February 2nd, 2006

Cowboy Hat

Knitting Like Mad - A Whole Buttload of FOs!

So, I've had a lot of time to knit lately. You all saw the baby blanket photos. Little Lîla was born yesterday, and she's already TOO BIG for the blanket (okay, so she's not, but a newborn that's 9 pounds 6 ounces? Damn, woman...). HUGE congrats out to Missy and Justin.

Project #2: Leon's Socks
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Project #3: Mom's Xmas Present
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Project #4: Scarf O' the Sister
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Project #4: School Spirit, Rah Rah Rah!
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Project #5: One-Skein Kureyon Hats
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And yes, I'm still knitting. At this point, I have a shawl, seven hats, a poncho, three sweaters and three scarves on my to-do list. I think one more shawl is also going to be added by the end of the year, too. Oy, my achin' stash...

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Tutorial recommendations for Entrelac?

As my subject says, I'm looking for good (pictorial is a bonus) tutorials for entrelac! I recieved a pattern for an Entrelac bag over Christmas break and have not been able to make sense out of it.. Checked a few places online, I think I need a visual representation of it!
Any ideas?

FO: My new bag!

Made from Manos del Uruguay in color 53 (mulberry), with leftover Lamb's Pride Bulky for the handles and bow in...I forget which color, it's dark purple-red and I love it.

It stands on its own because the back, front, and bottom are lined with black plastic canvas, which is flexible but gives structure; the handles are i-cord with wire run through the center, to keep them from stretching out.

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gromit knits

Gone Fishin'

My mother is getting married in August and my sister and I want to make her an afghan. The trick is that we're both doing strips in our own particular crafts which will then be put together into one piece. Mine will be knitted, while hers will be quilted. The final product will have a uniform fabric back.

I really want to make my strips the tessellating fish that were in Knitter's Magazine #51. The pattern that had been on the net has since come down (I imagine for copyright issues with the magazine). I don't have a copy of the magazine and was wondering if anyone here had a copy that I could buy/borrow/steal. (There is a copy on eBay right now, but it's part of a set of magazines and I don't necessarily want issues 50, 52 and 53 as well.)


Moderator Post re: Sockapalooza, etc. and other swap club sorts of things

Gentle, attractive, erudite members of knitting:

Imagine Radio City Music Hall, the largest indoor theater in the world. Imagine that it is about 85% full; the boxes are sparse, and the back of the balcony is mostly empty, but apart from that, the hall is a thrumming mass of humanity. Got that image in your mind?

That's how many people there are in this community. Close to five thousand. Every time you make a post here, it's like walking up onto the Great Stage at Radio City Music Hall, crossing the stage with your steps echoing, adjusting the microphone with the assured feedback squeal, and saying "Hi, can everyone hear me?"

That's why we prohibit stuff like Secret Pal posts, because frankly they're only of interest to like 2 people in the hall; the pal-er, and the pal-ee. As it stands now, the rule specifically calls out Secret Pal programs, but in the spirit of the rule, we're adjusting it to include Sockapalooza and other swap club related program activities. Not that we think those things are bad or stupid or anything; they're kind of awesome, truth be told. But posts about the specifics just aren't of general enough interest to capture the attention of five thousand people.

N.B.: This does not mean that every post to this community must be of earthshaking importance. We are all knitters, after all. We're here because we enjoy gabbing endlessly about this stuff. When you can't figure out how to purl in continental easily, or why your chenille blanket is looking like cat-dragged ass after it went through the wash, or you want to squeal about how you figured out how to correct mis-crossed cables or to bind off without it being too tight or how gorgeously the new Rowan yarn knits up, well, we want to hear about it too, that's why we're here. But the Swap Club posts are of SUCH specific and limited interest that we drew the line there.

Questions and discussion, as always, welcome in the comments or to knittingmods@gmail.com.
I prey for you.

Yummy Yarny Goodness.

I was looking at the KnittyBlog this morning, and wow, she gets to sample some yummy yummy yarn! (Scroll down to the Jan 29th entry).

I reaaaallly want to try some of that Handmaiden Seasilk. Oh, and that gorgeous sari silk. And the pre-beaded yarn. And the Rowan Natural Silk Aran. I just hope that when it all finally becomes available, I'll be able to find someone that will ship to Australia, and that they won't require my first-born as payment.

*dies of yarnlust*
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Hi all! I don't think i posted an intro about myself in this community. I'm new,
obvi, and my name is Jillian. I'm not familiar with this community, so I don't
know if you guys do this sort of post, but the other communites I'm in do, so
hopefully this is appropriate.

I've been knitting a little over a year now, and I work at my LYS in Monrovia,
CA, called Unraveled. I'm 21 and I'm a senior music major at University of La
verne. I used to operate under the alias jillyjally, but have since
started a knitting blog, jillianknits. Hope you will all friend me
if you feel so inclined, I update it almost everyday (life, anyone?) :)

I especially like knitting purses, and i adore felting. I've tried my hand at
spinning and I'm a sucker for variegated colors. you can see some of my old
work at my blog. I'm also a member of 20sknitters, punk_knitters, and collegeknit.

Thanks for listening and inspiring!!! :)

(no subject)

So I've been knitting away like a crazy lady since just before Thanksgiving, having gotten the knitting bug something awful. I learned last Valentine's day, and did a couple of scarves, an obligatory giant garter stitch for my first effort and a ribbed, striped scarf for my husband. In November I saw someone wearing a clapotis at a friend's birthday dinner, and I was inspired to take up the needles again.


Clapotis #1 - Noro Silk Garden #225, US8 bamboo circulars
All for me. Mine! Mine! Mine! (Clapotis from knitty.com, of course)

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Clapotis #2 - Noro Silk Garden #88, US #8 Addi Turbo circulars (switched from bamboo because the needles were grabbing the yarn too much and slowing me WAAAAAY down)
No photo available - I gave it to my Mom for Christmas. But they colors are very soft and creamy and warm and she loves it.

Clapotis #3 - Manos del Uruguay #54, US #8 Addi Turbo circulars
Gift for my SIL-to-be. She picked the yarn and color, and I adore it. Quite a bit heavier than my Noro, but sure to be warm and snuggly in New York.

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I decided to play with the dreaded fun fur and sparkly things to make a scarf for my "adopted" son's girlfriend....she likes pink. I got a little crazy. I refused to believe in the power of math, and even though math told me it would be ten feet long, I cast on 300 stitches anyway. I think it just adds to the bizarre muppet-like character of the whole thing. Either you love it or hate it, and it's definitely unique. I hope she likes it. (She's 18, and a freshman in college)

Lion Brand US#15 29" circulars, caron simply soft (watermelon and grey heather), red heart symphony (a black/pink/grey), bernat disco (fuschia and black), and lion brand moonlight mohair (silver and black), and lion brand incredible (silver and black ribbon), cast on 300 stitches garter, knit lengthwise. Double stranded with various combinations of the yarns or single stranded (ribbon and mohair). My own crazy invention.

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Finally I give you, Tychus (knitty.com)....
Knitpicks Wool of the Andes, double stranded asparagus for the green, 1 strand each Maple Syrup and Chocolate for the brown. Straight US #9.

I was *very* displeased with the colors that arrived from Knitpicks versus the colors I thought I was ordering, but I think I made the best of it. And I dig the hat. It's a gift for my BIL, and he picked the colors. I, however, am modeling it, because, well, hats look best on a head. It is smaller than many of the examples I have seen in other FO pics (smaller yarn?), which is fine by me, because I don't want to roll the edge up. I also think the two color mix for the double stranded brown came out really cool and I may try it again. I used two skeins to roll balls for each color, but I have LOADS left over. I may only have used half.

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I'm currently working on a washcloth in a "quilted diamond" pattern in white peaches'n'cream, and have a couple more Tychus's ready to go.

Hope you enjoyed the show!

(no subject)

i'm not sure if all of you rememebr my discovery of "scentastional strands" on ebay.
anyway, i received my samples yesterday in the mail and i promised you guys a review.

ONLY synthetic fibers. not the softest fibers at that.
super-strong scent

many different smells (i got dessert scented ones ;) )
many styles of yarn (novelty and boucle)

now i need to see if the scent lasts... or if it will mellow a bit (that might actually be best)

i knit a bracelet with "cinnamon doughnuts" and will keep it on for a week or so and give you an update

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Ubernatural - help please?

These may seem like slightly dumb questions, but  I've never knitted a sweater before. I saw the pattern Ubernatural on magknits.com and I'm noticing that there are a lot of errors..now!

Anyway, here are some questions I was hoping you all could help me out with. I have checked google and the craftster, but I'm still confused!

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(no subject)

Questions for you:

1. Why "Frog it"? I mean, I understand the action the term is referring to, but not the term itself. "Frog"? Wtf? Ribbit?

2. I've decided that since I need a job and I spend all my free time knitting anyway, I'm going to hit up every knitting store in town and beg them to hire me. Any tips on convincing them to hire me even though A. They probably don't need anyone, the job market sucks, B. I'm only an intermediate knitter, and C. I have retarded hours because I'm a student?

Online Knitting Stores that sell Surina needles?

I am looking for an online store that is based in the US, sells the pretty turned-end surina knitting needles, and also sells yarn and other things.

I have found faknitic, but they seem to only sell accessories, and I want to make my shipping money count.

I keep finding stores in the UK, which I probably use if I can't find a US seller.

Let me know if you've seen 'em!

Thanks everyone!

Lion Brand Needlemaster

I've just received my Winter/Spring 2006 Lion Brand catalogue, and I'm wondering if the "needlemaster" they offer on page 52 is worth the sale price of $59.95. Can anyone share their experience with this particular "hooks and needle gift set?" There doesn't appear to be any particular brand name offered or implied.

Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk...

Hi folks...

I really want to knit up Grumperina's Odessa hat since the pattern is just so cute (check out magknits if you haven't seen it yet!) but need a little yarn advice. Afer window shopping through kpixie, I came across the most delicious looking yarn... blue sky alpaca and silk. My LYS is not so local, nor am I sure they even have it there to check out, so I come asking you folks if you've worked with it before, and if you think it might fit this pattern. It's listed as a sportweight/ DK weight through kpixie, and the Odessa pattern calls for Rowan Cashsoft DK.

Thanks in advance!

*edit* ok, so I just noticed that it is *also* listed under the fingering weight catagory (http://www.kpixie.com/catalog/byweight.php). If I doubled it, would it seem more promising in the making of the hat? It's just hard to determine how many skeins I would need since I can't swatch it first.
red rose

Yarn for a shawl?

But not just any shawl. I am knitting myself a lace tallit. A tallit is a Jewish prayer shawl. The only restrictions are that it must have four corners (so no fancy edges) and not mix wool and linen. At this point, I've borrowed the first three of Barbara Walker's awesome knitting pattern books, and I am picking out patterns that represent God to me, like fire, olive branches, trees, and so forth.

Anyways, this is my plan. My question is what yarn to use. This is something I would be wearing indoors and during the summer, so it shouldn't be too warm. I was thinking maybe silk? In a pretty variegated colorway. But, to be honest, I don't have much experience with this. The yarn is for my birthday, so cost isn't SO important. Just moderately important.

Any ideas?
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felting fair-isle

So, Ive become obsessed with the color combination Chocolate Brown and Carolina Blue, that I saw embodied in the new Vera Bradly colorway (Java Blue) and I would like to do a felted tote in a similar style, BUT I want to do some fancy colorwork, and I have no idea whether you can felt fair isle, or should I just double-knit it? Both would allow it to be thick enough to stand up, but double-knitting takes me a lot longer and isnt quite as delicate in result. Has anyone tried this?
Illinois hoodie

Branching Out is finished!

Well, I finished my Branching Out! I actually finished binding off on Sunday I believe. But I didn't get around to blocking it until last night. I just now took all the pins out and I'm quite pleased!

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I really enjoyed the pattern. I would do about 2-3 repeats a night and it went by very quickly. I just cast on for my next project. A sock made from Knitpick's Simple Stripes yarn in Autumn for a friend of mine.

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[Brit&Justin] let you down

i had to share

so, in anticipation of my new video ipod purchase next week, i've decided to make a camera sock for my digital camera. sort of like the apple ipod socks. ok, so really, all it'll be is a rectangle of 2x2 ribbing folded in half and stitched together. but whatever, michael's didn't have small enough circs, so it's not really sock-like. but anyway, i bought one skein of paton's grace in #60903 (a lavender/blue/white mix) and started to knit on a pair of #3 straights. it wasn't knitting up as tightly as i liked. so i frogged back, and remembered i had a skein of plymouth alpaca 3-ply sport in natural that i dyed with kool-aid. i bought it to try my hand at kool-aid dying, and the lady said it was DK weight, which it was too thin to make what i wanted, so it's been sitting, waiting to be used. anyway, i double stranded, and it's coming out SO PRETTY! so i thought i'd share.

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Right twist?

I'm trying to make the "Textured Blanket" from Vogue Knitting's Baby Blankets Two. The instructions say a right twist (RT) is: "Pass in front of first st and k 2nd st, then k first st and let both sts fall from needle."

I tried to do this and don't think I'm doing it correctly based on the resulting loopy bumpy mess I created. I Googled and came up with an alternate definition for RT:

"Knit two together, but don't slide off the needle. Insert the right needle between the sts and knit the first stitch and slide them off together."

This second one makes more sense to me, but will it produce the same result? If not, can someone explain how to do the RT? Thanks for your help!

Sewing a knitted hem

I bought a great knitted sweater off e-bay, but the sleeves are a tad too long. I'd like to fold them under and sew a hem. Will this work?? Should I do it on the machine or by hand?? The sleeves are straight, not ribbed, at the end. Suggestions?? Thanks!!
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Jon being bugged

Kippah Patterns?

So the fiancee of one of my best friends asked me if I would make a kippah for him for his Aufruf (a ceremony that happens a few days before a Jewish wedding). He might also wear it to the wedding, if it goes with his tux (which he hasn't picked out yet). They're getting married in October, so I have plenty of time.

Does anyone have pattern suggestions? I googled, but only found one knit pattern that had a picture. (Basic Knit Kippah in Reverse Stockinette) It's nice enough, but I'd like to have a few options. I've also seen the Accidental Kippah pattern, but there's no picture of it. I don't want to find out how it looks by trying to make it!

So any pattern suggestions would be nice. Thanks in advance!
BSG - Gencon 2006

Progress picture: Estonian lace

For folks who are nervous about lace, but want to give it a try (even if you're a fairly new knitter!), this pattern is one I would recommend. At least so far. Let's see what I think when I have to pick up the provisional cast on to do the end. :)

For the record:
Pattern: Fibertrends Estonian Garden Wrap & Scarf (I'm doing the wrap version)
Yarn: Knitpicks Shimmer in Turquoise Splendor
Needles: Addi Naturas

Comments so far:
Ugh, provisional cast on. At least I learned something new - never done provisional before. Once THAT was out of the way, the majority of the body is an 8 stitch repeat over 8 rows. I made a photocopy of the lace chart for the body and stuck that in my 'tiny project' bag. I can generally do a row in between ordering dinner and getting the food. It's just over 100 stitches across, so the rows do go by pretty quick. I can do about 1 pattern repeat in my lunch hour (and yes, I eat during that time). If you're nervous about charts, or nervous about lace, or reading lace - it's HARD to miss when you mess up on this one. It is possible to work this pattern while on painkillers. Yes, I still think it's a good idea to use a stitch marker for every chart repeat (even though I can count to 8 - it just makes the lace that much easier to read). Plus tersa gave me cool stitch markers, and they happened to be the exact number required for this pattern. It's fate, I tell you.

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(no subject)

Hi, I'm working on making a doily. Well, sortof. I cant seem to get past the second row. The pattern alternates a knit stitch with a yarn over in the second row (and continues to add yarn overs through the pattern, imagine that!). It's knit in the round on double pointed needles.
So here's the problem. When the yo falls after the last stitch on the dpn, it makes a huge gigantic hole instead of a nice pretty one. Is there any way to prevent this? Make it smoother?
I thought about just moving the stitches so the yo didn't fall at the end of the needle, but the first row has a yo every other stitch.

I'm also having a little bit of trouble keeping things straight. I keep going the wrong way on the dpns and twisting it all around. This is my first time working with lace weight yarn, so it might just be that. I think once I work with it a little more, I'll be okay, but any tips would be appreciated.

(no subject)

Im knitting something that has M1 written there.
I looked on knitting help.com and it has different ways for M1.
I am basically doing it M1front.
Should I do it this way or a different way?

And is the work supposed to bunch up a little after M1'ing a nice few times?

Suggestions for 5 balls of Linie 43 - PUNTA??

I found this yarn in my LYS and just fell in love with it. The gauge is 4.75 st/in. It's a gorgeous brown furry yarn mixed with a pink boucle. Needle recommendation is 5/6 US and there are 80 m per ball.

Here's a pic of the yarn: Collapse )

My first inclination is to knit a wrap or a mobius but...I'm just undecided. It's such pretty yarn and sooo soft!! 5 balls just begging to be knit!!

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