January 26th, 2006

Wool Needlework in BC

Has anyone ever purchased yarn from an on-line distributor in British Columbia, Canada called Wool Needlework (WNW) www.woolneedlework.com? The site looks basic but legit, appears some of the writing may be done by someone for whom English is not a first language.

Prices are really good , Noro Blossom $7.79, Cash Iroyo $7.99 (some benefit of the exchange rate?). I need alot for the project I would like to do...

Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

I forgot my Rogue Pattern!

I'm at work and I forgot my pattern! I'm doing the Rogue pullover (as a cardigan) from GirlFromAuntie. I'm doing the 39" size and I just finished the 6 decrease rows for the back, after dividing, and doing the first 3 or so decrease rows (confusing, I know). I have 61 st on my needles. I THINK I have to work 36 more rows after this, but I can't remember if there are any more decreases before it! I don't want to knit 36 rows and find out I skipped a step :P If anyone has the pattern could you please tell me what I do next?

recycling yarn

I signed up to give a demonstration at a 4-H thing this weekend, and I decided that my topic would be recycling yarn. I've sketched out an outline, and I thought it would be a good idea to have someone else check it to see if there's something else that I should add.

Recycling yarn
~intro-what it is-taking apart old sweaters to knit something else with the yarn/reasons why you should do this-you might find a lot of really nice yarn, it costs less than ready-to knit yarn, an opportunity to destroy something =P
~what to look for-yarn you like, good condition,as little fuzziness as possible unless you want to try and take that apart, check the gauge of the sweater-think what you might make with the yarn, no serged seams-are some seams serged because the pieces were just cut from machine-knit fabric?
~disassembling-cut seams, find end, start frogging, wind into hanks as you go-are there any tricks to this?
~winding-different methods(what kinds of equipment are available?), should probably measure at some point-wind around 18" piece of cardboard(I use a quilting ruler just cause it's right there and ready to use) # of loops=yards
~possible uses-use as a substitute in an appropriate pattern, check if you have enough yarn before you start(hold up sweater sleeve that will probably never be finished because I just assumed that I had enough yarn for a sweater and found out otherwise =/)

Let me know if you think something might need to be changed.
Thanks for looking! =)

edit: one other thing-how do you straighten the frogged yarn, or do you really need to?

A note from the mods.

We on the mod team appreciate it when y'all point out things like "hey, that photo should go behind a cut." A certain amount of self-moderation is a good thing.

In the past few days, however, we've noticed a number of instances where people are calling other members of the community to task on their content, often in a condescending or otherwise rude manner. We've got a large moderating team for a reason. If something is really inappropriate, it's very likely one of us will spot it soon and get rid of it. If it really bugs you, you can speed up that process by dropping a note to knittingmods (at) gmail (dot) com.

Basically it boils down to this: if you can't word your objection politely, it's better to let someone else handle it for you.

Also, knitting_chat is a great idea, and the original impetus came from a well-established member of the community. That does not make it the law of the land around here. Yes, there will occasionally be posts to knitting that would be better suited to knitting_chat. But there is no rule that requires people to post there instead of here.

We understand that there will be differences of opinion from time to time. Keep it civil, and we'll all get along.
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I need some serious gauge help

Even though I've only been knitting for about 3 months, I feel like I've knit enough that I should know how gauge works, but I am totally embarrased to admit I just can't figure it out! Up until now, I haven't knit anything where gauge was crucial. The first hat I made, I followed the needle size and yarn rec, and the hat was very snug. So a couple weeks ago I made the same hat, and just decided to go up 1 needle size. That hat was much better fitting, but I wasn't happy with the resulting fabric. Too floppy. I preferred the fabric I got on the smaller needle.

Now, I have to knit the same hat for a friend, and she gave me her head measurement and said that she didn't like tight hats. So I really want to make sure this hat will fit her, while using the smaller needle size to get the nicer fabric, so I guess I am going to have to alter the pattern. So I bit the bullet and knit my first gauge swatch, but I have no idea what this tells me, and I am worried that it involves my arch-enemy: math.

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Increasing on Ribbing

Can someone please point me to a good article or explaination on how to increase on ribbing?

I know how to increase evenly. I just need to know if I should treat those increase stitches as knit or purl stitches in k1, p1 ribbing. When increasing that would throw off the rest of the ribbing, perhaps looking like a purl stitch in a line of knit stitches, no?!

Well, you tell me!

help with forbes forest from scarf style.

I've been staring at this cable chart forever and can't figure it out.

The same symbol is listed twice and has two different instructions for it:

2/1 RPC slip 1st onto cn and hold in back k2, p1 from cn
2/1 RC slip 1st onto cn and hold in back k2, k1 from cn

I can't figure out when to do what if they are both represented by the same symbol on the chart. I know the RC is right cross but I'm unsure what RPC stands for...hopefully that is the root of my problem.

Healing Shawls

My stepmom is looking for people to make Healing Shawls for the Relay for Life. I've got instructions, and would love it if some people could take some time to make a shawl.

Relay For Life is a fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of your American Cancer Society. During the event, teams of people gather at schools, fairgrounds, or parks and take turns walking or running laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.

"The Healing Shawl"
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If you chose to make a shawl, please let me know and I will give you the address to mail it to. The Morristown, NJ relay will be in late May 2006.

Thank you for taking your time to make a shawl for cancer patients.

First sweater

I'm getting ready to make my first sweater, and have gotten some great sizing tips from the knitty archives. I am still really wondering about what yarn to use, however. I want a sweater that will last forever, but that won't itch me badly. Anyone out there with sweater knitting experience that could recommend a good yarn?
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(no subject)

So I have decided to take the mental plunge into knitting cables. I have only been knitting for about a month and have made three garter scarves. Impressive, I know. I have been crocheting for 12+ years but I am not so great at following patterns, but I'm learning. So is there something that would be a good for learning how to make cables? Does anyone have any tips about cables that would be good for me to know before I start? I have two books on knitting and they have been very good to me thus far. I wouldn't mind buying more books or patterns, I just don't know where to start. I'm going to go to the store on Sat. to pick up the needles I would need for cable, but I'm not sure what I would need exactly. Are there certain cable needles? I spent a long time last night looking for patterns with cables but I couldn't tell if they were in my right skill range. I looked through the knitting memories and couldn't find anything about cables, so I'm sorry if this has been asked like 100+ times.
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Eek! Steeks!

I would love to make Kristin's Favorite Carry-All from Interweave Knits. The pattern says "Kristin worked her new bag in the round, cutting it to form a front and a back, then used a “gusset” strip to join the two pieces along the sides and bottom."

My sewing skills are really, really bad :D Would the bag will be messed up, or less sturdy, if I just knit the 2 panels separately, and then joined them w/ the gusset?

Thanks so much.

I need help finding a yarn...

So it's not like I need any more yarn at this point, but a co-worker wants me to make him a neck warmer/scarf thing. He liked the look of some sock weight yarn I'm using to make Broadstreet mittens for myself, but wanted it "in navy - with multi colors like those things you are making".

For an example of what he's looking for, this is the yarn I'm using (Regia Veriegated Sock Yarn) and this appears to be it's navy equivalent.

The problem is this, there is no way I'm making him something in sock weight yarn like that! So I googled around, looked at theknitter.com, yarn.com, knitpicks.com and others and haven't found something that will fit the bill. So I turn to you, the wise ladies and gents of Knitting to help me find something even remotely close to this in a worsted or heavier weight yarn.

Can anyone help me? Bueller?

cables and stitch increases

this actually relates a little to 2 of today's earlier posts (cables and rib increases). :-) i've taken a baby hat pattern and changed it to include cables. now, in reading up on cables in my SnB book prior to doing them, in the big sack sweater pattern it says you need to add in some stitches when switching from stockinette to the cables to avoid flaring. my question is, how do you know how many stitches you need to increase (per cable)? does the need for an increase apply if you're going from ribbing to the cable pattern? and if so, where do you increase in a rib (that's really a duplicate of an earlier post. i'll be sure to check for answers there)? this will be knit in the round if that matters. oh, just thought of another question, are the increases actually needed in a hat? the band part where the stockinette (or ribbing) will be will be stretched at least a little when put on, in theory doing away with the flaring, no? last one, i promise. would it look better going from stockinette to cable or rib to cable or is it personal taste? pics of this experiment will be posted in the futre (near, i hope. i want this hat done before the baby is!)
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Treasure Island going out of business!

I didn't see any other posts about this, so I thought that I'd go ahead and spread the word.

I was over at one of my local shopping centers, with the intention of not going to the Treasure Island store there because it's too much of a temptation, and lo and behold, they were having a storewide clearance because they were going out of business! A few of us at the cashier line asked the cashier if it was just that store, and she said it was the whole chain was going out of business due to mismanagement, etc. and that supposedly they'd be closed for good in March, but she didn't bet on that happening (implying that it might be sooner). Everything in the yarn section was about 30% off, but I'm sure the prices will go down as time goes down too. The cashier seemed to think that there wasn't much left in the yarn section since that seemed to be most of what she saw, but there seemed to be a decent amount of stuff still back there.

So, if you are looking to plump up your stash (and I was working on trying to bust my stash, but oh well), now's a good time!

Rib on dpns

I'm working on something that is knit in the round, on dpns, in rib. My stitches just aren't as even as I'd like, and in a few spots, it's noticeable. I'm using wool, so can this be fixed by blocking? Or should I just rip back and try it again? Thanks.
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(no subject)

I was knitting with this really nice yarn, that is an ombre with really nice dark colors, but unfortunately the die kept on coming off on my hands so I had to stop using the yarn.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to deal with this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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First Hat Ever

I made a dino hat for my coworker's son's birthday last week. (I'm sure i've seen something like this online somewhere before.. but I can't recall where to give the credit too.) I made the main part of the hat on my KK and then I knitted the triangles by decreasing every second row. (I just k2tog) and I just stitched them on with a big needle. I learned to pick up stitches and I added the ear flaps and then the ties. I didn't use a pattern or anything - which seems to be a theme with my activites - I generally don't measure, follow patterns or recipes and I never plan anything out. lol!

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Thanks for looking!


I'm finally bearing down and trying to teach myself to knit Continental instead of English. I'm only about 5 rows (granted there's close to 160 sts per row) into my project, and my middle finger on my left hand is sooo sore I can't stand to work anymore. What am I doing wrong? Do Continental knitters just get a callus there eventually? Is it because I'm doing this on sz 3 needles?

Please help my poor finger!

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Annoying DPN problem

Evening all.

I'm back to knitting socks, and I'm having an annoying problem with my dpns.

I know that when I get to a few stitches before the end of a needle, the stitches start getting a little looser. I've noticed that for a long time, and have just lived with it. This happens on all my projects I use DPNs for.

Now, on this pair of socks, that looseness is getting WAY out of hand! And it creeps around the needles, getting looser all the time. I've stopped a couple times, and gone back and tightened up the stitches on that row, but it just starts again a needle or so later.

This is really bugging me!

To make matters worse, this is to make the mate for a sock I did almost 2 years ago. I'm using the same 2.5 mm needles the other one was made on. I'm getting the same stitch gauge, but the rows look horrid.

Any suggestions on what I can do to fix this? I'm knitting quite tightly, but it doesn't seem to help.

Thanks in advance,