February 6th, 2006

Caronlina Homespun

Frankly, I'm disappointed with them. I placed an order Jan 3/06. Got the confirmation of my order via email. On Jan 26th I get an email saying that my order had not been sent out because it's too heavy. The funny thing is that I ordered 2 extra books just so I can make the flat shipping rate. So I'm now charged double what the original shipping was. There was nothing on their website that said the flat shipping rate was for a specific weight. That just doesn't seem fair. On top of that, it took them over 3 weeks just to let me know. Bah! I thought I would like to order some yarn from them but I think I'll take my business elsewhere.

knitting olympics....

so, i finally figured out what i want to do for the "olympics".

a fair isle sweater for my son. but, i need some assistance.

he's 16 months now. he has a long body, and wears 2t shirts mostly, but some 3ts. i'll be making a 3t most likely. either that or a 4t. i'd like it to fit him in the fall, and possibly the spring... would a 4 t be better? that just seems like it would be too big.

i'm going to be dying the wool tomorrow, hopefully i can get it spun up before the 10th. hahahaha!

sleep deprivation is melting my brain!!
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Jaywalker WIP

First post. Hello!

These are my first socks. I'm liking the pattern, and they're going faster than I expected. The colors are pooling a lot. I know I could remedy this by alternating skeins, but I really don't want to try to deal with that on my first pair, and they'll be pretty no matter what. This is all </a></b></a>undiestakr's fault! She got me hooked on socks. This could be really fun over the summer, as a portable and light-weight project.

Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina
Yarn: Lorna's Laces, Black Purl colorway

(WIP Pictures)
ME: stars

Carrying yarn up the side of a striped whatever

I've been contemplating afghan patterns lately, and while I haven't entirely settled on a stitch pattern, I do know that I'll be doing narrow stripes. Googling turned up plenty of references that mention that one can avoid having a multitude of loose ends by carrying the unused color up the side of the scarf/blanket/whatever. I've yet to find any explanation of how to do that, and I'm starting to feel like I'm missing something obvious. Just leaving it the unused yarn hanging and then picking it up again when it's needed seems like an open invitation for things to get snagged on the edge later on. Help?

On a related note, most of the references I've found recommend that the yarn not be carried up the side for more than four rows. Is that just for aesthetics, or is there another reason that it'd bad to carry it along for, say, six or eight rows?

felted cardigan, planning of.

I got a sampler-box of KnitPicks "Wool of the Andes" over the holidays, and I've decided that my first project with it will be a felted oversized cardigan/jacket sort of affair. Test-swatching with the inevitable "ugly ball" (tan was my chosen sacrifice :) ) showed that regular old garter-stitch would give me the best results for the garment I have in mind, and that with the laundry facilities available to me the shrinkage factor will be about 1/3 of the height and very little of the width. Like about 2 stitches worth of width across 7.5".

What would be the best way to go about knitting a cardigan-shaped garment to felt, given these parameters? My first thought is that since I don't mind a boxy look, maybe I should knit the sleeves first, then the body as one big rectangle, felt the pieces separately, and then slit armholes in the appropriate places, perhaps using a superwash wool to single-crochet the sleeves to the body. Does this sound like a good idea? Or would I be better off considering some sort of edge-to-edge plan, knit in one piece so that everything is shrinking along the same direction?

Another notion that occurs to me, along that last line of thought, is to knit the body to the armpits, then cast-on for the length of the sleeves and continue back-and-forth as if it were still one big flat piece, doing a three-needle bindoff from cuff to neck at the end and then cutting open the handholes after felting -- one shrinking direction, up and down the body and around the arms. Can anyone see any flaws in this idea, besides remembering to make the armpits reeeeally generous?
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Deco Flowers

Increase across row question

So... as most of you know when you increase across a row you don't just divide up sts present by stitches needed or else you would have an uneven distribution towards the end of your row for increases.

... but... I am working on a sleeve that will eventually be seamed round. My logic tells me that its better just to divide evenly because of the round. (72 sts to 108 = 14 increases. Increase every 5 sts. k2 at end)

Does this sound right?

Knitting quotes while reading...

Anyone have any good quotes while reading? I came across this one the other day:

"Charlotte, who knitted without looking at her needles, did not answer immediately. At the moment, she was busily wondering how women could have survived marriage throughout the ages id knitting had not been invented, and probably by a man. The ubiquitous cigarette, which scented the modern institution so strongly, appeared to her an inadequate substitute. For knitting composed the mind; knitting served the necessary means of evasion’ knitting constituted not only an escape, but a tangible protection, from husbands. Not that she meant to be hard upon husbands in general."
Ellen Glasgow, In this Our Life, (Pulitzer Prize winner from 1942). Page 117


And now, a failed dyeing experiment, or at any rate one that didn't turn out in a way that would induce me to keep it and knit it up into socks:

Collapse )

This was an attempt to overdye two skeins of Knitpicks Essential with Jacquard acid-dyes in red and yellow, "fawn" being the lightest color of Essential that KP currently offers and me going nuts to find a small-size put-up of superwash sock-weight yarn for my nefarious experiments. As you can see, the results are less than imposing compared to working with a neutral base-color... I say we all go bug KP for SW sockweight in lighter colors. ;)

(And yes, this poor orphaned Experiment is up on eBay now, languishing alongside some prettier laceweight cousins -- search for user "griffinimacintosh" to apply to adopt it... ;) )

Hi! Newbie here.

Hi! I am new to this community but have been around on LJ for a while now. I mainly spin and crochet, but I like knitting sometimes. Am I allowed to discuss crochet or is it strictly forbidden?

I have joined in crochet olympics too, which was inspired by a friend's insistance that the knitting olympics was cool!

Anyway, hi!
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race kay

Left Overs

Hi gang.. it's been a while since I've posted. Too busy knitting, I guess, which brings me to my current dilemma:

I have a few dozen small balls of yarn scattered around the house that are left over from various projects. My husband's been on my tail to thin out the stash a little bit.

So what do YOU do you with your scraps?

Maybe a patchwork blanket? Although the variety of the patches would make it one VERY strange blanket...

I've also been thinking about attempting small stuffed animals that I can donate to the Children's Hospital or to a Women's Shelter...

Any other suggestions?

[Brit&amp;Justin] let you down

why i hate acrylic

ok, no one else but other knitters would understand why i'm upset. lol

so between now and last november, i've made 5 pairs of handwarmers. 4 for my family for christmas, and my 2 y/o nephew kept stealing my sisters', so i made him some. then a woman my mom goes to school with requested a pair and i said i would. i used wool for all the other pairs, but for this last pair, i'm using lionbrand microspun. and while it's soft, it's a pain in the ass to work with on bamboo needles because it's sticky. so i busted out the wax paper and slicked down my needles. now i've had one finished since the beginning of January, and i had the second one about 1/2-2/3 done, and figured i could finish it this morning so i could send them out later.

well, the slickness of the needles was helping, but the yarn was still a bit sticky in places. so as i'm trying to knit about the fifth stitch into a stockinette row, the 4 stitches on the other needle slip off. i managed to pick them up, and then it did it AGAIN. i couldn't save them, so i figured i'd frog back a row. but because the yarn plies like no other, i couldn't get any more than 3-4 back on the needle, and ended up ripping back the whole thing, which means i have to start over at the beginning when i hate working with the stupid yarn as it is.

Knitted fashion

Well I've come across this Russian designer Dobrokhotova, she makes some interesting knitted stuff. And ooooh, she even added puff sleeves to some of her clothes. (puff sleeves are my obsession :P )

Here are some of her works:

Collapse )

And oh she even makes sweaters for doggies! Heh, that makes her even more great in my eyes! :D

This entry is cross-posted between knitting and my own live journal stassy_dodge
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(no subject)

I hate to be a bother, but I have a problem and can't figure out how to fix it.

I'm fairly new to knitting (this will be obvious in a second), and I'm having trouble just getting some of the basics down.

When I bind off, the bound off row is always tighter than the rest of the knitting.
This happened on a scarf (my first finished piece!) and it wasn't a big deal because it was just the end of the scarf.
But right now I'm working on a headband and I'm afraid it won't fit right once I've bound it off.

Can anyone suggest any ways to fix this problem? I've looked through the memories and tutorials on binding off and stuff, but I can't really seem to find anything that addresses my problem. I hope you guys can help. Thanks! :D

Knit Olympics Research

So I decided to do Grumperina's Odessa from the newest issue of Magknits for the Olympics. I make a lot of hats, but a lace hat will be more challenging.

Question for those who have made or are making this - how did you string the beads. I mean, I know how they are strung, I've done beading for years, but the disproportion between the bead holes and the yarn wigs me out. What kind of needle did you use to string them? Advice on this aspect? I can get the suggested yarn locally, YAY! And have bead stores up the wazoo to choose from, I just want to make sure I have everything I need -only four more days to go!



A friend of mine has made me a very tempting deal.

If I make her a pair of mittens, she'll repay me in handmade yarns. (yum!)

Problem is, I've never made mittens before, so I need a simple pattern. I'm no beginner, so something with cables or some other kind of detail would be good.

me, sweater

Pattern Request

For the Knitting Olympics, I'm going to do socks (of course) as per my new addiction.

I've got a variety of sizes of needles (though they're nearly all 4 needle sets) and the yarn I want to use is Regia Jacquard in lovely burgundy, greens, greys and white. (It's lovely; promise.) I have two balls of this (I think that's enough...?)

Anyhow, I'm in need of a semi-simple pattern for socks using 4 needles and this yarn. Any suggestions?

Have I mentioned how much I love this community? Bunches. Lots. Heaps. etc.
I prey for you.

Sock Q

Quick question:

So, I'm knitting my first pair of socks in Heirloon Jigsaw (75% wool, 25% nylon, 27st to 4 in). Anyway, I'm working cuff down and doing the rib cuff at the moment. Now, there is NO WAY I'm going to rib all the way down to the ankle. My question is, how long do I need to rib for before I can switch to st st?

Can you tell I *hate* 2x2 rib? I just can't get into a rhythm with it, and I hate it- especially on these sz 2 needles.
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For the knitting/history/vintage geeks

In addition to being a knitting knerd I am also a complete history geek, so when I decided it was high time I learned to use a microfilm machine I looked at the Life Magazine issue that had a girl knitting on the cover. It was absolutely fascinating:

Most of the article was made up of photos showing the basic steps of knitting but it also had a pattern for Army Standard Sweaters and discussed the army call for one million knitted sweaters by Christmas (keep in mind the article was published in late November!) the recent boom in the popularity of knitting, the latest knitted fashions, and there were a handful of advertisements that had knitting in them or sold knitted goods. Did I mention it was fascinating?Collapse )
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Lucky - Stitch N Bitch Nation

I'm working on Lucky from Stitch N Bitch Nation, and I'm a bit confused about someting.

It's this line here:
Maint cont of st patt, dec 1 st a each edge of next row, then every foll 9th row 3 time more

So the corresponding row of the pattern is:
K2, yo, sl1, k2tog, etc etc etc

Now, to decrease, would I do a 'k2tog, k1, sl1, etc etc etc' or would I do a 'k2tog, k2, sl1, etc etc etc'? ie: do I do a decrease for one of the knit stitches, or do I decrease and then do the 2 knit stitches? So confused!
dumbledore knits!

Flower Basket Shawl

Has anyone made the Flower Basket Shawl? It's my pattern for the Knitting Olympics. I ask because I just measured my 22 stitch gauge swatch at 3.5", giving a gauge of 6.25 stitches an inch. Gauge called for is 16 stitches for 4 inches, or 4 stitches an inch.

The yarn I'm using is Skacel Merino Lace, so it's the right weight yarn and I'm using it held double, like the interweave pattern calls for.

Has anyone had similar issues or am I just unique in my bad gaugeness? (usually the latter) Anyone have any good advice for the pattern?

(no subject)

I was wondering if anyone has a simple pattern for socks that would still make something nice enough to give as a gift. It will be my first attempt at socks, and my first time with DPNs. Any suggestions would be so helpful. Thanks!

Yarn swapping

So I've had an idea floating around in my head. And not too long ago, tvini (I think it was her) inspired me to think about taking this idea a step farther. As some of you may remember, she was offering to order and send Knitpicks yarns to people living outside the US. My idea is similar, but takes it a step farther.

I propose a community that works to trade different yarns internationally. Trading different types of yarns that are either really difficult to get in an area (Knitpicks for non-americans) or less expensive (maybe rowan or colinette). Ideally, no money would change hands, but trades where one offers to pay for what they want instead of trading would be welcomed.

I'd be more than willing to start up such a community, but I want to know if there is a good amount of interest before I do. Let me know what you think, and if my idea isn't particularly clear (as I have a habit of) let me know and I'll try to clarify.
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Odessa Question

So, I fell in LOVE with Odessa from the new MagKnits. I unfortunately don't have the money right now to buy a pair of the size 4 DPNs that the pattern calls for. (I can't buy the cheap plastic ones - too slippery) The sz4's are supposed to be used to do 1" of ribbing at the beginning of the hat. I do have sz4 straight needles - would it be feasible to knit the ribbing straight, then join in the round when I switch needle sizes to my circulars, and then seam it up later? I have no problem with some seamage, but I just wonder if this would work or not.

I tried doing the ribbing on sz6's, which are the second needle size, and I think I could fit about two of my heads into the circumfrence I was working. Oops.

Knitting Notebooks

My friend Sonya got me "Knitting for Dummies" for my birthday and I'm in love with this book and I'm only a few chapters in.

I've heard a few people mention something in passing and I was wondering if I could get some advice on it. Knitting Notebooks.

The book says it's a good idea to keep one, but all the ones I've seen for sale are tiny little bound books with blank pages that I can't see being all that helpful. I mean where would you keep swatches of different stitches in something like that?

So, I figure I'll make one of my own. I was wondering though if anyone here keeps one that they put together themselves and what they found most helpful in making one. I figured a three ring binder and sheet protectors [for patterns] but other than that I'm blank. Any suggestions at all would be great.
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Me: Sharon Gutowski

Warm weather baby patterns

So I just found out one of my excellent friends is pregnant! I'm so excited for her!!

Anyways, here's my real question (and I've been a good community member and googled this :o)): She lives in Southern Florida, obviously I want to knit her something, but does anyone know of a good yarn or pattern I can make for the baby for such warm weather? She's due in July.

Thanks so much in advanced!!
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Socks-first fair isle attempt

I'm posting this here in hopes that more people that do fair isle work can see it and offer tips.This is my first attempt at fair isle and I'm happy with the results so far. I'm surprised that it seems to be going faster than plain st st. I do need to work on my tension. I'm a tight knitter and that is not good with fair isle. Luckily, it looks okay when the sock is worn.  My daughter looked at it and said it looks like flames.  That wasn't the intention, but it does now that I look at it after her comment. 

If you see any errors or have tips at fair isle, please post them. 

Pattern: Fair Isle #5 in Sensational Knitted Socks
Needles: 5 #0 dpns
Yarn: Knitpicks Palette--ash, orange, and lemon
Changes to pattern: toe up(figure 8 cast on) instead of cuff down
FI method: holding both colors in left hand--knitting continental

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Knitting Mod

New Guideline - PLEASE READ.

We've decided that for now on, introductory posts will not be allowed in the community. That means a post that does nothing more than introduce a person to the community is not allowed, and will be rejected or deleted. There are well over 4000 members of this community, and honestly, this community is too busy to allow everyone to introduce themselves.

For example, this kind of post is now not allowed:
Hi! My name is Buffy, and I just learned to knit and I'm so excited I just wanted to say hi!!!

This post is also not allowed:
Hello, I'm Elizabeth Zimmermann returned from the grave. I just wanted to say hi - I'll be posting many fabulous knitted garments to the community in the next few days, as I am quite famous and the best knitter ever.

This post would be allowed:
Hi! My name is Cindy! I just learned how to knit, and I wanted to say hi. I'm trying to knit Queen Anne's Lace from Alice Starmore's Stillwater, and I'm a little confused about how to pick up the stitches for my steek on the armholes. Do I count the one stitch on the stitch holder as one of my stitches to pick up?

See the difference? The last post has other on-topic information in it - in that case, a question. Other on topic information could include a finished object that is described in reasonable detail (yarn used, ect), or a yarn shop review, or a yarn review.

Sun patterns

Hello everyone! This is my first post, and I'm looking for some help. A friend of mine is adopting a baby, and a couple of us are making her a baby blanket. and we were just going to do it in plain garter stitch, because that's what the girl who's helping make it is used to. But I'm kind of bored with that, and I statrted thinking! We're doing it in blocks of colour, and we have light green, pink, and yellow. I'd kind of like to put suns on the yellow blocks. So I'm trying to figure out a stitch pattern that would show up in the yellow. I'd like it to be visible from both sides, and ideally have the garter stitch as the background, so it would match the other squares. Can anyone help me with this? I've searched quite a bit with no luck, and was hoping some of you might know where I should start. Thanks a bunch!


a quick question from a beginner

My mom taught me how to knit when I was younger, so I know the basics. ie, how to cast and do a straight knit (a purl i believe it's called). My boyfriend's birthday's coming up in a couple of months and I want to knit him something. I haven't knit in a while, so I'm not too skilled, so I was thinking that something simple like a scarf would be a good idea. I've totally fallen in love with this pattern : http://acunningplan.typepad.com/andsheknitstoo/files/skull_scarf.html though I think it's a little ambitious.

So I have some questions:

1) How ambitious is this project?
2) Why does she recommend circular needles? I was looking at her chart and to me, it looks like it could be done with a pair of reg. needles.

Thanks! :)

FO - odessa

finally finished my odessa hat from magknits. the dark pic is closer to the real yarn color. i used cascade bollicine dolly yarn in color 69. and that lump in the pic of it on my head is just my ear. not a tumor. i swear. anyway, it's my grandmother's birthday present. hopefully she'll like it better than the socks & lace scarf i made her for christmas, which she didn't like at all.
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freak knitting accident!

Well, I'm back to knitting after a week of break.

I'm a music student and I just yesterday performed by graduation recital on clarinet. Exactly a week before that, I had been carrying my WIP with me on the way to the music building to practice, and I slipped on some steps and drove an 8mm bamboo knitting needle fairly deeply into my hand as I fell. yep, that's right. Anyway, I was freakishly lucky because it didn't affect my playing too badly, but I took the week off knitting. *L*

Anyway, I'm back at it now, because boy could I ever use a nice thick cozy scarf like this one in this nasty Vancouver rain. My hand is almost better and it doesn't hurt to knit.

Collapse )
That's Noro Iro and Transitions I'm using and they are just delicious. :) It's curling the slightest bit (almost unnoticeable), but I'm sure that'll get blocked out.

(no subject)

Odd question, but where do you put your cable needle while you're knitting? I'm working on a hat with 9 cables, and it's used every other row - so I keep sticking it in my mouth, which unfortunately leads to me putting it in my mouth point first, and then when I bump it I keep almost stabbing myself in the tongue.

I lose them like no one's business - this one is my sixth in as many months - so any advice on where to keep it that A: isn't going to kill me one of these days (in my mouth), and B: is easy to find, and C: is very quick to retrieve?
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