February 15th, 2006

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Yarn Over Question

I'm trying to knit the Perfect Pie Shawl from Weekend Knitting, and have checked the memories for useful hints on yarn substitutions etc, and information on yarn overs. I'm still stuck though - the pattern calls for a YO followed by a SSK.

The notes in the book give clear instructions about a YO at the start of the row when followed by a knit stitch, and when followed by a purl stitch, but I can't for the life of me figure out what to do with my yarn in order to follow my YO with an ssk, and I keep getting horribly tangled and don't seem to be be ending up with the extra stitch, which is needed on the following row. Help?
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Lace Shawl Design

Venerable knitters, I present unto you a query.

I'm looking to design my own lace shawl. Stoles are no problem, being rectangles. But I'd like to learn how to design triangular shawls, of which I'm knitting my first for the Knitting Olympics. Now I understand the concept of increasing on either side of the center line etc. But are there books or tutorials you'd recommend on the math and general concepts? The only book I own is A Gathering of Lace. How do I incorporate the growth of the shawl, at what point in the knitting of one repeat of the motifs do I start the next? How do I know if a particular stitch (or selection of favorite stitches) will work well and make for an evenly growing shawl?

I want to design my own because I think there's a lot of beginning shawl makers like me who'd appreciate patterns written in sport weight yarn instead of lace weight, kind of as a "get your feet wet" kind of thing. Fibertrends has a few patterns with multiple sizes and I'm so impressed with how that boosts one's comfort level. Start with a thicker weight, work on a small weight version when you're ready.

I know, lots of questions. But if I could get even a point in the right direction I'd appreciate it.
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Acrylic yarn for socks?

I was doing some yarn shopping for my next sock project and was wondering if 100% acrylic stuff was good or not. I am finding a lot of 100% acrylic sport yarns but my sock patterns say to use a wool nylon blend. Would acrylic be ok to use? Would it hold up to the kind of wear socks get?

Lil Miz Cheezcake

Sweater - wip

Hello friends!

So I posted last week with a conundrum about the sweater I was making.  It's almost done (it was actually supposed to be finished yesterday, but hey, nobody's perfect!) 

The pattern: "Lucky" from Knitty (size large)
The yarn: Plymouth Suri Merino (55% suri alpaca, 45% extra fine merino wool) knitted at 5st/inch on size 6 needles

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(no subject)

No one ever seems to talk about nylon yarns, but I just found one that I love to death (Aerie... it's pretty cheap and they sell it everywhere but it feels like a silky cloud) and I'm wondering what the, er, lowdown is on it. Do they wear well? Wash well? Pros/cons? If it all feels like this, it's a wonder it's not more popular, so I'm guessing there's a catch.

Pictures and a pattern request

I finished Tempting last week so I took it with me when I went to visit the boyfriend over the weekend. After a hard day of work we decided to play hooky and explore Victoria, which gave me a chance to show Tempting off to the world.
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On to the pattern request. I would like to knit a cardigan for my mom with Noro Kureyon but I am having a lot of trouble finding a pattern I like. There is Rosedale but I worry that I just like it because it actually uses the Kureyon. I would appreciate any suggestions of favourite cardigans made of heavy worsted yarn. Thank you very much :)

iPod NANO Cozy?

Has anyone made one? I want to make one (felted), but I'm curious what dimensions you used, gauge, etc. :)


(off to swatch!)

Edited to add another question: How would one go about adding a pocket to the front? I am thinking of making a long strip, picking up stitches in the very center and knitting another strip, so it makes T shape and then folding together and sewing up before felting. Ideas? Experience?

I'm having a baby!

And I have just reached phase three of first-time pregnancy:
Phase one: Acceptance
Phase two: Joy

Phase three: KNITTING!

Can anyone recommend some great baby yarns? Or any other uber soft and easily washable yarns?

The first thing I want to make my little peanut is a blanket to come home in. I'm thinking the pinwheel blanket. I just love that design. After that, I'm sure I'll go nuts - soakers, booties, cardis... EEE!

Afghan Yarn

Helloo Knitters!
Here's the deal: My parents are building a new house and it should be completed next summer, and I want to knit them an afghan as a housewarming gift. My favorite so far is this one:
http://www.craftyarncouncil.com/projects/april_knitproject.html (I can't for the life of me figure out the rich text thing)
Anyways, I want to use knitpicks yarn to make it because it is so cheap and has a great reputation for quality. I obviously want this to be a gift that my parents will have for a long time. However, I have never knit an afghan before, so I don't know which kind of yarn to use. The "Shine" colors are my favorite, but it is a cotton summer yarn so I'm afraid it won't be warm enough. On the other hand, I'm afraid that a 100% wool would be too warm (although we live in northern Vermont, so it definitely has to be warm). Can you help me, knitters? Wool of the Andes? Merino Style? Andean Silk? I'm at a loss! Which yarn from the knitpicks site would be best for knitting an afghan?
One more thing - lots of the yarns are different weights, and think I would be better off keeping it sport weight/DK weight/worsted weight.
Thank you all so much !

Noro LIly is sooooooo preeeety!

I just procured 10 skeins....yes, 10!....of Noro Lily in this colorway with no defintae plans for it. It is sooo soft and lovely and though i have never knit with it before i wasn't able to keep myself from purchasing it at the price it was offered. I won't go into detail but it was about an 80% savings *falls over dead*
Anyways now i turn the vast and talented members of this community for any ideas on what to do with the approx 1000 yds of this gorgious yarn. Ideas?

S-N-B Meeting Ideas

Hello - I recently started a Stitch-n-Bitch group in my area which welcomes knitters and crocheters. I've only had two groups so far, in December and January, and the next meeting is tonight. It's still a work-in-progress, and I don't have a big following yet, but the ladies that came last month seemed happy to be there. We met at a coffee shop and just chatted and knitted, basically.

I was wondering, for those of you who participate in such a group, what are some of the fun things that you do in the group. I've thought about yarn swaps and knit-alongs. Are there any other activities or topics of discussion that you have found interesting???


knitting too loose

I've been knitting about 7 months, continental style. One of the problems I'm encountering is that I have a hard time getting gauge because my knitting is too loose. For example, I knit dk yarn on 1 or 2's. That hasn't been a huge problem for midgauge stuff, but as I get into socks and other items at finer gauge's I'm having a hard time finding needles that will work. I just ordered some 0 addi turbo's, but I'm afraid for socks I might need something even smaller. I've seen articles on loosening up one's knitting, but not tightening it. Does anyone else have this problem or know solutions?
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(no subject)

I'm currently working on Tubey for the knitting olympics, but I've run into some difficulties. The back is *considerably* longer than the front, and I'm trying to figure out what to do about it. The sweater is knit in two parts - you basically knit a shrug, and then pick up stitches from the shrug and knit downwards; I made the cross-back width 1" smaller than the pattern called for (which also made the neckline smaller, which I'm happy about), and I think that this might be causing part of the problem.

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I've done about 1 1/2 inches of the body portion so far, and as you can see the front ends above my chest, and the back ends, like, halfway down my back. Any advice on how to fix this? I've heard that short-rows might help, but I'm not sure if they would completely solve the problem.

Booga Bag Again

I felted something!!! I am so excited. It was just a test swatch for my booga bag, which I am working on. And honestly, I sort of hate it. I knitted a few rows of it along with some dazzlelash (Plymouth Yarns) and I think it's the dazzlelash that I don't like. Bah!

So I am just knitting it in a solid color with this berry colored yarn I got that seems to felt up just great.

For those of you who have booga bagged before - will it curl after you felt it? It is all in stockinette, but the pictures on the website seem curl-free.

[Edit] Also, do you think I could do a handle like in this pattern, instead of the icord?
I think I am sort of afraid of the icord for whatever reason.

Thank you!
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Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport

Hello, knitters!
I am looking for Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sport, preferably in Camouflage (but I don;t have my heart set on it). Do you know of any site online where it is available for under $9? I don't want to do ebay (bad experiences), I would rather buy from a shop. Or, if your LYS does mail orders, post their number! :)
Thanks, all!

baby items!

In about 6 weeks, 2 family friends are having babies, and I want to start working on gifts! I don't think I have time to do a whole blanket (unfortunately, as a college student, I don't have a heck of a lot of time for knitting), but I'd like to make a hat/booties set or something similar for each of them. So, favorite patterns for baby items? Thanks! :)
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