February 20th, 2006

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This is the first ever thing I have knitted from my own pattern. I made it up as I went, and had to restart it twice in order to correct things. I need to perfect it even further, but for now, this is the hat from the first test run. Isn't it purdyful? I resorted to making up my own pattern when I couldn't find any hat patterns I liked on the internet.

I took apart a few things today that I had started to knit, but then gave up on due to mistakes and/or I didn't have enough yarn to finish. I am going to, from now on, buy all the yarn I need BEFORE I start a project.

I also have a hard time seaming. Because I suck.

First 2006 FO's

I'm way behind in projects already this year. One of the things I wanted to do this year was lace, which I've never done before.

I started with a scarf pattern from KnitPicks for my mom using Alpaca Cloud. Oh boy. I didn't get very far. I switched to smaller needles and still nothing looked right. I couldn't tell if I was doing something wrong, or if my needles were the wrong size, or if my yarn was too thin...

I scrapped that project for a while and went to Leisel from YummyYarns since it was worked with thicker yarn. That's coming along nicely although slowly, but then I had to break from that to work on a small gift...

I came here begging for snail patterns, if anyone remembers. Well I ended up making one entirely on my own, my very first no-pattern project *so proud of me*.

After that, I made a quick scarf for a very dear friend for her birthday. She had admired one I had crocheted for myself so I knew I had to make her one. Strangely enough, this was my first ever knitted scarf. I didn't do the bazillion scarves that most people do when learning to knit, I had to complicate things and start with a hat, if I remember correctly. Anyway, photos and details of snail and scarf are behind the Collapse )

Currently I'm working on a sweater for my cousin's daughter for her first birthday which I'll, of course, post photos of when complete. I had to buy different yarn because I didn't like what I had purchased originally so I'm just getting started. Her party is March 4th so I'm going to be frantic trying to complete it in time since I have to send it to NY from GA. Wish me luck! :)

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Needing help with Shedir

I'm working on Shedir from Knitty's breast cancer awareness special issue.

I did the first 52 rows fine, but then I got confused. I cannot understand these instructions:

*On next round (53), work to last st, sl next st to right needle, remove marker, sl st back to left needle, replace marker. This now represents the beginning of the next round. Proceed to work next round according to chart.*

Sounds simple, right? Well, I can't seem to get it to look right. I put my stitch marker after the last stitch of the round and before the first stitch of the next round. If I finish the last stitch, my marker is free floating. But according the the instructions, I should have to slip the stitch to the right needle in order to remove my marker. I am confused. I tried working the pattern with the marker one stitch to the left of where it would naturally fall and one stitch to the right of where it would naturally fall and neither way works correctly (I am knitting my purls and purling my knits).

I am so flippin' confused! Can anyone help me???
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FO- Mouse mittens

My friend's 8 year old niece requested a pair of mouse mittens to match the kitty hat I made her for Christmas. I found a Mouse Mittens pattern on MagKnits, but it was only sized for toddlers, so rather than resizing the pattern, I just used Kate Gilbert's Gifted pattern and then used the MagKnits pattern for the ears. This is my first time making mittens, so they came out pretty good considering. The only thing I didn't like about this pattern was the seaming...my seaming sucks. Next time I'll look for an in-the-round pattern...I learned how to crochet a seam, SSK and 3-needle bind off making this pattern. They are knit in Plymouth Encore Chunky, the pink insides of the ear are Wool of the Andes in Cherry Blossom. Anyway, I hope she likes them!
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(no subject)

The latest two issues of DROPS patterns are now available in English on the Garnstudio website. The patterns are free, and alot of them are really really cute (IMO). Although the cardigan I'm lusting after (the one with the big star on the back) is still not translated...
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calling all sock knitters!!!

hi all,

i am finishing my 2nd sock of my very first pair of socks!!!!!! i love to knit socks!!!!! im so excited, cant you tell? :)

well, i want to know what your absolute favorite sock yarn is. dont worry about yarn price, i can handle it :)

your suggestions are very much appreciated.

just to show you, i will include a picture of my finished sock. i knitted it in a gifted worsted acrylic yarn just to get the hang of it. they will make a great pair of house socks. they are a bit big around the ankles but that is because of the worsted yarn. i learned from a great book: Knit Socks! by Betsy McCarthy.

without further adu......
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thanks y'all
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FO: the Immense Alpaca Scarf of DOOM!

I actually finished this a few weeks ago, I just had to get off my lazy rump and take some decent photos.

This is my first big project: a scarf (yeah, cliche, but I needed a scarf) and matching armwarmers. I posted about this scarf here some time ago when the scarf appeared to be working up too short. I wanted to know if I needed to buy more yarn (in a different dye lot) or if it would get longer in the blocking.

I ended up buying the extra yarn. (It also got longer in the blocking.) The dye lots match closely enough you can't see the difference unless you know to look for it, so that's good. However, as I relaxed my knitting loosened up as I went along, so besides working up longer than I expected, the scarf is at least a half-inch wider at one end than at the other. Oops. At any rate, I didn't need to use all of the last hank on the scarf -- hence the matching armwarmers.

This is the first time I've blocked alpaca (or anything but a pot holder). It was... interesting. The scarf could have been anything from 12" wide and 6 feet long to 9" wide and 8 feet long. Sort of scary, really.

I call this the Immense Alpaca Scarf of DOOM! because, well, it turned out to be a rather lot of scarf. I wanted something wide enough I could wrap it over my head if I chose, so I decided to make it 10' wide. This seemed reasonable enough when I went to Kohls to try on scarves for size. It didn't occur to me that a 10' wide scarf of very thin polarfleece (which is what the department-store scarf was made from) is simply a lot less scarf than a 10' wide scarf of chunky alpaca.

Add to this the fact that despite my best efforts the scarf stretched in blocking and has stretched more under its own weight as I've worn it and, well, Immense Alpaca Scarf of DOOM! It's very warm, though. Also a bit itchy around the neck despite being the softest yarn known to man. I'm not displeased with my efforts but would probably have made it a bit smaller were I to do it again.

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Without further ado...
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Help with vest pattern, please

I'm having some trouble with one bit of the pattern for the yoke vest from Teva Durham's loop-d-loop (I have tried to find a picture for reference and failed...the pattern is on pg. 50 of the book, anyway). So far it's been really straightforward, but I have come to where I need to divide for the collar:

Knit to center Front st and work a right-slanting dec (the center st will lie under the st to its left and the yarn extends from the loop of the center st), pm for centre neck;

Ok, no problems there. But then:

do not cont on RS row, but in order to create a balanced loop through center st at bottom neck, turn so WS of fabric is facing and purl WS row to right neck edge, turn, knit to left edge, turn, and purl one row.

I'm not sure what's meant by right and left neck edge...because if you're looking at the garment, the right neck edge is what you just knit across to get to the centre st, so to purl "to" it would be at most to work the centre stitch again, and then a second time to get back to the "left neck edge", so you're just making a very very short short row and causing a big hole on either side...so that's obviously not it, but what then?

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Generic Hat Question

This seems like one of those things that people ask a lot, but my looking through the memories and the tags has produced nothing, so what the heck.

I'm knitting a hat, generally from my own pattern but a simple thing, dpns, bottom up, and I'm just wondering, when I get to the top and I've decreased so there's six stitches or so left, how do I close up the top enough?

Yarn usage question

This time, posted without a picture of my dog, because I sinned and forgot to put it behind a cut and it got deleted ever so promptly:

I want to knit my dog a bed. He is a Malamute, which means I don't want to use all wool or all acrylic yarn because he would get too hot.

Can anyone recommend the toughest natural fiber or cotton blend out there for this type of thing?
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Elephant patterns

I was trying to find a pattern for a stuffed elephant toy that didn't look dorky. Free is better than not, but above all, it has to actually look like an elephant, not just a lumpy gray thing. And it's got to be standing on four legs like a real elephant, not in a "teddy bear" pose on two.

Anyone have any hints? (I'm planning to use a gray suede yarn, so it feels more like an animal and less like yarn, too, if anyone has any suggestions for that.)
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Tennant and Tounge

(no subject)

Does anyone have any ideas how to go about making a knitted book cover? Or well, any book cover in general? There's a bit of a story behind it, but suffice it to say, there are books I don't want other people seeing the outsides of.

Which size?

My volleyball coach just had a baby girl this past weekend, and I'm planning on knitting a little sweater for her (the baby, not my coach). Now, I'm not really sure which size I should knit, 6 mos or 1 year. She's tiny now, but since both her parents are over 6 feet tall, I'm thinking she won't be tiny for too long.

Presumably, the 6 mo size will fit sooner, but a 1 year size will fit longer. Which is better?
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28 days later

(no subject)

It has been months since my aunt sent me 10 skeins of Classic Elite Inca Alpaca (50g/115yds, 5 sts/1" on US7), and I have yet to find something to make out of it. It's a beautiful, soft, fuzzy deep royal purple. Since I have over 1000 yds of it, I want to make something substantial, rather than 8 or 10 smaller projects. I was thinking something like a cardigan or shrug, but most of the free patterns I've looked at are either not my style, or call for a different gauge than I can safely replicate with this yarn. Ideas? Even ones that are not shrug/cardi types?

also, I'm told that alpaca has a tendency to stretch a little, and to use it for something drapey, so something form-fitting might not be the best idea.

thanks so much!

(no subject)

Hello, I was looking for some suggestions and hope you all could help me 
I bought THIS yarn, it's very beautiful, not extremely soft but comfortable on the skin and I have 1 and 3/4 skeins of it. (about 200  yards) I really do love that colour and want to make something I can wear but I just can't make up my mind! I'm pretty sure that lot is all sold out so really the 200 yards is all I have to work with.
I made a Panta and a scarf already with it..yea i know I'm going a little overboad here..but i bought 3 skeins! Next time I won't go crazy and over-buy my favorite colour wool ;)
Thanks a lot for your help!! 
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(no subject)

I needed a good project for a beginner that wasn't a scarf. I ended up with this sleeveless, cowl neck sweater. Sure it was really mindless (mostly stockinette in the round), but I love how it turned out.

Book: Trendy Knit Tops by Joyce M. Wu (Leisure Arts)
book found at leisurearts.com

Yarn: Lion Brand Imagine #099 Fisherman
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panta anyone?

I know these have been circulating around alot lately, but I decided to post my very first panta anyway. :) I made it for my sister, and I'm happy with the way it turned out so I hope she likes it. It was so nice to get a break and do something mindless (but not SO terribly mindless as that godawful HP scarf from a while back).

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Backyard Leaves help, please.

I just ripped out my 3rd attempt at Backyard Leaves from Scarf Style.

I was wondering if I could get some help with the pattern. This is my first time attempting lace.

1st question: I work the set up row as the directions say. Then row 1, is that considered a RS row or a WS row?

2nd question: When the pattern calls for a slip with yarn in front, Im understanding this as slip-purlwise with the yarn in front is that correct?

3rd question: when the pattern calls for me to k1, p1 in the same stitch, I am knitting one without removing the stitch from the needle, bringing the yarn to the front and then purling. Does this sound correct or is there another technique for doing this that im not aware of?

Thanks in advance.
Pixie Purls

"Slip St band in place"

What does "Slip St band in place" mean?

This is a Rowan pattern, and I know for instance on some rowan patterns it might say yfwd, which is a YO as I know it.

Is there another term for the slip st seam so I can find it in my "The Knitters Book of Finishing Techniques"? I have this book and it tells me all about seaming but the section on button bands doesn't seem to apply for how mine was knit.

I knit a front of a cardi, and when I knit the bottom garter st I left 5 st off on a holder, then i came back after the whole front cardi was done, and I took those off the holder and onto the needles and knit all the way up the height of the cardi, it told me to knit it slightly shorter so it can stretch a bit. So now I have to seam the garter st band onto the st st front.

Any idea's? I did google searches and can't find any "slip st" which is to be used for seaming on a button band! :(

help figuring out a pattern!

Hello fellow knitters :)

I need some help deciphering a pattern for this hat, worn by Bruce Springsteen:

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A friend wants to pay me to make it for him

It's a poor picture, I'm sorry. It's basically an oversized toque. It's REALLY thick, and has a folded up brim. I'm guessing it's ribbed?

I'm not good at coming up with my own patterns for anything. I know how to knit using circular needles, but double pointed needles scare me.

is it as simple as making a really big hat and folding it up? or is there a knitting technique to the brim? any ideas how I would go about decreasing to shape the end? is it likely that a Bulky-weighted yarn was used? K2 P2 ribbing? I'm clueless

any help would be greatly appreciated! thank-you so much :)