February 25th, 2006


yarn hunting at Goodwill

I had some time to kill waiting for my Dad today and found a Goodwill so I decided to look at the sweaters for interesting things to take apart. :)
I found four that seemed to have nice yarn and good seams, and went to check out. The girl picked up the first one (a large men's sweater), looked at me and immediately asked, "Are you knitting sweaters?" I was quite amused. I asked her what gave it away, the ugly sweaters? She said "no, I looked at this one and thought 'this is huge, she's not that big'"

I was pleasantly surprised by her comment. :)

We soon shall see how the yarn turns out. I'm not very experienced with this but I think I did ok.
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internet disease

starting with few stitches in the round

So, I'm trying to cast on for the Pinwheel baby blanket, but I'm having a hard time. I use DPNs frequently, but my usual technique is to let the inactive needles just kind of hang there until I get to them. But when there are only 1 or 2 stitches on each needle, and especially when using slippery cotton yarn, that technique doesn't work. So how do you deal with starting flat circular objects at the center? I managed it once before, but it was for a felted flat-bottomed bag, so the wool yarn was much "grabbier" on the needles, and the messiness that I ended up with didn't really matter since it was getting felted anyway.

Also, a pattern question: I'm pretty sure there are no rows 3 and 4 in the pattern as written. (Row 1: knit around, Row 2: make 1 in each stitch, 5-end as written). It seems to me like the obvious and "in pattern" thing to do would be to just knit 1 row in between 2 and 5, but then what's row 4?

Rowan's Angie

Hi All,

I'm wondering if anyone's ever knit Angie from the It's A Tape Thing booklet.

I'm knitting the largest size and am having some SERIOUS issues with the sleeve cap. The pattern can be interpreted two ways. One way will give you the right amount of rows (28) but not the right amount of stitches at the end of it all (you'll be left with 4). The other way will give you 18 rows, but will leave you with the right number of stitches to cast off (14). I'm extremely confused, and this is my olympic knitting project to boot, so I don't think I'm even going to get it done on time. :(

Any help that anyone could give would be amazingly helpful!
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let me hear you

olympics project

My olympics project is a pair of socks- Pomatomus from Knitty. Notice the useage of the word pair, even though I only have one done. Crikey. It's my first sock ever though, so I'm cutting myself a wee bit of slack.

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Pattern sites

I need some advice.

I bought Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran yarn to make Knitty's tempting. But I have now accepted that there is no way on this earth that I will ever wear this garment. So I want to rip it out and do something else with the yarn. I just have no idea what. Can anyone recommend some nice (and free!) pattern sites other than Knitty and Magknits? They're both a bit ubiquitous, and I already know they have nothing I can make out of this yarn that I want.

Please help?

How do you wear lace socks?

I apologize for this being somewhat off-topic, but how do you wear your nice, handknit lace socks? Enclosed in shoes? Only around the house? With sandals?

I mean, you spend so much time and care on these, so how do you get to show them off?

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hey! im not sure if i posted this here or not. but here is a blanket i made for the little kid i nanny.
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and here is a website where im selling yarn and fiber.yarn sale is the website.
the price is for everything in the picture.
i need this gone ASAP, got some unexpected medical bills of over 300$ and i need to pay that off, plus im trying to move...

Mountain Laurel Crib Counterpane

I'm looking to make a baby blanket for a friend of mine, and I found this pattern. It's gorgeous as is, but I was thinking I'd like to try it in different colors. The pattern is made of separate hexagons, with a 'flower' in the center of each hex. I could just do each hex in individual colors, but ideally, I'd like to make the flower one color and the edges another, sort of quilt-like. My experience with color work is pretty much limited to simple stripes, so I can't tell if what I'm thinking is feasible with that pattern or not. Any ideas?

Also, I'm considering trying it in Knitpicks' Shine, because I'm in love with how soft that yarn is. From what I can tell, the gauge should be okay... I think?

Fine Line

Picking the collective brain

I've fallen in love with the Harmony yarn by Ironstone. In all seriousness, I've had thoughts of just making a nest out of the stuff. Its so soft, beautiful and squishy. It feels like Lopi or Lambs Pride should(No offence if you like those, but I'm allergic to mohair, and scritchy wool is the bane of my existance), and comes in beautiful heathered colors that make me drool. I've been lusting for awhile, and I caved today and bought Lizzie Ann's Wool Co(Holland, MI) out of their stock of colorway 16173. Its a lovely marooney color- red and mauve and blue and purple fibers all spun together. Five balls at 109 yards, which knits up nicely on 11 or 13s. I'm scrawney with long arms and torso- so this aught to do just fine.

My plan is to make a cardigan similar to the fair isle one from SNBN- but sans the fair isle, with a tweaking to the cuffs and such...and some sort of cable or some such added in. This is where the question part of the post rolls in...what would you all suggest?

As far as generic guidelines go- I'm a big cable geek, I love the look of aran sweaters, I like unusual stitch patterns and "rustic" designs. I also have a sort of love-hate thing going on with bobbles, and refuse to add a second color to this project on the basis that it would make me infinately less likely to wear the completed project. Ideally, this will be something I can wear in cooler weather/summer evenings over jeans and such since I'm permanently cold.

Also, since I'm going to be doing some serious gauge conversions to the SNBN pattern(just really using it as somewhere to start off)...any reccomendations on dealing with the arm joins? I'm far fromm a sweater guru yet- any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks all!
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So, I started knitting a swatch for guage today. I'm using Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino. I've used all sorts of yarns, and I've avoided the really expensive yarns, just due to cost, but I picked up 3 balls of this yarn, and finally started knitting the swatch. I can't believe how EASY and beautifully and EVEN this knits up. I absolutely love it. Just thought I'd share my happiness.

I also wanted to pick up some Rowan Aran yarn but I can't find it cheaper than $14.50/ball and I need 11 balls for the sweater I'd like to knit. That's one expensive sweater...BEFORE the labor. Anyone have any good recommendation for aran substitutions?