March 1st, 2006


Pattern Request


a friend of mine just found out she is pregnant and i'd like to make her a cutesy baby blanket... i've looked up lots of patterns but was wondering if anyone had any reccomendations for a nice but not too difficult pattern... i'm a newbie knitter and so far have master mittens and worked on an afghan and thats it!! thanks lovelies.
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rogue sweater kit

I did LJ seek and I could not find any information about this. I was wondering if anyone bought the rogue sweater kit from Weaving Rainbow Yarns. If so, do you think that it was a good deal and how did the yarn fell. Is it soft, brittle, scratchy? Did it soften up after washing it?
The yarn used for the kit is Briggs & Little Heritage yarn. I LJ seeked this too and could not find any information. Has anyone worked with this yarn? What is your opinion about the yarn?
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Okay, I'm going to take that BIG step....

I know a lot of you are going to laugh at this:
I've made countless shawls, socks, scarves, mittens, hats, stuffed animals.... I even have a spinning wheel and spin my own yarn!

But not... A SWEATER.
I'm sweater-a -phobic.
It might be because I'm a plus size and everything that I've seen is form fitting, (no, my boobs look big enough thank you) or has cables (I'm cable a phobic too, one thing at a time here) or adjusted for my size is going to cost 300 dollars in yarn (gah!)

Anyway, I'm ready to take the BIG STEP-- I think.

I want to find a pattern for a raglan sweater (they seem to look good on me) that is fairly easy to knit, comes in a plus size (I'm a women's size 20/22/24 ish, in manufactured clothes, depending..) and hopefully the pattern is free so that I can look at it before I commit to buying the yarn. It can be a mens, and it can be a little frumpy. In fact, a sweater that can be my around the house sweater is good-- nothing too punk or going out on the town.

I am just full of tall orders today!

I decided this year that I would do something I hadn't done every month, and March is going to be sweater month, if I can find a good pattern.

Thanks for any help!

Thanks everyone!

For making a raglan sweater, the knit by numbers/percentage method seems to be the way to go!
(All the other patterns have been bookmarked too)
There are a couple of sites that make you do the math yourself, but litlmisstrouble hooked me up with this one...
Yay for java scripts!
(Not that I can't do maths, but after I take my body measurements, I tend to feel a bit queasy....hahaha)

Bag O' Manos

It's been awhile since I posted a question.... but last night I went nuts with my new ball-winder and ripped out a shrug that took about 3.5 balls of Manos. I realized 1) I was never going to wear something that warm in CA and 2) the Manos would look much better felted.


Has anyone made a great felted bag/other project with about 3 balls of Manos? I say three because my newbie hand allowed the ball-winder to eat about 1/4 a ball during the process.


Where to purchase cheapest Cascade 220?

Someone posted a similar question about Lamb's Pride with great results, so I thought I would ask where people have found the best deals on Cascade 220?

I found it for $6 a skein at Bo Peep's Wool Shop and around that on e-bay, but I was wondering if I am missing any places. I managed to get a bunch of it on sale for $3 when Bo Peep's was having a big sale around the holidays and now I am hooked, but I am also poor. I managed to run through all the 220 I purchased on sale and I am hankering for a new project with it.

Fishy Blanket

My friend is having a baby in September and I want to make the Fish Blanket that so many of you have knit. I know it's in Knitters Magazine 51 (Summer 1998), but they are sold out of the back copies and my local library doesn't carry the magazine either. The Knitters Magazine website wasn't super helpful about how to order a single pattern, either. Is there someplace I can go to order the old magazine, find the pattern (or a similar one), or am I just out of luck?
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For knitters/crocheters traveling the US

Hey there, 

I was reading another knitting blog this morning (big shock) and found a great link I wanted to share. There is a website called MapMuse that has an interactive map of US yarn stores. I have already added three more shops to the Tucson area that were glaringly missing. The idea is to pass this along to other crafters and have them add stores that may be off the beaten path. Or better yet the owner of a store add more info about their shop on the map. The best way to help fellow yarn addicts from coast to coast. Be sure to bookmark this link for your next road trip, it may give some of us a head start on "Is there a yarn store near____, I am going there next week to visit family?"

- cross posted minimally

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Need some help resizing pattern for different size and yarn - anthropologie inspired capelet

So, I am wanting to make the Anthropologie inspired capelet from Peony Knits (pdf pattern available for free in her sidebar) but I need to do some resizing because I am using a different weight yarn, and need to make it bigger.

In her pattern, she gives directions on how to make a size S-M, with a 16" neckline, using Rowan Polar (3 st/inch on size 11s). I need to make one with an 18" neckline and I am going to be using Noro Cash Iroha, with which I got 4 st/inch on size 9 needles. 

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Knitting Posts

(no subject)

I come with hat in hand, seeking help.

I am looking for a knit Tyrannosaurus Rex or Allosaurus (or, hell, even a Velociraptor or Pteranodon) pattern. My Google-fu has failed me.

I know about Knit-A-Saurus: Cute and Cuddly Monsters, but it is out of print and none of my local library branches have a copy.

I also know about these knit dinosaurs, but I'm really looking for a carnivore.

If I need to come up with a pattern myself, I will, but I'd rather have something to work from, since I've never done knit toys before. I'm not picky about paying or having a free pattern, either.

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Arr, advanced concepts elude me.

I'm making a double-knit ribbon.  I picked up double-knit instructions from here, and modified them so's it comes out 6 of colour 1, 1 of colour 2, repeat to the end, 6 again.  (Four bands of one, three stripes of another.)  So far, it's easier than it sounds or looks, which is fine.

Question, though - how are the edges supposed to go?  Mine are ending up open, as though I'd just knitted two ribbons and seamed them at the ends, and I'm not sure that's supposed to happen.  The instructions above say to "[t]wist strands at end of row to form a firm edge", but I'm afraid I have no idea what that means.

I'm willing to just selvedge and sew once done, but I'm kind of curious what I'm missing, there.


Progress with lace at last!!

I am working on the Fiber Trends Leaf Lace shawl. After multiple attempts using Knit Picks Shadow with US 5 needles, I put this project on hold for a while. I tried making Branching Out and failed miserably at that as well. I decided to try again after resolving some tension issues, and this is what I have so far.

The yarn I am using is Lamb's Pride sportweight in Meadow, on size US 10 needles. I am about three repeats in. I am finding that it is a LOT easier for me to knit this thing in total silence, which sucks in a way because I love knitting to music. I also didn't put in stitch markers for the center stitch in previous attempts, but I did this time and that helped a lot more than I originally gave credit for. Silly me. It looks kind of messy right now, actually, quite messier than I thought it would look, but I can actually see leaves!! Those yellow things are embroidery threads as my lifelines.

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Mexican Yarn?

Hi Everyone!

The parents are going to Mexico in March and I was wondering if anyone knows of any spots to pick up Mexican yarn?
I believe the area they will be staying at is around Ciudad del Carmen. Thanks in advance for any answers!



grafting stitches

I'm almost done with my felted bag...I did the front and back panels in entrelac and then connected them to a strip of rectangles. The handle is a 4-stitch icord that I picked up from the sides and plan to graft together. I'm just wondering whether I should do a 3-needle bindoff, kitchener stitch, or something else to join them. It's going to be felted, so I'm not sure if it matters or if one is stronger. at the moment each icord has its own ball of yarn and is just about the length I want.

I have no idea how this is going to felt, or if it is going to end up being a ridiculous mess, but oh well! It's an experiment. my knitting olympics goal was to teach myself entrelac...mission accomplishmed. :)

Knitpicks confusion

For the second time, my order from Knitpicks has arrived with one item different from what I thought I ordered. I can't seem to find an online record of what I ordered - just the details of my order shipping, etc. The printed packing sheet lists what they shipped, but I am SURE I ordered tulip, not cloud.

Last time the same thing - I was sure I had ordered one colourway and received another, but I thought I had just mixed things up. I was extra careful when ordering this time to make sure it didn't happen again. I even have an Excel spreadsheet I made to keep track of everything and what I'm going to use it for.

Since this is the 2nd time, I'm not so sure - but I can't figure out if there is a way to view the order I submitted (since they surely won't take my spreadsheet as a suggestion that they mixed it up).

Has anyone else had this happen to them from Knitpicks or am I just going crazy?? I'm really annoyed that I'll have to pay shipping to re-order four skeins :-x


FO: Rogue

I feel like I've been working on Rogue since I first started knitting. I started it in September, and just finished it the other day. Ordinarily, it doesn't take me so long to finish a sweater, but I took frequent breaks during the straight stockinette portions, and made a size about ten inches bigger than what I usually make, since this was for my best friend.

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(no subject)

I promise I have spent an ample amount of time looking on lj seek and google and knitty and magknits. I cannot find what I'm looking for though.

I told a dear friend that I would make a sweater for her son. He will be in 2T by next winter. I would prefer something that will be very warm since they are in Chicago. So a sweater pattern for something that is classic with cables and a pullover. I can find lots of patterns for baby sweaters but nothing for 2T.

I like the Trellis pattern on knitty, except that's it a cardigan and it doesn't go up to 2T. My knitting skills are not advanced to convert this pattern in any matter and this will be my first sweater. I am okay with challenges and I have a little less than a year to figure out how to make a sweater. I am a beginner, but am willing to push my skill level.

Also if you have any suggestions for good yarn for the sweater. I don't mind paying the money if it will be machine-washable and will hold up after lots of activity and wear.

This is a lot to ask in a post, but I will greatly appreciate any direction!
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I know many of you have worked this pattern

I'm finally starting on the ever-popular DNA scarf.
"Set up the scarf pattern: 5 stitches in seed stitch pattern, purl 2 stitches, 2 stitches in right twist mini-cable, 20 stitches in DNA cable, 2 stitches in left twist mini-cable, purl 2 stitches, 5 stitches in seed stitch pattern.

Following in the pattern as set, knit rows 1-38 of the DNA cable pattern. Repeat rows 3-38 of the DNA cable four more times (five repeats in all), ending the final repeat with rows 39-40 of the DNA cable."

So, the question:
When I do even rows, do I knit where it says "purl two stitches" and do left twist mini cable where it says to do right, because I'll be working on the cable that took the "left twist" instructions on row one?

first time felting...too tired to go on!

Hi all -- I'm at home recovering from surgery, and decided to make a felted bag for the woman who is taking care of all my stuff at work for me while i am gone. I knitted up the whole thing in the hours that i haven't been in the hospital, and I was ready to try felting it tonight.

I look up felting techniques on google, and on lj-seek, and all those things. All of them say just to put it in the washer. Of course, I am afraid of my basement, where the top-loading washer is, and besides, I have to pay $1.00 per load (cheep, i know) and my sink is actually clean and free of dishes! I know somewhere on LJ, there are stories of felting in a sink or tub. So i fill my sink with hot water, soap (not detergent) and my bag and the strap. I don rubber gloves and start to agitate. And agitate, and agitate, and agitate.

Needless to say, I am not done felting yet. The strap is getting there, but the Lopi is shedding like mad on the rubber gloves, and is a little lumpy. The bag isn't even barely's at the stage where it is huge. And I am tired, and thinking that all that agitating isn't all that good for my neck surgery.

Can i leave the bags in my sink overnight and brave my basement in the morning? Do i need to finish felting tonight? Do i need to do anything to my felting tonight so that I can just throw it in the washer in a old pillowcase tomorrow? Do I need to worry about messing up my landlady's washer if it is in an old pillowcase?

Thanks to anyone who can get to these questions in this late hour for me. I'm sleepy. :(