January 25th, 2006

Blocking boards and knitting lights

I've been interested in buying a blocking board and a lamp to knit by for a while, since my house is really dark. Have any of you bought an E-Z board or an Ott-Lamp? I went to Joann.com and the Ott-lamps especially got mixed reviews i.e. the bulbs burn out fast or flicker a lot etc. Any opinions or recommendations?
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Curly Girls--Give me your opinions!

My sis has lots of very curly hair (think Nicole Kidman in her Days of Thunder era), and the poor girl needs a hat. Only problem is, most traditional hats end up slipping and popping right off her head! However, knitting a larger hat just sits and flops and ends up falling off anyway.

So, dear knitters, what are your favorite hat shapes for the "larger haired" of the population?

Slip stitch colourwork - knitwise or purlwise?

I'm thinking of making this slip-stitch colourwork hat.

The pattern notes at the beginning say that: Generally, in any round of circular knitting which is Slip Stitched, you must knit around once with your first color, slipping all stitches which will be knit in your second color knitwise.

I haven't done slip-stitch colourwork before, but I would have thought that the stitches should be slipped purlwise rather than knitwise - wouldn't slipping knitwise twist them? I know that you slip purlwise unless it says otherwise, because a purlwise slip just transfers the stitch to the other needle with no twist. Am I missing something important here?
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tiny unravelled sweater yarn

I bought a giant (men's XL - giant to me as I'm a women's S) $5 merino sweater today to unravel. I got the pieces apart without many problems. However, the yarn is much smaller than I thought it was on looking at the sweater initially - it's knitted with 2 strands held together (dark and light gray) and each strand is barely larger than typical sewing thread. I have no idea what yardage I'll end up with, but it's a lot. I unravelled one sleeve this evening - it took me about 5 hours of constant winding and I ended up with 4 2-to-2.5-inch diameter balls. Is there anything sensible that I can do with this stuff (other than roll around in the soft, fluffy pile of yarn spaghetti in its unravelled, unballed form)?

Question about alpaca yarn

I ended up picking up a hank of oatmeal colored (natural) alpaca yarn at a farm a month ago. I measure the hank and came up with aproximately 180 yards. I didn't know the weight of the yarn so I did a WPI (or i mean, I did it on a biggish ruler) and came up with something like 20 stitces per inch. The label says that it's 3 ply and I believe that that's alot thinner than bulky and worsted but is it similar to DK or baby? I would like to make a nice wrist warmers out of it (nothing but another scarf) but most of the patterns I've seen has been for bulky/worsted. Is there a pattern for 3 ply yarn or anything similar to that?

Thanks so much
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Picking up, and we ain't talking stitches...

So per my usual bus routine, I sat down and started knitting away at the baby blanket that has been taking all of my knitting time. A man, one stop later gets on for his morning commute, sits next to me and watches. He is a rather handsome fellow and completely "my type" if I weren't already madly in love. After about five minutes into our fifteen minute ride, he smiles and says, "You know, I can do that too..."

"Oh, really? What do you like to make?" I said, still stitching away

"Well, it has been a while since I had my sister show me, so nothing lately" he replied.

The bus ride continues and as we approached downtown Minneapolis, he said, "So maybe I can get your number and we can crosstitch sometime?"

Yeah.... Right.

Thought I would share... and have a lovely day y'all!

i need to make this giant hat, help please

hello knitting ladies and gents...i have a situation and i need your help. a couple of months ago, my boyfriend and i saw a commercial for some bruce springsteen concert dvd, in which the boss is wearing a giant knit cap (see it here, here, and here). my boyfriend said, "yo, make that for me." i have searched hi and lo for such a pattern, and can't find anything so giant. the closest thing i can find would be something like this, but i feel like it's not big enough, and as i am a new-ish knitter, i am not experienced in altering patterns. so, dear knitters, i need your help.

1) does anyone know of a pattern that could produce bruce's giant hat?

2) if i were to alter the minnesota winter hat pattern, how would i do it? i figure i would just double the number of stitches and the length of the hat, though that could be totally wrong.

any and all help is GREATLY appreciated.

In Search of.....

I was walking down the street this weekend and a man walked by wearing the most excellent scarf I have seen in some time....it appeared in overall structure to be a normal ribbed pattern (5X5ish), but was made up of a series of randomly placed vertical blocks of color, making it look like a patchwork.

Have you ever seen such a thing or know of a pattern that would accomplish it?

My husband was walking next to me and saw it too, resulting in an immediate *demand* to make him one. (Or was it more like a whine, I'm not sure, but he keeps bringing it up.)

Help me quiet the beast?
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selling knitted items?

I'm still what I would consider a beginning knitter, so I don't really know a whole lot about this and I'm sorry if it's a silly question, but yesterday I was idly wondering to myself: what are the ethics behind selling what you've knitted from a pattern created by someone else? I've never sold anything I've made, just knitted it and given it away as gifts... but let's say someone knitted a hat from a pattern and then put it on eBay or something like that. Is that an OK thing to do? If anybody can provide any insight, that would be great. Thanks! (^_^)
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felting thrummed mitts?

Hey Guys!

I made thrummed mitts a few months ago and they have stretched quite a bit. I was wondering if I could felt them - they are 100% wool so that's covered but what happens to the roving inside the mitt if its felted??? Has anyone tried this before? Will the insides stick to each other???

Thanks in advance for your comments!


Beginner Lace socks

I just got really nice Koigu as a christmas gift.

So it looks like its time for my second pair of socks!

I tried doing a scalloped sock pattern i found - it started out ok
but its turning out far to large for my foot and im not sure i like the look
of it.

Ive been searching and finding nice things but nothing that really jumps out.

what would you suggest for a more of a challenge but nothing too tricky.

I guess an intermediate level.

Lace? maybe?

I looked at those jay walker socks but sadly i only have 4 dpns :(


FO: magic stripe socks

knitting socks? it's not hard! it is totally thrilling and i think i'm addicted.

i finished my first pair on sunday. from lion brand magic stripes in bright spring, using the pattern from the label (it can also be found here.

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concerning the yarn:
i've been wearing the socks quite a bit, and they're nice to wear around the house, pretty comfortable, but i wore them to school one day and they sort of scratched at me in my shoes.

i'm thinking they'll be fine after washing.

i found it to be an easy yarn to work with, really. maybe a little rough for some people, but i liked it.

and a question:

sock washing? i'm thinking of washing these (and all of my future handknit socks) using the yarn harlot method, wearing them into the bath, but what sort of soap or detergent or something should i wash them with?

Dry Cleaning?

So I was at my not-so LYS today and overheard a conversation between two ladies regarding the pros and cons of a cotton handknit skirt vs a 100% wool handknit skirt. The owner was vouching for cotton, saying that it'd be easier to wash. "You would have to hand-wash a wool skirt." Then a 3rd lady who was obviously listening as well chimed in "Or just drop it off at the dry-cleaners." Um. No..? You can't dry clean 100% wool, right? Right?

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Question about my Denise needles :/

Alright so I just bought these babies a few weeks ago.. I've used them maybe twice.. One time each with different sized needles.. I noticed last night that on my size 7s there is alot of plastic flaking off.. Kind of like it had been coated with something and the coating is coming off..
I'm not hard on my needles, haven't tried to sand them or anything.. But this stuff peeling off is driving me nuts..
Is this a normal thing for Denise's? I was too disgusted to look at the other sizes for evidence of peeling, but I guess I will later.

Darnit I was so happy to get these too after trying to use those stupid metal boye ones for a while :)

Any and all comments appreciated, I had never heard of this happening with these needles before :/

EDIT:::: Thanks guys!! No it's not around the seams, it's from about .5 in above the tip down, kind of a plasticy peeling.. I don't store them in hot places either/ just in my living room.. Granted we do live in Fl ;) But somehow I don't think living in Fl is the issue. I'll definitely call the company or email them to see what's going on! Thanks again for the great responses!
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My First FOs!

I actually have a FO for the first time ever! Its a scarf & hat set knit for myself on a set of size seven straight needles, I just did a garter stitch striped scarf (weaving in ends = evil!) and then I winged the hat after looking at a pattern I found online. (I had to add the bow because the hat was too big even for my huge head =P)

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Flora! Also curly stockinette

I just finished Kate Kuckro's Flora, from Knitty, and I absolutely love it. I used three shades of red for it -- Louet Gems Opal in cherry and raspberry, and Yarn Bee (Hobby Lobby's house brand) Intrigue, which is a sparkly lurex/nylon yarn, in sort of a strawberry red, and the combination is gorgeous in a way that the picture doesn't really do justice to. It's got amazing depth, with none of the colors really dominating the others, and then an allover soft halo and sparkle. I finished it last night and got all kinds of compliments when I wore it today. And it was very fun to knit! Enough interest to the pattern to keep it from being boring, but a quick knit, and the twisted loops in the flower were fun, if somewhat hard on my hands.

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One important thing I'd like to note: this scarf is 21 stitches wide, and 8 of that is a 3-stitch seed-stitch border plus a YO on each side. Despite that, the 13 stitches of stockinette rolled like mad pre-blocking -- it curled the seed stitch border right around underneath, as you'll see in a minute. I don't think the fact that the seed stitch was set off with YOs affected it, either; the edge between the stockinette and the seed was straight, but the whole thing got bent around. Since it's 2/3 wool, blocking helped a fair amount, and then when it's worn you can arrange it so that it doesn't roll up, but I think anyone who's planning a stockinette scarf and thinking that they'll just add a little border and it'll fix everything should take this object lesson very much to heart. Stockinette curls, period.

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Noro questions

So I am making my first project using Noro and so far I am not terribly impressed with the yarn.  Two things concern me with the stuff:

1) Can I hope that gauge will turn out okay even with the yarn thickness fluctuating the way it does?? I knit a test swatch before I started and it seemed okay.  What I'm curious about is whether it will even out in the long run. 

2) Has anyone had problems with it looking like it has been dragged through a bush or small tree?? I keep having to pick out bits and pieces of twig and whatnot from the yarn.  I am finding this a little tedius.  If it was just one ball in a specific colour I wouldn't be so concerned but it seems to be a reoccuring trait in all balls, all colours. 

The Noro is labeled as Silk Garden (Fine) and was bought in Japan.

As it cost a bit more than other yarn I have used in the past, I am a little disappointed.  Anyone else with these issues?  Is it just the type of yarn it is?


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