January 28th, 2006

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Hey guys! I've been working on scarfs for awhile and I need a change of pace so I decided to try making a strawberry hat ^_^ So right now I'm on a search for a plain hat pattern. I want it to be similar to this one (Knitwits Ollie) minus all the intarsia (obviously strawberrys are only one colour!)

The only thing I know I will have trouble with is the leaves on top. For the seeds on the strawberry I was just going to sew on some black yarn. :3 I figure I would sew on the leaves after also, but I just have no idea how to make them @_@ It would probably be a lot of casting off inbetween and such (which I just don't get). I'm thinking to do each leaf individually (because that's a ton easier for me).

I'm thinking... start with a few stitches, knit a couple of rows and then add on a few stitches to give it the sort of angle that leaves have and then cast off every few rows from there? how would I go about adding a stitch? Just cast on another one like I would if I were starting a piece?

For the stem I'm just going to cast on and off a few stitches and sew on in the center after all the leaves and stuff are done~. :3

Any help guys? I'm kind of making this up as I go along XD;; I'm so confused I've never made a hat before XD; I just know I want it to be stst and more form fitting. (and a strawberry 8D)
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I'm going to make a washcloth for my husband for Valentines day. What is the softest cotton yarn out there (in your opinion)? I don't want to use Peaches 'n' Cream because that's not soft enough. It can be a cotton blend, just as long as there's enough cotton for it to still work as a washcloth.
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My First Knitting Project

Hello, I am a beginning knitter and would like to share with you my very first project.

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I made myself a knitting bag and am so happy with the way it turned out. I made a ton of mistakes but because it is a “like a crazy quilt” bag, it seems to go together. I got the tangerine orange and bright yellow yarn at the thrift store and then bought the others at Jo-anns, along with the wooden handles. I sorta combined two different patterns for two different bags and just winged it as I went.

My main goal was to experiment with different yarns and basic practice for knitting and purling. I had to decrease as the bag got smaller at top and mostly did every thing by measurements not by rows or counting stitches. There is a tangerine liner fabric inside that matches just perfectly with the tangerine orange yarn that I also found at the thrift store a while ago.

What fun I had making this bag. I wanted to pick a project that would be non-stressful or frustrating for my first knitting experience and I did just that. I come from a sewing background, quilting, making clothes, stuff like that and so far I enjoy knitting more than either of those. I am not sure if it is because it is new and exciting or if because it is so relaxing, portable, and satisfying! I am getting more satisfaction out of making a wacky knitting bag then a whole quilt!

I have started on my next project, a scarf, and hopefully that turns out well enough to share too. Thanks for having such a fun and informative place for knitting.

Lil Miz Cheezcake
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Cotton Chenille Sans Worms?

I've just placed and order for "super soft, non-worming, 100% cotton chenille," from Cottage Knits, through The Naked Sheep. I'm wondering what "non worming" means. Does it lack a critter or a pesky characteristic?
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Holding Needles

I taught myself how to knit from books because I unfortunately have no family or friends that know anything about knitting. I had a question about holding the needles that I can’t seem to find in any books.

I seem to often brace the bottom of the right needle, as I am working, on my right thigh as I am sitting. I am worried that I am forming a bad habit, am I? Do any of you do this also? I have heard of putting the end of the needles in your arm pit but when I try this, it is so uncomfortable and I have a hard time knitting. Maybe it is because I have short arms or something?

Would you guys share how you knit or instruct me on the best way to hold the needles? Thank you so much for your help if you are able to lend it.

Lil Miz Cheezcake
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Knitty's heart pattern, how to double pattern?

I'm trying to do Knitty's heart scarf, here, but it calls for size 15 needles + yarn, but I only have 7's and really don't feel like going out and buying more needles/yarn just for one project.

So I want to double the pattern, but I'm a little confused.

Do I just multiply what I do by 2?

For example, the sl1, k1, psso, does it become sl2, k2, psso, or [sl1, k1, psso]x2?

I'm confused.

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Questions! Or a knitting meme, if you're so inclined...

What was your first knitting project?

What was your first FINISHED knitting project (if it was different)?

What do you wish your first knitting project had been?

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And so this isn't a text only (ew): my work in progress of a spring scarf in a deceptively easy stitch, the Roman stripe. Mine and theirs look close to nothing alike but I'm good with that. It's still pretty.

In a greygreen acrylic that I found at the bottom of my stash with no label from when I was first starting knitting. Handles like a slightly squeeky shiny cotton, though. No complaints. And the reciever is allergic to animal fibres anyway.
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Jo-Ann's closing

My local Jo-Ann Fabrics of choice, in the Waterworks Mall outside of Pittsburgh, is closing. This makes me very sad. However, I went there today to find that everything is 20-40% off, and they're having insta-sales as well. When we went over to browse the yarn, a voice came over the PA system informing us that all yarn and knitting books were 50% off for the next twenty minutes.

I got 10 balls of the Jo-Ann Sensations 50/30/20 wool/cotton/nylon yarn, which I can't remember the name of but which strongly resembles Rowan Soft Baby, for $3.50 each, 5 balls of Senseo Denim for $1.50 each, and 3 balls of Patons Classic Wool for $3 each. There was lots and lots of good stuff left.

Anyone within driving distance of this store might want to pop in and take a look around.

gauge questions


I'm knitting Glampyres Bulky Cabled Cardigan with 6 ply merino from handpaintedyarn.com.

I'm currently working on my swatch & I'm having some questions. I've lj seeked & googled, but am still a little confused & stupid me lent out both stitch & bitch books this morning to a friend.

The pattern gauge is 10 sts/13 rows = 4 inches.

I've cast on 10 stitches, knit 13 rows on the suggested largest needle size, 11's.
I get just under three and a half inches.

So I started to ljseek, google, etc & some places suggest doing a border around your knitting, so it's easier to measure the gauge, others suggest only adding a few extra stitches to each side so it's easier to knit. I reknit, using two extra stitches, remeasured, still got under 3 and a half each way.

I then recast on using 13's, did the exact same route, got the exact same measurements.

What is the best way to swatch? What should I try next? I'm afraid if I go up to 15's, my knitting is going to be almost see through. On the 13s, if I put it up to my skin, you can see little bits of skin, granted, it is a cardigan & I'll be wearing something under, but I still would like it to be warm.

Does anyone have any suggestions, ideas, comments?

EDIT: I just found my little spiral bound interweave "knitters companion" book & they suggest knitting at least 4 inches wide and 4 inches long. Then if there are too few stitches, go down a size, if I have too many stitches, go up a size. I'm confused now if I should go up or down a size of needles.

My first FOs!

So, I learned to knit back in October, and I have some finished objects that I haven't gotten round to posting until now. It might not seem like a lot in that time frame but in my own defence I've also crocheted several projects, started and abandoned-for-a-time the hippocampus I mentioned a few days ago, and knitted a scarf and 1.5 matching armwarmers. (I'm planning on posting them as a set once I've finished the other .5 of an armwarmer. And block everything and remember to take pictures, of course.)

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easy basic sock pattern

hey guys, i need some suggestions. I was recently given a gift of two balls/skeins of regalia (sp?) sock yarn and a set each of size 1 and size 2 dpn's. what i really need some help with is finding an easy sock pattern. i've searched the community and googled but nothing is quite what i need. what i am looking for is a pattern that: i can work from the toe-up (so i can try it on as i go along) and one that i can easily adjust to fit my slightly wider than average size 11 (shoe size) feet. do y'all have any suggestions? free or not, i'll take any suggestions on patterns


I am making a diaper soaker(a diaper cover made from 100% wool that I will lanolize aftwards)

On the butt, I want to knit a little shape. Maybe a heart, a star or something. Any idea's other than a heart or a star and know where I can get the chart for it?


Lip Service sweater stitch

Sorry to the mod who had to reject this like 234098324 times because I kept messing it up, I am an idiot.

I normally don't even consider buying Lip Service clothing, as it's so
insanely expensive, but I came across this sweater and fell MADLY in
love with it. Still, I just can't justify spending $72 on a friggin'
sweater. And so I must knit my own.

Does anyone know what this stitch is called and/or how it's

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I'm also wondering a) how they got such perfect little runs and b) what
type of yarn I should use for it - I was thinking mohair, which would
be expensive as well unless I could find a sweater to unravel.
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I've taken apart my knitting project atleast fifty times because I keep ending up with some screwy stitch.

At the end of the row I always end up with this super huge loop. Its like there is too much slack or something. I can't figure out where I'm messing up.

Why is there so much extra yarn at the end of the row?