February 18th, 2006

Red Streak 2


You know, just when I think I've seen it all, Knit Picks and the people who design for them come out with something else I fall in love with.

Starburst Sweater.

I see this in Hollyberry or Storm and I just drool. I wish the sizing were larger though. I can so see this with a pair of sexy jeans or a knee length pencil skirt. Has anyone made any of the featured patterns from Knit Picks? I know they're cheap as all get out. I think this might be the one I finally end up ordering.
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Stitch Pattern question

I'm testing out this stitch pattern but when it comes to the "ELT" I don't know where to put the yarn (in front like purling or back like knitting?) What I have been doing is keeping the yarn in back for the first part and then when I go to purlwise slip the stitch I keep the yarn in front for that and when I let the second stitch off the left needle. Is that right or does it not matter or does anybody think it should be different?

Candy alterations

I was wondering if someone could help tell if my reasoning is sound.

I'd like to make Candy from Knitty, but Geisha is no longer easy to get, and I'm not really big on mohair or blends thereof anyway. So let's say for argument that I'm going to make it out of a regular ol' wool. Now, the garment is originally designed to stretch, since the mohair fuzzies means there's space between the core thread of the yarn. A wool would mean much less stretch. So, if I got gauge with a wool yarn, but knitted the size up so that the chest is actually my chest measurement instead of meant-to-stretch, would this garment fit me?

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Lifeline help

I am making Branching Out, something many people here have made. For some reason, the whole lace thing is really challenging to me, and I have started this project countless times, and ripped it out as many times. I have used dental floss for a lifeline, and this has proven, for me, to be useless. So, my question is: do you think that using worsted weight yarn would be ok? I am using Elsebeth lavold silky wool yarn.

I really want to master this lace thing because it is challenging and pretty, and there are other projects I would like to do. I am maxed out on stockinette and knitting in the round for now, lol.

Thanks in advance!
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gauge problems


I'm getting ready to start working on Rowan's Trudi, using, as instructed, Rowan Big Wool and some 15mm needles. The gauge instructions say 7 1/2 stitches by 10 rows should be 10 cm by 10 cm.
I cast on 15 stitches, with the idea that the swatch would be 20 cm wide and 10 cm tall.
I tried it twice and both times, the swatch came out disproportionate. The width is for example, 18 cm and the height is 13 or 14 cm.
How on earth do I deal with that??


I am making the Minnesota Mittens from Folk Mittens. They explain the technique of tvaandsstickning -- which is knitting with 2 strands of the same yarn, knitting one strand for a stitch while the other travels behind. Then the strands are switched, and the second strand is knit while the other travels behind. Thus, it creates a thicker fabric. Now, these mittens are for birdwatching, so I need them to be warm. Could those of you that have tried this technique, with these mittens or otherwise, give a review of it? I find it to be an interesting technique, and I would like to know what others thought of it as well.
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(no subject)

Who has some good pattern ideas for handspun bulky weight? I need to knit up a couple scarves for my mother and wanted to try and find some cool stitch ideas.

And has anyone done "My so called scarf" in Noro? How do you like it?

felting question

I want to make some kennel crate pads for the dogs at the pet rescue where I volunteer. I was thinking knitting up some wool and then felting it to fit the crate. How easy is it to take care of something that has been felted? Can it be washed on warm and machine dried? I wanted to make something that would be comfortable for the dogs when they come on adoption days, but I also need it to be easy to wash and dry. Any ideas?

Vintage knitting machine help

A friend of mine has a brother KH521 knitting machine, made in Japan in 1959. We just tried to set it up and use it today. I think we've got the cast-on figured out, but after that, it doesn't quite seem to be creating rows. The yarn gets caught on the needles and turns into a big tangled mess. We experimented with different tensions and a couple different yarns (sport weight, I'd say), and it didn't help.

This is an old manual machine on which you're supposed to move the carriage back and forth by hand. I can't find anything online about these kinds of machines, only about the newer punchcard and electronic ones. Anyone have any clue what we should do, or a link to a site with info?

say what?? (knitpicks two at once socks)

I am attempting to follow Knitpick's free pattern for two at once socks. (pattern here).

I am not getting very far.

First, it says to cast on six stitches using the half-hitch method; but look at the picture A - it looks like SEVEN stitches have been cast on. Is this a quirk of the half-hitch method I am not aware of?

THEN, it says 'turn your work and knit across the stitches.' I might be doing the half-hitch wrong again, but my active yarn is on the wrong side of the cast on stitches to do this..... should I do the half-hitch with a TAIL of yarn instead of the active end?

I am so confused....


Need help with socks! HELP!!!

Hello all--

I haven't posted for a while. Many FOs, but too busy knitting to post any photos! (I'm lucky if I remember to take photos of them!)

I checked in the archives, and haven't found anything, so I am looking to this talented bunch for help.

I am working on my very first sock, using the instructions for Cat Bordhi's "Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles". (In other words, no DPNs and it's not Magic Loop.) I've done the leg, heel flap, turned the heel, now I'm stuck on the directions, as they make no sense to me. I think I picked up the gusset stitches correctly-- the working needle is kinda in the shape of an L, right?

But from here, I don't understand where I'm supposed to go, or if I'm doing this correctly. The directions state:
Look at the other end of your needle, where the 14 heel turn stitches are patiently waiting. CHECK.Transfer the distant 7 to the other needle. OK....how are you supposed to do that? I think I just took the first 7 stitches that COULD be transferred to the other circ where the yarn is ready to knit, so it kinda closes the gap to form the heel. OK, from there....
(You will maintain ribbing across the instep all the wat to the toe, etc.) OK, I think I understand that part. Knit across half of the instep sts. You have 30 sts. on this needle. HUH? Which needle? How do I manuever this? My needles seem all twisted and intertwined holding these various stitches (if I did this right). Am I doing something wrong? What am I missing in joining this all together? This just doesn't make sense....

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