February 26th, 2006


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My friend and I attended the Pittsburgh Knitting Festival this weekend and I now have a new fascination with needle felting. I haven't tried it yet but I did get a book and have been reading about it on the internet, etc. I have a question, though- if anyone knows anything about this craft. Can knitted items be needle felted also? Or must they be wet felted once the item is knitted? I really like the effect that needle felting gives but I don't know if that's because of the roving or if you can achieve the same thing with yarn.

Anyone know?

Looking For Opinions

Today the Buffalo Knitting Guild held a 3 hour seminar on Sock Knitting on Circular Needles. It was really pretty cool and I will definitely give it a shot on my next pair of socks. Also learned the basics of Magic Loop, which is very, very cool. I've never had a problem using double point needles for sock knitting, but I do understand why these two techniques are so popular.

But there is something else I wanted some opinions on...Collapse )
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Question re: Natural Fiber Allergies

I've been reading a lot about different fibers lately, and I love the "sound" of a lot of these yarns, but I've had a long-standing problem with wool. Whenever I work with it or wear it, I get stuffed up and phlegmy and eventually headachey. Now, I also have this reaction to fabrics when I sew, if I don't wash them first, and I've also had a similar reaction to alpaca, which is supposedly hypoallergenic. So I'm wondering if it might be an allergy to the artificial ingredients that are used to treat the yarn. Is there any yarn I could acquire that wouldn't be treated with anything, short of kidnapping a sheep somewhere and shaving it? I'd like to experiment and see if the reaction is lessened. I've been working with mostly aritificial fibers, but I do prefer natural stuff because it tends to feel better and produce a more predictably warm result (for instance, my Jayne hat I made out of acrylic isn't all that warm on my ears). Plus I'd really like to try some felting.

Any thoughts? I've thought of branching into cottons and silks, and I have done some work with blends--lesser percentages of wool seem not to bother me as much. Anyway, just wondering if anybody has any suggestions.
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Selvedge stitch question

I just started the Trellis Lace pattern in the new Interweave Knits, and the selvedge directions say: "Slip the first stitch as if to purl (pwise) with yarn in front (wyf) on both RS and WS rows". Here is my question - the WS is purled, if I slip the first stitch pwise the yarn is naturally in front of the stitch, but it doesn't make the nice wrap around that it does on the RS edge. In the finishing directions it suggests you insert blocking wires into the "center of each slipped stitch". Will not having that wrap around make this more difficult? Should I be creating a wrap around? Am I over thinking this? The magazine just came out this week and I can't find any errata for it. Thanks for any help!
bitch please

cable needles

I was in Joann's yesterday, picking up needles for my latest project and got stumped. There were two different cable needles, just varying in size. I got the 6 1/2 inch ones but realized I might need the smaller 3 inch one because I'm only knitting arm warmers. I'm going back today and picking up the 3 inch one. Does the size really matter or could I have gotten away with the 6 1/2 inch one for my very first cabled thing, SnB Nation's Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers?

EDIT: Seems I always get the answers I'm looking for in here within an hour of posting. TYVM to all those who've commented so far. Y'all will definitely get pictures, because I'm going to be knitting these suckers with Noro Kureyon in #152 and I'm so excited for the colors. My yarn should be here on Monday!


I know there are a lot of ways to cast on, but I don't know when it is proper to use each method, or if it is personal preference. For instance, my default is the knit cast on, but I have done a provisional cast on when I worked on socks, and occasionally do the long tail cast on if I am bored with the knit cast on.

Questions: Is the cable cast on only used when adding stitches in the middle of a project? When do you use the chain cast on, loop cast on, and the other COs that I have been using mostly interchangably?

Thanks guys :)

My First Felted Bag! YAY

My bag has been finished for a week or more now, but I finally had to post a picture of it. It's my VERY FIRST felting project and I really like how it turned out. It is from a bag pattern in the original Stitch-n-Bitch book. I didn't make the little pouch that goes with it...I decided I would never use it anyway.
I used Lambs Pride yarn like the pattern called for, and I think next time I do a purse/bag I will use Cascade 220..I heard it felts up just as well..but it doesn't get all "fuzzy"..I'm interested to see the difference now. Then I will try felting Manos :) Taking that bag out of my washing machine was like getting a christmas present from my washer..soooo coool!

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Need an opinion

I'm starting my first set of "2 toe up at one time on two circ" socks. All of the patterns that were specific enough for beginners were too boring in the foot. So this is what I did (Please let me know your opinion- it looks fine, I just want to know if there is any problem I didn't forsee.....

I crocheted a chain of 20 stitches with waste yarn and cast on 16 stitches with my knitting yarn. I knit 4 rows in stockinette then unzipped the waste yarn, placing the 16 stitches on a second needle. All 32 stitches are on two dpns at this point. I increased as follows
Round 1: K1 inc1 (by knitting into the purl bump on the next stitch through the back loop, it's nearly invisible) knit to the last stitch, increase1, K1; repeat
for second needle
Round two: knit straight
Repeat rounds until there are 36 stitches on each needle.

Then I did a second toe the same way (with the second ball of sock yarn, oh, I'm working on 0s with Brown Sheep Wildfoote), and slipped both toes onto two circs.

I assume (you know what that'll get you) that this method is fine, right.... I'm set up to start the foot stitches, right? This seemed like the simplest way to do a toe up sock, but I've seen directions with short rows and ones where you still have to kitchner running along the top "knuckles" of the toes and all sorts of difficult ways, can someone please enlighten me.

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Hat question

Hey there, all! I was browsing your community and wondered if anyone here could help me with something...
I've been eyeballing this hat for a few weeks now, but I've only been knitting for about 2 years now, and am not very good.
I was wondering if anyone would be willing to knit it for me, since I don't know anyone who can or could.
I'd be willing to pay for the time, supplies and shipping, if someone can do it for me. ^_^
If anyone's interested, let me know.
Bai for now!


Quick question!~

I'm in Chicago and need some Noro Silk Garden to finish the sweater I'm working on. Anyone know of any LYS's? Or, failing that, any Chicago knitters have some silk garden in colourway 08 lying around I could buy?


Hidey-ho. I seem to remember some folks here making some spiffy felted dice bags, and I have some Noro I want to use up. Did you work from a specific pattern, or just wing it?

Athankya in advance.
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quick question, KO gloating

I just got the Vogue Stitchionary, and it is AWESOME. It's inspiring some designing. So... the stitch patterns I'm eyeing for a baby sweater are all basically 4-6 stitch vertical stripes. I want the stripes to alternate colors.

What is the best way to change colors for vertical stripes? *EDIT FOR FOREHEAD SMACK* I found the answer here: http://community.livejournal.com/knitting/6476870.html. Go search engine! I'll leave the question/answer up for anyone else who just walked in and hadn't seen the other entry.

By the way... *gloat* I just got back from the bind-off ceremony my local LYS held for the olympic knitters... and I won! Even though I didn't finish... but I had the most difficult almost finished project there. They made me blush! The prize was a skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts sock yarn, just in time for my Sockapaloooza project.

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Heyloooo to all

Ok, I have this problem where I start a project (ie. scarf) and the tension is kinda loose. THEN it gets tigheter as I go on and just looks stupid cause its real fat at the bottom and skinny at the top.

Any suggestions for keeping a consistant tension?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions you can think of.


Hey there!

I'm currently knitting this pattern, and am having a little trouble with some of the pattern directions. It's a little cryptic to say the least. Here's the directions I am particularly stuck with:

After 2 rows bind off for neck shaping at left edge 1 st on every alt row twice, then 1 st alt on every 2nd and 4th row 16 times.

Does this mean bind off two stitches, then on every 2nd and 4th row-which you will knit 16 times-of the pattern (it's a chart) bind off once?! And what's with the alt?! Is this every other row?! Or every other pattern repeat?!

The pattern is a translation of a German pattern, so I'm guessing it's merely a case of poor translation! Any help would be much apprieciated!

Many Thanks
Lucy xxx
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Dyeing yarn post-knitting?

I've been wondering a bit lately if anybody has tried dyeing their yarn after they finished their project? I've heard of people doing it before and somebody once mentioned doing it after finishing but has anybody actually tried it?

I'm thinking of knitting a bag and thought it might be easier to put stripes in it using the post-knitting dyeing technique, if it exists. It would be so much easier than knitting the stripes in. I'm a beginner and still have trouble with the switching. I can knit it just fine but when it comes to actually doing something with the extra yarn hanging off of the sides I have trouble.
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Mariah - FO and notes

I just finished knitting Mariah. I wanted to pass along information about my experiences with the pattern as well as a picture.

Size: Large (42" bust)
Yarn: 8 skeins Paton's Classic Merino in olive green purchased from Michaels at around $5 a skein. The pattern called for 9 but I used about 7.5.
Needles: 24" circulars marked size 6, but actually measuring a small-ish size 7. The pattern calls for straights and circs, but there's no need. One pair of circs can do it all. I did briefly wish for a longer cord when working the yoke, but I made it through.

Pattern Modifications:
  • Added a cable around the front edge of the hood

  • Grafted the hood instead of seaming

  • Changed the hood shaping as suggested by Jodi (the designer) to make it closer-fitting

Things I wish I had known before starting:
  • My arms are not 19.5" from wrist to underarm. Should have measured instead of blindly following pattern. Thankfully the sleeves are too long and not too short, so I can just roll them up a bit.

  • It's OK to carry the cable pattern from the sleeves up into the hood shaping a ways. I think it would have been more aesthetically pleasing to do that. Oh well.

  • Measure the sweater before buying a zipper instead of buying the size recommended in the pattern. Also measure the zipper--the size on the package doesn't always tell you the exact length of the teeth. I think sometimes they include the tape at the top. I found very inconsistant sizing.

  • If you email Jodi, she'll send you lots of corrections that haven't made it onto Knitty yet

Other random thoughts:
I would never attempt this pattern without first learning to cable without a cable needle. It made things soooo much easier. I think I would have gone crazy if I had to track down a needle for every little stitch crossing. Yikes.

I think I would continue the cabled ribbing up from the bottom edge for a few more inches. I like the way it fits a little more snugly and it's so much more interesting to knit than plain stockinette.

Oh yeah, this is my first sweater and I'm extremely pleased that it's one I love wearing.

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So, it was a small project and it probably took me more time to take/upload and figure out how to cut the pictures of it that it did to actually work on it, but I thought I would share the little rose I made. :o) It is supposed to be felted, but I am going to have to do that the next time I do laundry.. damn coin operated machines! But hooray for knitting! Collapse ) Happy knitting!
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I was looking at old Knitty patterns when I happened unto Samus again. I LOVE Samus (but oh, why no waist shaping?), and want to knit it for a friend.
I have two questions:

Would it be good to knit it in the round, sew, cut, knit applied I-cord and sew down the cut edge?

Yarn: Please recommend ANY yarn you think would be suitable. No acrylics, no pure wool, match gauge of course, nice colours, good yarn that will last a while, preferradbly a wool/cotton or cotton/acrylics mix, affordable, and something that I can get within a reasonable time here in Germany/Denmark. I know a wool yarn would be easy to get by, but she will be in Taiwan until december, and a wool cardi in TaiPei where it rarely gets under 20c? Naaaah.

My deadline, should I decide that this project is not doomed-to-death-because-of-poor-yarn-selection, is may 15... or nay, I have a 20 hour plane ride to Taiwan on the 15th to finish it in.

I really hope you all have some good ideas.
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Knitted Wire FO

After pondering over the wire knitting article in the anti craft, and drooling over the knitted silver jewelry in the Alterknits I decided to try my hand at knitting jewelry: Collapse )

Anyways if you've been wanting to knit with wire but didn't think you had the sKilz to pull it off, DON'T BE AFRAID OF IT! It's fun and its easy!
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Pixie Purls

Best place to buy buttons?

hey guys, have any of you seen the button selection at Joanns, Michaels or walmart? I searched on their websites and didn't find much under buttons. I wanna go shopping tommorow after work to find buttons for my lates FO:


I have never actually finished something before that needed buttons!

I am guessing Joann's has the best selection but I was hoping to go to Michaels cause its not as far away.. but then I always kinda hate michaels. Your thoughts/opinions would be great. Thanks!