January 29th, 2006

Question about provisional cast-ons

I want to tackle lace. So I went out and bought a bunch of Fiber Trends lace shawl patterns. I leaning towards the Leaf Lace shawl or Pacific Northwest. Anyway, I can do a long-tail provisional cast on, but the pattern wants a crochet type cast on. I don't have the pattern with me at the moment, but it said something like knitting through the back bump of a crochet chain.

I have been practicing crochet chaining (?) with some red heart, and though I know the chain is only going to be provisional anyway, it looks awful. Awful enough to not really tell where a back bump is. My chain looks like a knot. Would I be OK using a familiar-to-me cast on method (long-tail) or is there some reason why one provisional cast on would be better than another?

p2 tog; YO

I'm trying to knit a scarf pattern I found called Corporate Whispers.
Essentially, the whole thing is purl 2 together, yarn over.
I've tried to figure out how to do it, but it doesn't seem to be coming out right - it is all bunchy and tight. I asked my mum, and she said purling's yarn over is different than knitting's yarn over, but she doesn't remember exactly how to do it. I've looked online a bunch, and still no help.
Is there a difference? How to do this stitch?
thanks a bunch!
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Tips on making my first hat?!

Okay, the liesel scarf is about half way done, but I need a break from all that lace-- it's making me want to stab my eyes out! Anyway, I'm going to go to Michael's & pick up a set of dpns... I want to make this hat for my DS out of some camoflage red heart worsted acrylic (mmmm... yummy! LOL!) that I have sitting around. I've got the concept of dpns down, but I've never done this before. Any tips? Is a gauge crucial for a project like this? Should I make it smaller? My son is 11 & has a normal to large size head for his age. Oh, and when they tell to divide stitches evenly onto 3 needles, how do you do that if the number is not divisible by 3? Thanks!

Oh, it's this hat:

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Question on picot bind off (Mrs. Beeton)

I've been working on Knitty's Mrs. Beeton and I'm confused as all get out about the picot BO. Since a few of you have already completed Beetons, I was wondering if someone might be able to clarify?

It says to bind off one stitch, then turn the work, and, using a cable cast-on, cast on two stitches. I've got it up to this point, but then I get confused. It says to turn the work a second time and then slip the second stitch over the first and the third stitch over the second. I assume this means the stitch closest to the needle point on the right needle is the first, the middle stitch is the second and the last is the third. Even so, how do I slip the third stitch over the second stitch if I've already slipped off the second stitch?

Gah! Can someone please help me?
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Hey All!

Pictures of some fair-isle swatches behind the cut
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I've been fooling around with fair-isle and emproidery and am still a bit confused about the amount of tails left behind. Any suggestions or resources on this?
Also, does anyone have a good Lovikka mitten pattern that they've used?

Row Counters

I was thinking on getting a row counter but was unsure if I should get those round ones that go on the end of a needle or if I should get one of those clicker ones?

The round ones I have found seem to not go any smaller than size 5.5 needles so maybe I will have to get a counter that will have to be clicked every row for smaller stuff, huh?

What kind of row counters do you have if you use them and do you like them?

Lil Miz Cheezcake
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First order of business: I got a new camera!!! It's so incredibly awesome! I can actually see the stuff in the pictures.

I finished my baby sweater; it feels like it took about two seconds compared to the last one. I decided to leave out the strips up the sleeves and sides, because that was what was stopping me from finishing it, because I just didn't want to get started on those stupid strips. Too much sewing, and stuff. So, here it is, along with that pink scarf for my granny June:

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Hello! I want to give a belated thank you to everyone who posted on how to help me fix my mismanaged clapotis!! I did frog it back and (eventually) found my place and started the decreases all over again. It turns out I was WAY farther into the decreases than I thought! Eeep! Thanks to a post by Stephanie (scroll waay down to Jan 13th), I just crocheted the dropped stitches back up before frogging- that made things SO much easier. The wrong dropped stitches were nicely tightened up, especially since I was only a stitch off, and dropping the right ones took care of the loose ends. Woo hoo!
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My First Pics Post...I think

Recently, I've been getting more and more involved with my knitting. I'm writing about it more, I'm doing it more, I'm more excited, I'm trying new things, and all that stuff. So I'm starting to try and catalog my knitting more, and share pictures and such.

So here are two old-ish WIPs and one FO. I'll hopefully be posting some more current work (as well as updated FO pics of the WIPS below) very soon.

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Hats and seams

Hi there. I just joined this community last week, and I've been enjoying seeing all the pictures of what you guys are knitting.

I just started learning to knit a couple of weeks ago, and I have been knitting hats, which someone showed me how to do. I do ribbing for the first few rows, and then I do stockinette, and then when the hat is big enough I knit into two stitches at a time for a row, then I purl the next row, and then I knit into two stitches at a time again, then purl the next row and then pass the yarn through the loops and pull, and then sew up the seam.

Now, while I am finding it easy enough to knit the hat, I am finding it very hard to sew up the seam. It shows very visibly - and I assume that in sewing up a seam, it is not supposed to show. Is there a trick to doing it, so that it doesn't show, or at least so that it is less visible? Also, I am never sure what part of the stitch to sew into, or whether that matters. Could anyone advise me on this?

Oh, and I have one more question, which is unrelated to hats and seams - I would really like to learn how to knit a sweater, but I'm a bit nervous about it, because I think it must be very hard. Is there any kind of easy sweater pattern out there, which is for beginners, and which makes an attractive-looking sweater?

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I have relocated. I am now in Salem, Oregon. But that hasn't stopped me in my knitting. I've only been here a week and I've been to 4 yarn shops (2 in Salem and 2 in Portland). I also went to the Pendleton Mill outlet in Portland, where I got 1 pound of 2 ply sport weight wool for $7.50. They told me it dyes beautifully, and felts up great too. And since it's raining and I don't have anywhere to be anyways, I'm going to try to disassemble a thrift store sweater that I got in Austin. It's 45% viscose, 30% cashmere, and 25% wool. I paid $4 for it. The yarn looks to be sprot or DK wieght. It's a nice bright pink. I need to get my Ott light from the other room so that I can really see what I'm doing.

Okie dokie, I'm off to strain my eyes starting at bright pink seams. I'll let you know how it goes!
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Shrug patterns?

I searched first, and didn't come up with much, so I am asking this question to the community!

What are your favorite shrug patterns? I am thinking something that says "spring", but any pattern goes! Lace, cables, whatever you've got, throw it at me. I need inspiration :)


sweater patterns

I went to an auction this weekend and picked up a massive amount of wool yarn for ridiculously cheap. I got 44 skeins of this georgeous light brown wool, and now I want to make a sweater or two. So, I am looking for your favorite sweater patterns, preferably with cables, as I am really into cables right now. Either male or female patterns are great, because I want to knit one for myself and one for my man=) and free patterns are the best, but if you know of one that you've knitted that is great but not free, suggest that too. I am an intermediate knitter, so I can handle the more difficult patterns, and its always nice to learn new techniques. Thanks so much for your help!
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Has anyone ever shopped at the KnittyNoddy site? They've got a good price on Crystal Palace circs with a 55" cable, better than I've seen elsewhere, but I've never come across them before and I'm wary these days about buying from unfamiliar sites. I'm sure they're okay, but I always feel better if I can get a recommendation from someone.

(They've also got Noro Lily on sale for a pretty great price: $6.60/hank. Only two colorways available, but I'm very tempted. Not that I need any more yarn right now, but the price is right...)

Thanks in advance.
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Glove One!

I'm more of a crotcheter than knitter (fewer needles, dont-cha-know), but I love cabling and want to work my way up to knitting myself a cabled sweater or cardigan. But first things first: master basic knitting skills. I've done the odd scarf using the garter stitch and not following a particular pattern, and wanted to up the anti to see if I could learn to follow a pattern where size and gauge does matter.

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Is this even possible??

I made some long pants for my daughter several months ago to be used as cloth diaper covers. The pants turned out great - red and grey Peace Fleece knit in the round from the waist down. However, my calculations much have been off and they are HUGE on her. The waist has a drawstring in it, but there is so much material there that it keeps the drawstring from tightening enough. She may grow into them eventually, but the legs will end up way too short by that point. And they are already thick enough and just the right length that I don't want to felt them.

Is there any possible way to frog them from the top down, ripping out the ribbed waistband, then reknitting the waistband to fit better? The hips would still be large on her, but at least they would stay up. But I don't know if you can knit in the opposite direction? Any thoughts or ideas? Thanks in advance!