February 1st, 2006

Arina knitting

First colour attempt

I'm so pleased.  I finished my first swatch using colour! Technically I think it's Fair Isle as I never broke the wool, but I used intarsia techniques as well to keep everything together.  Meh whatever. 

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I made up the pattern myself on graph paper roughly before I started.  A note to knitters in Japan (or anyone else with tatami flooring) it's fabulous for pinning gauge swatches to!  Just don't tell my landlord :P

ja ne

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Magknits is live.

The February issue of Magknits is live and there is knitted sushi! May I say I love free knit zines. I will be making the sushi. I will make the hat Odessa many times in many colors. I just don't do knitted skirts, but it does look nice. The socks from Sock Queen Alison Hansel will be done. (BTW= sock matches for sockapaloooza come out today!) The scarves are lovely, though I forsee some confusion with two free online patterns called trellis..... I am making Trellis (cabled baby sweater) from Knitty for the Knitting Olympics and now there is the shawl from this issue.

All in all, a great issue.
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me and crow

knitting on two circulars vs knitting with dpn's

I am interested in making knitty's cigar gloves : http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer05/PATTcigar.html
but would prefer to knit with dpns rather then two circulars. I am reading the knitty pattern and it doesn't seem to matter which way you knit them... or perhaps I am reading the pattern wrong and there is something important I am missing from the pattern that would make it specific to 2 circulars?

any insight would be appreciated

Lace panels in a sweater

I am designing my first vest and I am really having fun and I am really proud of myself. I was doing my gauge swatches last night like a good girl and I ran into a problem....

The vest has two lace panels on either side of the front. Once I started knitting my gauge swatch, I realized that the lace expands from top to bottom, creating little peaks along the bottom of the swatch. I am wondering if this is going to cause a problem in the vest as a whole. It will have 1x1 ribbing as the edging and stockinette as the background.

Will this cause the vest to bunch or look funny in any way, or will it just get lost in the rest of the fabric and even itself out?
Knit, Crafty

ideas for 200yds - a scarf

I had a moment of weakness and ordered a skein of Bumblebee from Axelle. The description says:

Mont Blanc:
100% Light DK weight cashmere:
-- 200 yds/skein; approx. 1600 yds per pound
-- Weight & Gauge: 4-ply, Light DK; 6-7.5 sts/in on US size 3-6 needles

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Yes, it's one of those colors, I think. Either you love it or you hate it. I love it.

Here's the fun part: I'd love you hear your ideas for what kind of scarf you would make with it. I want to do something to show off the colorway, and I'm ok with my knits and purls, slips and psso, but I'm not an advanced/experienced knitter.

Thanks :)
nova scotia

(no subject)

I posted yesterday about my twisted bag, and I restarted it last night after I pulled it out. Now my question is about felting.

I'm making it in Galway worsted weight, knitted in the round (with no twist this time!) on size 11 needles, but that's a pretty tight knit for me, as I always knit super tight on circulars.

Anyway, I made it 200 stitches around, but now I'm wondering about length. The pattern with the felted piece in my S-N-B book says felted pieces will shrink 15-25% but the pieces I've seen from actual people seem to show shrinkage of closer to 50%. Obviously, if you're making a bag, if something shrinks 50% rather than 15% this would change the look of the bag considerably even if freshly felted fabric is rather shapeable.

So basically, for those of you who have felted Galway or a yarn that's very similar, how much shrinkage should I expect?
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yarn shoppes in south London?

At my LYS I ran into a lady who was back in town visiting (she had moved to London, England, about 15 years ago). She was lamenting that no one in England knits, but that can't be true because isn't like half this community in England?! So I will probably see her again on Friday, and would like to give her some suggestions of yarn stores she could visit. Can y'all help?
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First time posting FOs and sweater neck question

I have made a lot of stuff, but never posted pictures. You can find all of my FOs here (some got gifted before I could take pictures): http://www.flickr.com/photos/76275428@N00/

My sweater question is: I finished the "to dye for" sweater from SnB and it calls for a single crochet around the neckline. For some reason I simply cannot figure out single crochet even after looking at several different pictures and explanations--baffling I know. So, I am wondering what kind of knitted border I could add to the otherwise finished sweater that would look neat and keep the neckline from stretching out?

Magic Loop

I want to teach myself Magic Loop for socks and was going to buy a 32" circular needle to do this. Does anyone else use this length? Is it long enough?


My first Fair Isle FO!!!

I am so proud of this! I got the pattern out of the Knit Hats! book, using Lamb's Pride worsted and size 5 and 7 needles. The one edge of the snowflake looks a little squished because I misplaced a decrease row. But they all look a little squished in the same place, so it's all good. I am very happy with it.

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emily the strange

(no subject)

Here's a question:

I'm knitting my first sweater (yay!), and I'm on the part right now at the back of the sweater where I'm shaping the armholes. Well, according to the pattern, on each knit row while I'm shaping, I have to:
k1, ssk, knit to end of row, k2tog, k1.
Which is fine, I know how to do all of that. I'm certain I am doing ssk correctly, but to me, it seems like ssk and k2tog produce the same results. am I wrong? What is the difference between these two stitches?
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ok, one of the pharmacists i work with is about to have a baby (well, actually his wife..) and I wanted to make the BBBB from SnB but wanted to add a little twist. I was thinking of maybe doing a duplicate stitch OR intarsia in one of the panels with either a long horn or the UT symbol since that is where he gradated from. Maybe doing the blanket in orange and the picture in white.. or maybe doing the intire blanket with white/orange held together. What do you guys think?? Im planning on using something like Encore since it's washable.

ps. Ive never graphed anything before! :)

i'm so sleepy

my first sweater!

my first sweater is finished! and yes it is only a baby sweater and part of the intarasia and some of the seams are kind of wonky, but it is done and i am proud of it. This was my first time making a seamed garment and my first experience with intarsia and it has given me so much confidence. i feel like i can finally call myself and advanced beginner! :)

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Nature Cotton?

I got a bunch of Aracunia Nature Cotton to make washcloths out of, but then noticed it said "dry clean only". I'm thinking this has more to do with the dye process than the cotton itself (right?)

What would this be good for? I usually use wool or wool-blend stuff. Would a blanket or throw be too heavy in cotton? I have two colors, a dark green and dark blue, about 200 yards of each. Would a blanket grow like a sweater? I'm thinking more of a tapestry than an actual bed blanket. (I love making the tesselated fish and I think they would make a beautiful fish tapestry.)


Additionally, are there patterns out there with other tesselated objects? Hearts, birds lizards? Anything?
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I've had a knitting epiphany

So, maybe everyone else is aware of this...but I recently discovered ironing all the things I knit. If you steam-iron a scarf (with a table cloth or something on top) it flattens it out so that scarves with knit and purl stitches don't curl inwards and stuff....wow...maybe I'm just behind, but this was a fascinatingly useful discovery for me.

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Bright, good-quality baby yarns?

What are your favorite good-quality baby yarns (any fiber) that are EASY CARE and come in bright colors? I suppose it depends on the object... how about sweaters, booties and blankets?

I was looking at Grumperina's Grumpicue blanket (a modified version of Oat Couture's Curlicue -- kind of looks like a flattened tricolor beach ball) but noted how she was unhappy with the color bleeding in the yarn she'd used. I really prefer bright or deep colors to the pastels you often find in cheap acrylics, but obviously I want it to be toss-in-the-machine-able. With the amount of yarn used in a blanket I hope to find a happy medium between top-quality and well-priced.


Overdying with Kool-Aid, my conclusions

I want to thank everyone for their great ideas and tips.
Since I have barely started this project, it will soon be frogged, the yarn wound in to hanks, and dyed.
I think I'll go with black cherry tempered with some bright red something or other - will probably be determined by what's at the shop when I get there.
A friend of mine (not on the list) dyed some recycled wool of about the same color with black cherry and cherry, and it looks marvelous, so I have hope that it will work out fine.
I'll try to remember to take pictures of the process, and share the fun with you all!

Seems like a good thing to do on a rainy afternoon (even if we are under the first tornado watch of the season).

Thanks again!
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Knitted Cat Toys

I have a new cat, and he is a chewer. He must have been a dog in another life - he chews and gnaws and just attacks the few toys we have for him. I would love to be able to knit him some toys rather than spend $5 a pop, but I am concerned about him chewing through the yarn. In particular, I *love* Knitty's Kate and feel that Tomás must have one!

Does anybody else with cats (I know there are a lot of you out there!) have a STURDY yarn recommendation? I assume if I have a sturdy yarn, and knit it very tightly, it will be harder for him to destroy.

(ETA: I am looking for a natural fiber in case he does chew into it, so it will be easier on his poor tummy - cotton, wool, ???)

Also, any recommendations for a cat-tummy-friendly fiber to stuff toys with in case he *does* chew it open?

Finally, his favourite toy so far is a catnip-filled hemp-fabric sewn mouse. Any thoughts on the possibility of hemp yarn (does such a thing exist, I would assume so) for a cat toy?

Thanks in advance!

Lace Patterns?

Okay, I've been googling like a madwoman, and I've seen some really beautiful patterns, but I'd like to hear from those who have actually been knitting lace for a while. The backstory: My sister-in-law is having a baby in August. I'd like to knit her a wrap or stole that she can drape over herself and the baby when she's nursing. I thought lacy would be a good way to go, because I don't necessarily need it to be warm - just pretty, and concealing enough that those who don't care to watch a woman breast-feed don't have to. I don't mind paying for a pattern, or a book, or whatever, but I'm an advanced beginner at knitting, and am in the process of knitting my first lace pattern now. (Wavy lace stole from Vogue Knits). I'm having a lot of fun with it, and I look forward to starting on the wrap for my SIL. If you wonderful folks could point me in the direction of a not-too-complex pattern (although I wouldn't mind something that stretches my knitting muscles) I'd appreciate it. I'd also appreciate the opinions of any Moms out there who want to chime in on the practicality of this idea, and what materials you'd suggest using for washability. I was thinking of a superwash sock-weight yarn (or lace-weight if they make that in superwash)


Another sweater question

So, I forgot I need to finish the underarm seams and the pattern I'm using says to graft but I can't do kitchner stitch to save my life. I just used a three needle bind-off and it's not stretchy and I was just wondering people's opinions on this...Do underarm seams need to be stretchy? Do you think the three-needle bind-off is ok or should I suck it up and learn to graft?

Update on the Denise situation

A few days ago, maybe a week ago I turned to you all for help about my brand new denise needles peeling. I emailed the company this morning and they immediatly wrote back saying to send them all the needles that are peeling and they'll be replaced immediately. I can't say enough for their customer service!

If anyone ever has problems, email them!

Decided not to join the knitting olympics but have given myself a challenge.. Finish all my WIPs! It'll be tough but I'm sure I can. Photos and details to follow.

random yarn question

my apologies if this has been previously discussed...i couldn't find the topic in the archives.

my question: does unused yarn need to 'breathe?' currently i keep my stash in a large plastic sweater box (with an airtight lid) underneath my bed. i've noticed that those of you with more extensive stashes keep your yarn in cubbyhole-type structures.

if you have any info, please share...of course i want my stash to perform its best when the time comes.

Help with grafting?

I'm about to finish my first Tychus (http://knitty.com/ISSUEsummer05/PATTtychus.html) and I'm concerned about how to finish it neatly. I've been searching all over, and I haven't located a tutorial for horizontal join of garter stitch. I'm trying t make a nice finished look, and I'm open to suggestions.
Also, for future Tychus' (Tychii?) I read it might be useful to cast on with "waste yarn" and then do a Kitchener.....what does this entail (the waste yarn part)?

Hobby Lobby sale this week

I hope no one has posted this and I just missed it - I did do a search.

Hobby Lobby's sales this week include 1/2 off all knitting and crochet implements and books, 1/2 off all Yarn Bee yarns, plus a variety of novelty yarns reduced by about half. The Yarn Bee stuff is mostly novelty, but not entirely (the chenille is really nice and is $4 regular price for a 3.5 oz skein). The knitting implements are the real sale as far as I'm concerned, though. I got a couple sets of 7" plastic needles (advertised as for kids, but I will use them to make small lace objects), a set of Wright's interchangeable circular needles, a row counter, point protectors, and yarn bobbins, plus two skeins of yarn, for $16.

As far as I can tell, their sales are nationwide, so if you're in the U.S. and looking for needles, now is the time.
emily the strange

I'm an idiot.

I took my knitting stuff to school today. I couldn't find my point protectors this morning. Well, when my boyfriend came and picked me up, I threw my knitting bag on my seat. I proceeded to flop down in the seat a few minutes later and...

i stabbed myself in the hip with a needle

When I say I stabbed myself, I mean...I really HURT myself. I have a huge PUNCTURE wound on my hip area that has been bleeding like mad all day. The needle went through my knitting bag, through my jeans and STABBED me.

I got a knitting related injury. I will proceed to hang my head in shame now.
victory rools

Hurray for me!!

I just taught myself (with loads of help from knittinghelp.com) to knit continental!!! I learned to knit English from my Grandmother when I was younger, however I put away the needles for many years, bringing them out every so often to knit a scarf or two...but aways putting them away again.

Well, I found this community, located a terrific LYS and started back again. I am almost finished with my first shawl, and I have a lot of *dream* projects! Knitting Continental was the firt of amny knitting goals I have conquered with all of the help I have gleaned from this lovely community. :)

--Sorry for the text-only post, but I will have a FO pretty soon!! This community has ben so inspirational to me, so keep the work coming!

much love
Ashley Dupont
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Finished Object... Felted Sheep Tote!!

I just completed my second felted bag project - Fiber Trends' "The Sheep Tote". I made the large bag in black with a sheep dry-felted on the front pocket. Easy and quick pattern!! Pics are here: Collapse )

I also took pics of my knitted throw, from the kit my Mom bought me last year. It's been done for awhile but I was too lazy to take a picture! The other bag I posted is my first felted bag project from "Knitting To Go". It was a one night project and would make a great gift. I used 2 skeins of Rowan's "Big Wool" for this one. All of those pics are here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/78148311@N00/

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Euroflax Linen Yarns

Has anyone in this community worked with Euroflax linen? I will be in Italy in May, and would like to make a lightweight top with this yarn. It is very expensive for my size(I am a 50" bust, so about 4 100g skeins), but if it is well spun and sleek it would be worth it. I've seen lower priced linen yarns on E-bay that looked poorly spun and "hairy." If you have an opinion I'd apprieciate it. Thanks!

Modeknits' corset top (32" size)

Has anyone made the Modeknit Silk Corset in the 32" or 29" sizes? How much yarn did it take? I know the site gives an estimate, but I'm trying to find out whether I have enough yarn already to knit this, or if I'm going to need to find more. I'm a little short of what's listed, but I'm hoping it's still enough. So, any idea of how much you started out with, and how much you had left over? Thanks.

lace help

i have a question and i was hoping someone here could help:
i am going to make myself a moebius wrap and i want to knit it in a lace pattern. But! Most of the lace patterns i have used before have a Right Side and a Wrong Side..... Since the moebius will be a continuous strip and technically doesnt have either a wrong or right side, i dont want the "wrong side" of the lace pattern to show when its twisted. i hope that makes sense..... i am thinking i will have to use a lace that has lots of holes & eyelets to avoid that purled wrong side look.

HELP! i'm stuck in the wonderous hell of science. :) thanks in advance.
me, sweater

What do I do with this yarn?

I have three skeins of Noro Kureyon in colorway 88 -- reds, oranges, greens (lots of greens) yellows and purples. I have enough for a Booga bag, but I really don't want to go that route again. And, too, while I love it all balled up (looks like flowers), I'm not that crazy about it knitted up. So, any suggestions what to do with a nifty yarn that lacks loveability in its knitted form?

ETA: I'd be willing to yarn swap should anyone be particularly fond of this colorway. I like it in general, but I can't figure out what the heck I'd do with it.

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