February 27th, 2006

Nearly Finally Finished, and instant gratification, a sweater and a hat.

Last July I started a sweater, err a blouse really as you wouldn't wear it over anything.  I was over half way done in August, then it went on the back burner and I finally just finished knitting and blocking it.  I suspect the finished product will be well worth the time, but stockinette sweaters on size two needles are not a task to be taken lightly.  I guess all those people taking on the complicated Knitting Olympics projects gave me a bit of a kick in the rear to get over it and finish knitting this.  I'm pretty thrilled with myself and so glad to be this far.

The pattern is from an old Bernat pattern book from about 1962.  The yarn is KnitPicks dye your own merino sock yarn, about 2.5 skeins.  This yarn is delicious.  I don't know how hard wearing it'd be for socks (not having nylon), but it is gloriously soft and absolutley perfect for this lightweight top!  In retrospect I wish I had knitted in the round to the armpits, however at the time I wasn't truly thinking of how much seaming there would be.  At the time I thought it would be easier to set in sleeves to flat pieces, but I am NOT looking forward to the matress stitching on the sides.  I'm tall, so it's nearly 15 inches from armpit to bottom edge. That's a LOT of rows at about 11 rows to the inch.  I'm pretty confident it will fit me well, it's measurements are nearly exactly the same as my best fitting blouse of about the same thickness.

Also, yesterday I made a tam.  I can't recommend the Hats On! book by Charlene Schurch enough.  Every time I think... I need a hat that's kind of _____ it's in there.  There is even a great looking jester hat.  It's certainly on the 'do eventually' list.  Another thing I like about the book is the yarn requirements.  It just says "worsted weight wool, x skeins of x yards" etc.  No specifics on colors or brands.  Somehow I really like that, it provides a book that will be useful even after a particular yarn is discontinued and no traces of information are to be found anywhere about it., which I suppose wouldn't happen as badly now (yay internet), but I certainly have that problem with the Bernat pattern book. where it says "x balls of y yarn" with no mention of how many yards were in a ball, etc.  Anyway, this tam is done in some multi colored Lornas Laces wool, worsted weight, very soft and so vibrant.  A great mix of bright magenta, dusty purple, blue, and bits of orangy and buley tans.  I have enough left over to make a hat with some stripes in it, or make some awesome wristwarmers.  Still debating on that.

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I signed up to receive that free bernat disco yarn several months ago and still havent received it. Did anyone have a long wait or did I just miss the boat on this somehow? Thanks!
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Have you used this yarn?

I was surfing eBay for linen yarn to make my wrap/nursing cover with, and I came across this:

This auction is for 5 HUGE skeins of TROITSK Linen yarn.

Each skein is 100 gms and 430 meters/ 473 yds in length. The total is 500 gms and 2150 meters/ 2365 yds in length.

This is 60% Linen, 40% Viscose. Silky shiny yarn.

The asking price is $21.99 for all. My question is - Has anyone here used this yarn or know anything about it? I searched the archives and even Googled but could find nothing.  This is the pattern I'll be using:  http://www.lionbrand.com/patterns/kim-lacyLeafWrap.html

I know there will be plenty of yarn leftover from this project if I get this, so my second question would be - what would you make out of the leftovers?  I live in Southeast Texas, so it's too hot for scarves, mittens, etc.  Would this be a good yarn to do Soleil from knitty (http://knitty.com/ISSUEspring05/PATTsoleil.html) or would this not be good for garments? 

I've only been knitting a month, and I appreciate all the help! 

EDIT: I wasn't sure of the yarn thickness, but it has been brought to my attention that the linen is nowhere near worsted weight. Boy, do I feel stupid! Maybe mercerized cotton? Any other suggest non-wool fibers that still might be fairly light? I have eczema and am very sensitive to wool.
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What to do with SWS?

Fellow knitters,

I picked up some Patons SWS which I think is really beautiful. My first wish was to make a sweater, however given reports of pilling and how easily it felts, I'm reluctant to make a garment out of it. I just posted a review of my test felting here in nocturnal_knit. I like the results but now I'm not really sure what to do with the yarn.  I'd like to turn this into a Christmas gift for a friend and I'm leaning toward throw pillows or a purse.

I have 5 balls in the same dyelot of Natural Denim. There is a free felted crocheted pillow pattern on the Patons site which takes 4 balls, but my crochet skills are not as strong and I really prefer knitting.  Patons also has a book of bag patterns but it's heavy on the crochet and I'd really rather not spend money on the book for one simple pattern I can probably replicate on my own.  I'd like an interesting project but don't want to waste effort on something that won't turn out.  I fear any cabling or intricate stitch pattern would get lost in the felting process.  I've done some Googling and looked at past posts with SWS but nothing has really called out to me. 

My question for knitting is this: what would you recommend?   ... a plain felted pillow ... making up my own pillow pattern and just felting lightly ... skipping the felting altogether and hoping for the best with pilling ... making a bag of some sort instead ... some other option I haven't considered?  If you've done any of these things with SWS I'd love to hear about it.


Shawl Yarn Question

I have a dilemma, and I think that you ladies and gentlemen might be able to help me.

I recently made the Leaf Lace shawl from Fibertrends for the Knitting Olympics. I wore it out to breakfast with my parents right after I pulled out the blocking pins. My mom *really* liked it. The problem is that she can't wear animal fibers, and yes, I even tried making her something out of Alpaca and it was a no go. Also, while silk or cotton, would be fine against her skin, they won't block well, right? So...

A.) What yarn would you recommend (blends? linen?) for someone who's made itchy by animal fibers?

B.) If I do end up having to go with cotton or silk, what's the best way to block it? I was amazed at what blocking did for my shawl, and I'd hate to have hers end up looking half-assed because it didn't block well.

C.) Qualifying request is that the yarn has to come in black, just in case other colors don't work for what her tastes are. (non pastel, no garish colorways/colors)

I hope to have this be my summer project as I scale back before my October wedding. I want to give it to her at the reception as my gift to her, something special. Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it!
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have you ever wished you just hadn't opened your mouth?

oh, my. i tend to get myself into things by opening my mouth when i shouldn't. the boyfriend and i were having a conversation the other day regarding my knitting and my habit of starting copious projects which makes actually finishing one a few and far between occurrence. (cause if you're knitting on eleventy things at once, you know, it goes kind of slow)

boy: how many things have you actually finished in the time we've been together?
me: (thinks) hmm....seven.
boy: how many things are you working on?
me: (thinks) hmmm.....298346298356234
boy: you never finish anything. you should knit more. i thought you were a knitter. how many things are you going to finish this year?
me: (huffy, and totally randomly) seventy-two!
me: (stupid) bet me! i totally will finish seventy-two things this year. totally! how much do you want to bet?!
boy: a hundred dollars. easiest hundred dollars i ever made.
me: you're on!!

whoops. okay, so i seriously have to make seventy-two things. and upon further discussion of the bet i totally shook on and therefore am bound to by my word of honor i was given a whole year - until february 22nd, 2007 - and a "thing" counts as one individual item - no matter how large or small. pair of socks/baby booties = 2 things, and little teeny things (like little teeny bears that were in IK i think and so forth are okay.

so, y'all, i need some small projects to up my numbers. i will happily crank out chemo caps, baby booties, etc., but if you have any FAVORITE small (and i mean SMALL - pair of socks ain't happening!) projects that you could link me to or tell me what book to get at the library, i'd be forever grateful! i am an advanced knitter, so no worries on whether it's easy or hard or involving strange techniques, i can do it!

:) thank you in advance for helping a speaks-before-she-thinks-girl out :)

Sock pattern

Okie I've googled until my eyes became googly.

I'm looking for a sock pattern. A specific one.

I bought some nice wool yarn at the market on the weekend (only one skein' I just know I'll need another)..and I want to make thick skrunchy wolly socks.

You know the guy grey socks with the white (sometimes with a red line) toe and ankle...the kind that are big and you put them on over a pair of tights with a long sweater and get cozy.

I can't find it anywhere!!

ME: stars

FO: Parakeet mini-afghan

I'm a little in awe of everyone who finished lace shawls in 17 days. My knitting olympics project was a mini-afghan designed to be long enough to be useful if I had my feet up in a recliner, yet not so wide that it'd get caught up in the mechanism of the footrest when it was lowered.

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Three things I learned from this:

1. A good trick for doing a long tail cast-on for many stitches is to tie together two strands of yarn and use that rather than trying to measure out a tail of yarn that's the proper length.

2. When working with medium-sized stripes, a good way to carry yarn up the side of a project to the next stripe is to knit or purl the first stitch of each RS row and the last stitch of each WS row with both colors. This only works when that edge will be hidden in a seam or border, or in cases like this where the mix of colors make it unnoticeable.

3. Never let the dog step on a center pull ball of yarn that's almost used up. It will catch on his foot, and you will spend the rest of the hockey game trying to detangle the mess.
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Knitting adventures in England!

Due to a death in the family I ended up spending two weeks in London. I hadn't been back in five years, so it was nice to be back though I wish circumstances had been better. I found a lovely little yarn store practically in my backyard and finally got some projects finished.

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Any suggestions for what to do with two balls of Artfibers Kyoto? I'm thinking scarf patterns.
Arina knitting

FO: The DNA scarf.

So I am very pleased that this project is done. Although I loved the idea and the chance to try cables, I found the pattern became very monotonous for me. It was started in November with the plan of being a Christmas present, but it never happened. (Forgetting my cabling needle at my parents house did not help.) I think I may look into the no cable needle technique if I ever do another project like this one. It has a few mistakes in the DNA, but I just like to think of the interesting creature that might have this DNA. Six legs anyone? My biochem fiance, to whom it was gifted, thinks the creature would just be dead, but that's no fun. :P
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Knitting socks for diabetics

My mom is constantly asking me to knit things for her. I don't mind at all because she keeps me in a steady supply of dyes, fiber to spin, and other necessary equipment so I can make my own yarn.

The thing is my mom found out last month she is a diabetic, and she wants socks. I know hand knit socks are far better for diabetics than store bought one since they are custom made to size, but is there anything else I need to keep in mind while knitting them for her? So far it's been suggested that I case on twice as many stitches as needed and then k2tog the next round so the cuff isn't too tight, and it seems to be common sense that complex stitch patterns are right out because of the different pressure it would have against different parts of the skin. Anything else?

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hopefully somebody here can clarify things for me...

i'm getting ready to work on this pattern, and am reading through it before i get started. everything makes total sense, except for one thing.

in the 3rd row of the charts, the symbol "o" means "chain 1" in the legend. so that makes me think they want me to crochet chain 1, as defined at the top of the pattern: "Crochet Chain – Make a slip knot and place this on hook. *Wrap yarn over top edge of hook (YO hook), turn hook upside down to hold this loop on hook while you pull hook through loop that is alaready on the hook, *. Rep from * to * for requiqred number of stitches. (Do not count loop that is on the hook as a stitch.)" now, i'm not a crocheter at all, but that sounds like something i could handle, no problem. but (and i think it's because i don't crochet that i can't figure this out), is that what the pattern means by "chain 1"?

it just doesn't make sense to me, because wouldn't that crochet chain be separate from the knitting on my needles??

thanks :)