February 23rd, 2006

pattern help

So I am knitting Yarn Harlot's Daisy for the olympics....http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer03/PATTdaisy.html
and I've run into a problem.

The pattern reads, work neck shaping as for right front, reversing all shapings. Here's the directions for the right front that I'm supposed to reverse. I understand that when it says k2tog, I should ssk, because I wan't a different slanting decrese...however, where it says to BO on the other side, will be the end of a row, not the begining, so do I break the yarn and do each row individually, or am I missing something? If you were supposed to reverse this, how would you do it?

Begin neck shaping:

Row 1:BO 6 sts, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.
Row 2 [and all wrong side rows]: Purl.
Row 3: BO 2 sts, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.
Row 5: BO 1 st, k to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1.
Continue purling WS rows, and repeat Row 5 1[ 2, 3] times-- 4 sts remain [all sizes].
Next row: K1, k2tog, k1.
Next row: Purl.
Next row: Sl 1, k2tog, psso, fasten off.


Ok, so I am a fairly new knitter and I am just venturing into the world of patterns. (before I just kind of made stuff up).
Well, a co-worker of mine is pregnant and I wanted to knit her a stuffed duck. I have the entire thing knitted up and stuffed, except for the head. I just cant comprehend this pattern. Im sure it is something really simple and I am just not getting it.

It starts will 30 st on the needle. Next row, K. Next row, P. (ok got that)
Next row Inc1, K1 across then in parentheses it says (45 st)-
Ok, so if I start with 30 st, and inc1 and k1 across, i end up with 60 st, not 45. It continues on after that incresing and knitting across, but If i can figure out the first increase, then i should be able to apply it to the rest.

Anyone able to explain this to me? I will love you forever!
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baby blanket yarn

What is your favorite, beautiful, washable yarn to use for baby blankets?
My cousin Meg is having her first baby soon and I'd like to knit her a blanket, I plan on using a fairly simple pattern and showcasing the yarn. I am thinking of something handpainted or that is varigated in some way. What is your favorite source for such a yarn...what do you recommend using?

Spring Knits For Complete Beginners

Hey there!

After much faffing (four months easily), and many, many an email, I've finally arranged my very first SnB at my university! Only problem is...some of the people coming along are complete beginners, i.e. never, ever knit before, and I'm having trouble thinking of easy stuff they could knit which is quite Spring-like. Obviously March is perhaps a bit too late to knit a scarf, even for English weather! Can anyone help me think of some very easy Spring knits for complete beginners? I'm only a beginning knitter myself, so I'm not sure what sort of things would be suitable, particularly in terms of yarns and needle size-I learned to knit in the autumn and therefore was able to knit many a scarf! At the moment I think I could perhaps get round this by getting everyone to participate in a charity knit for a cold country; lots of charities ask for warm, knitted clothing and accessories for the needy in colder countries...

Thanks Guys!
knitting kitten

Help with World of Knitted Toys pattern

Thanks everyone who pointed me to the World of Knitted Toys elephant. That was exactly what I was looking for (person getting gift is thrilled, although insists the elephant in the picture is purple...so hers will be purple instead of gray). Our library didn't have the book, but I found it online in a library a few towns over, drove out last night and photocopied the elephant pages.

Only, once I got home, I saw that the instructions for the elephant's body gusset said to "attach and finish" the same way as described for the animal on page 101. Does anyone have this book, and can tell me what the instructions on page 101 are for attaching and finishing the body gusset?

Thanks so much!
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Hey, knitters!! Now, i've never done any actual knitting before. however, i've been watching this community, and i bought some needles and yarn last night...i would like to learn how. i've googled some sites to learn how, and i think i can grasp it once i start (i'm finishing a project on my loom first), but i'm confused on a lot of the vocabulary...such as increase, decrease, purl (i think i sort of know what that is, but i'm not sure...).

Are there any sites where i could look at a list of knitting terms and their definitions/how to do them?

Thanks in advance for any help!!
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(no subject)

After 3 months of making a half-assed effort (bringing it out every night while I was knitting, trying a few stitches, declaring it TOO HARD, putting it away and getting out the endless I-cord she's making on her knitting spool) the Fabulous Miss Evelyn is finally able to knit a row or 2 of garter stitch scarf without dropping or twisting or otherwise weirdifying her stitches.

I know its not as major as learning to read, or becoming a good moral person, or even (on a practical level) as being toilet trained and able to bathe herself, but it gives me inordinate pleasure to sit next to her on the sofa in the evening working on our knitting.

And today, the mailman brought me 3 hanks of Socks that Rock in Alina, Fire on the Mountain, and Xmas Rock. Not only are the colors amazing, the yarn itself is wonderful - very firm feel, but extremely soft. I can't wait to cast on and get going, but I've got to finish the socks currently OTN for Hubby - Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in Liberty.

Cross posted to personal journal.
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Lessons Learned From My Latest Project, or Sometimes The Simple Things Work the Best

Just wanted to share a few "ah ha!" moments from my latest knitting project. I have been working on a shawl to wear to a wedding this weekend (sleeveless dress + February wedding + Upper Midwest US = need shawl!), a fairly quick project based on the classic care/prayer/healing shawl pattern, in Lionbrand Homespun, Ranch coloroway.

1) Finding yarn to match/coordinate with an existing outfit can be tricksy, but fun. This was the second time that my sister and I brought a dress to the yarn store, and 'modeled' every skein of yarn we could find that just might match, until we found the perfect color combination. Admittedly it felt more decadent to play with the spiffy yarns at the LYS last time, but the experience was just as fun at the local Big Box Craft Store, the sales staff was just as amused and helpful, and it fit my 'unexpected knittng project budget' more kindly.

2) Had I cast on an odd number of stitches/repeats, say 51 or 57 stitches in the 3x3 seed stitch pattern instead of the 54 stitches I used, every row would have started with knit stitches. If I'd figured that out before I was over a foot into the project, I'd have saved myself from a good bit of tinking after not paying close enough attention to the string while watching movies.

2) The cast off nearly drove me nuts. No matter what I did, it was too tight, not nearly as flexible as the cast-on edge. I don't mind tinking/unknitting so much, though I'd rather not if I can avoid it. Undoing a cast off edge - multiple times - BLEH! In desperation, I grabbed the knitting books off the shelf, convinced that I was going to need some obscure or complex method of binding off to achieve my desired result. From between the pages of one book fell a sheet of knitting tips that I'd clipped from a paper ages ago, including the tip "If you're binding off too tightly, try using a needle a few sizes larger!" Could it really be that easy? Why not give it a try! The worst that could happen is I have to undo the *bleep*ing cast-off row, AGAIN. Wow. It worked like a charm. The edge looks so neat, and with the sqiggly Homespun yarn it looks very much like the cast-on edge. All that aggravation, such a simple fix. I wonder how many other valuable tips I've discounted because they seemed "too easy"?

3) For a rectangular wrap to drape nicely and look elegant instead of blocky, it needs to be at least as long as I am tall. Just a few inches made all the difference between it looking like a skinny blanket and a dressy wrap.

4) While I love knitting/crochetting for other people, it is wonderful to knit something ALL FOR ME! Once the fringes are on, (long flowing fringes since I have enough remaining yarn!) (and yes, I will be knotting the ends so the Homespun stays looking like yarn instead of fluff) I will swirl and twirl and feel quite fashionable in my new shawl. The bride is a fellow knitter, and it makes the outfit feel all the more special and appropriate for me, for such a special occasion. :-)

All that is left: weaving in ends and adding the fringe!
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question about clan aran sweaters

hello knitting community,
i've been trying for months to get my dad to commit to an aran sweater pattern for me to make for him. and recently he chose one off this website, and i was thrilled that i could finally get started:


but these patterns are sold as kits, and now he's afraid that maybe the wool will be too scratchy. arrrgh! has anyone ordered from clan aran sweaters before and can maybe tell me what other brands of wool it compares to in terms of softness and scratchiness? i haven't had too much experience with different brands, but if you mention something commonly sold in the u.s., then i'll have an excuse to go to my lys and pet some yarn.


(no subject)

Hello. I'm new!

I just learned how to knit and want to make another scarf. My stockinette scarf was terrible - but a great learning experience! So..I understand that stockinette curls. Knitting each row is straight and works wonderfully. But I like to purl..and I cant figure out or see anywhere what PURLING each row gets you! Any tips? I'd really prefer purling.

Also - can anyone link me to some online resources that can help me learn to read patterns better?

Magnolia pattern?

I'm hunting a pattern for a magnolia flower. Preferably felted.

The only thing I've been able to find so far has been this crochet pattern.

I do better with knitting than crochet. :) If anyone has seen a pattern, or has an idea of one that might modify appropriately, please pass it along. I'm not nearly skilled enough to create one without directions to follow. -Thanks!

Solid color clapotis?

Has anyone here knitted a clapotis in solid color? Or even better solid and variegated yarns? Everyone, what did you personally feel looked better the solid or variegated?

I've seen so many of you post pictures here in the past and I can't quite decide what I think looks better. Sometimes other people's opinions help me out. I'm gearing up to knit one or two of my own and I can't decide what I want to do yet!
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close skull d

(no subject)

I'm teaching my boyfriend to knit - and I'm by no means experienced either. I can make a scarf and shawl and can't read patterns, and thats about it. Its going to be supercool to learn together though :)

Thing is..I've known how to knit and purl forever, even though the knitting-fever hasn't hit me until the past year or so. When he knits a row..he ends up with a LOT of space inbetween the needles - like in this Collapse )

Denise Needles

I've had my denise needles for about a month. Today they broke. This is not the first time I've seen or heard of this happening. I've often felt nervous pulling on my project; the connection just doesn't look strong. They grantee them, but that's a huge pain. Plus, they broke while I was working on a project. I much prefer my Addi Turbos, however the Denise needles are very handy.

Collapse )

The gray part is needle, the blue part is the holder thing between the needles. That black part in the needle should be attached to the holder thing. As you can see, it's clearly not. Big bummer dudes.
Nicolas Cage

icord problems

Hi knitters!

I'm making this bag  and I'm having problems with the handles. I've got the first icord done, but I'm not sure how to end it.  Do I just leave a length of yarn and put the stitches on a holder?  Also, how should I attach the yarn to the next three stitches in order to start the second icord?  Any ideas would be helpful! EDIT: The bag is finished! Thanks so much for your ideas! Pics will be up when it's dry and unstuffed!

Bad Penny FO and pattern notes

Last night I completed my first knitted garment - Bad Penny.

I used Cascade Sierra Quatro (color 88) and Sierra (color 12). They're both 80% pima cotton, 20% wool. Working with this yarn was great. I really liked it and would definitely work with it again. I think it's perfect for next to skin garments because it's quite soft. It's a little on the heavy side, though. I love the way it feels on (though this could also be because this is my first garment, so...).

I would recommend this pattern to someone who hasn't knit a garment before. It's quite easy (knits, purls, yarn overs, k2tog's and p2tog's). The only thing that tripped me up was how to really do the bottom pattern and when to use the k2tog or p2tog to make it look nicer (the pattern says k2tog for all of it, but if you do that it just doesn't look pleasing to the eye, IMO). Also, for the XXL size (which is what I made) it says:

On last round, inc 2[3, 8, 0, 1, 2] and dec 0[0, 0, 4, 0, 0] sts evenly around.

My issue is the inc 1 evenly around. If you do this, you'll have an odd number of sts while doing 1 x 1 ribbing. I didn't bother to do it and it worked out fine. I had to do the last row of yo's for the chart pattern slightly differently, but it's not at all noticeable. It was just a matter of being one stitch shorter because of not doing the increase. I think the bottom pattern could be not done at all for someone with a little less experience who still wants to make a garment.

I also worked the sleeves in the round because I found it impossible to knit flat. Because of the raglan style of this shirt, it's quite difficult to do anything other than knit the sleeve edging any other way. That's my opinion, for whatever it's worth.

When I picked up the sts along the collar, I had a difficult time. I know I'm really just not good a picking up stitches "properly" so it seemed to stick up a bit before I blocked the collar. After blocking it, though, it now stays flat instead of trying to fold outward.

Okay, enough of that... Collapse )
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Question about blocking

I've just finished knitting the pieces to my first poncho. The directions in the book say to wash the pieces and lay flat to dry in order for the pieces to reach their full size. The yarn I've used is Plymouth Yukon Print which is mohair, wool and some acrylic. I can't understand the symbols on the wrapper, although I can clearly see that one of them is no ironing. What would I use to wash these pieces and not ruin the yarn?

thanks for your help.

(no subject)

help!! i am trying to make this cute little bunny by kate gilbert but am having problems reading the pattern. i'm not sure if i'm just not paying attention enough or am too inexperienced at pattern reading!! what does k2 loosely mean?!!!!!!!!!

k7, k2 loosely (pass 2nd st on right needle over 1st, k1 loosely) 7 times, pull last st on right needle tight, k9, k2 loosely (pass 2nd st on right needle over 1st, k1 loosely) 7 times, pull last st on right needle tight, k to end