February 19th, 2006



I started working on Kristin's Carry-All from Interweave and it wasn't until I hit round six did I realize... Oops. I made a mistake back in round one. -_-

I'm not sure if I should frog it all or not. Not being the most experienced with colorwork, it took me a bit of time. It's near the bottom of the bag, so it wouldn't really be that noticeable... but the perfectionist in me is screaming to just redo the whole thing. Besides the fact the tension could be better. And yet I'm so loathe to frog it.

What would you do?
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Baby Blanket Project...

This isn't MY project but I have to share it anyway since I am in love with it. I'm 32 weeks pregnant and my mom is making the lovliest baby blanket for me out of 100% angora yarn. My little girl will get to go home from the hospital in such soft fuzzy warm-ness.

I just had to share a picture with all of you becasue it is turning out quite pretty...if only you could feel it. Cuts aren't working for me today, so I will just post a link.

red bird in black tree

Knot Stitch help

I like this pattern stitch and want to use it but I am unsure if I am doing it correctly. I am a little confused on the instructions, I think. I can over complicate things at times when I want them to be perfect and simple. When they seem simple and I can't get it right I am mad, to say the least.

Knot Stitch

the red is the problem

"Insert right needle under thread between next 2 sts on left needle, wrap yarn and loosely draw up a loop and place on right needle. Insert right needle above same thread and loosely draw up a second loop and place on right hand needle. With yarn in front, p first st from left needle. Pass first loop over second loop and p st, then pass second loop over p st-knot made"

Do I move the purl stitch to the right needle then slip it back to the left needle and then slip the loops OR do I purl the stitch and leave it on the left needle and slip the loops and then what purl it again and slip the last loop?

I am so confused. I just need a detailed walk through, I guess. Please help so I can knit already!

Thank you! :)
bitch please

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I know this is a rather silly question, but I'm starting to knit the baby blanket from Lion Brand Yarn's Pound of Love. It's knitted with 2 strands held together. I found the outer strand but how do I find the inner strand without tearing the ball apart?
I prey for you.

Australian Online Yarn Retailers

I got sick of not being able to find a comprehensive listing of online yarn stores in Australia. So I went ahead and made one myself :)

I intend to provide more information for the stores- other products sold, specials, shipping costs, whether or not they ship internationally, putting it on it's own page, etc. But for now, the most important information is there. I hope someone else finds it useful, since my house is a pigsty due to me sitting here compiling the list all morning :)

Aussie Yarn Retailers

If anyone else has more to add, PLEASE let me know. I'm especially looking for goods from handspinners.

ETA: In the interests of collecting as much info as possible, I'm also accepting information regarding NZ retailers and Ebay Sellers :)

Thanks so much for all the information so far!

Felting in swatches or as a whole?

I've made a bunch of swatches out of the results of my flirtation with acid dyes and basic fisherman's wool (using fair isle and Kaffe Fassett designs). I'd like to assemble them into a knitting bag or needle case similar to Susan Todd's designs. I'd like the final product to be felted for strength. So here's my question: I've only felted objects that were knit "whole" (a cat bed, pillow, mittens, those sorts of things), so I'm not sure if it would be better to felt the various swatches first and then assemble them, or to assemble the swatches and then felt. Might any of you more experienced felters have some advice?

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I am eager to start knitting Grumperina's "Odessa" having already threaded the beads (if my previous post goes up, I apologize, but it's been a long time and I haven't seen it yet.) On the Grump's head, which she admits is biggish, it looks just right but on other samples, the ribbed edge looks a little loosish, and the whole design looks better a little stretched, I think. It is supposed to be knitted on US 4's and 6's. I am contemplating 3 different fixes: 1) cast on and rib on US 3's then go on to the 6's 2) change out to 3's and 5's or, the most drastic 3) leave out one whole pattern repeat of 10 stitches which seems like a big hunk. I wish I could seek the advice of Grumperina herself, but clicking on email me on the MagKnits site achieves nothing. So what do you all recommend?

Fun Fur suitable for children?

I'm especially interested in input from parents and other people who care for children.

I'm making a diagonal garter-stitch blanket for a little girl (currently 8 months) in a nice soft cotton blend and I'm thinking about stranding some Fun Fur and Fancy Fur* that I have knocking around with the main yarn in the widest bit of the blanket, just to make some accent stripes. Is Fun Fur safe for kids? The ball band doesn't say anything about not being suitable for small children, and there are kids' patterns on the Lion Brand website. I was worrying a bit about fibres coming loose and being swallowed, but it seems reasonably sturdy to the touch. There will be a crochet border on the blanket in a different shade of the main yarn, so the Fun Fur (same washing instructions as the main yarn) won't go all the way out to the edge.

*Before you all say "ugh, Fun Fur", the yarn was a very kind gift from a friend, and I think it's fine to use it for accents rather than a whole garment. The little girl's adopted mom said she'd really like 'a nice bright blanket', and all the little kids I've known have really liked funny textures and bright colours.

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i went to the yarn store yesterday and picked up some Encore so i can make this cardigan. it says not to use a provisional cast on but i do not know what that means. please help!

i also ordered some encore in color #175 so i can make my UT BBBB! CAn't wait! and i picked up a ballwinder and a swift. I almost cried when i saw what my total was.

FO: Doreen from Berroco

Why is it that some of the best patterns are free on the Internet?

I made this sweater from the Berroco web site out of Encore colorspun chunky. It knitted up very quickly, the longest part was sewing all the pieces together. Size runs huge so be careful to look carefully at the measurements if you decide to do it. The only adjustment I made was to make it around an inch longer in length.

It's very cozy, nice and warm with the sub zero temperature we are having in Chicagoland... even with encore being 75% acrylic (I am allergic to any handwashing or ironing so easy care is the way to go). It's also very flattering if you have big boobs like me, still breastfeeding a 9 month old so I don't like anything tight around the chest. I think this is the first sweater I've made that I really like, and the ironic thing is that it took the shortest amount of time. Sometimes simple really is best.

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Conwy socks

Hello knitters,
I'm working on the Conwy socks from "Knitting on the Road," and it says to make the leg 8" long... but aren't most sock legs 6" long? I *know* this is a matter of personal preference, but I can't help being curious what length you all ended up with. (Plus, being near 6" makes me eager to get on with the heel rather than do 2 more inches of leg!)

Thanks in advance!


Everyone's favourite, FO pics!
This is the famous "my so-called scarf" done in Noro Iro and Transitions. It's over 9 feet long before fringe and close to 6 inches wide. Yep, that's 4 1/2 square feet of pure Noro goodness. It's super cozy, I can wrap it 3 or even 4 times around my neck if I really want to (though I think 2 times looks best and is usually warm enough). I'm about to travel from my home in sunny temperate Vancouver to do auditions for grad school in Montreal, Chicago and NY and I wanted something gorgeous and very very warm to wear in the very cold snowy weather they're getting there. This is perfect!
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victory rools

legwarmer pattern

Hello knitting divas! I a in the search for a really easy, but lovely legwarmer pattern. I have found a few online, but I would rather have someone who actually made and wore them show me a pattern. I dance, and teach dance, and sometimes it is pretty chilly for the legs! BTW, I am a newish knitter, but I am willing to learn a new method!

Thank you so much for your help! I have learned so much.
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