February 16th, 2006


Kitchner help

I need help again. I know how to kitchner, but all of the directions I can find are for grafting in stockinette. I want to graft in pattern, specifically cabling flanked with purls.... Anyone's googlefu better than mine? I can't seem to find any sites. Anyone here with that sort of experience?

I wish to graft together the shoulders of my Trellis (from Knitty).

LA yarn stores?

Does anyone have reccomendations for a favorite knitting store in LA? Ill be there for about 5 days, and if there is one near me or near some of the other places I will be visiting, I'd love to drop in. I've googled, but I am looking for specific stores that you all have had positive experiences with.

OK ETA: I will be staying at the Renaissance Hotel. My mom and stepdad are in a "fantasy camp" that will involve playing at the House of Blues, so i imagine we are not too far from there. I would be excited for a yarn store in Santa Monica (saw someone mention that) bc they also have a Lululemon store there... As an assignment, i have to go to Jack Rutberg Gallery in La Brea, LACMA and LA county museum, to give you an idea of other places on the itinerary.

Yarn and Book shops in Dublin?

Hi there!

I'll be visiting Dublin for a long weekend at the start of March and was wondering if there were any "must visit" Yarn- and Bookshops. I'd love to look at some english knitting books I've seen mentioned here because I don't like buying books unseen and the shops here don't order english books unless you're going to buy them.
So any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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I didn't see this in the memories.....

Sorry if this has been asked before, but I have a question about a sweater I knit out of Debbie Bliss' alpaca/silk blend yarn. I blocked it last night using cold water and Woolite, and now it smells like the bastard child of a silkworm and an alpaca. In a word: unpleasant. So: will the smell go away as it dries? Do I Febreeze the sucker? Is that even a good idea? Or am I going to go around smelling like that ton-ton thing from Star Wars? Any thoughts would be very much appreciated --
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[Brit&Justin] let you down

question about headphone sleeves.

ok, i have a question about this pattern.

further into the post his directions are as follows:

"I cast on 4 stitches for the I-cord at the base than when I got all the way to the fork I increased 2 stitches and started essentially knitting it in a round using 4 needles so that it would be tight.  Once I was past the fork and at the base of the 2 wires I put 3 of the stitches onwaste yarn and continues knitting the other 3 into an I-cord around one wire.  Once I finished that wire I went back and knitted the other.  I'm still experimenting with the wonders of the I-cord, I know there is more that can be done with it..."

what i don't get is how exactly to knit AROUND the cord. my brain refuses to comprehend it. also, the explanation he gives is a little vague to me and i can't quite exactly understand it precisely.

any help is appreciated. :)
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Kiri shawl: two skein question

So I've got two skeins, and I'm getting to the point where I am trying to decide if I should stop the second chart and start the edging.

The pattern has measurements for how long it should be with two skeins - but I think that's the blocked length, so it doesn't quite tell me when I need to stop!

Has anyone else done Kiri with only two skeins? How many repeats of chart 2 did you do before starting the edging?

Also, KSH feels SO much nicer as a piece, than it does in the skein =)
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Tennant and Tounge

Fun with New Techniques (Kitchener, applied I-cord)

All right, I'll warn you right off- there aren't any pictures with this post. This is for two reasons: I am poor and do not have a digital camera, and the thing I'm working on isn't done yet because I have the attention span of a flea.

Collapse )

Applied I-cord, while a pain in the ass (I HATE picking up stitches...especially along decreases and suchlike) isn't so hard, though I'm not sure I'm doing it right (essentially, for my 4-stitch i-cord, I've been knitting 3, slipping 1, knitting the one I've picked up, and passing the slipped stitch over), but as long as it works, I'm happy.

However, I have made some mistakes- especially in one place where I accidentally was unpicking an entire row of knitting from the shoulder-area and then had to graft it all back together.

I really don't see what the issue is with Kitchener. I don't find it all that difficult or hair-pulling-inducing. Admittedly, I'm probably going to have to keep on going online to remember how to set it up, but otherwise it's just another way of sewing things together. :;shrugs::

Anyway. Now for finishing the darned thing and then doing homework. Joy homework.

EDIT: ANGER! Freakishly Large Head- 1, Sweater- 0. Just tried it on. Apparently anything beyond complete nothingness around the neckline makes it too small for my head. ARRRgh. Anyone got any advice? By this point I'm just thinking of threading through some yarn, tying the damn thing off and throwing it in the wash.

recommendation for knitting magazines?

I'm fairly new to knitting and I love magazines (at least when I'm in a veg-with-a-magazine mood) so just wanted to hear recommendations for favorite knitting periodicals. As for what I'd prefer in a magazine, I guess I would like the projects to be on the hipper/funner side, and also be for a range of knitting abilities. Thanks!
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Rick's socks

All the basic socks I had made for myself from Plymouth Encore have worn through at the heels (sigh) so it was time to make new socks. The socks I made originally were a Knitting Pure and Simple pattern, basic beginner stockinette socks, so I wanted something a bit more fancy this time. The new anti-craft had a pair of socks that looked cool, and wonder of wonders I had the yarn called for (rarely happens!) and it was even that color! So, I started them and have finished one and am working the heel flap of the second already. I LOVE these socks. They fit ever so much better than the basic socks I had before, which scrunched at my ankles. These hug my feet and the leg stays up due to the broken rib. My sweetie didn't believe they'd stay up but now is convinced and I can make him a pair of these, too. Also, the toe looks like it was custom made for me. The sock looks like it was custom made, which it was in a way, but I've never had a pair fit *this* well. Plus, they're merino, so nice and cushy. Since we're in the midst of a blizzard just now, I'm eager to finish the second sock and have my feet be cuddly and warm. I highly recommend the Rick's Socks pattern in the Imbolc edition of the anticraft.

Now I'm thinking of knitting a pair of socks a month for awhile so I'll have a small collection. It made me sad when three pairs wore out all at once (though I had knit them all one after the other, so they were the same age) and I can't bear to throw them out. What *does* one do with holey handknit socks?

Edited to add: My original socks are Knitting Pure & Simple pattern #9728, Beginner Socks. Two were Plymouth Encore, one was Bernat Denim, I believe. All three wore out at the heels (but I have nasty rough skin and wear my socks around the house without shoes endlessly) and with one at the ball of my foot. The felted slippers I made this fall have also worn through at the balls of my feet and the heels. I am hard on socks. HARD! I shall be darning this weekend!

my very first mittens...

so, im a little confused as im nearing the thumb gusset of this pattern:

what im confused about... so far... is this part:

Row 5: S1, K1 to 4 sts before center of row (in this case, 14 sts would be the center of the rows). So knit (S1, K1) 5 times, P1, (inc 1 in next st) 2 times, P1, (S1, K1) to end of row. This row is the beginning of the thumb gusset. The P sts as you will see will make a row along each side of the thumb.
Row 6: Purl across row but watch carefully and K the 2 sts that were purled on the previous row (P14, K1, P4, K1, P10). You now have 30 sts.

more specifically, "P1, (inc 1 in next st) 2 times, P1"

can anyone out there help me out? i mean... what exactly does she want me to do?

thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

Im trying to make spikes for a dinosaur im knitting.
The pattern goes

cast on 2
knit 2 rows

row 1: yfrd k2
row 2: k3
row3: yrfd k3
row 4: k3

The pic of the spikes doesnt look like it has eyelets it in but thats what im getting.
Which I think is whats supposed to happen with yo/yfrd.

Is it? Or am i doing something wrong?

baby socks

I want to knit my daughter some baby socks, but not just any socks.

When I was a little girl my mother used to have me wear knee high lacy socks. I want to make some of those, but in around a year size. Also, I want to make my little cousin some, she will be 2 in April.

Any ideas on what I can do or where to get a pattern?

anne - tudors

repaired circs

a few days ago my kitten attacked one of my brand new clover bamboo 10.5 circs. it had teeth holes all over it and was rendered unuseable.

i was stumped. i am broke, and on a dealine for the project involved. i felt too guilty to taken them and swap them out at micheals. i mean, how would i feel if i bought BRAND NEW needles that had been chewed?

so i decided to be ethical and cheap. i busted out my nailfile and foot callous file. i rough sanded with the foot file, and then fine sanded with the nail file. some of the holes were too deep to remove completely, but the needle is now nice and smooth and totally useable. when i was finished sanding i rubbed in some pure almond oil to get rid of the "raw wood" feel. the bamboo soaked it up.

i feel so smart!