPs." It feels like a small number. I don't even want to speculate about how many were in there before. ;)

Oh, and last weekend a friend asked me how many projects I'd knitted, guessing it to be over 100. I didn't think it was that many, but of course I had to start an Excel spreadsheet and start tracking. I'm up to 108 that I can remember, not counting a couple that had to be sacrificed after completion (felting attempts gone awry). Wow! I feel pretty darn accomplished!
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Question regarding knitting Prayer Shawls - Yarn types? Suggestions?

Hello! I've been involved in my local church's knitting ministry for a while now, and have recently become aware of the Lion Brand Yarn boycott request from the founders of the whole Knitting Ministry. What they're doing is pretty shitty, so I have no problem following the boy("girlcott")cott, but now here's where my question fits:

Anyone have any ideas for a yarn similar to LB's Homespun that I could use to make shawls now? I'm thinking Berroco's Boucle, but not quite sure on that...it needs to be NOT too expensive, either...

Thanks for any & all replies!
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easier to seam from?

I'm working on a new sweater. I successfully decreased 1 sts from the edge on a ragland baby sweater. It does kinda have a pleat at the top though where all the stitches were knitting for the neckline. Can I avoid this next sweater?

My next sweater is knit in 6 pieces. (back, two front sides, two sleeves) which you take a neckline from the remaining stitches of all of the pieces. My decreaes in the pattern are k2tog at the begining of every row. (which I assume is purl rows too on stockinette stitch). Will this be easy to seam from? Again, these k2tog are at the "beginging of every row". They don't specify the first stitch, but if I do it one away will I have that puckering in the neckline after seaming again?

Help me find some yarn?

I had an aha moment last night while I was pondering Christmas gifts for my friends.

I'd dearly love to knit something for them but you know the story, not everyone would appreciate a handmade gift. Then there's the problem of what can I give them the next year. Then it hit me. SOCKS!

Everyone needs socks. Even if they don't really appreciate them its not like they are a ton of work. They can be made in generic sizes and neutral colors are not a negative when it comes to socks.

Now, there are a few of my friends that I'd like to do something a little more special for so I instantly thought of my favorite fiber, alpaca. Then I started thinking about how I have had a problem in the past of buying alpaca and it not exactly being the weight advertised, so I turn now, to the collective brain that is knitting.

I'm looking for a personal recommendation, something you've at least seen in person (I have no LYS) of an alpaca yarn in worsted weight or slightly smaller. I like to make a heavier sock. I'll also take any recommendations on other yarns you've loved of worsted weight or slightly smaller (wanting to avoid fingering/sport weights here) in nice soft wools. Naturally cheaper is better but if you have a yarn that you have just loved that meets the requirements one of my more special friends just might be worth it.

Thanks in advance!

Gift ideas

Hi all! I'm new to this community and it looks soo awesome. I'm already getting so many ideas for future projects, haha.

Anyway, the point of my post: I'm going to a party/silent auction type thing in a few weeks and need to bring something homemade for people to bid on. I thought something knit would be good, only I don't know what would make a good item that people would want. What's something not *too* time-consuming that I'd be able to whip up in a week or two? And it can't have hard-to-find yarn either; the only place in town that sells yarn is WalMart and there's no time to order any online. :( Maybe baby booties and a baby hat? A scarf? (Or perhaps that's too generic..) Any and all suggestions are welcome, I want to get this project started by the end of the week. Thanks in advance for suggestions.

FYI: I'm not a beginning knitter, so it doesn't have to be a super-simple item, just something that can be done rather quickly (and I knit fast).

Kitchener Stitch: Not for WIMPS!

Jaysus! After the 6the try (I think) & numerous hours of cursing & sewing, I finally grafted the two pieces of my heart scarf together! (it's blocking as we speak) The advice on knittinghelp.com was what finally got me through it-- "knit purl, purl knit" I have both the snb books and knitting for dummies & the directions in both left me tearing my hair out! The Dummies one was especially frustrating & confusing. SnB was almost okayk, but she fails to mention that each loop will be sewn through twice-- a simple little detail that would have cleared it all up for me... anyway, just wanted to fuss. Glad I have that figured out now! Can't wait to post my FO!

Stupid gauge question

This should make sense to me, but it's just not right now. I have a pattern that calls for GGH's Soft Kid which is 151y/25g and 18sts/4". Anytime I search for yarn of that gauge, it comes up with all sorts of yarn thicknesses and lengths/grams.

I get that since this is a fuzzy mohair it will knit up less stitches per inch than the same size yarn without all the fuzz, but would I be able to get away with picking anything that fits the gauge? Or should I stick to the same gauge AND yarn type (fuzzy mohair)?

Thanks folks!

Blocking Rayon

Hey there. I searched the memories and googled this, but I couldn't find an answer. I apologize if this is the 700th time someone has asked this here.

I finished a Clapotis last night, made from Blue Heron rayon/metallic. I'd like to block it but I'm not sure how much affect it would have on the shawl, given that it's rayon.

Has anyone ever blocked anything knit with rayon before, and if so, how did it work out for you?

Thanks in advance for any input.

Magic Loop

I am giving the Magic Loop technique a try. So far so good except for one thing. Their is a vertical river or space below where the stitches are divided on the cable. Only visable when the piece is stretched out a bit which it surely will be when worn as a sock. How do I get rid of this? Thanks in advance for your advice.

New Here!

Hi all! I am so excited to find this community!

I learned to knit in high school, but put my needles down as soon as the class was over. It wasn't until I had a daughter 2 years ago (over 10 years after that class!) that I decided to relearn to knit. So, with help from knittinghelp.com and a few random books, I have done pretty well! My main project - and the reason I started knitting - is making wool diaper covers for my daughter. But I am branching out! I made most of my Christmas gifts this year, in fact!

So, I do have a question. I am looking for patterns for knit embellishments. I specifically am looking for things like knit hearts and flowers, but other patterns would be great - animals, toys, etc. These would be sewn onto hats and other items to decorate. If there are links to free patterns, that is even better! I often find crochet patterns, but I am not great at crochet. Any thoughts or help??


Question on cutting knitting.

Beginner knitter question here. I'm not sure I'll need to use this information right away, but it seems like as good a time as any to ask while I'm thinking about it.

So, a few months ago I tried knitting a soft toy from the World of Knitted Toys. However, I got creative. (Oops...) I decided what I really wanted to knit was a hippocampus -- a mythological creature when the front end of a horse and the tail end of a fish. I figured I could start knitting the Walrus tail, then eventually switch over to knitting the Horse's forequarters and head. Easy, right? Both toys are knitted from tail to head and they even have the same number of stitches at the middle point. Couldn't be simpler.

Right. The problem is I had no conception of how large the project was going to turn out. Besides now being almost out of yarn, I switched from the walrus tail to the horse head WAY too soon. I have a very small tail relative to the size of the head. And, of course, the bit that needs to be added on to (and maybe increased a little, too) is in the MIDDLE of the piece.

So I sort of shoved it in a corner, until this weekend when the thought crossed my mind:

Is there a way to cut my piece in the middle, pick up the stitches on the walrus end, knit on it for awhile, then somehow graft the new, longer tail back to the horse end?

This will still run me into I'll-probably-run-out-of-yarn-in-that-dyelot issues but it still might be worth trying, if there's a way to do it. It can be a slightly multicolored stuffed hippocampus.

(I know I could also just frog the thing, but I'd really prefer not to, especially if I can learn something new at the same time.)

Thanks for any advice. :-)


I've got a little meta-discussion for you peeps and other marshmallow critters on knitting.

Now what I suggest is a volontary scheme to make things a bit easier, and while it's all been rather calm lately you never know when things are going to flare up again.

It's a simple thing of if you especially welcome the good, the bad and the ugly kind of critique (especially on things like FO posts), tag on a little PEACH (Please Examine And Critique Honestly) in the subject line or somewhere in the post, to let us know what even less than positive opinions and suggestions for improvements is welcome, even desired.

Similarly if you just want to show off and rather not know the bad and the ugly a POP (Praise Only, Please) could do the same job.

It seems to be working well enough over on the wizards.com community where I snarfed the idea from.

Or just ignore it all and keep going as you have been up until now.

Baby Sweater Pattern

Hi everyone,
A friend and co-worker of mine is expecting a baby girl and I wanted to make her a sweater. I've never knitted a baby sweater before so I don't want to get in over my head (but I wanted to make more than just a hat, which is my usual thing to knit for a baby). I've searched the internet but haven't really seen any patterns that appeal to me. Does anyone have a pattern that they really like? I was thinking a cardigan but if someone has a cute pattern, I'm open to suggestions... Thanks!

Noobie yarn question

So, being quite terrible at seaming but yet wanting to attempt a sweater, I thought Knitty's Tubey would be a decent choice. 'Cept that I can't afford the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran the pattern calls for. Any ideas for a decent, less expensive alternative?

Forgive me, I'm really unfamiliar with 'real' yarn. I need a lesson in merino, alpaca, etc. Would Knitpick's Merino Style work? Is there a good site to check into for yarn substitutions?

And while I'm at it, is Tubey a decent starter sweater?


Just thought I'd share...

I've seen a bunch of patterns that mention a long tail cast on, so I wondered what it was and if it was difficult/weird or whatever. So I looked it up and it turns out that the only cast on method I know is actually the long tail cast on. (smacks head) It's the only method my mom ever taught me, so I thought everyone cast on like that for every piece.

Have I been wrong using a long tail cast on for all my pieces? Should I learn some other method or does it really matter?

Anyone else have any knitting "discoveries" that made you feel like an idiot?

Saving the poncho

I am in the process of knitting a poncho for my little girl. It *was* my absolute favorite project ever. In terms of sheer stitch count it may be my biggest thus far, and I have learned several new techniques. However, I made a mistake which has simply gotten worse and worse. When I reached the proper number of inches for the length of the poncho, I bound off instead of checking my directions. I was supposed to do 4 rows of garter stitch instead to correct the stockinette curl - whoops. I added a sample piece of fringe to see if that would be enough to correct the roll, and it was not. So I proceeded to frog/unbind the bind-off. If I had it to do over again, I would definitely have picked up stitches instead, but I didn't want the bump on the inside. All was going fairly well until I was interrupted at a key stage. I was completely lost and tried several attempts to recover with no success. I decided to try the method mentioned on knittinghelp.com where you place your needles in the right-hand loop before frogging. I'm trying, but it seems like I'm going up and down among the rows and my eyes keep crossing. On top of that, I am so so nervous. I am terrified that this project is unrecoverable, but that seems ridiculous when so much of it looks great.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for, although sympathy would be just fine at this point. Has anyone ever made a mistake like this, and were you able to recover? For reference, the poncho started with 64 cast-on stitches and increased one per row for... oh probably another 60-80 rows, so we are talking about a lot of stitches. If I do put it on the needles, frog and it is uneven, are there specific steps I can take to fix it? How can I keep from getting lost in the rows? Those wavy purl lines are driving me cross-eyed.

FO: The Knitty Heart Scarf!

Hope you all don't get sick of seeing scarves from me, 'cause I have two more on their way before I move on to something more challenging... anyway, here's my heart scarf.Collapse )

I like how it turned out... the only thing is that although I wet it down, rolled it in a towel, pinned it into shape, let it almost dry and then ironed it with a steam iron, it still wants to curl into a tube! Gar.

Anyway, the cuteness factor is in honor of Valentine's Day. :0)

Nordic Mittens in IK?

Anyone have the winter 2004 Interweave Knits? I need to know who the designer is of the "Nordic Mittens" and if it is a book excerpt or exclusively in the magazine? I've fallen in love with a FO photo of these, and would like to do them for the Knitting Olympics, but need a copy of the pattern. If anyone is interested, I can trade a 2005 issue of Interweave Crochet (okay, I'm tugging at strings here..) or will paypal you a few bucks for an issue in good condition.

Knitpicks Catalog

The latest catalog came in the mail today and it has knittable samples of Wool of the Andes and Andean Silk! Just enough for a tiny tiny microswatch, but still fun :) Keep an eye out for it!
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Yarn winding question

Total beginner question here. I checked the memories and didn't find anything relevant, so maybe someone can help.

So after a few weeks of practicing swatches of the cheapest acrylic I could find, I went to buy yarn for my first real project on Saturday. Today, I tried to wind it with some help from my wife. I followed the instructions in Stitch 'N Bitch, but I can't tell if I did it right. The problem is that the tail end of the yarn (the one that starts in the middle of the ball) seems really tight. While I was winding it, I kept my thumb on the outside of the ball. Is that the right way to do it, or are you supposed to wind the yarn over your thumb? I can always start knitting with the outside end if I have to, but I don't want to stretch the yarn by pulling too hard on the tail end. Any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks.

Dream Hat

About a week and a half ago I had a dream. I couldn't tell you what the dream was about, but in the dream was this hat, a raspberry colored hat with these sequins I had purchased on Black Friday for no particular reason and then lost. The next day I wrote down a pattern in my journal and promptly tore apart my studio looking for the sequins. I was determined to make this hat.

Collapse )

I have written out the pattern, though there are changes I want to make that I thought of much too late to work into this particular hat (I will NOT frog unless it's something heinous, not just a design flaw). I'm quite proud of this lil hat, as it's only my second attempt at my own design. :) Edited to add, Sally's head is MUCH smaller than the average adult head... it fits a human being fine. :D
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Worship Yarn

Yarn Substitutions?

Hi there,

I'm trying to convince my mom to make herself a sweater. Right now all she knits are dishcloths, and I think she's really like to branch out. We found a pattern that looked like something she would wear and that would be relatively easy for her to do: it's Beach on Knitty.

Trouble is, in the yarn that is called for, it's $200. She doesn't want to spend all that money on something she's not sure she can finish. And while the colinette tape is really awesome, i'm not sure even I would want to wear a $200 sweater after it's done in fear that i would ruin it. She can't wear wool though, only cotton or not-scratchy acrylic. I looked and Lionbrand has some nylon tape yarn, but it doesn't look like any of the colorways would be colors she'd be interested in.

Does anyone have any brilliant suggestions for a way for her to make this sweater? I don't want to get too far off the gauge of the sweater for fear that she'll get lost.

Thanks in advance!