February 22nd, 2006

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I've got a question about M1s. I'm currently working on SnB Nation's "Head Huggers" ear warmer and I'm a bit fuzzy on one of techniques. I know how to M1, but it called for M1F (make on in the front) and M1B (make one in the back). By front and back, does that mean where I put the strand of yarn to slip it over?

And also...i-cord can't be knitted on straights, can it?

EDIT: I actually figured out the M1 differences by myself, but thanks for the speedy responses and advice. I think I may just wait and get DPNs this weekend. Because I was bored and couldn't get to sleep, I did the i-cord on straights and joined it to my work.

Sock Blockers

Does anyone know a source of inexpensive sock blockers? Yes I know I can make some out of coat hangers, but thats not really what I want. When I google sock blockers I get a zillion results....mostly blogs that mention sock blockers. Most of what I've found have been in the $25.00 a pair category and since I want all 3 sizes I was hoping to find some a little less expensive. TIA

Pattern Request

Last nigt, a girl in my writing class had on this beautiful . . .scarf thing. I'm not sure what it is, but it looks like a very wide scarf that she had draped around her shoulders. It didn't look like a shawl, more like a wrap,I suppose? If someone knows what I'm talking about, please let me know what it's called! Also, if you know of a pattern for it, even better!

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Softer version of Lamb's Pride Bulky?

I have to remake BOTH Hot Heads.

Himself's because he lost it on the set of West Wing (now there's an excuse...). Mine because when he lost his, he had to borrow mine and stretched it all out of shape with his giant coconut.

I can remake his out of Lamb's Pride Bulky with no problem.

But for mine, I want something softer. Any suggestions?
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marzipan porcupine

pattern search and FO: leftovers vest

i've been looking for patterns with insects or aquatic life to incorporate into gifts for expecting friends (one is an entymologist; the other is a scuba instructor).

i would love to find a pattern for cabled or textured insects (as opposed to colorwork), like the spider in one of the barbara walker books. i've seen the spider and may use it, but i'm really picturing something like a beetle or cricket or dragonfly. realistic wins over anything too cutesified, but i know i'm being picky, so i'd love to hear any suggestions people have. i've discovered Fiona McTague's Knitted Toys in my google searches, so any reviews of that would be appreciated.

as for the aquatic animals ... i'm really hoping for seahorses, and i've found some good colorwork ones in Kate Buller's Style Your Own Kids Knits, but, again, i'd love anything cabled/textured or a stuffed toy pattern.

and, now for a recent FO Collapse )

Lane Borgosesia Baby Alpaca

I've got a pattern that calls for Lane Borgosesia Baby Alpaca yarn. I plan to substitute (with something machine washable, as the recipient is a 3-year-old kidlet) but haven't been able to find anything out about this yarn via Google. Does anyone know what weight yarn this is? The pattern calls for size 8 needles so I'm guessing worsted, but you never know...

Cast On Mid-Knitting & Corkscrew Questions

Hola (not ola!!) Knitters!

I'm helping my Mom with this cute sweater pattern (http://www.margarethubertoriginals.com/newpage1.htm), knit from the cuff instead of from the neck down or the bottom up. Interesting, right?

So, this bold part of the instructions is not clear to us:

Starting at sleeve edge, cast on 32 (36, 38) sts. Work in garter st (knit every row) for 6 ½ ,( 7, 7 ½ ) inches. At the beginning of the next 2 rows cast on 25 (29, 33) sts., work in garter st for 8 (10, 10) more rows.

Which cast on method would you suggest?   If I understand it correctly, the work would be on the right needle and the working yarn would be coming from the tip of that needle.  The cast on stitches would then be created and placed on that right hand needle.  Also, since the instructions say "next 2 rows" then am I to understand that there would be 25(29,33) cast on stitches coming off of the right and left side of the previously worked garter stitches?   Kind of like a "T"?

Elsewhere in the pattern, 3 corkscrews are called for: Top corkscrews: Make 3. Cast on 20 sts. Knit, inc every st. (40 sts), bind off.  Which type of increase would be best to use since basically, this piece is really only made up of a cast on row, a knit/increase row and a bind off row.

Your help is much appreciated!  Thanks so much... ki in houston 

Miss Dashwood Baby Hat

I would like to knit Miss Dashwood from the Winter 2004 edition of Knitty. I am having a really hard time understanding the picot cast-on. To wit:

"Using a knitted cast-on, *CO 5 sts, BO 2 sts, slip stitch remaining on right needle back to left needle, repeat from *."

Should I cast on 5 stitches, turn the work and bind off two stitches or am I missing something?
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Some FOs a WIP and a Lace Question

I finally got around to taking pics of my most recent stuff!
There are some pretty big pics under the cut.
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And of course a request for advice:
I'm way to cheap to buy blocking wires and have little knowledge of how that process even works (this is my first real lace project) so I'm hoping you thrifty lace knitters out there can point me towards a cheap substitute for blocking wires and maybe an online tutorial or similar on how to block lace.


Sigh - neck too big

I finished my husband's raglan sweater. The fit is perfect except for one thing - the neck is huge. Here, the percentage system failed me. My husband says he doesn't mind but I think he's just trying to be nice and I know it will be the only thing I notice from now on.

Can I fix it? It's a ribbed crew neck. I began the ribbing after picking up stitches along a selvedge line (yesterday's question). Do I have to rip it out and decrease somewhere (if so - how far do I frog?) or is there some magic blocking process that can shrink it?

Pictures coming soon, I promise.
the contradiction of what i expected you

Rogue WIP

almost done with rogue (my project for the knitting olympics)...all i have left is the hood and the sleeves :) i might actually finish it by the deadline!

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30-week preemies; big sister

I have searched the memories but am not coming up with much - I'm looking for some guidance on knitwear for preemies.

A friend of mine is pregnant with twins and right now their goal is to keep the babies inside until 30 weeks - longer than that would be great but they're not hopeful.

I'd like to make some things for the babies to wear so she doesn't have to see them in hospital gowns, but I don't know rules/regulations regarding what preemies can wear in the NICU. I have an enquiry in to the hospital for their input but I thought I would also ask here, since I suspect one or more members may have experience with this.

I have found this website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/stoke/my_pages/babywear/patterns.shtml which has some information and patterns, but I'm also asking here for yarn suggestions (anything available in the US - mail or shop - although I'd love Knitpicks suggestions if any of their yarns seem suitable for preemies). I'd like not to spend TOO much money but as the items will be so small, it's okay if the yarn is a little pricier. I'd also like to make a few blankets, so less expensive but still soft yarn recommendations would be appreciated for that as well.

Also, the babies have a big sister who is 7 - she's a girly girl, very bright and really looking forward to meeting her new sisters. I'd like to make her a little something too, but I don't have much time - so I'm thinking maybe not a jumper. Any suggestions for knit dolls/toys/etc that might suit?

Thank you!

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece/ Monks Satchel Question.

Hey all,
I'm working on the infamous Monk's Satchel with Cotton Fleece..

I had a few questions about the yarn. My stitches are slightly holey as I ended up using a US 5 instead of a US 4. Will Cotton Fleece shrink at all when washed? Maybe thrown in the dryer?

Should I just rip out my 12 inches of Seed St and double strand it? This is for the strap of doom, so I know it's going to be "load bearing" when in use (Strap of doom = 72 inches of seed st)

Has anyone actually finished this bag before/ if so any photos? What yarns did you end up using? Anyone else line it?

I am planning on lining it as I really want to use the bag after spending so much time on it, but I still just don't like the look of stretched out (really holey) seed st.

*When not stretched out it is slightly holey, but after stretching to simulate weight of a bag being put on the strap it has gotten pretty bad hole wise. And before someone asks, Yes I've made sure I'm not missing stitches, the seed st looks fine when it's not stretched out.. I really only chose this pattern to have something mindless to do during Weight Watcher's meetings and car rides.

Notes pattern wise- This pattern is really simple, but extremely time consuming. For me I have to switch off between this project and another so I don't get bored with the seed st of doom. I do have a few modifications planned for it although as a base pattern it's got great lines ect. My alterations will include using big buttons instead of icord closure, lining it and putting many pockets/ dividers in the lining instead of in the knitting. I figure since I intend on using this bag, lined is a better option for me.. I don't like things sticking through my bag :) I'm also thinking about putting a few pockets on the front, underneath the flap but that will depend on my mood by the time I'm done with this. I may also do some color work in the main part of the bag, but I am not sure as of yet. I need to sketch out a few design options and see what I like first :)

As always, thank you everyone for being so helpful!
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Ab Fab Afghan Throw Kit by Colinette

hi, me again about the blanket/throw knitting again, for my bf's new place & 2 years together. (with time running out (april 27!), i may just end up buying the huge box set of BTVS and save the blanket for next year or x-mas, i definitely want to do this though!)

has anyone ever bought the Ab Fab Afghan Throw Kit by Colinette? I need reviews, if anyone has done it, is it really worth the $185, or the $130 shipped from overseas? how big a throw blanket do you end up with?

and what are good substitute yarns (that are also really soft and pretty, with self-striping colors or textures) that I can improvise on with feather and fan? (I have the skills to do f&f, but havn't tried it yet)

any other reviews of blanket/throw kits would be great too!

for some examples of the kits: (the second one has better pictures, but the first has more):

thanks! you ladies are always so helpful!


Urban Necessity Mittens

I've been working on Urban Necessity Mittens from Magknits and I need some help. The link to the chart for the large and extra large size (I'm making them in large) is broken. I'm assuming it wasn't always broken, so I'm hoping someone out there has made these and still has the file. I don't plan on including the cabling so I don't even need the chart, I just need to know how many rows tall it is, since I have to switch the method of decreasing once the chart is finished. Any help would be much appreciated.

Knitpicks WoTA Colour Card

Could somebody with a Knitpicks Wool of the Andes colour card recommend three or four colours to me? I'd like them to coordinate. They'll be used for a striped felted bag. I'd like a pink, a purple, and one or two colours that work well with those. I'm planning to do:

wide purple section
thin stripe of first coordinating colour
( OPTIONAL: thick stripe of 2nd coordinating colour then
thin stripe of first coordinating colour )
wide pink section

It's for a fairly girly-girl 7 year old. I'm having a hard time making a decision based on Knitpick's website and I don't have time to wait for a colour card to arrive. I'll trust others' judgement on the matter ;)

If there aren't really suitable colours, I'll probably go with Cascade 220 and can visit a LYS for that.

Thanks in advance!

baby FO goodness

so i finally finished my quasi experimental cabled baby hat. i'm rather pleased with how it turned out considering it was my first cabled project and my own design (not like it's that brilliant though). i need to re-think how to do the decreases though for my next version of this hat (to be done as an adult size in HP colors. hee!) i don't like how they ended up coming out of the end of the cable. i think it would look better coming out of the middle. or i'll shift where they are altogether. not sure yet. one thing that i will say about LB microspun, as much of a pain as it can be, i've never had k2tog work so well for me. so here's the cabled hat and the obligatory umbilical cord hat. :-)
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Knitpicks Shine colours?

I hate to do this again but I'm hoping for some further input on Knitpicks. I am wary of trusting their images online from hearing of others' experiences .. I am ordering colour cards for all of these yarns but again I have a deadline to meet and don't have time to wait for the cards to arrive before ordering yarn. This time I'm looking at Knitpicks Shine. I'm making two of the same thing (Magknit's Blossom), but want to make them two different colours. They're for twins, so I'd like the colours to look good together.

I'm thinking Blush and Violet, but I'm afraid that violet is too deep compared to the blush. Is Orchid a better companion to the Violet? Thanks!

basic cable...

this is turning into a huge pain in the rear... i thought the basic cable from stitch n bitch nation would be a great first project for cables
HAH! not working.... so i have a question

divide sts between 3 dpns, 32 sts on each
rnd 4: *K2 p2 c4f p2* to end of rnd

i did the first 2 cables ok, but the third cable was weird. the fourth stitch of the cable was on a separate needle (the next one), so when i attempted that cable, it became a huge, twisted mess of dpns and yarn
soooo help?

i'll post pics when and if i get done

I want the ugly pattern!

I know I'm not the only one who is an avid reader of You knit what, the blog that makes fun of "what were they thinking" knitting patterns.
But I have to make this for someone. Ren Faire person.
Not in pink, of course.
And under something else, since they are meant to be bloomers.

But I can't find the original pattern.
I guess other people have asked for it too, because she reminded people the next day that she's not sharing patterns-- the FAQ says "friends don't let friends knit ugly."
Not my plan :-)

Anyone know where I can find this.
I've tried goggling pink pantaloons, bloomers, knickers, thrown in the word bamboo (thats what that yarn in made out of,) knitting, knit, etc... no luck.
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