January 31st, 2006

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I mentioned yesterday that I was working on a felted bag. It's my first time knitting something in the round and I think I really screwed it up.

The yarn has somehow managed to work itself to where it can't lay flat, it has a twist to it. I don't really know how to describe it, and no digi camera. Basically, if I point the needles the same way, and try to smooth out the fabric, it won't go all the way because of this big piece at the end that's twisted around the plastic part of the needle.

Last night I decided to be inventive and moved part of the project to other circulars. I got it to lay flat, breathed a sigh of relief, and then put it back on the normal needles (which was a pain in the BUTT) and now it's all screwy again.

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Mitten over cast?

I've got a friend who just had surgery on her thumb or some such and has a short forearm cast that covers her thumb but not her fingers. She's finding it difficult to weather the Wisconsin winter because while the mitten part fits over her hand, the wrist ribbing is typically too tight to fit over the fat part of the cast.

If I were to make her a nice big mitten, how could I make the wrist so it stays on but isn't too small? Should I use a very elastic yarn, or should I just shape it like an oven mitt and hope it doesn't fall off? Is there some sort of way I could make extra-stretchy ribbing that would expand out a lot?


I signed up for Crafters Choice book club (yeah, I was suckered in) and got my books yesterday. I am on idea overload! Knitting books are always a good thing, but 5 at one time is crazy! My head is swirling with ideas. I got:

Handknit Holidays
Knitting Over the Edge
Decorative Knitting
Fabulous Felted Knits
The Crochet Answer Book
Big Hook crochet (I think thats what it's called)

The later two are for my MIL who has MS and can only really handle a big P hook. (She make diaper bags and baby blankets for a local charity. :) )

There are SO SO many things I want to make from these books, I have no idea where to begin! Anyone have any favorite from these books?

just wondering.....

How do they make regular wool into Superwash wool? Is it a chemical process? Can you so it yourself? Just wondering as i'm contimplating what to make out of my newest purchase of 6oo yds of Lorna's Lace Sheperd Sport in the Rainbow colorway.

D.I.Y. = dye it yourself

For those of you who dye your own wool what kind of dyes do you use? I've done KoolAide and now i think i'm ready to take on bigger and better dyes. I want to handpaint some yarn myself. There are a million books out there and it seems like a few different dyes. I want to know what you use. And if you have any recomendations for a beginner kit or something of the like.

Ooooo my husband is not going to be happy when he sees the whole new mess i can make! BwaahHaHaHa!

Mummy, where does yarn come from?

I was hunting for a ball of wool to finish off a shrug this morning (it's been a while since I tackled it!) and couldn't find it anywhere. I gave up and grabbed some other knitting project for the Bitch 'n' Stitch tonight (hurrah!) only then to realise the left over wool on a cone (from my other halfs sweater) had also vanished. I commented to the other half that perhaps they had eloped together and that I wondered what sort of offspring they would have. The other half replied "Where do you think baby yarn comes from?"

Well, I laughed!!!

I've got an horrendous amount of FOs to post piccies of at some point, but I've not got round to uploading the pics. Hmm, lets hope I don't finish too many more before I do!
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Giraffe Baby Items?

I am looking for something to knit for my best friend. The baby is a girl, the colours my dear friend chose are orange and blue, and she likes giraffes. I was thinking a giraffe toy for display now but then toy later... but open to suggestions. Please help me find something ASAP. The baby is due in March (beginning) but I am out of state at school, so I can get away with the end of the semester... but I'd rather have it done ASAP. Thanks, guys/gals!
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Recommend a substitute yarn?

I really love Schoeller Stahl's Landlord, it makes a very lovely and warm hat! I can't see to find anywhere to purchase more of it; I got some on a special a while back but they are now sold out. Can anyone recommend a comparable substitute? Basically, a wool "thick & thin" yarn with variegated colors - weight is not really an issue. Thanks!

Belly Dancing Hip Scarf

I have a great idea for a project: A belly dancing hip scarf! I just started taking belly dancing classes and thought that I'd try to come up with a hip scarf to wear while i shake my groove thing.

I have the yarn. It's beautiful (check my blog if you don't believe me, there are pictures of it there)! Now all I need are janglies so that I can hear it when i move my hips. I stopped in at M&J Trimming, as I live in New York City, but they didn't have more than a hundred of the suckers, and I'm thinking I'll need somewhere between two and three hundred. I called them, but they're not getting any in soon. I went walking around in the area of M&J and I found similar things, but they were much more expensive (one package was $95 for 144 and another place had them for $18 for 144. M&J had them for $4.99 for 100). Does anyone know where I would be able to find something like this?

DESCRIPTION: a gold colored coin like flat thin piece of metal with a smallish hole -though large enough to string a thin string of yarn through. When they hit each other they make a clanking noise.

At this point, I don't really care if I get them online or what. I'm desperate to get them, though not so desperate that i'd pay $95 for 144 - they don't need to be made of gold, they just have to make noise.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!
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Substitution question...

Has anyone made Knitty's Anouk? Did you use the Cascade Pima/Tencel blend suggested or did you use something else? Can anyone recommend a worsted weight cotton blend baby yarn for this pattern? My LYS doesn't seem to carry Cascade, but I'm going to look around tomorrow to see if there is a suitable equivalent...just wanted to check to see if anyone had any suggestions! Thanks in advance!

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Does anyone have any advice on how to tighten up your knitting when you have to switch between knit and purl in the same row? I'm working on a baby blanket with diagonal stripes in stockinette/reverse stockinette that I found in a stitch pattern book. Where I switch from knit to purl and vice versa, its looser than the other stitches and it irritates me to no end, the way these stitches are bigger and looser than the others. It is very noticable.

The pattern looks like this:


The first / and the sixth O are looser than the rest of the stitches, whether I'm switching to a knit stitch or purl stitch. I've tried tightening the yarn when I move it between the needles when I change stitches, but it doesn't seem to help. I am doing the blanket in DK weight yarn on size nine needles, since I tend to be a tight knitter--could that have something to do with it? Should I be using smaller needles?

I'm about to give up and try and find a very pretty multicolored, lightweight yarn (I live in Florida, I think DK weight is the heaviest I can reasonably go for a baby born in March) and just do garter stitch. Help!
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kitty baby hat - FO

I don't usually post FO pictures, but this is seriously too cute to withhold! I made my friend & her daughter matching kitty hats for Christmas. I still need to mail the one for my friend, but she sent me some photos of her daughter, Kiki, in the kitty hat and I have to share. Collapse )

I used Lion Brand Microspun in Fushia, made up the basic hat pattern, and then used the kitty ears from the hat in SNB. I love the way the garter stitch looks and overall I'm really happy with how it came out. My friend loves it.

Overdyeing with Kool-Aid?

I'm working on Knitty's Cozy, using Patons Classic Wool in Natural Mix.

I'm not crazy about the color of the wool, but it is what I had on hand, and I'm on a serious yarn budget. Plus, I figured I could over-dye it, with interesting results, since the yarn is marled.
Has anyone over-dyed with Kool-Aid? I was thinking of, say, Black Cherry, or perhaps Grape. Something dark and delicious, rather than springy and light.

In the next few days I'll probably knit up a swatch and dye it, as a test, but I thought I'd check in with you guys who know everything, and see if there are any problems I'm not seeing with over-dyeing.

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I just finished knitting Saranac from Knitty (http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer05/PATTsaranac.html) and now I need to do all the finishing...The directions tell you to insert the zipper and then block, but that's counterintuitive to me. It makes more sense to me to block first so you don't get weird bunching or anything if the garment changes shape or size during blocking. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? Thanks!

top down raglan

i decided to finally get around to knitting another sweater out of some wool i picked up while in newfoundland. this time the sweater has to fit me! so i settled on knitting a top down raglan from this pattern (or unpattern as it says) http://www.woolworks.org/patterns/raglan.html

so i get all the math part and figuring out guage and such. the part that is confusing me is the diagram for casting on. i have all the stitches i need cast on but don't know which stitches are working out to be the left and right side of the front neck.

(so i can't get the text diagram thing to work and i don't know how to html link to the website :S)

what are the stitches between markers A and B part of? are they part of the sleeve or part of the left and right side of the front? normally this wouldn't be a big deal, but it's telling me to cast on the center front stitches once i have all of the left and right front stitches, so i need to know where to count from.

if someone has knit something from this pattern before, or knows of perhaps a better written flexible top down raglan pattern, could they please help?
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Only my second initial post, so please be forgiving! Three questions. 1) Is anyone else making Knitty's Bubby and finding it trying? I remember someone before Christmas also struggling a bit. I'm using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino doubled and #3 needles. Bubby's head and body are squoogie and soft, but his legs...... The grafted foot bottom has those hard little knotted nubbins on the bottom that are not baby friendly. If I hadn't already thoroughly tucked in many ends in the crotchal area, I'd pull them out and just cinch the live stitches closed. I might even amputate his little legs at the knees and knit on new feet. I also wish I'd picked up the leg stitches with the body upside down so the leg stitches would look like seamless continuations of the body rows. 2) Bear or bunny, what do you think? He'd be cute with a little angora bunny tail, and the longer ears would be easy for a baby to grab, but at this point I'm so tired of Bubby that I just want him done! 3) In last fall's Creative Knitting, I fell in like with a felted Buffalo plaid bag. I purchased a bunch of yarn at my LYS at a sale. It's Galway Pure Wool Knitting Worsted, the recommended weight in the pattern, to be knit in intarsia technique on (I think) #8 needles. Now I'm looking at this yarn and thinking, no way this will felt thick and sturdy enough for a bag. I could swatch 'n wash, but then I won't be able to exchange that skein for something more suitable. Anyone have experience felting Galway worsted?

Gauge help!

I want to knit my first sweater (also the first thing I've knit that I really have to worry about gauge for). So, I went to knit the first of my gauge swatches like a good knitter. The yarn allegedly knits up at 5 stitches per inch on size 7 needles, so that's what I started with. When I was about mid-swatch, I decided to take it off the needles and use my little Susan Bates Knit-Check to take a rough measurement to see how I was doing. I only seemed to be getting 4 stitches per inch. So, I started again with size 6 needles. So far, it's looking like 4.5 stitches per inch.

Logically, going down to size 5's should get me 5/inch, but this seems sort of extreme. Is this normal? I don't think of myself as being a loose knitter... I mean, I'm a beginner so what do I know, but it's not clear to me how I could be knitting a lot tighter than I am now.

Help? Is this normal? I admit I stopped to measure halfway through each swatch (though I took it off the needles to do so.) Would finishing the swatch make that big a difference?