February 5th, 2006

bitch please

to circ or not? & a pattern question

I just spent $50 at Michael's yesterday on yarn, needles, and a pattern book. I bought Better Homes and Gardens' Hip Knits and it makes me happy. There's a pattern for a hat in there that I want to try and it doesn't specify what kind of needles are necessary, just the size. I bought circular needles because I want to learn how to knit on them and I just assumed that hats are knitted in the round. Does it matter and is it much harder to do anything on circulars or should I stick to straight needles?

Also, this is my first time reading a pattern and I'm a bit fuzzy on the details. My pattern comes in 2 parts, one where it talks about WS and the next where it talks about shaping. Collapse )

Has anyone ever knitted the "so simple hat" from Hip Knits by Better Homes and Gardens? I could use some help! :)


Thanks so much to everyone who's posted advice and help with this. I think I may just go ahead and knit this on straight needles. Now it's time to marvel at my lovely yarn for this project...Paton's Divine in Lavender Mist. *swoons*
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Question on drawstring bag

I'm knitting a small drawstring bag on size 4 needles. Needless to say, the stitches are very small. What is the best way to create the holes for the string that closes the bag? I'm concerned that simply doing a yarn over to create an eyelet would produce a very small hole, limiting the thickness of the drawstring. I tried creating a larger hole by slipping a doubled yarn over (I wrapped it around the need 2x instead of 1) and ran into the problem of a"ladder" behind the slipped stitch so that won't work. That is, as I slipped, the yarn in my right hand had to pass to the next stitch so the opening had yarn breaking it up.

Any suggestions?
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This morning as the sun passed over my yarn stash (all neatly placed in ziplock bags) I noticed that there were two moths flying in one of the bags with some Cestari yarn that my mother-in-law purchased for me for Christmas in Virginia. This yarn is in a very "natural" state and I think that maybe it had moth eggs in it when I got it. So now I am freaking out about the security of my other yarn and FOs. I had one of the skeins of this stuff in a knitted bag that I made to hold its shape and I had another on the top of my box of current projects (it was going to be a sweater for my husband, but now I am afraid).

My question is, if there are moth eggs in any of my other yarn or knitted objects is there a way to kill them without being too toxic? Also, I am curious as to what other people do to keep their knitted things moth free (other than moth balls).

KnitPicks Andean Silk for Cozy?

I give up. I bought several balls of KnitPicks Andean Silk in Cinnamon, planning to use it for Clapotis. I think the color is too neutral for it work well though. So I decided to do a few swatches of the lace used in Knitty's Cozy instead. I've tried several different needle sizes, and double-checked to make sure I'm doing the pattern right, and I'm forced to come to the conclusion that the yarn isn't right for Cozy either.

I'd like to do a wrap like Cozy, and because the yarn, while lovely, is such a neutral color, I think it would need have a really great stitch texture--aran or lace or something like that. My searches last night didn't turn much of anything up. Any ideas?

ETA: Ah ha ha. Initial blocking of my swatches has proved promising. I'm doing Branching Out right now (my very first lace project), and I think it had me spoiled, because it already looks fabulous without blocking. Thanks everybody for the help! I think I'll start Cozy for the Knitting Olympics. :)

(no subject)

So I'm making Fiber Trends' Felt Fizz Mitts (using Cascade 220 #7825 and Trendsetter Yarns Willow #25). I've knit about the first half of the first mitten, and come to this:

Divide for Thumb: Next round: k1, slip the next 11 sts onto a holder, cast on 3 sts over thumb opening, knit to end of round.

So I knit 1, put the next 11 sts onto a holder, then looked down at the mitten and wondered how and where the heck I'm supposed to cast on 3 sts, and are the 11 sts supposed to be the thumb opening?

To help you understand my confusion, see the picture behind the cut.

Collapse )

11 sts for a thumb opening seems rather big, but these are going to be felted down to size. But then I'm not sure if the 11 sts are the thumb opening or not. Anywho, if anyone thinks they understand this and would like to give me advice, I'm all ears (or eyes). Thanks in advanced!

graphs and pics

Ok, so i graphed out that longhorn that I think I want to use for the BBBB. Im posting a pic under the cut so you can tell me what you think. Im also working on my first sweater ever! Granted, it is a baby sweater and so it's not THAT much work. I hope I don't screw it all up. I made my friend some baby socks a while back and she wanted me to make something to king of match them so here i am knitting away because she's going to have her baby in like 2 weeks! yikes!

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shaun by yogurtpixi


I lurk a lot, and now I finally have something to show for myself. : D

My first pair of socks were finally dry from blocking this morning. I'm not so fond of the color now that they're all done, but still--they're the nicest feeling things I've ever had on my feet.

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For the more experienced sock knitters out there, a question--Heel and toe construction choices are pretty independent of the stitch pattern used, correct?? So it follows that if I see a pattern I like, I'd be able to swap out/substitute a heel or toe of my preference fairly easily? It sounds to me like it should work in theory, but I just wanted to make sure I wasn't over-simplifying it.

FO - knitted bracelet

I knitted Collapse )

Materials: It was knitted with 2 1/4mm needles and beads & sequins threaded on copper wire. The wire isn't labelled but I think it's 34 guage. Fastens with a button.

Thoughts: I've never knitted with wire before and thought it would be quite tricky but it was suprisingly easy. No blocking required - you can just bend the wire into shape. It was incredibly cheap to make for (IMO) great effect. The most time consuming and fiddly part was threading the beads onto the wire.
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Shrug Pattern Suggestion

I have about 10 balls of Cleckheaton Gusto I'm working on a cardigan, but I'm not very excited about it so I was hoping that someone could recommend a shrug or bolero that I might be able to knit instead.

I've had a look around myself, but can't find any patterns with similar gauge which is:

Made of: 30% Mohair; 30% Wool; 40% Acrylic
Weight: Super Bulky
Gauge: 2 1/4 sts = 1 inch on #15 needles
Yardage: 100 grams / 56 yards

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Sari silk querie

So one of my two LYS's had special Super Bowl Sunday hours (with prizes, random mark-downs, and fun stuff) today. I was browsing the fancy-schmancy section, and found the sari silk. Now, I've always want to knit with sari silk, but I have no idea *what* I would knit (the bag at Knitty doesn't do anything for me), and it's a little too bright for me, so any FO would most likely end up as a gift.


At said LYS, a 110 or 120 yard hank goes for 20 bucks. Is this a fair price, or should I browse eBay?
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2 Socks on 1 Circ

Hi Everyone,

I purchased the 40" circs to teach myself 2 socks on 1 circ. I am trying to find the best way to learn... Are there any good tutorials on the net to teach me this? I have found a lot for 1 sock using large circs but not anything that good for 2 socks.


(no subject)

I'm thinking about doing a scarf using the skull cable. I was pondering the orientation of the cables and it occurred to me that there may be a way to avoid grafting two panels together.

I just thought I'd ask people who may know better than I. Is it possible to just sort of knit the cable pattern upside down? By this I mean starting the pattern at row 31 and knitting down to row 1? Would that give the same overall image or should I just do two panels?
DDR bunny

Color Question

Hello, I made my boyfriend a penguin out of fun fur and a normal strand of yarn for his birthday.  He has been complaining that there are no penguin plushies for valentines day so I am going to make him another one. I went to walmart and got the baby pink fun fur and yarn for the main color and I have white for the stomic. I though that I had some orange for the beak but I dont. I do have some red though. I was wondering what people thought about me using red for the beak instead of orange. I dont want to buy a whole ball of orange yarn just to do the beek. Do you think that a red beak would look good or bad?


(no subject)

I'm a little curious and haven't found too much about this. Is 100% Acrylic yarn good/okay for knitting washcloths? What is the best yarn to use for that? What is the best stitching to use for them? My mom asked me to knit her a couple of them to match her bathroom.
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Fine Line

Yarn Lust

Okay, so I have to geek out here, and then I have a question. (I'm holding in my hands a WIP of the most luxurious yarn I've ever held in my life, and I can't stop giggling. I had to share)

The rambling story/store review- I took the Amtrak this weekend to visit my great-aunt this past weekend. Among other places that we ran about to was her LYS (more of a botique than a shop, but eh) called Nina. She's been raving about it since it opened last year- it opened conveniently about a month after she started knitting again, instigated by the purse I was making when she came to visit. Anyways, back to the store- anyone in the Chicago area that has some cash to burn...go there. Its amazing. They carry a little of everything, but its all very plush stuff- not what I usually use by any stretch of the imagination. Teensy little balls of angora, huge drapey skeins of white bamboo that is more amazing than silk, hand-dyed goodness, and lots of unexpected things by tiny yarn companies. I walked around and just sort of fondled everything for a good fifteen minutes before I even began to process what I wanted to buy- in all seriousness, if you can get to the shop, its worth awhile just to go and gawk at their shelves.

The yarn- While there, my great-aunt picked out two balls of this amazing yarn by a company called Be Sweet. The line is called Magic Ball, which has different types of yarn, mostly mohair with bits of shiney things and ribbons and whatever else goes with the color tied together in colorways that blow my mind...she gave me a ball of "Shakespeare"- green and violet and orange. It looks like someone threw a ren faire in a blender. I'm not sure what the name of the one she picked up for herself was, but it was bright, bright blue, with other shades of dark and bright blue. I'm supposed to be back in Chicago for the day on the 21st- we're going to meet up for lunch, and she's insistant that we both wear our finished scarves.

I don't even want to know how much she spent. All I know is that I'd better enjoy making this scarf, because I know I can't afford to make another any time soon.

The question- The reccomended needles are size 35, 14 stitches to a row for a scarf. Easy enough to follow, but I'm having issues- is there any way to not feel like I'm knitting with sticks of butter here? Or is that just how US 35's feel?
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Needle Case!

I made myself a needle case out of a gorgeous fabric I found. I didn't use any particular pattern, just figured out what it'd need, slots for the needles, a fold over section, etc.

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knitting patterns v. crochet patterns

If you both knit and crochet, and can read patterns for both, which do you find easier to read?

I ask this, because I was reading the pattern for my current knitting project and it occurred to me that it's far easier to read than the crochet patterns I'm used to. Maybe it's because most knitting stuff can be represented by one letter and one number?

What do you think?
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FO and a question

On Friday night(OK, very early Saturday morning) I finally finished Tubey from the latest Knitty. :) I started it at a knitting class over winter break, worked on it for 2 weeks straight, and then went to school and had NO time to work on it. But I have no class on Fridays, so I decided to make that my knitting day. 2 weeks later, and my first sweater is done.

The details: size XL, made of 13.5 balls of Karabella Aurora 8, 13 in black and half of a dark red. I modified the stripes because I didn't think all of those huge ones would look good on me-I'm glad I did. I ended up with 3/4 sleeves because I got impatient, but I don't really mind. I made the cross back piece a bit longer because of my wide shoulders, and it ended up fitting very well. The pictures are not great, but the best I could do at 3am. I'll get a better one when it's finished blocking.
The colors are horrendous in the picture of it hanging up, but the other 2 are much more accurate.

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I also had a question...has anyone tried felting with knitpicks merino style? I ordered some in frost, storm, and dusk. I wanted to make a bag for myself, preferably felted. I would rather not spend the money to felt a swatch in the washer, and my hand felting produced some results, but took a long time and didn't go too far. I don't know if I just didn't work on it enough, or if it's not really going to felt. (By the way, don't count on the colors on the website....duck and storm were just a little off, but frost was a lot greener than the picture on the website.)

Bad Stuff - Updates and Rants

Well, I haven't worked on the Rogue in awhile (Wild Oak is on backorder from Lamb's Pride). I'm almost done with the hood, and I've had a scary thought: I think I don't like it. I'm not sure I'm ever going to wear it. Has this happened to any of you? And if so, what did you do when you were near completion? It's really bugging me.

I'm giving up on doing intarsia cables on the gloves. The amount of balls of yarn involved is annoying, as is the subsequent tangles. And to top it all off, I'm fairly sure it will look ugly if it's sewn up the side like I planned. So I think I'm going to frog back and take out the green, and just knit straight grey gloves.

Finally, Danica looks terrible on the reverse side, and I'm weighing the option of knitting another one and sewing it, or knitting it twice as long and sewing it. What are your thoughts on it, for those that have done Danica (and I suppose those who haven't).

Finishing help

I bound off Tempting last night. It's my first completed sweater and I am very happy with it. There is just one problem. I have about a kajillion ends to weave in and I am having a lot of trouble keeping them from showing through on the right side. I found this article on knitty which looks really useful except that it doesn't offer any suggestions for how to weave in the ends with a 2x2 rib. If anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.
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