February 13th, 2006


some help with colors

and size choices for a blanket for my bf for our 2 years of dating (and as a housewarming gift if i don't finish it in time, which is around the same time anyways) *in denial about tempting the sweater curse*

I really want to make the full size fluffy afghan (52" x 62") from Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick...but don't know if i have time. the date is April 27, and right now I can't afford that much yarn plus the circular needles i'll need for at least a week. *trembling a little* the yarn for it is gorgeous! but so expensive. ($300+) Yet I would feel cheap only making the lap blanket (25" x 37").

opinions on whether i have enough time to do a whole blanket, or if i should just do the lap blanket/order the yarn now?

and also. i havn't ordered a color card so i'm going by the picture under the cut. the original from the book is green with light green for an accent (on the left), and my top choice for another good color combo would be the lilac with light blue accent (on the right). The one in the middle...i thought the top color (the accent) was a little too gray colored. so i'm most likely going to go with the combination on the right. yeah. any input would be good (feel free to look at other colors here. (the MC is classic elite bravo, the CC is classic elite montera)

(any other input on the pattern/yarn would be wonderful!) thanks so much in advance!

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No idea

A long shot - yarn request

I'm a first-time poster here, and I sure hope this post is appropriate for the community. I'm about to start working on Holly from MagKnits, but when I picked up my yarn today from ImagiKnits in San Francisco, I was told they'd only been able to get 11 balls of yarn instead of the 12 that I'd ordered. Seeing as the pattern calls for 12, I'm hoping that someone on this list can help me find that 12th ball of yarn. I know from calling around the Bay Area that many yarn stores around here either don't carry Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran or don't have it in the color I'm looking for. So, I figured maybe someone in this group would have some extra in their stash. I would be glad to compensate anyone who had one extra ball of it - the color is 300201, a teal color, and the dye lot (hey, a girl can dream!) is 901. I've heard that DB doesn't vary much from one dyelot to another, so I'd be willing to take a chance on another dye lot - I just really don't want to run out of yarn before I'm through this project.

Thanks in advance to anyone who can either help me out or point me in the direction of somewhere I might find my yarn.
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Gameboy Bag

My son wanted a bag to carry his Gameboy and games in. I whipped this bag up with the idea of putting Link (from Zelda) on the flap of it. The picture I charted wouldn't fit and it simply wouldn't look good with an even lower amount of stitches. So, I decided to use this skull pattern that I found in one of the Stitch N' Bitch books. ::is too lazy to go look::

Adelle IDK

help my niece?

My 12 year old niece has to do her first in-depth research paper and as a totally addicted but very creative new knitter (she just finished a pair of mittens she designed herself without a pattern (I am going to have to have her show me how she did the thumb gusset!) she wants to do her paper on knitting.

Can anyone recommend books with the history of knitting? They don't have to be kiddie books -- she's smarter than I am!

Proud auntie Binkowitz
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oh knitting gurus

Hello all, I just made my first pair of socks and loved the process, however I didn't totally love the pattern. I am looking for tried and true sock patterns made on size two double pointed needles (so with sock weight yarn)...any one want to point me in a good direction.
yes I have googled but want a pattern that people have tried and love so thought I would ask for a favorite.


(no subject)

If any of you are in the Portland, OR area and around the ages of 18-25... let me know. I tried to find myself a knitting group and ended up with a handful of interested parties and no group, so I thought I'd gather 'em together.
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Question about cotton

I am a relatively new knitter and have decided to make the Lacy Leaf Wrap from Lion Brand: http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/kim-lacyLeafWrap.html

Because I am in Southeast Texas, and it is usually very hot most of the year, I decided to make this out of 100% cotton so it would breathe - that and I'm sensitive to wool. I plan on using this as a wrap and also a nursing cover. I had planned to use TLC Cotton Plus, but my LYS didn't carry it and I didn't want to wait to order it online - 40% off each skein at Hobby Lobby was also too good to pass up. :) I went and got the number of skeins I needed of 100% cotton and am starting to swatch it to see how it knits up.

So, my question is - Is there any reason I should NOT use 100% cotton? I've done some research online and have found conflicting info. Some say 100% cotton is fantastic as it softens greatly after washing, but it can stretch, and other sources say that it never softens up even after washing and that it is horrible. What are your experiences/thoughts? I'll take the cotton back and order the TLC if it really is horrible as a finished garmet.
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Knitting - Addicted

(no subject)

I'm thinking of making Wyvern Socks, but I want the "scales" to point up, instead of down. Would just reversing the chart pattern (so that I worked from the top down, instead of the bottom up) work to do that? Or is it more complicated than that?
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My newest Clutch!!!

Continuing my "Not a $130 purse" designing, this is the newest offering!

Knit in Stashbusting Jiffy pink yarn on 13s. One and a half inch grosgrain ribbon, brown with pink polkadots. Lined with brown flannel with a change, phone and pen pocket with pink stitching. The handles are my favorite part! $2.97 10" Boye gold size 15 needles from Walm***!!!!
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Cotton Chenille Hoodie Woes

I'm in the process of knitting a child's hoodie in cotton chenille, and I'm not enjoying the ride. The fabric is as lush as promised, but the yarn tends to "stick" to itself. I'm finding a uniform, stockinette pattern nearly impossible to accomplish. *sigh* Since this is only the second sweater I've attempted since the cursed, "boyfriend" sweater of yore, I'm looking ahead to identify and possibly solve additional dilemmas.

The pattern calls for cotton chenille, and it also directs me to, "...sew sleeve and side seams. Run in ends. Block, wear and enjoy!" I didn't think cotton could be blocked effectively. I'm thinking that I need to wash the finished sweater and then lay it out flat to "block" it as it dries.

I'd appreciate any experienced advice on blocking this type of fabric, either in pieces or as a finished product.

Thank you.


Is it possible to knit in a lifeline instead of stringing it through the loops on the needle? I'm working with fine yarn on small needles and I find it a little difficult to pull my needle through some of those loops.

Starching question and FO

I just finished my first lace bookmark. I'm very proud of myself, although it's nothing special, but I'm not sure I starched it right. The stiffness is about right, but the starching process seems to have taken the shine off the yarn. Is there anything I should have done differently? I used 1 part cornstarch to 4 parts water and heated it in the microwave until it started to thicken, then dunked the bookmark in it, then blocked it and let it dry.

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Constructive criticism is welcome. It's my first lace project ever, so please be gentle, but I want to improve and I would love to hear about my mistakes.
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Help! Opinions Needed

I'm looking to go on a spree and buy myself a bit of yarn (quite a bit). But I need some opinions on the brands Im considering

--> Panda Woolbale
Fiber: 100% Wool

Weight: Sport Yarn

--> Reynold's Lite Lopi
Fiber: 100% Wool

Weight: Knitting Worsted

--> Reynold's Lopi
Fiber: 100% Wool

Weight: Bulky

--> Saucy Sport
Fiber: 100% Mercerized Cotton

Weight: Sport Yarn

-->Filatura Lanarota Puno
Fiber: 100% Alpaca

Weight: Knitting Worsted

------- I'm looking to try my hand at kool-aid dying and wanted to know if thiese are good yarns to start on

-->Cervinia Calzetteria
Fiber: 70% Wool 30% Nylon

Weight: Fingering

------- I want to try my hand at socks and want to know if anyone has used this and how the texture is and if it works well

-->Cervinia Softer
Fiber: 50% Mohair 50% Acrylic

Weight: Sport Yarn

------- It looks pretty, but is it really "softer"? I should be shot for that comment

-->Paton's Classic Wool
Fiber: 100% Wool

Weight: Knitting Worsted

------- I'm using this now, but I would like to know if it dyes well and if it felts

-->Paris Mohair
Fiber: 81% Mohair 11% Wool 8% Nylon

Weight: Knitting Worsted

------- How does it feel on the skin

*With all the wools and cottons I'd like to know how they dye
*With all the wools, how they felt

**If you've used any of these for projects, what did you make and how well did they turn out?

***And now, because I've tortured you all with an all text post thus far, here are some UFOs and an FO or two***
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Yarn question

Okay so I'm making a pillow out of Lion Brands Chenille Thick and Quick. Pretty soft, plush yarn, with the velet look to it. Pretty blue color. (My boyfriend picked it out). I'm making pillows out of it. But I finished one square and it looks uneven. Like it's curling, because I knitted it in stock. stitch. Now I was thinking about blocking it, but I heard that blocking won't get the curl out, and I'm also afraid to block it, although it's just water, but would that ruin the project? I'm a little nervous about this one.

To block or not to block. That is the question.

Thanks for any help guys :)




Do you want to brighten up the days of a sick child? Are you a crafty person who likes to knit or sew? We need your creative spirit and your loving help. We are filling up bags full of art supplies and cuddly animals to ship off to very ill children in hospitals. We have tons of art supplies, but not enough cuddly animals and bags. We are looking for canvas, cloth, or knitted bags to put the art supplies and cuddly animals in. We are also looking for handmade knitted, crocheted, and sewn cuddly animals, dolls, puppets, and other handmade toys. There is no greater way to show you care than to make a cuddly toy or beautiful bag for a sick or needy child. We have collected (below) Knitting and Sewing Patterns for all of you to help.Collapse )

knitted hearts

i wanted to knit some hearts for valentines day.

I have that knitting pattern a day calendar and they have a pattern for one.

But i cant for the life of me figure out what the stitch L1 is

it goes : K1, L1, K1, L1 etc..

what is it?

i tried stitch guide, no luck.

knitting kitten

What does Knit the knit mean?

Could someone explain what "Knit the knit" means? I've run into it twice now, when doing rib stitches (when you knit the knits and purl the purls) and in seed stitches (knitting the purls and purling the knits). Both times, I ended up with the opposite effect (seed stitch when I meant to do rib stitches, and rib stitches when I meant to do seed stitches). Yet, if the pattern gives me the exact K/P stitch counts, it comes out fine. So I'm obviously not understanding the phrase "knit the knit".

I interpreted it as putting a Knit stitch in the current row where I Knitted a stitch in the previous row.

i.e. Row 1: K-P-K-P-K-P-K-P
Row 2: P-K-P-K-P-K-P-K

But what they wanted me to do was:

Row 1: K-P-K-P-K-P-K-P
Row 2: K-P-K-P-K-P-K-P

So you finish row 1 with a purl, then in row 2 knit it. How is that knitting a knit? Why isn't that knitting a purl?
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Yarn and sizing suggestions for Sideways Spencer

So, since I finally found a copy of the IK Fall 2004 (yay!), I can prepare to start on the main thing I wanted to make from it - the Sideways Spencer. I'm not actually going to work on it for awhile, since I have a lot on my plate already, but I wanted to go ahead and ask for the yarn for my upcoming birthday.

The only problem is that I don't know what yarn to use. The smallest size offered for this pattern is a 36, and I am a 32. That's a pretty big difference to me, so I really want to resize this thing. I emailed the designer, who said she really couldn't assist me with it because of her busy schedule, but did back up my suggestion of maybe knitting it with a thinner yarn. She said it's a difficult pattern to resize, which I understand, because of its being knit sideways (at it's my understand that it is knit sideways... I haven't actually read it yet). The pattern calls for worsted, so I was thinking maybe a DK. What do y'all think?

Also, any suggestions for a nice but inexpensive DK yarn? I'm considering Knitpicks, either Merino Style or Elegance, but I'd love other options, or your opinions on these two yarns.

My final question - would I need considerably more yarn, knitting it in a DK than a worsted? Or about the same? Thanks!

On converting to Continental

This past Saturday, as part of a Skills Day that my local knitting guild put on, I taught a mini-class on how to do the Continental method. Over the course of the day, I noticed a few things that had not occurred to me before, that I've never seen mentioned in any book or on any site that talks about Continental method, and that made a big difference in the success of my students. Since I know there are at least a few people here who are dabbling with converting, I thought I'd post these thoughts here, in case they were helpful.

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Interweave knits

Wow, I just got my new issue of Interweave knits and I'm impressed. I love the Sunrise Circle Jacket...but am wondering if this would look good made up in a handpainted yarn. For Christmas I got some killer hanks that would be enough..but I'm wondering how it would look. Anyone care to input their thoughts on this? TIA
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