January 27th, 2006


Another question...

I'm working on this pattern (first foray into colorwork!) and I know it says

With a basic two-color slip stitch as used in this pattern, you must knit (or purl as it may be) around each round twice to complete one finished round. Now there's a and b within each Round but do i have to repeat each round (2a for example) twice? Or does the a and b count as the twice?

Sorry if it sounds pretty clueless.
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Stitch pattern help needed!

Ok, so I am attempting to pull off the pattern for two-color double shaker knitting in the Big Book of Knitting book, and I'm getting a bit hung up with it. Maybe I'm just thinking on it too hard. Anyhow, the part of the pattern that's confusing me is:

p1, sl1 purlwise with yo

I think its the "with yo" that gets me. Is it the same as having been written "p1, sl1, yo"? Or is this supposed to be done differently? I've attempted the stitch several times, and I'm pretty much just ending up with a complete mess on my needles. Any help you guys can lend me would be greatly appreciated :)

questions regarding illusion skull scarf

I'm making the skull illusion scarf in black and grey with the skul being grey.

I've knit one skull on one end of the scarf. I want to knit another skull on the other end. I would like both skulls to be facing the same direction when the scarf is worn.

I can't figure out how to accompish this.

I am at the point where I need to begin the second skull and from reading this pattern it says to just flip the pattern upside down to knit a skull facing the opposite direction. Does this mean begin with the skull color again? Or do I begin with the background color? The first skull was knit beginning with the skull color (depicted as white in this pattern) But if I flip the pattern then I will be beginning with the background color.

I found that if I attempt to start with the background color that according to the pattern I should begin on the wrong side of the piece. But that if I start with the background color that the piece is actually on the right side not the wrong side.

This is all terribly confusing to me and I thank you for any help you can give. Been knitting for about a year and have done nothing but straight scarves and beanies.

In a nutshell my questions are: Does the second skull start with back ground color or skull color and do I start it on the right or wrong side?

I prey for you.

Is this completely ludicrous?

So, being a fairly new knitter, I am intensely proud when I complete a project. Especially when I didn't follow a pattern. Even when it is something as insanely simple as a garter stitch keyhole scarflet. I'm even more pleased with the opportunity to gift it to someone that I know will love it.

However, this is the ludicrous part. I live in Melbourne Australia, and this being January, the weather is incredibly hot. Like, yesterday the mercury rose to 104f. Is it completely and utterly stupid of me to gift this scarflet to my mother tonight as part of a birthday present (the other component of which is a pot-plant)? I know she will like the scarflet, and hold on to it until such time as the weather is cool enough to necessitate its use. I just wonder if I'm going to get weird stares from the other party attendees when she opens her gift :)
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Looking for a pattern...

A while ago, when I was browsing knitting blogs, I came across a baby blanket made out of blocks of different colours. It looked lovely, and now that a good friend of mine is expecting I wouldn't mind knitting it for her. Sadly, though, I don't seem to be able to find the link.

The blanket looked a bit similar to the following picture I was able to find at www.yarn-store.com. Collapse )

It's particularly good to see on the more colourful blanket. The difference between this and my lost pattern is that the blocks went all the way to the centre, without any square bit of solid colour in the middle.

Has anyone seen this pattern? Thank you!!
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Rule of thumb for knowing when to decrease?

I'm making a hat, but the pattern has been modified to accomodate a larger head. The original pattern calls for 84 cast on stitches, with a stitch marker placed after every 12th stitch to do the decreases. This works well because 12 goes into 84 evenly (7 times).

But the hat I am making has 116 stitches cast on, so I am having trouble figuring out where I should place the stitch markers. 116 divided by 16 is 7.25, so...will that work? Or is there a good rule of thumb on how to divide evenly when it comes to the decreases?

PSA: Big Girl Knits discussion board

Evidently advance copies of the much-awaited (by some of us) Big Girl Knits were made public during the recent TNNA gathering in San Diego, so Knitty has opened a new forum for discussion of the book.

Nothing much going there yet, but I'm hoping to see some reviews by those who've actually seen the book and/or started knitting the patterns. For that matter, did anyone here (other than emmacrew, who has a pattern in the book and might be biased. (-; ) snag a copy? Reactions? Reviews?

*Ouch!*-part 2

Thanks to everyone who's been trying to help me solve the mystery of the swollen finger. I've taken a picture of what I'm doing in case that helps. Also, if you watch the close-up video of the continental knit stitch on KnittingHelp.com, that also illustrates exactly what I'm doing.

To sum up for those of you not having read my first post, I'm trying to learn how to knit continental because it's quicker and easier to switch between different stitches than it is my way (a combination of English and me mixed together). In doing so, on knit stitches only, I'm having some trouble with the needle rubbing my left middle finger and making it extremely sore.

If anyone has any further suggestions, my finger would greatly appreciate it!

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Edit: Thanks for all your suggestions. I'll keep plugging along and see if I can't keep that middle finger out of the way!


Any suggestions?

Okay, the other day, I was out shopping, and found, right there in the Dollar Store aisle, a whole bunch of yarn! I was thrilled, and bought 6 kinds, two skeins of each [approx. 140 yds total]. The only thing is that they are all fun fur, and I don't know any good patterns for fun fur :( any suggestions?

T3h Y4rn [I apologize for pathetic quality of pics >.<]
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Look! Men Knitting! These men are ground breaking! Talk about brave!

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Okay, I'm silly. I've been on a vintage knitting magazine collecting kick lately. I just received a 1947 edition of Modern Knitting, and found that image. The text, if you can't read it, says:

From Needles to Needles

Turning from the needles on their turntables to knitting needles, Gene Rayburn and Dee Finch, Manhattan's oh-so-early-in-the-A.M. Disc Jockeys knit their own sox as a means of relaxing after their mad antics over WNEW each morn from 7 to 9.

One thing I like about this image is that the focus is more on the fact that these celebrities knit, rather than its MEN knitting. Now, it isn't that I'm against men knitting - knitting is cool, and more people should do it. What does stick in my craw is the attitude that some women and men have is that what we do is now important and better because they've seen a picture of a man knitting. Or heard of a man knitting. As if knitting had no value until a man decided it was interesting.

As this picture shows, men have been knitting for as long as there has been knitting. It's not a new thing, it doesn't make a man special or unique if he does knit, and it doesn't make what we do have any more meaning. Knitting would have value if only women knitted. It would have value if only men knitted. Presumably, it'd have value if only parrots did it. Well, at least to parrots. Unless they learn to knit sweaters for me.

Oh, and if you are interested in vintage pictures, I've been sticking various pictures up in my gallery - some of them have already been in blog posts, some will show up one day, and some are just there. :)

Question about My So Called Scarf Curling...

Has anyone had a trouble with the My So Called Scarf curling? It's very possible that it's just because I am a tight knitter, but it's culring as badly as stockinette does. I'm using Manos and will block it once it's done but I am worried that even blocking won't help such a bad curl.

Also.....I can't figure out if I am doing something wrong or if the pattern is wrong. On the second row, the pattern is:

*P2tog, do not slip stitches off the needle, purl the first stitch again, slip both stitches off needle*

Every time I get to the end of the row, I have one stitch left over. I have ripped it out three times and backed up rows more times than I can count and EVERY single time, I have that extra stitch. I can't figure out why and I wonder if it has anything to do with the curling...

(no subject)

I've been doing some traveling recently, and I kept seeing people on the planes with those neck pillows. I kept thinking, I wonder if I could knit one of those...

I've googled and searched knitting and no luck. I was just wondering if any of y'all had perchance seen a pattern for those u-shaped neck pillows. It would be excellent if anyone had any ideas. :-)

Problems with 1x1 rib

Hey everyone!

Decided to give this pattern a go: http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=62184.0 but am having some problems getting it started. It instructs you to cast on 49 stitches and then do 1x1 rib for 2 inches. However, my 1x1 ribbing is coming out as seed stitch, when by looking at the photo it isn't supposed to!!! I am doing as I've always believed you do with ribbing, to k1, p1 for one row then p1, k1 on the other side. However I always thought you had to have a number divisible by two to do 1x1 rib, so I'm not sure if the pattern is wrong.

Help me people!!!

Seaming Scarf

This may or may not have already been posted...but I have a question about seaming together the front and backside of a scarf. The front side is an intarsia argyle pattern. The back side is just solid black (to hide the back side of the intarsia mess). I'm looking for a good direction in seaming together the front and back besides just "sewing them together". I want it to look nice and neat, and feel like just sewing it together will look sloppy.
Or could I sew it and do some sort of edging? And if so, what kind of edging. I just neeeeeeeed....some opinions :)

Thanks ahead of time!