February 21st, 2006


FO: Dice Bag

I bought a skein of Patons Brilliant with the intent to knit a dice bag for selling at an auction. I wasn't able to get to it in time for the auction, however, so the Husband requested a dice bag for himself--he originally picked out the yarn. Since I had nothing else to do with the yarn (and I like him somewhat) I comlied.

I did not use a pattern for this one. Instead, I cast on some stitches and went stockinette-crazy. After a few rows, I created the drawstring holes with some yarn overs. (Thanks to those who answered an earlier post I had on how to do this)

I really wanted to keep the shape of the bag simple becuase the yarn is so sparkly. I feared if I did too much, the bag would be too feminine for a 30 year-old male.

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I just got a cell phone for my birthday, and instead of buying a case for it, I knit one out of some leftover Noro silk I had. Got the idea from Stitch and Bitch, but adapted it to make it easier and avoid the button:


(I hope this method of posting pictures is okay!)

Right now I'm working on a shawl for my wedding:


It's only about a fifth done, but you get the idea. It's 50% merino, 50% alpaca. I'm thinking of trying to stretch it out a little when I block it, to make it a bit bigger and to make the pattern appear more "lacy." Will this work, do you think?

Anne & the Giant Bird

first posting

Hullo! I finally have pics to post of my very first knitted items...
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The baby hat was the most difficult and the most fun to do! I've gotten a bunch of tips here every now & again, so thanks to everyone posting.
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Washing oiled yarn before or after knitting?

I purchased 3 cones of Cashmere yarn from ColourMartUK. As an aside, I can't recommend this seller enough. I had originally ordered a different cashmere yarn and paid for it, but when he went to pack up the order the yarn had gone missing. He told me since it was his mistake, I could have a full refund, plus 30%, or he would double my yarn order for the same price of any in stock yarn he had. Score! I got over 900 yards of worsted/aran weight 100% cashmere for around $40! And it got here in less than 5 days!

In the eBay listing it says: "This yarn is supplied still oiled for industrial knitting, and needs to be washed to "bloom". The technician recommended garment wash method is 5 mins on the wool wash program of a washing machine (not the full program!), or of course hand washing is fine. This wash should be carried out after knitting or weaving, which gives a tighter and harder wearing overall result."

But I have just received the yarn and while it's beautiful, I don't like the oily feel and smell. I am not sure that I want to knit with it like this...how bad would it be to wash it before knitting with it? How much will it really affect the overall wearing of the finished garment? Right now this yarn is bookmarked for a Clapotis or other type of scarf/hat combo, so will it be OK since it's not a sweater?

And if it is OK to pre-wash it, how would you recommend doing it? Just winding into loose hanks and soaking?


knit geekery and a yarn snob destashing

my boyfriend has this thing for wienerdogs. his whole family does actually; i think it may be genetic. anyway, i hunted down a pattern by sirdar and had it shipped from england (to the us) to make this crazy stuffed dachshund for him. the knitting was easy-peasy, but i've got to tell you, this was my first knitted toy, and the finishing will majorly test a girl's finishing skills. MAJORLY. it's nine million little pieces all needing to be sewn and stuffed and attached.

the boy also requested a scarf (the doxie was my idea, not a request), so for your viewing pleasure, the wienerdog and the multidirectional diagonal scarf. (note that the dog got one, too, with my leftovers).

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ALSO! totally unrelatedly - moving in with boyfriend (i guess it's not TOTALLY unrelated) moved me from a two bedroom apartment of my own to all my stuff in one little room in a house. so, i am having to majorly destash. i am a SUPER, BONAFIDE yarn and fiber snob, so all the goodies are GOODY, if you know what i mean :) anyway, if you're looking for fab yarn, spinning fiber, books, or magazines on the cheapy, pop on over. the yarn snob destashes!

Knit Shops in Northern Virginia

Ola Knitters!! Any suggestions for knitting shops in NVA? Specifically, the Vienna, Oakton, Alexandria, Fairfax, Arlington area...

I've been to Capital Yarns but don't know of any other good shops. Thanks!

ki in Houston (...who will be visiting VA in a few days...)

Help with knitting into a selvedge chain

I'm almost finished making my husband's raglan sweater, but I have another question. I've finished all the raglan decreases and now The Sweater Workshop book instructs me to knit into the selvedge chain on the left side of the neck toward the front middle of the sweater. I understand this in theory. I've picked up and knit along a bound off edge before, but for some reason this is not working for me. I can pick up the first stitch fine but then when I put my needles into the second stitch, wrap the yarn knitwise and pull it through it just doesn't work. The first stitch kind of falls off and I'm left with only one stitch.

It seems to me that it would work if I were moving from right to left, but that's not possible since my working yarn is still attached at the top left.

I hope this makes sense. I'm confused myself so it's difficult to explain what's going wrong. If you have any advice or links to instructions I would be most grateful.

On a preemptive note - it's impossible for me to go to my LYS and ask for help because I live in Japan and don't speak enough Japanese to explain the situation.
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I'm still a bit confused when it comes to using a different yarn than what is called for. Has anyone ever used Rowan Kid Classic or Knit Picks Palette? Would they be about the same, if you were using one instead of the other?


I'm making a sweater out of Malabrigo. It's a kettle dyed, beautiful merino wool. I love it!

I'm trying to figure out how much yarn I'll need for the sleeves. My pattern calls for 8 skeins at 215 yards a skein.

I'm making the sleeves a different color and I'm worried that I'm going to run out of yarn. How many skeins do you think I'll need?
kids garden

potentially stupid decreasing question

hello all,

i'm making the infamous Jayne hat from this pattern- which uses a bulky yarn. i, of course, had to susbstitute something worsted. so, when it comes do decreasing- do you think i should still do eight decreases a round- or should i increase,decrease more since i have almost triple the number of cast on stitches?

i'm thinking if i keep it 8 decreases a round, i think it will even out?

i know i'm probably over thinking this, sometimes just starting to write it out here in knitting helps me figure things out, but it's been a long week.

Hooray for handwarmers.

I'm knitting a pair of handwarmers with the voodoo wrist warmers pattern from knitty... I've been knitting since I was twelve, but only recently upgraded from scarves. I've already finished one handwarmer in Cascade Yarn's 9440 color.


(The picture on the site doesn't do it justice.) It knit up really beautifully, and felt so much better to work with than the crappy acrylic baby-weight yarn I was using to practice increases/decreases/buttonholes on.

My question is: it's nice yarn, I love it, yadda yadda, but it's also 100% wool and rather itchy. I saw something online about using normal hair conditioner on wool to make it softer, but I saw it on just one knitting blog and would like to know if this is an ok practice (and if it works!), and if so, what kind of conditioner is gentlest on bright colors.

shoulder seams?

So I bound off the front and back of my sweater before reading much about seaming, and after doing some reading, it looks like most of the recommended ways to seam shoulders require non-bound-off edges. Since I don't have those, how should I put these pieces together?

Seed Stitch

I need help, I was the washcloth person... well someone suggested that seed stitch was the best to use.. I need to learn how to do it... I checked knitty and didnt see it on there, does anyone know of a short simple video or instructions. I am more of a visual learner, but have been doing well with the short video's on kitty.

Thanks bunches.. PS I have made 2 was clothes already... one knit/purl and one with stocking