February 12th, 2006


Has anyone worked with Valley Yarns Sugarloaf?

As the subject says. :-)

I've been swatching the yarn I ordered for Eris and am frankly finding it rather annoying. It seems like nice yarn and I like the color. However, I find it very springy to knit with, which I think may be one of the reasons I'm having problems with my tension and gauge. (The other being that I may just need more practice knitting stockinette before I actually start the sweater.)

I'm getting tempted to order a different yarn for Eris and either send this yarn back, or keep it (since I do like the color) and knit a different sweater -- maybe an easier one -- at a later date.

I just don't want to deal with a difficult pattern and a yarn I'm not comfortable with simultaniously.

This leads me to my question. I was looking at the latest WEBS catalog and their Valley Yarns Sugarloaf yarn (from their house line) seems to come in a very nice color for said sweater. And with 52% merino and 48% microfiber it ought to be nice and soft. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with it? Would something with that much microfiber be suited to a cabled sweater?

I'm also considering hunting down some leftover Mission Falls 1824. (I saw a color I really liked in a LYS today -- sadly they didn't have enough for a sweater.) However, I read on Wiseneedle that it doesn't really wear that well. So if anyone has experience with Mission Falls 1824 I'd be interested in hearing it, too.

I sometimes think I'm overthinking finding the "perfect yarn" for this dang sweater...

yarn question

I got some Berroco Softwist from my Secret Pal., and I think it'll make a pretty scarf for a friend of mine. Has anyone tried it, yet? It's a wool/rayon blend, with a little shimmer from the rayon. It looks a bit like a mercerized cotton.

I have about 300 yds. (150g) of it, and I'm trying to decide which scarf it would be better for: Wavy or Clapotis. I'd been wanting to do both of those, but I couldn't use random want. to justify the yarn-buying. Now that the yarn was a gift, and it's for a friend, I'd like to try one of those patterns. Suggestions?
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Has anyone seen this?

As I was searching for a knitting graph paper generator I came across this pattern for sale of a gecko scarf and I really don't want to pay $24 for the kit, I want the pattern!! Have any of you wonderful awesome knitters seen it, made it? Have the pattern? It's tooo dang cute!

EDIT: Please all that replied to my post... THANK YOU! I'm sorry I violated rules, I feel terrible. I was so dang excited about the cuteness that I lost my head. I know better than to violate copyright rules, my mom owned a knitting store for years, that was always drilled in my head. I thank all that suggested I call the store, I, like a dork with no head remember, should have thought of that myself. DUR and in hindsight that is so obvious a solution! All hail the wise ones 'o the knitters!
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baby blankets

Hey all! Just found out that I'm going to be an aunt! So... what is your favorite baby blanket pattern/idea? I'm looking for something that is HIGHLY functional (machine washable and not super delicate), and more creative than a garter stitch (or equivalent) square. I'm really into to gifts that have a purpose and a function so that weighs more heavily than style... but hey! We can have both, right? Any mothers, fathers, aunties, uncles that have any hands on experience with the baby blanket gift?
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Yes...what would you knit?

My boss asked me a few weeks ago if I would be interested in selling some knitted items at an art and craft fair in September. She is going to pay for the table, and sell some of her crocheted items and all I have to do is work the table for her. Her husband is a photographer and sells there also so she will work his table for some of the day too. I agreed to do that, and now I'm trying to think of things to make. There is another woman who sells baby blankets and such at the same craft fair. Since my boss is also a member of the organization hosting the craft fair, she is going to make sure our table is across the park from the other woman.

So...back to the original question. What would you knit? I want to things that are a little different, but at the same time not so different/complicated that it takes me a long time to knit them, because I'm just not going to be able to recoup the "cost" of my time in the price of an item. I don't mind so much for smaller items, because I love the process of knitting and gift most of what I make anyway. I can't decide, on one hand my mind goes to hats, mittens, scarves, slippers/booties (both adult and kids), then I think maybe household items, felted coasters, wine cozies, hot pads, dish cloths, etc. Would you do one particular "line" of items or do a wide range of things?

Thanks for your input!

row gauge

How important is row gauge? I'm knitting a baby sweater, and I have the stitch gauge dead on, with a smaller size needles than was called for, but my row gauge is bad. Now, my pattern is knit in "inches" not rows, (ie, knit 7.5 inches, as apposed to 59 rows) does this matter? I'm feeling frustrated with this gauge buisness at the moment.

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Hey guys!

So I've NEVER picked up a pair of knitting needles, but lately I've been wanting to give it a go. My question - what type of needles should I start with? What kind of yarn? Also, I would *love* for my first project to be a pair of longies for a newborn...is this way too ambitous?

Sorry if the questions are a bit simple - like I said, I'm starting from scratch :) Nice to meet you all!

(no subject)

Hello everyone! In light of being a very thrifty knitter, I've decided to start a project in order to use up all of my left-over yarn that isn't enough to make a whole project.

Heres my plan:

I want to use all of my old yarn to create a "rag blanket" persay. Specifically, I want to knit blocks of each yarn and then eventually sew them all together to create one large mix-n-match blanket. Perhaps theres a pattern for this somewhere, but I'm SO clueless when it comes to # of stitches and how to make them all the same size. Is it feasable to knit like 20 stiches by 20 rows on 17 needles, or is there some kind of crazy pattern I need to follow in order to get all of the squares the same size. (Keep in mind, there are very many different types of yarns)

I hope somebody can help me, as I'm very excited to start this project. Besides being able to use up all of my leftovers, I thought this would also be a great way to remember all of the scarves I've knitted since I sell a large majority.

Thanks for listening!
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Heal Gusset on Jaywalker

Hi All,
I've joined the jaywalker bandwagon and I've made it through the leg without a hitch, but I'm having a problem with the gusset. The pattern reads "Round 2: Work to 1 st from end of needle #1, sl1. Work instep sts in established pattern (round 2 of zigzag pattern). Sl1 at beginning of needle #4, work to end."

My problem is that I started the zigzag pattern on needle #2, and my zigzags from the leg don't match up. Am I wrong to interpret the instep stitches as being on needles #2,3 and 4?

I know a lot of people have already done this pattern, so I hope someone will be able to clear this up, Thanks!
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Patons Bohemian on a snowy day.

Since I've been snowed in all day (over 15"!), I decided to make a quick scarf out of Patons Bohemian yarn in Indigo Indulgence. It's SO soft! So I thought of buying some new skeins in Gypsy Rose or Wandering Wines and starting a pillow project.
So as a newish knitter, I have some questions.
Does anybody have any good links to some pillow projects online? What size needle would you suggest so the stuffing doesn't fall out? I might, though, line it with something "breathable" and fill it with lavender and cotton to make a sleep pillow. So, any projects like that I can look at for reference online?
Thanks for any help in advance. =)
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blocking with Caron's Simply Soft

Hi all,

Has anyone blocked Caron's Simply Soft? When I block I use a warm iron and a damp towel. I'm wanting to block a scarf made with simply soft using the Seafoam Stitch:, so its very airy. Thanks!

P.S. Thanks to person that created that seafoam stitch site, and made a post on here about it so I found it! I love it! :-)

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Knit for a Cause!

As you may or may not know, I am a senior at Marshall University in Huntington, WV. Each year, Marshall holds a "Relay for Life" for the American Cancer Society. Students make teams, based around organizations, residence hall floors or just a group of friends. Each team competes to raise the most money, all of which goes directly to the American Cancer Society.
My idea for a fundraiser is based on the "Knit for a Cause" packs that you can order from www.lionbrand.com. The kits have a skein of pink yarn, knitting needles, a pattern for a pink breast cancer awarness scarf and "how to knit" instructions as well as a laminated shower card that you can hang in your shower that shows how to do self breast exams. The kits are $13, so instead of dealing with that overhead, we decided to try to get local craft and yarn stores to donate yarn, we are going to print out 'how to knit' instructions, and we are going to make something similar to the laminated cards. We are also going to charge an extra $2-$3 to come to a knitting class that we are going to conduct. Here is the problem: We are going to sell these kits, so there is a problem with finding a pattern and distributing. Of course, 100% of the profits go to charity, and while I don't think many people would care, we, of course, can't assume that.
So, does anyone out there have an ORIGINAL pattern for a scarf that they would like to DONATE to the cause? Of course, we could always just say, ok, knit for x number of rows, but it just seems more professional to have a pattern. We would, of course, credit you.
If you would like to, please contact me as a comment here, or by email at kristy.doyle@gmail.com.
Thank you so much!
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(no subject)

ARGH!!! It shouldn't be this hard to just find a stitch pattern online! ::tears hair out::

All right. The story is, I am in dire need of dishcloths. So I decided that this would a great opportunity to try out some new and interesting stitch patterns besides plain old ribbing/stockinette/garter/whathaveyou. So I want to try out the Dragon Skin pattern I saw online. But being the poor college student I am, I can't exactly justify buying a book full of stich patterns online to myself (especially when I have a discount at a bookstore for working there...but alas, they have a pathetic knitting-book selection). So I've been looking online. And I've been coming up with NADA. Can anyone help me? Many thanks in advance!

Hell, if anyone's got any neat stitch patterns that would be suitable for being lime-green dishcloths, feel free to fire them at me too.
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(no subject)

I made a sweater! First (completed and wearable) sweater ever!

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I used Cascade 220 superwash and loosely followed fire4ice's pattern here, with some different number action, and some ideas I thought up during my failed attempt and making "Tempting" (the failure being completely my fault due to a poor yarn substitution).

Since I'm making a post, I also wanted to ask you all about Chickami. I've been looking for a nice tank-top type pattern since I'm moving back to Phoenix, AZ in the summer, where sweaters are pointless. But I wanted a little more information about this one before I actually purchase a pattern (big deal for a starving college student). So, does anyone have any thoughts on the subject? Also, I'm seriously bad at choosing the right yarn, so if you've made a successful Chickami, what yarn did you use?

Thanks. :)
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FO: Fingerless Mitts -- Weekend Knitting

I love Weekend Knitting. It's such a beautiful book. And these fingerless mittens... I'm psyched to bring them to work tomorrow. Temperature control is not something they're very good at in my office. Maybe I'll be able to type!

Anyway... it's not that this is such a complex or innovative project or anything... but I did want to make a note that I really loved this pattern. Didn't take much yarn... fun... easy... practical... Everyone who saw me working on them wanted a pair! A friend who also made them said that she loves them for getting rid of a single skein of yarn... you know... that odd ball you've got hanging around.

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(no subject)

So I'm doing a pattern that involves a lot of yarn overs. Some of the yarn overs have to go next to a purl, however, and I think that I'm doing it wrong when I hold the yarn to the back when I do a purl yo. The stitches always come out funky - sometimes even looking more like a make one than a yarn over. Is there a better, or perhaps, correct way to do a purl yo that I'm just not aware of?
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newborn foot size?

I'm trying to make some newborn socks in worsted weight yarn, but I can't seem to find a toe-up baby sock pattern with the gauge I'm looking for. I was just wondering if anyone knows off the top of their head how big a baby's foot is? Or how many sts I should cast on to make some infant's socks with a gauge of 19 sts per 4 inches?