February 11th, 2006


Chart problems with Viking Patterns for Knitting

I'm trying to swatch "Panel with little framed lattice" on page 54 of Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting and I'm feeling rather dumb because I'm just not getting this chart.

--She doesn't really give a key for her symbols, and I'm not entirely clear (from the chart or from trial and error) which is knit and which is purl.
--She uses different terminology in different places. For example, she says "right twist cable" by the pattern, but then in the back she shows how to do a cable with a diagram of the needles... and I know how to cable just fine, but does she mean the right side is the one twisting to the front?
--Her swatch picture begins in a different spot than her chart does and doesn't include the side cables.

I could probably get over those if I sat here for another hour and did a fair amount of frogging. My big head-scratcher is that the chart uses a slanting line across four boxes to represent a cable twist. That's fine. What I'm not used to, though, is that in some cases she's got two of those boxes including a knit stitch and two including a purl stitch. I'm cabling without a needle, and I'm used to doing the twist and then knitting all the way across. I suppose I COULD knit and purl, but that seems a bit odd. Is this right?

Anyone have any insights on this?

Does it get any easier than this? (baby sweater pattern)

Okay, I've knit hats & scarves & I think I'm ready to try a sweater. I have some beautiful yarn I picked up through a co-op & I think I want to start with a sweater for my baby ds. I searched & searched & I think this is the easiest pattern out there... can the experts here confirm this? I think I want to use a circular and dpns to avoid the whole seaming issue... does this pattern look as easy as it gets? Are there any others you would suggest? TIA! You all are so very helpful!
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Advice needed: Felting something with stuffing

I'm working on the Squid Hat, which isn't a felted pattern, and includes stuffing in the tentacles. I'm really wanting to felt my squid (I feel kind of weird saying that), since it's going to be less of a hat and more of a strange squid sculpture for a friend. Which brings me to my question: how do you create a felted, stuffed object? Which do you do first? I think if I felt it before stuffing it, the tentacles are going to stick to themselves and be impossible to stuff. Is it feasible to stuff something and then felt it?

Is there any way to achieve my dream of a felted squid? What do you guys think?

Here is the progress so far, in case you're curious what a lavender squid is going to look like:
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Side note: Is anyone else watching US women's hockey right now? I feel bad for the Swiss goaltender.

3 skein projects?

Hey all, new to the community and it looks terrific!

I need suggestions -- my mum, who means well but doesn't know a whole lot about knitting, gave me three beautiful skeins of Rowan yorkshire chunky tweed for Christmas. They're gorgeous, so emerging now from two months of making countless pairs of mittens and gloves for everyone I know, I'd like to make something really nice for myself from them. Does anyone know any cool patterns that can be made with only three skeins? And please don't suggest mittens :)

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Edit: don't click if you have a slow connection -- I cannot for the life of me get the photo to resize right now, and it's huge. I'm sorry.

Each skein is 100m (109 yds) and the gauge is 12 stitches = about 4 in. on 8's.

Thanks y'all, & good luck to the knitting Olympians :)
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knitting in the round with self-striping yarn

i've been knitting a basic v-neck sweater with Noro Shinano, all done in the round. the body looks fine, but i didn't realize what would happen when i got to the sleeves. they are done on double points, and, since the sleeves are much narrower than the body, obviously, the stripes are much wider, and it looks kind of strange. am i doomed to frogging the whole thing? i can't decide if it looks too weird.

any other ideas for what to do with 8 balls of yarn? expensive stuff, even with the good deal i got on ebay.

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booties and a hat!

My mom left for Germany this morning with 2 of her sisters to go and visit my brother and sister-in-law and my cousin and her new baby and husband! She'll be there for a whole week. :) So, last night i whipped these babies up for my cousin's new baby. I started the 1 hour baby booties at about 7 last night and finished up the hat this morning before she left. These 2 really are a quick knit! Below you will see the 1 hour baby booties and the umbilical cord hat. :)

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Two Questions

Hello Knitters!
I am hoping for some help with altering the booga bag pattern up a bit.

I am knitting it with some pretty berry wool from Wool Pak Yarns, and I want to knit the top few rows with both the wool pak and this hot pink dazzlelash yarn (Plymouth). I've seen other felted bags with fizzy tops, so I am fairly confident that it will work out OK, but I'm not sure what to do about the handle.

Do I put the handle below the fizzy part? Do I try to alter it to knit some sort of handle into the bag itself like the top of the French Market bag? Is there another option that I'm missing?

My other question: I am madly in love with some multi colored manos de uruguay yarn at my LYS, but I don't know what to knit out of it! What non-scarf items have you knit with manos that you are pleased with?

I'd appreciate any advice you have for me!
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Very small mohair project

I just finished blocking Branching Out, and now I'm itching for another project. Sorry for the lack of pictures, but it looks just like everyone else's. Scroll down a few posts and I'm sure you'll find one just like it.

Here's my dilemma: I have a small amount of deliciously soft mohair that my awesome LYS lady gave me to try out. It sheds too much for the shaw I was thinking about making--which is why I'm not going to buy more right now-- but it's lovely to work with and I don't want this little bit of heavenly fiber to go to waste. Do any of you fabulous people have ideas for a very small project? I was thinking about doing a very small, narrow scarf (I like to wear v-necks, and I get very cold, so a nice little neck wrap would be perfect), but I'd like to find an interesting lacy pattern. I hate to clutter up the community with this kind of question, but I have searched up and down the internet to no avail, and I'm still at least second or third in line for various knitting books from the local library.

Double knit ribbing?

I just started making a double knit hat, and after a few rows I realize that i've run into a problem. How do you do / can you do 1x1 ribbing?

This is what I tried:
knit 1 colour A, purl 1 colour B, purl 1 colour A, knit 1 colour B
and then I repeated that again and again (I was always moving both strands together)

But, when I make it up that way it just looks like stockinette with colour A and B switching back and forth every stitch. I'm very confused! Normally it should be knit 1 colour A, purl 1 colour B and then repeat that right? Is it even possible to make ribbing without knitting the two parts separately and then joining them when i'm done with this section?

I hope someone can help, this is getting very frustrating. Thanks!

Need inspiration... what should I do with my Christmas yarn??

So, because my mommy loves me and went to the Smiley's Yarns hotel sale in NYC in December, for Christmas I got 10 balls of 100% alpaca Grignasco Top Print yarn (shown here), in Southwest Print, and 4 skeins of Filatura Lanarota Luxury Cashmere (shown here) in Rose Print (I like pink, in case you couldn't tell). Unfortunately, now it's just sitting in a box in my dorm room because I can't find a pattern I like enough to use it in. I'm looking for a long-sleeved pullover sweater pattern, knit in the round, and I'm not certain I want to use both the cashmere and the alpaca in the same garment. They might work together but might not.

If anyone has any ideas for me I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
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How exactly would I go about blocking a stocking cap? It's fair isle and it could use some help to make it even. Normally for a hat you would put on a round object and block it, right? But because it's a stocking cap how would you do it? Pin-block it flat? Thanks all of you!
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(no subject)

Ok, stupid question, but here goes. How do you meassure a circular needle? I want to make a HP type scarf, and it says to use a 12-16" circ. I've got several circs, but no longer have the sleeves that went with them, so I don't know their lengths. Help???

Hey All!

This is my first post. My name is Melanie... I'm a brand new knitter, but I caught on really quick... (or I would at least like to think so.) Anyway, I have a question.

I really love this pattern, and I cast on for it, did some rows, but I REALLY hate the wrong side, so the project has been sitting dormant for a few weeks while I've been working on Branching Out, Broadripple socks and Yo! Drop It!.

I have an idea of how I would hide the wrong side (knit in the round and do two pattern repeats... but that would be a LOT more work...) but I was wondering if anyone else had any advice, and if knitting it in the round would be 1) a good idea, 2) worth it, and 3) how I would go about doing that and then how I would finish off.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Knitting Purse in the Round

Hi guys,
So I decided to knit a purse in the round, but didn't take into account how to do the bottom so that it lays flat.
I was hoping to make a seamless purse, but now I am at a loss. Do I frog it and start over doing the bottom flat and then picking up and knitting the body in the round? is there a way to decrease so the bottom is flat (i am having trouble picturing an appropriate way to decrease so that it doesn't end up a huge hat). Anyone have any ideas?

(no subject)

Hey all!
I got talked into buying some Rowan Big Wool in Smoky last night and decided to add Trudi to my list of projects. I imagine I can finish this fairly fast because the wool's so big, so I'll probably do it as soon as I'm finished my scarf.
Upon closer review the morning after, I realized that this sweater, while nice, is totally totally boring. I still like it, but I want to jazz it up a little. Ideas?
I thought of maybe getting some silver beads to decorate the bottom, and changing the bottom to a rib stitch, but I'd like to see what other people think.

Vintage Velvet from Scarf Style

Has anyone here knit the Vintage Velvet scarf with anything other than Muench Touch Me? I'm looking for a less pricey option. I've seen K1C2 Velvety Chenille, but it is 80% wool, so it would felt in the last step of the scarf: to wash and dry it in a hot machine. Any advice?