February 8th, 2006

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Blocking Silkgarden Scarf


I've recently finished a Noro Silkgarden scarf in a lace pattern squared off by a garter stitch border (pics in my journal here).

I was keen to treat the silk pretty gently so I blocked it by washing and laying flat (unpinned).

As you'll be able to see from the pics, it's still curling inwards.

What I'm now tempted to do is get serious and pin to the ironing board, spray with water, cover with tea towel and apply iron to tea towel on silk setting.

Should this be safe? I've never dealt with silk yarn before so am being cautious.

Can I really expect a noticeably better result by doing the same as before (wash and lay flat), with the addition of pinning it out?

Knitting Thoughts

I came across this list of "tips" for the Knitting Olympics and while I know generic posts about this are verboten, this really does contain very good information for knitting in general.... Memory worthy, even. I would be remiss if I didn't share with everyone.

Here is the blog entry.

1. Knitting is a sport. If you relax,you'll have a nice time and eventually get tired after much knitting,but if you are tense, you will damage your tendons.
2. DPNs
3. Yarn health. Wind relaxed center-pullballs. A tightly wound ball blocks the yarn and when you wash yourgarment the yarn will return to its preferred
length, often making thegarment considerably smaller than expected.
Go there to see more.
4. Supporting your knitting. (No not with peptalks!)

As always, if the mods don't like, well you know the drill.

My first sweater??? Cardigan suggestions/tips! (And FO)

So I've moved on from scarves to knitting simple hats for my 2 ds's on dpns. I'm dreaming of my first sweater, though. I'm a cardigan ho' & have been drooling over the many, many patterns available on the web. I found this one, & I think I'm in love! Has anyone here made it successfully? Does the nipped in waist fit at the waist? Are those 3/4 sleeves?

Anyway, I just ordered five 200 yd skeins of Peace Fleece yarn in Blueberry Borscht for a great price through my fav. yarn co-op. Isn't it just yummy looking?!

Oh, and here's a pic of youngest ds in his new hat!

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Jean Seberg

Twisted up yarn issue.

I've been casting on for Picovoli with Debbie Bliss Cathay. My problem is, by the time I get all 136 stitches cast on, the yarn is inexorably twisted up on itself, and is usually worked up into several knots. I don't have a photo of what's happening but it's like... an old phone with a really long cord that's gotten all tangled around itself, if you can picture that.

I've never had this happen before, so is it just the nature of this type of yarn or is it the way I'm knitting it (or both)? And more importantly, how I make it stop?

ETA: Okay, I'm going switch from a long tail to a cable cast on (and try the untangling method mentioned in the comments) and see if that helps it. If not, well, I'll be back. Thanks everyone.

(no subject)

OMG,check out my latest FO!! It's the cutest thing I've ever done!

Ok, I don't post that often (time constraints and all, you know) but I had to put this one up. I have another f.o. that I meant to post this fall but now I can't find photos of it. It was a baby blanket that I made for a dear friend. I know I took pictures but I can't find them now. Grr. It turned out quite nice- I was very proud of it. It was a simple seed/moss stitch border with runes worked into each corner, using patterns found in "Viking Patterns for Knitting." The rest of the blanket was a simple stockinette. It was the first attempt I'd made at cabling and it turned out great. I'd show you but I can't find the photos.

*le sigh*

Anyway, this is the first time I tried color knitting/intarsia. I was in a specialty pet boutique some time ago and saw tiny t-shirts for little dogs that said, among other things, "YOU sit." I thought they were so cute but they were $17 for this tiny piece of fabric with screen printing on the back! I decided I could make one of my own. It came out pretty good- I'm really pleased with it! I have to say though, I learned a lesson on yarn on this one. I got inexpensive acrylic yarn for this project because I wasn't sure how it would turn out. The yarn feels hard, wasn't pleasant to work with, and although the finished product looks great (if I do say so) I now wish I had spent the extra money and gotten a yarn I'd have been more happy with after taking the time to make the sweater. The "Princess" doesn't seem to mind though!

The pattern is basically the dog sweater pattern from S&B only I used stockinette instead of garter stitch, and added 2x2 ribbing at the bottom edge, collar and sleeves. I may take the sleeves off since the yarn doesn't really give well- it makes getting the sweater on & off more difficult than it should be.

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Happy kitty

Single crochet to seam a mitten thumb?

So I am knitting my first pair of mittens and everything was going swimmingly until I got to the directions on seaming the thumb. When you're done knitting the thumb, you need to transfer the stitches to a crochet hook and then pull a loop through them. I did that part OK. It's the next bit I am having trouble with. The directions say:

"Holding the crochet hook in your right hand, with the thumb of the mitten and your yarn in the left hand, single crochet down thumb to seam. Keep the last loop."

I tried looking online for how to do single crochet, and they all show it when you're working from a chain, but since I am working on a knitted thumb, I can't seem to understand how to convert it to what I want to do.

Can anyone help? Thank you!

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Sock yarn...

Happy Wednesday folks!

I'm hoping to get some recommendations for sock yarns from y'all. Basically, I am looking for sock weight/fingering weight stuff (I don't want worsted weight) that is available for purchase online, is soft, and is under $15/ skein (unless it is a skein large enough to make a full pair from one skein... then I'd go as high as $25).

Now, I've googled quite a bit, and searched quite a few knitting blogs, but would love to get your personal recommendations. I don't want to purchase stuff based on how pretty it looks only to find that is either pills like a mofo after wear, or is rather stiff and itchy, etc.

Online yarn dealer recommendations are also awesome.

Honestly, I am not picky on certain colors, am not allergic or sensitive to any certain fibers, and I already have some Knitpicks (which I love... I just want to branch out) if that helps with the recommendations.

and just because it is more fun to include a picture, here is my most recently completed Collapse )

Thanks in advance!
Knit it.

Kidsilk Haze patterns?

I can understand, on an intellectual level, the benefits of choosing a pattern, then finding the yarn to make it with. My brain seems to work the other way. The past few days at work I've been browsing the internet, looking at patterns and yarns, and things, and I'm always drawn to the yarn first.

Like right now, out of nowhere, a longing to work with Kidsilk Haze. It's not-so-subliminal messages, reading other people's blogs. I've never worked with it. I don't think I've ever bought a Rowan yarn at all. I'm about an hour and a half from any yarn store (ahhh Calgary, so near, and yet so far...).

Do you have any favourite Kidsilk patterns? Tips/reviews on the yarn? I just want to talk about it with other knitters. Tell me if you love it or hate it, show me the beautiful things you've made with it (and tell me where you bought the pattern too!).

I think I've been conditioned. I first noticed it when a Dairy Queen ad came on TV once, and made me crave ice cream like never before. But yarn is healthier than ice cream, so I can indulge.
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A Swift Question

I've decided that the more I knit, the more I see my yarn preferences unfolding. As such, I've decided that my arm can no longer take winding balls of yarn myself and I need something to do it for me. It's time to suck it up and buy a ball winder and swift. None of my LYS's have them (carry or curtosy wind them for you - I have been to a yarn shop that did when I went back home to visit my family and I was pretty bummed out to find that none of my LYS did this!). I've been looking at them for a long time now hoping that they'll drop in price or I'll get some great deal, but no such luck - the prices never seem to change!

At any rate, my question isn't really about the ball winder, it's more about the swift. I tried looking through the archives and I found some things, but not what I was looking for. I hope this hasn't already been discussed and I just couldn't find it.

How different is the plastic/metal swift from the wooden swift? Which is preferable? Are they *that* different (other than price, obviously)?

I'm still looking for the cheapest way to get either/both and if you've got any suggestions on where to buy one online, I'm all ears! (And I know about the JoAnn's coupon's already...)

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Hello all

I've been a member here for awhile now but this is my first post. I would like to say "Hello." to everyone and thanks for the awesome ideas, patterns, questions, etc.

I've been knitting about 6 months and done scarves and bags; but nothing that advanced. I really want to do a sweater but don't know how to do the sizing and what not. After shopping at Micheal's this weekend I'm debating taking a crochet class to learn the basics and to possibly help me with seaming. Is it worth the time and money? Will it help me?

I'm also wondering if anyone has any good ideas for a more "advanced" project that will help me along without getting me too frustrated.
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My first "practical" FO

I've had other projects that I've finished. It's just that these hats are the first that aren't laying around in my bedroom after never being used.
I've made two hats like this. This is the one I made for my brother. I also made one for my fiancee. The pattern was randomly sent to me by Vogue Knitting. I added an inch to the length on both hats that I made to accomodate their big heads.
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(no subject)

A couple of days ago someone posted a pattern for cabled fingerless gloves they were working on, and now I can't find it. I remember that the picture on the pattern was pink....

Can someone point me in the right direction?

Also, today I gave my friend the Slytherin Scarf I made her (on comission). Honestly, if she hadn't promised to pay me I wouldn't ask her, the gratitude was amazing enough.
Time for Mud Pies!

Vogue Socks

These socks are complete except to kitchener the toes. The pattern is Corrugated Socks.  The yarn is Koigu KPPPM ordered from Kaleidoscope yarns a year ago.  My thanks to "JJ" for help with the pattern.

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Pattern help: what does "[stitch type]# = # sts." mean, exactly?

I'm just getting back to knitting after a long stint with crochet and was never very good with patterns in the first place, so forgive me if this question has a disgustingly simple answer...

I'm trying to get started on this teddy bear pattern but I'm having trouble with one part of the instructions. The pattern reads (for the leg, but similar to my problems elsewhere):
With straight needles, using MC, cast on 4 sts.
Row 1 (RS): Inc 1, k2, inc 1 – 6 sts.
Row 2 and all WS rows: Purl.
Row 3: K1, (Inc 1) 4 times, k1– 10 sts.
What do they mean by "inc 1-6 sts." (and, for that matter, what does "[stitch type]# = # sts." mean)? Do they mean to increase the given stitch to make six stitches? Increase one for six stitches (in which case, where do the other five stitches come from—with the first inc and the k2 isn't there just one stitch left on the needle)?, I've been looking for an explanation everywhere but frankly, I'm lost. Everything else in the pattern makes sense. I would really appreciate some help, even if it makes me feel silly for asking. Thanks!

Edit: Question has been answered, thanks!
argyle doodles

shawl pattern request / reccomendations welcome

I've been thinking about my grandmother lately - and how I never show her how much I appreciate her. I know she KNOWS, but I live very far away, and she's 85 years old, and I just want to give her something very nice - that she would look at and know I put alot of time and love into making just for her.

So I thought maybe a shawl would be nice. Although, she's not the frail, not getting around much kind of grandmothers (yet). She has never actually worn a shawl that I know of. But she could maybe display it if she liked, or just have it around to look at.

When the Charlotte's Web shawl craze was going around, I really enjoyed looking at pictures of everyone's FOs. I like the idea of encorporating greens and blues (the color of nature) into whatever I make. However, alot of the comments people seemed to have made surrounded the fact that due to the varigated nature of Koigu, you really couldn't appreciate the detail of the stitches. Is there any shawl patterns out there that anyone would recommend that would work well with Koigu? Or any shawl patterns in general that you guys just really really love and would make for your terriffic grandmother?

I'm not set on a shawl - I was also eyeing the Ab Fab throw kits by Colinette, they are kicky and fun looking yet really nice too. Actually, a little TOO nice, seeing how I don't have $185 to blow. I've read comments stating that the pattern itself is basically just feather & fan - I suppose if I found a reasonably priced source of Colinette (and had a list of what yarns are used) I'd be able to make a decent approximation. Anyone out there made one of these throws? Are they nice?

What would you guys recommend?
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Pattern Suggestions

So, I am heading to Italy in about 10 days... just wondering what is a good project to take on a plane? I was thinking about making a messenger bag with cotton yarn or something sturdy like that... but, are there any other suggestions you guys have? I kind of like things that are somewhat of a challenge... but I'm not very good... tee hee... but, suggestions, please!!
Theresa 2008

Mercerized cotton ideas?

Okay, bless me for I have sinned, I went to another LYS and fell in love with a textile for which I have no apparent use except to lust over it and wonder what I can do with it.

I found some dk weight mercerized cotton that seemed MUCH nicer than the mercerized cotton I've messed with in the past -- it doesn't feel so coarse, for one thing. And the colors are oh-my-GAWD! gorgeous. So.

What do we like to do with mercerized cotton that comes at about $15 a hank? Ideas anyone? Because given a decent project I *will* go back and buy it, I swear. I just couldn't buy it without having a clear idea as to what to do with it.

Come on, enable me. You know you wanna. ;)


Ok, so, I'm blakdove, and I've never blocked anything before.

But this time, I made a scarf for a friend, and it's one of my first forays into colorwork, so it's a bit wonky.

I know the basics of blocking. It's Wool-Ease, so I figure I'll just get it damp and let it dry.

My problem is, I don't know what the heck to pin it TO. Would the spare bed work? How about a towel on the floor? My ironing board?

(And yes, I do eventually plan on getting/making a blocking board, but there's no time or money right now.)
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Needles or Shoes?

Please advise me. Should I blow £35 on a set of Denise Interchangables, or a new pair of shoes?


- they're really cute.
- A girl always has to have new shoes
- comfy-looking and so very very versatile! (They're those ankle-boot kind, but flat, and made of decorative floral-y canvas. Know what I mean? I couldn't find any pics on the net.

- they might not fit.


- Don't we all know them by now?

- I developed tendonitis and can only knit 2 rows a day. So they might be a waste. :-/

Whaddya think?
not a painter

Stranded work and double thickness...

I am working on the hat from this pattern.* I have completed the first charted area, and now the pattern directs me to do about a 5" stockinette section so that I can fold up the beginning stranded band to make the body of the hat double thickness.

Now, this raises a couple issues for me:

1. The fabric is already incredibly thick because of both the bulky weight yarn and the stranding; I'm worried that the fabric will lose even more stretch and be uncomfortable for the wearer.

2. I'm concerned that if I decide to skip the stockinette section and move onto the next charted area, how well will the stranded band hold up? I could see how possibly the stockinette acts as protection for the stranding, but then why not continue the stockinette for the crown, such as for the Hello Yarn Pirate hat?

This is my first stranding project, and unfortunately, the eventual owner is unavailable for comment on his preference. Any input would be much appreciated.

*Yeah, it's Lionbrand. And yes, stranding flat on straight needles is a pain in the ass. But hey, my lil bro loves the yarn and pattern, and it's good practice for me.

Edited: The beginning stranded section is the cuff, and a 5" cuff at that. I am wondering why the pattern has such a deep cuff folded over a 5" stockinette section (durability? warmth?) and if it will impede stretchyness and comfort.