February 24th, 2006

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Hey there everyone!

I've decided to try knitting hats, and totally fell in love with this one whilst browsing the net:


How would I begin to make this?! Are there any similar patterns out there?

Also, has anyone seen the adverts for the Motorola SLVR phone? The girl's hat in that is amazing! Yet again, if anyone knows of any patterns I would be so grateful!!!

Many Thanks, and happy knitting!
The hat

Could someone please help me interpret these directions!

Ok, I googled within the knitting archives, and when I watched the knitting help video, the sound goes out right when it gets to the part I need. Gar.

So I'm doing socks for the very first time, I've turned the heel but cannot for the life of me figure out what I'm supposed to do next.

Here goes: There should be 16 stitches left on heel flap. For ease of instructions, beg of rnd is now at the center of bottom of foot. The needles are renumbered at this point. Needle 1 is beg of rnd. Divide heel sts evenly onto needles 1 and 3. Sts on needles 1 and 5: 8. Needles 2 and 3: instep sts, then PU 14 sts from side of heel flap, PU 2 sts at top of gusset. Needles 2 and 3, work across instep in pattern. Needle 4, PU 2 sts at top of gusset, PU 14 sts from side of heel flap, knit rem heel sts. Sts per needle: 24, 14, 14, 24.

I'm sure the problem is stupid and obvious, and I can't figure it out because let's face it, its 12:30, and I had my wisdom teeth pulled out today. But, please, help!

Holey Socks, Batman!

I've made two pairs of socks from KnitPicks' Sock Memories and Sock Garden. I wore both pairs for a couple of days just around the house and they already have holes in them. Has anyone else had this problem with these yarns? Or is it just my carpet or some other factor I haven't thought of? Finally, can anyone recommend some sock yarns for around the same price as KnitPicks' yarns ($3.99 for 192 and 220 yd hanks)? Thanks in advance.
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My Finished Trellis-es

I finished these yesterday and waited a day to post these here (per mods re: crossposting), but here are my finished Trellises


Trellis from Knitty
Orangeade CottonEase knit in size 18 months but sleeves adjusted to fit specific petite 3 year old
Pineapple CottonEase in size 12 months . Both sweaters were measured with the cuffs rolled up so they have growing room.
Knit "in the round" (no seams, but not exactly in the round because it's a cardigan) on size 7 bamboo
center back panel changed to seedstitch..... because I didn't want it to slow me down, I kept messing it up and it basically looked like seed stitch anyway.

Less than a week of knitting 3-4 hours a day for each sweater. Sleeves were knit in the round. I kept messing up and knitting the sleeves to length but they are set in, so I'd have to tink and reknit 9-11 rows.

Things I learned.... I've done all of this really, my seaming is just a little more perfected on the sleeve setting-in. I finished the orange one originally and measured it and took the sleeves out and added on to them and reset them. So I technically set in 3 pair of sleeves.

Buttons are still not attached, but I've always made matching fimo buttons for all of the sweaters I've made for these girls, so I'm going to try that.

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alright. last night was stitch 'n bitch, so of COURSE i ended up coming home with nice yarn and no idea what to do with it.

i bought a skein of Collapse )

and also a GORGEOUS skein of ozark handspun in a lovely bubblegum pink/aqua color combo.

since these are both really special yarns, i want to make something very special with them. however, i have a pretty low level of knitting experience. i can knit, purl, increase and decrease. i've got cable needles and a couple pairs of aluminum circs from good old walmart, but i don't know exactly how to use them. however, i'm extremely open to testing my skills with a nice pattern, as long as it's not too difficult.

so do you have any recommendations on what i should do with these gorgeous yarns?

oh, and ps: the ozark handspun is around 34 yds, and the noro is around 120m.
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bitch please

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I'm currently knitting ear-warmers from SnB Nation, the headhuggers. It said to knit in 1x1 rib stiching and about 10 rows later I stopped and thought, "This isn't ribbing!" I assumed that I'd just be doing K1P1 and that would do it, but apparently not. I guess that's because the first stitch of each row is slipped. Should I be alternating and K1P1 after slipping the first and then P1K1 after that for the next row?

Because they're just earwarmers and I'm not afraid of adapting the band in my pattern, should I frog the part that I've been seed stitching and go back and do the 1x1 ribbing or will it not really make a difference with the exception of aesthetics? I'm going to knit it to fit my head, so I won't really need it to stretch. Do you all think that seed stitching would make a lovely headhugger/ear-warmer?
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Online Knit Related Retailer Review

I wanted to post about this because I am so impressed with the high level of service I received from Jordana Paige who makes really awesome knitting purses and messenger bags.

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So in short I would highly recommend the Jordana Paige knitters bags. They are a little pricey -but hey, not much more than the usual bag (like the Lantern Moon bags) sold in a typical LYS, but trust me, they more than make up for it in design elements - they are definitely more than just bags with a lot of pockets!

Miss Dashwood?

Has anyone made Miss Dashwood? I know I've got the size right (the finished product meets length and width gauges beautifully), but it seems...short. The baby in question is in another state, and it's been years since my son was a baby himself, so I don't really have anyone handy to try it out on - I'm just wondering, has anyone made it, and did it in fact fit properly or did it look like a floppy paper plate?

Chris's Sweater FO (finally!)

The back story: My husband took a last minute trip to Canada (we live in Japan) because his grandfather was dying. Being bored and wanting to do something nice for him, I decided to make him a sweater. It's the first sweater I've ever made him and the anxiety I had about him potentially not liking it will probably eventually tear us apart.

Yarn: 17 balls of Diaepoca 100% merino. The weight is 40 g and 80 m.

Needles: 5 mm circs and 4 DPNs

Pattern: For the body I used The Sweater Workshop as a guide and for the sleeves I used the Anticraft's Curse Your Boyfriend because the sleeves in TSW are really outdated. I designed it based on a very similar Old Navy sweater that my husband has but it has a hole in it so he doesn't like to wear it. I used this sweater (a men's XL) for the measurements. It might look a little big on him, but he's thin so he likes the big sweaters because it makes him feel more virile or something (my words, not his).

Completion Time: I cast on January 31st, worked for almost a week, ran out of wool and had to wait 4 agonizing days for my LYS to get more in, bound off on February 21st but the neck was huge, ripped out the neck and started to reknit it but it looked really bad where I had picked up stitches along the selvedge edge, frogged again and reknit it, the neck was too small, frogged the bound off edge and bound off again looser, blocked it and unpinned it today, February 24th (catches breath from huge run-on sentence).

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And because I had to fight with him to take a normal picture because it's Friday and he's hyper:
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I really enjoyed doing the seamless, in the round method, although this was only my second project on circs and DPNs besides a hat that came out all wonky. The DPNs became a lot easier when I realized that the DPNs from the 100¥ shop that I had been working with we 21 inches long and this is not normal.

Thanks again to everyone who helped me with this. I was probably a bit of a pain, but I can't go to my LYS and ask for help because I don't speak enough Japanese and because one of the women there seems to hate me.

yarn porn and a couple FO's

SO. i'm probably posting too much, but it's all relevant and makes sense, hopefully. i've never posted pictures of FO's before, and while several were sent out for the holidays, i still have a couple that i'm keeping for myself. i am a beginner, so please don't expect much. also, enjoy some pictures of the half of my stash that is not in a storage building.

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i'm sorry if that was a bit too enthusiastic, i'm still new to knitting and i drool over yarns and needles constantly. i thought maybe if i shared this, you guys could enjoy it too.

xo maya

Knitpicks vs. Elann?

I'm still plotting out the wedding blanket, and I was wondering which yarn to go with. I'm leaning towards the he Knitpicks as it's a lot cheaper, with a bit more yardage per ball, but I've gotten several recommendations for the Elann yarn.

Does anyone know of any real reason to pick the Elann over the Knitpicks?

Concerning the traits of various fibers

I would like to know the virtues and the downfalls of various fibers:

Wool - Subcategories of various sorts such as merino

And I would like to know how they all compare in terms of:

Wear (does it pill badly?)
Suitability to various projects (does it make a better afghan than a glove?)
Washing (does it bloom in the wash? What is the difference between handwash and superwash?)

And anything else you'd like to add about various brands. I'm here to pick the brains of the experienced so if you've got any sort of experience with any sort of fiber, let's hear it, please.
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katy make sure

UK knitters!

Has anyone else had enormous problems with angelyarns.co.uk? I ordered a GGH yarn from them back in early November. I emailed on the 12th December to find out what had happened to it, and someone emailed me back apologising for the delay, saying that they've just received a shipment of it and that it'll be with me in a couple of days.

January, still not arrived. I email again on the 11th January saying that I'm still waiting, and that I no longer want the yarn unless it will be supplied at a reduced cost. No answer except an auto-response saying they'll respond in 48 hours. Email again 27th January saying that I'm not longer interested in having the yarn, since it's taken over two months to arrive. No answer except the auto-response. Email again on the 3rd February. Email again on the 13th February. Still no answer. I've also tried to phone a couple of times, but press redial for over an hour, I get an engaged tone every time except three, and nobody picks up on the three times it actually dials.

On 14th February, the yarn turns up. EXCEPT I'VE BEEN SAYING FOR OVER A MONTH THAT I NO LONGER WANT IT. I email again, saying that I would like to return the yarn and have my money refunded. No answer except the auto-response.

Suggestions? Commiserations? I want my £40 back! I've ordered another yarn from them which arrived within three days, no problems. But this is just going beyond awful now. I thought about posting something on their forums, but they're closed to new members. I know they're busy, but ignoring an email cancelling an order for OVER A MONTH and failing to respond when I've said I want to return the goods is just beyond terrible.

Do you think it'd make a difference if I wrote a letter? Set the Citizen's Advice Bureau or the Guardian's Consumer Advice service on them? Slagged them off on all the UK knitting forums or communities I can find? What do you reckon?
:punditry: rachel pink

Turning the Heel

I'm working on my first sock,Crusoe, and I'm having a lot of trouble turning the heel. I've done it twice now (once, pulled it out, done it again) and I'm having the same problem. It's oriented strongly to the left, and I'm not sure if that's supposed to happen, and also I run out of stitches at row 9 of the turn heel section. I'm not sure if there's something I'm doing wrong or something I'm reading wrong, and I was wondering if anyone could look at the pattern and see something I might be missing.


how much yarn??

Has anyone knit with Peruvian Collection Sierra Aran from Elann? I want to knit a sweater out of it, but I don't know how much I am going to need. I want to knit a top down raglan sweater like this one http://glampyreknits.tripod.com/glampyrephotos/id44.html How do I figure out how much yarn to use if I'm using an Aran weight instead of a worsted weight? The Sierra Aran's Gauge: 18 st/4 inches 5.0 mm (US 8). In the pattern it says about 1000 yards of wool. Does that transfer over to Aran as well? Would I simply need 1000 yards of Aran. I've never knit with this wool so I have no idea how it swatches up. Anyways sorry if this sounds flaky & thanks in advance to anyone with some advice for me.
EDIT: Small is my size probably 34-36 cheast.
woe is me., o

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Ah I really need some help! I'm working on the Queen Bee hat from Stitch 'n Bitch Nation, and it is my first time working with double pointed needles. I'm up to the point where I switch to them after 2 rows of stockinette - and I practiced on some scrap yarn, so I know how to use them. So I slipped the stitches over, but now my stockinette is reversed - when I purl, it matches up with the knitting, and when I knit, it matches up with the purling. Does that make any sense? I could just knit where I purled and purl where I knit, but I know I'm doing something wrong and I'd really like to fix it - but I just don't know what I did. Could it be because I slipped the stitches purlwise? How could I fix this? Any help is really appreciated!
I really hate to ask this because it seems like such a stupid question but I'm desperate! I've googled and searched for an answer but I can't seem to find one anywhere...so thanks again!