February 9th, 2006

sweater choice and yarn choice

I'm trying to choose between making 2 Debbie Bliss sweaters, Elena and Maria (although eventually I'll probably end up with both), they are both from her alpaca silk book, but I am not going to use that yarn. Links are below.

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Thank you so much for your time and patience with me.
black heel

Hand Spun Yarn

I have sort of an off subject question about hand spun yarn that I need some help with. I recently have been researching hand spun yarns and love them. They look beautiful but I really like the idea that spinning the yarn is a craft in itself.

I am a new knitter so the idea of learning how to hand spin myself seems overwhelming at the moment, but I was hoping to maybe find someone in my area that might sell to me. I have searched all over the net with-out much luck and am not sure how else to go about this. Unfortunately I live out in the sticks and don’t even have a yarn shop anywhere close to go and ask. Do you guys have any ideas or maybe can help me out with heading in the right direction? It really sucks to be lost in the sauce.

Lil Miz Cheezcake
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FO: Roseleaf Shawl

I found myself with two hanks of shadow and felt an urge to make some more knitted lace after my sister's shawl. This is what I ended up making:

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The pattern is an adaptation (my first in knitting) of a curtain's pattern in the First Book of Modern Lace Knitting.

Now I need to find what is the next thing that catches my fancy, hopefully some project that is already planned and for which I have the yarn :D

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I'm about to start knitting my first pair of socks. I got some lovely yarn as a Christmas present from a friend and my fingers have been itching to start playing with it. I remember seeing a link to a sock pattern in the community, but I can't find the one I'm looking for. It was similar to the sock calculator, but not the same thing. I know you entered your gauge, the circumference of your food, the length of your foot and the height you wanted the sock to be. Any help woule be greatly appreciated.

just started knitting- a couple of question

1) i learned to do a double cast on as my cast on method. but the first "cast" is always a double loop, so when i knit it, there's this extra loose loop that hangs on. (dunno if that made too much sense...i'm hoping it did!)

2) when i finish a couple of rows, i tug down, and i always find that the knit bits have holes in them- kinda like a crochet, but the holes are much smaller. i tried knitting tightly, but the holes remain. am i doing something wrong?


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Does anyone know of a great resource for directions in lining knitted wear? I do not know how to sew (but am totally willing to learn)... I can barely replace buttons on my clothes, so keep this in mind! Thank you so much!!!

madrona fiber arts retreat

today is the beginning of the Madrona Fiber Arts Winter Retreat. I went to pick up my registration (im taking a sock knitting class from Nancy Bush!) and stop by the yarn and fiber marketplace. while i was buying some beautiful hand painted yarn isaw a lady wearing a sweater, and i just blurted out 'i recognize that sweater!' it was the one from summer 2005 Interweave Knits, the lace leaf pull over. It looked so cute! and the lady says to me: "It's nice to know it is the sweater that gets recognized." it was only then that i looked at her name tag and read it. Stephanie Pearl-McPhee. All I could say was, 'i read your book!' and i was really excited, and i'm sure that i was like a teen age girl meeting a rockstar. i just couldn't believe it.

So, info on the madrona retreat: There are a lot of shops from the area here, and there is a lot of amazing yarn and fiber for spinning. there are sign ups for help on projects. i think registration for classes might be closed, but the shopping is open to everyone. it is located at the Tacoma Sheraton Hotel and is going on until sunday. i'll post pictures of the socks i make later in the weekend (i hope im not so nervous when i meet nancy bush!)
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Celtic Cap

Just finished my third finished project, Celtic Cap, and I'm 1/2 done with the body of Rogue done by the same designer of the pattern for the hat. Just wanted to post this hat in case their are people out their debating on doing this hat or Rogue and encourage them to go for it! it's a well written pattern and very clear, I manage to complete it in a month and it was my second cable project. I knit it up in DK weight wool, Rowan four ply (held double through out) now discontinued I think (picked up two skeins at local Value Village for four dollars!).

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p.s. I am new to this community, I think it is a lovely and wonderfully run. I looked at a lot of communities before joining this one and the rules that are in place make it here just so organized and for the better. All and all, hello and great community you guys have here!

Jaywalker FO

I just finished my first sock! I'm pretty happy with it. I have stuff I need to get done right now, like fingerless gloves for my brother, since his thyroid condition makes him really cold, but I really want to finish the other sock, so I guess I just have to hurry.

FO Pic

knit olympics pattern trouble!

I should have read through this weeks ago, so please just pitty me instead of lecturing me on how close i'm cutting it!

i'm knitting Natalya cable gauntlets and i'n unsure about the gusset increase pattern.

It gives a gusset pattern 1-4 rows. When the gusset pattern ends, it says to increase gusset every 3 rows and cable every 4. So, should i basically repeat the pattern above till i have 22 rows?

thank you for your help!

A set of 3 Finished Objects

I've finished this set a couple of days ago, it was happily blocking till today.

It's a set of:

a. a vest
b. a scarf
c. a hat


The most difficult part of the project was the vest, since I've made it on 2mm needles

Hat and scarf are decorated with some crocheted flowers and beads

The design and patterns are mine, I took a stitch pattern for the scarf from The Knitting Stitch Bible by Maria Parry-Jones

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Knitting a Tube Inside Out Question

Thanks to everyone for their help with my DPN question the other day.

I decided to just suck it up and use the DPNs and I'm actually starting to get the hang of them, HOWEVER, I guess my stitches were twisted. I was so concerned with using the DPNs properly that I forgot to check. So, I've finished the sleeve cuff ribbing and I'm now working in stockinette but my knit side is on the inside of the tube. I really don't want to frog it all and I was thinking: since it's just a big tube anyway, is there any harm in knitting the whole thing and then turning it right side out? I plan on making the sweater reversable, if that helps.

Thanks again!

EDIT: I think I just figured out what I was doing wrong (knitting with the working needles away from me) and how to fix it.
BSG - Gencon 2006

A FO, just in time for the Olympics.

I finished the baby sweater I had in progress! I wanted very much to get it done tonight so that tomorrow, I'll be able to be guilt free about it when I cast on for the Knitting Olympics!

It has no buttons because the closest fabric store is about 9 miles away (you'd think I didn't live in the 10th largest city in the US, but I DO and the closest joanns is still NINE MILES). Ahem.

Anyway. It's Daisy, done in Cinnamon Knitpicks Andean Silk.
(small edit: I realized as I was finishing that it was highly appropriate that I be finishing up a pattern -designed- by the Yarn Harlot just before her big event started!)

Things I learned during this project:
1) I can do sweaters! This is my first, because my friend requested one for her soon to be born.
2) I -really- understand kitchener. I understood it before, but I still had to sit with a diagram and look and do each step carefully. I sewed up the hood this afternoon and OH THAT IS HOW IT WORKS. Understanding is full.
3) Thanks to tersa, I also have an ok understanding of the mattress stitch. I'll note that it works a lot more easily on the right arm of the sweater than it did on the front left, because of how the decreases lean.

Here is my OTT-LITE modeling it.

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Do any of you forsee a problem with this idea?

I knitted a blanket. The edges are curling (as they are wont to do) and I'm going to add a border to stop that nasty stockinette curl.

I'm thinking of picking up stitches and knitting out from the edge for five or six rows (either seed stitch or garter). It's knit in a kind of checkerboard pattern, and I was going to continue the color changes, so I was going to knit each border section seperately and seam the small breaks between.

Anyone see a reason this wouldn't work to control the curl?

Shedir stretchyness

Anyone who has made knitty's shedir, could you tell me how far it stretches. The relaxed measurement is 17" and big hair partnered with an Irish head makes me wonder how tight it will fit. I like my hats to fit but not be too tight because I have big curly hair.