February 17th, 2006


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I've just finished the baby sweater I've been working on forever and have decided to make something for a dear friend. I'd like to make a scarf (I know..boring..but she really wants one) out of 220 yards of knitpicks sierra in natural. To make it more interesting I'd like to use the cable from Besotted. Since the original besotted calls for worsted weight yarn I thought I'd only do one or two collumns of the xo pattern. It may seem silly but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to go about that. Maybe its too early to be thinking about knitting or maybe I'm just not getting it...please help?

chart reading/pattern help, nakiska

Hi! I'm a new person. :-)

I'm currently working on Knitty's Nakiska, and the chart portion is confounding me. How is this chart supposed to be read - from top to bottom? Are the numbers on the side each row? I can't make sense of it. (I've never knit from a chart before, but I refuse to let that stop me.)

Thanks for any help. :-)
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Happy kitty

Rant: what is with the photography in Scarf Style??

I just got my copy of Scarf Style in the mail, and I am disappointed. I can't tell you if there's anything in there I want to make, since I can't seem to really SEE any of the items to knit. What is with the blurry fade out at the bottom of every picture? Why aren't there any closeups of the actual knitting? The only pictures that show the whole knitting are all like teeny thumbnail pictures! Gah!

I guess I am spoiled with books like Weekend Knitting, Last Minute Knitted Gifts, and Handknit Holidays with the beautiful photography...anyone else annoyed by this, or am I being particularly sensitive? Is Wrap Style, or are any of the other IK books like this as well?

Knitting....ON THE INTERNET!?

So I was talking to my grandmother on the phone about knitting (I'm gettng back into it, and she is THRILLED I started to knit again) and she asked me this "Do they have knitting on that internet?" huh? "on the...that internet. Can you buy yarn and patterns and stuff?" I told her you could and she was very excited.
So, I was wondering what "knitting on the internet" I should show here when I visit next.
I think she's mostly interested in lace knitting and baby things, both of which I am very undereducated about.

Any especially good sites with free or very inexpensive baby patterns I should make sure to show her?

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what is....

the softest, cheapest, baby alpaca that i can find at my LYS or get in the mail fast? i don't want a lace weight, closer to a sport weight would be amazing.


in the same vein, have you used knitpicks baby alpaca? how soft was it?

thanks guys, sorry for the text only
marmotte, Marmotte_icon

How do I tie in the marbles before felting?

Just a quick question to those of you who have done the felting using marbles tied into your work technique. (Its got some Japanese name that I cannot for the life of me remember!!).

I have knit a bag in 2ply hand died kid mohair yarn, (gawd yes I know I was insane to even think about doing that, its taken me 3 months to get to the point of applied icording around the flap!). Now I want to do the marble detail thing before felting on the flap of the bag, to give it a certain pazzazz.

What did you use to tie the marbles into place?

Many thanks in advance (and photos to follow).

Blue Mandarin Jacket?

A very close friend asked me to knit her a sweater for her birthday. She didn't know what style she wanted or anything, but wanted us to look at patterns together. While waiting for my boyfriend to finish his shopping at Wal-mart the other day, I flipped through the two knitting mags they had, and found something I thought she'd love. I didn't want to buy it until I knew for sure though, because I didn't care for any of the other patterns at all. Well, she was very interested in seeing it, but I forgot the name of the magazine, and, of course, they are sold out of both now. All I remember is the sweater. It's light blue, with (I think) beige trim, and it was called "Mandarin" something or another, I think "jacket." I believe it was the Spring/Summer 2006 issue of Knit It!, but I've looked everywhere online and can't find anything about that issue. I don't remember the name of the other mag it could have been in, maybe one called Creative Knitting? Does anyone know whether this pattern is in either of these magazines, or another magazine available at Wal-mart? Thanks.

FO - mowat mukluks, slightly modified

I finally finished my Mowat mukluks from Interweave Knits!

After I ascertained that the fun fur type yarn called for in the pattern would run me about $120, I decided I'd rather feed myself for two weeks and use faux fur from the fabric store instead. The yarn I used for the slippers was Cascade 220, in a nice bright pink. I used one more skein than called for in the pattern, so if you want to skip the fun fur too, buy some extra (Actually, this might be because I subbed yarns, I can't remember the yardage per skein of the Plymouth Galway). I also did a few less rows at the top of the slippers, mostly because I was getting impatient.

Has anyone else ever noticed a horrible smell while felting? It stunk to high heaven. Fortunately, the smell is completely gone now.

The straps are just a five stitch i-cord, which I knit with two strands of yarn for no discernable reason. They could definitely stand to be thinner. I would have done flat knitting, but I was lazy. They aren't functional in any way, they're just sewn on. I LOVE the way these slippers feel, they're very very cushy and comfy. And I can't stop looking at them.

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