February 3rd, 2006


Free Pattern Sites

I thought it might be nice to make a post for memories section listing sites that have free patterns (preferably sites that have GOOD free patterns, like knitty and magknits.) There might be one that I missed, but I didn't see any upon a quick run-through. Let me know if I'm wrong... otherwise, list all the sites you know or frequently check that provide attractive free patterns.

To start...

(Yeah, I don't know many, secretly this post is for me.... it might be a nice resource though.)
me and crow

knitty cigar gloves

Hi for anyone who has made these glove, I am having trouble deciding what size to make for my bf so... what size did you make for yourself and what size are your hands ? ( I am not sure if size small in cigar is for a female's hand or a small male's hand etc)

jail break!

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A little while back, I posted some FO photos and discovered I was twisting my stitches. Someone suggested that it was the way I was wrapping my yarn and it turns out it was exactly that. I was wrapping it above and around the needle instead of letting the needle pull it through. This stuff is post-realizing that, so if you see any mistakes, don't be shy to point them out. (Don't be shy to point anything out; I don't mind constructive criticism.)

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Also, what is your favorite way to block hats? With some of them, I don't think I'm getting the stretch needed on the mannequin head and have debated pinning it out, sections at a time. Is there an easier way? Thanks!
Knottie summer

Scarves, and a swatch gone wrong

So I finally finished some scarves that I was making for Christmas presents. yah, bit late huh? Luckily, the recipients aren't expecting them, so now they're going to be Valentine's Day surprises.

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ETA--My grandma's scarf was my first attempt at designing something with lace, and I'd like to incorporate more lace into my ideas. Is there a good source for learning how to work with weird repeats and stuff that you guys could recommend? Currently I'm using MS Visio to graph out my ideas, but I'd love some concrete tips.
Happy kitty

Do you knit for your current size, or the size you hope to be?

I am planning on starting a sweater this spring or summer. Currently, I take around a women's XL in most shirts. However, I'm trying to lose weight, and going to the gym/eating better, so by the time it would be sweater weather again (next fall/winter), I *hope* to have lost a size or two...then again, I also hope to be pregnant by that time, so that adds another complication...

So I am assuming there are other of us who's weight fluctuates. Knitting a sweater takes a lot of time and money, so do you usually knit at the size you're currently at, even though you are trying really hard to lose weight, or do you knit it at the smaller size hoping that you'll be able to fit into it by then?

On the one hand, knitting it at a smaller size might motivate some people to lose the weight (I'm not one of those people however...), but on the other hand, if you didn't lose the weight, the sweater would be a constant reminder of that... But then if you knit it at the size you are now, and then lost a bunch of weight before you had a chance to wear it, that would be totally annoying too, unless you like really baggy clothes...(I like stuff that fits. Not too tight, or too loose)

So could you knit a sweater on the larger side to be safe, and then if you lose weight, is there some relatively easy way to rip some of it out to make it fit better? Or would it be easier to add stitches to a smaller sweater to make it fit? Or is it a case of once it's knit, it's knit and you can't change the size?

What do you all do in this situation?


Books and what to do with yarn

Hi, lovely knitters,

I had two questions for y'all:

1. I just bought two of the Harmony Guides for Knitting (volumes 1 and 2). Should I bother to get the rest of the volumes, or go with Barbara Walker's pattern treasuries instead? Or get both? (Obviously, these are things I'd acquire over time.)

2. What do I do with this yarn??? It's a mohair/wool/acrylic blend, Collapse )
So my question is, what do I make with it? I haven't had much luck finding patterns for mohair things.

Do any of you guys have suggestions or favorite patterns for mohair? I've looked all around the internet, but don't have access to alot of books. I've also never worked with yarn like this before, so I'm not sure what kinds of things it's good for, really. Sweater patterns would be nice, but absolutely anything is fine! Also, the patterns would have to be for one color only, since, well, that's all I have, and I'm not sure how this sucker compares to other mohair blend yarns...

me n D

Errata in Knitty's Mariah and a little whining.

So, I've been knitting Knitty's Mariah since before Thanksgiving now. (I've been doing it slowly because I have hardly any free time.)  I wanted to let any of y'all who are working on it that I discovered an error in the pattern.  (Well, I consider it an error, at any rate.)

So where you start to join all of the pieces together to start knitting the yoke, it says that you should knit across all of the stitches on all 5 pieces.  (Right front, sleeve, back, sleeve, left front.)  What the pattern should say, IMO, is to knit across all pieces in pattern as set. What happens is the cabling pattern is continued up the sleeve/shoulder all the way to the neck so if you knit that one row all of the way across you end up with a weirdness in your cabling that you need to try to work around to get back into pattern. So I recommend continuing in pattern even through your join. (Never mind the ugly line on the inside at that row that shows up if you knit across. *sigh*)

Also, why is it that since I've been working on the hood and was supposed to get it to 6 inches that it stayed at 5.5 inches for rows and rows and then all of a sudden was 6.25 inches??  I hate when my knitting does that!

Making a shirt, but don't know if I should go P size or S size.

I'm making the emma Circular Pullover from the Adrienne Vittadini Yarn company's Spring 2003 collection. I've been stuck on it for days, trying to figure out what size to make, whether it is the Petite or the Small. The Petite has a "bust at underarm:34" and the Small has a "bust at underarm:36"... The thing is I know my bust is at 36", but does that mean I make the Small or the Petite? I guess I'm getting stuck on the language, at underarm makes that seem like it will be smaller there, so I should make the Petite? Then again the patter seems to show that it is 36" all the way around..

The yarn I'm using is Emma from Adrienne Vittadini made of 50% cotton, 40% viscose, and 10% silk. It seems to stretch and lay back down pretty well, but I'm just really unsure of what to do. Now, I did get the gauge, so you don't have to worry about that ;)

probably a silly question about coronet...

I'm working on Knitty's Coronet, and I'm thinking that it's fine to work flat and then seam (instead of working on circs and then with DPNs) but you never know, right?

I know that it won't look as nice, and I may still do it in the round but it really depends on how soon I can get some appropriate sized DPNs. It's a Christmas gift(!), so I'm really hoping to get it finished as soon as humanly possible.


Newborn hat

Does anyone know what the measurements for a newborn baby boy's head might be? My friend is having a baby and I want to make him a little hat and blanket and I have the yarn I want and can come up with my own hat pattern easily enough I just don't know what size to make the hat.

Ripping and fixing lace stitches

I can usually handle ripping out mistakes and finding my stitches again, picking up dropped stitches, etc., in basic knit/purl patterns, but I'm completely at a loss in lace. When a dropped stitch runs into a yarn over, I pretty much have to frog the whole thing. (Not as bad as it sounds when I'm talking about 10 rows of 7 stitches for a bookmark, but it's still annoying.) Even if I can get all the stitches back on the needle, I have a hard time telling what row I'm on so I can find my place again.

Any advice?
emily the strange

I'm officially reformed!

I'm a long time crochet-er who recently began knitting. Well, since I've been crocheting for so long, I didn't want a scarf to be my first project. So, as ambitious as I am, I decided I wanted to knit a sweater. It is something I've never done with crochet, and for some reason I decided it would be easier to knit a sweater than to crochet one.

Well, it is. I'm so excited, because the thing about crocheting that I am so bad at is rows. I can crochet in the round like a pro, but rows baffle me.

Anyway. I started to knit this great shrug from the current issue of Knit It! Magazine.

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Shadow/Illusion Knitting

Hi all. I don't post here very often (I think like twice in the last year or so). I enjoy looking at what everyone else makes, I just don't end up churning out the FO's much and when I do I end up not thinking about posting and... well, now I'm making excuses so I'll stop.

The reason that I am posting tonight is that I am making the skull illusion scarf. I'm almost at the part where I'm going to turn and make my way down the other side. I really just wanted to clarify what I think I can do which is reverse the colors. I can't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Currenly the background is black and the foreground is white and I thought that to switch it up a tad I could swap those out but I always end up second guessing things. I would just do it and see how it turns out but it takes a good 1/2 skull to get it to start to "pop" and would be frustrated if I had to frog.

It makes perfect sense that this would work but I'm just not 100% that it's not necessary for the lighter color to be the illusion color.

So, yeah. Thanks in advance for your help.
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So I'm trying to make Cricket's Technicolor Techno-cosy from the first SnB, and I've run into a problem - it says to bind off two stitches in the middle of a row, which I assume is to make a hole for the headphones. But then the pattern never mentions this again. So, am I supposed to just knit the rest of the flap in two halves, with a gap in between for the headphones? That seems weird, and I would think that if it was meant to look like that, there would have been a picture. Or was I just supposed to cast on the two stitches on the next row, to make a little hole?

Has anyone done this pattern?