March 2nd, 2006

Ianto Fucking Jones

Repost after crazy problems with the lj-cut and photos

So I participated in the Unconditional Swap over on craftster, basically you post a wish list of three things and crafters choose you based on the requests, but unlike normal swaps you do not send something back in return, it is all about the karma. I enjoy giving things to other people so at first this swap had no appeal for me in terms of putting up a wish list myself, but as I have gotten more into knitting I have also gotten more poor, so I decided to take this opportunity to request some yarn. I asked not to be sent acrylics but other than that for who ever picked me to just do some stash busting. This is what my partner sent me:
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So, I'm somewhat at a loss as to what to do with my fabulous new yarn, all the projects that I've been eyeing lately have been with worsted or DK weight yarn and will not translate well to the Manos or Mermaid. Anyone who was worked with either of these, or similar yarns, do you have any project recommendations, something that shows of the yarn in a stylish fashion?
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Ack! Help! Now with photos!

This is my first post here, and while I had hoped it'd be full of FOs, instead I am dire need of advice.

I have been knitting since November, and felt fairly confident so far. But... last night I was looking through a knitting book at a store to see if it was worth getting, and flipping through it I realized something terribly, horridly wrong. Not with the book, though. I knit wrong!

I just did two rows on the blanket I am working on for my daughter to double check, and indeed, my knit stitches are wrong. I knit English (haven't yet had the desire to learn continental, but soon I might), and when doing a knit stitch, instead of wrapping the yarn counterclockwise around the right needle, I go around it clockwise. Mind you, everything looks ok, and it all works out right, but now it's bothering the crap out of me.

My purling is correct, so why I started knitting wrong (and when) is beyond me.

Anyway... I think I am mostly looking for advice, reasons why this is (or isn't) a problem, and sympathy. Yeah... sympathy is good. I have already finished numerous projects (3 hats, 2 scarves, 6 dishcloths, 1 afghan square, 1 kitty toy, 1 sweater for my daughter), and currently have 4 WIP's (another afghan square, the blanket I mentioned already, a Kitty Pi, and an alligator). And I have about three dozen things I want to start. But first... should I finish the WIPs the way I have been doing them then relearn to knit, or should I just say screw the books, I'm doing it my way?

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A couple quick questions

I've spent the evening googling and haven't had much luck so I hope someone can help me.

1) Does anyone know where I might be able to buy black knitting elastic? I have found stuff labeled white and clear (which also looks white) and was wondering if anyone has come across black?

2) Canadian knitting magazines. Are there any? I found one on-line magazine based in Ontario, but no print media so far.

Thanks for your time.
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So... I've three projects on the needles at the moment (yes, I know - I usually try to only have two on the go, but one is a long-term cable sweater for DH project and the other two are things my children apparently had to have right now).

One of the projects is a 'hairy' scarf for my DD. Last night, knitting when tired and not in good light, I managed to make a stitch. When I realised I tried to unpick it, but I couldn't figure out exactly what I'd done, so rather than risk dropping a stitch I knitted two together and carried on.

You can't see the mistake, because the scarf is so shaggy. The only person who will ever know it's there is little old perfectionist me.

Reassure me - these little irregularities are what makes handmade stand out from machine-made, right?


New source for bamboo yarn?

I thought I'd put this out there for any bamboo yarn devotees.

My husband has a couple bamboo t-shirts that he bought from a web site specializing in all sorts of bamboo products. This morning he got a message from their mailing list stating that they were now carrying their own line of bamboo yarn. Granted, I've never worked with either this brand ("Spun Bamboo") or South West Trading's version, and this new brand only has seven very basic solid colors, but it might be worth checking out for people who didn't know if they wanted to spend $13+ on a skein of SWT.

The skeins are listed as having 280 yards and a gauge of 5 st/in, which should be comparable to SWT (30 more yards, in fact). They're selling for 9 bucks, AND the company offers a 20% discount on bags of ten. Sounds like a deal.

Web page here.

Clapotis in Shimmer?

So, I'm about to jump on the bandwagon, and make a Clapotis, just got my yarn yesterday (Knitpicks Shimmer in Flower Garden), and am wondering whether or not to double strand. The pattern calls for approx 600 yards, and I ordered about 1200 of the Shimmer, so I think I'm OK there (plus I don't think I will make it nearly as big).

I'm thinking if I don't double strand, I should go down a size or two on the needles? Has anyone made this with Shimmer before who'd like to show it off for me? :D I'd love to see a comparison of single and double stranded - Google is not being as helpful as I'd like.


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What are some good ways to combat sore, knitted-out knuckles? It's been a big problem for me lately, especially in the cold (and my hand are ALWAYS cold)... hope I'm not getting early onset arthritis or anything.
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Yarn Porn: New Zealand Edition

Hi all,

I just got back from a trip to New Zealand, and while I wanted to bring home
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I had to settle for bringing home
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4 100g hanks of pink/lavender 4 ply merino
2 200g hanks of purple/green 8 ply merino
2 200g hanks of purples/greens/dark red 2 ply thick-n-thin merino
2 200g hanks of multicolored handpainted 10 ply wool (not merino, but so pretty I bought them anyway)

What to do, what to do... at least I'll be busy for a while. :)

Classy Novelty yarn?

A friend of mine has asked me to make her a "classy" looking scarf that will easily go with everything she wears, but especially her Harley jacket. The caveat is that she wants it made from a novelty yarn. To my mind, classy and novelty yarn are two words that don't belong near each other. Fun, maybe, classy, no. Since this is obviously a matter of taste on my part, I'd like to know what you guys consider to be classy as far as the novelty yarns go.

And yes, I have tried to convince her to let me make a nice cabled or lace scarf. She won't budge. It's gotta be a classy novelty yarn scarf.

Any help you guys can give would be much appreciated.

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Question: I'm trying to make some fingerless gloves, using the Voodoo pattern from However, I wanted to make them in the same style as the Harry Potter scarves (PoA), and I'm not thrilled with how the glove's turning out, since it's ribbed. How much would it change the sizing if I make it in stockinette instead? Aside from aesthetics, what will the change be overall? Maybe there's better (though free) patterns available for fingerless gloves? I've never made any before, so it has to be simple, too. Thanks! I'll post pictures once I've made everything (my MIL's getting a HP style scarf and hopefully gloves and hat to match, if I can manage them).
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Help me find a pattern that appeared here last week...

Someone posted an FO pic of some fingerless handwarmers, and included a link to the pattern. The pattern was something like, "These are the easiest hand warmers you will ever make; they're knitted flat and seamed up the side with a hole left for the thumb." The gloves in the picture were white and simple.

"Huh," I thought. "That's easy. I can remember that. I don't need to bookmark it."

Ah-huh. Yeah, right.

I've looked at the posts for the last week but I can't find that FO link. Does anyone remember? Bueller? Bueller?

Cyst on the wrist

Hello knitters! Inspired by today's earlier post about sore knuckles, I have another question. I have a "ganglion cyst" on my wrist. I had it diagnosed and drained by a doctor a month and a week ago, and I took time off from knitting and typing for about a week. When I did a little bit of either, I used a brace, and it went away (at least in terms of visibility) in a few days. Then slowly but surely, the cyst came back. Sometimes it hurts a bit, but usually not. Since it came back, though, I'm wondering about long-term effects. The odd thing is, I've knitted for a few years now, and didn't have this kind of problem until just this year!

Have any of you ever had this? How has it affected your knitting or not affected it? Thanks in advance!
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Sea lust

So, here's my first post and my first question :)

I've been poking all around today, and I decided I need their yarn. It calls my name...

My question is, has anyone knit up anything with their variegated bulky wool yarn? (In particular I'm looking at this one.) Or any of their variegated yarns, particularly any of the blue or red shades? I'm just curious if there's a problem with pooling, and am looking for general advice on how the colors have looked in the past when knitted. I've gone back into the archives to see some of the past HPY FO's, but if anyone would like to comment or email me with pics of objects, I'd appreciate it :) Y'all are the best-thanks for hours of reading entertainment and advice!
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frogging in the round...

Hey guys, I am knitting Knit and Tonic's Essential Stripe and it's knit from the top down.

I am pretty good at frogging in the straight, but on a sleeve in the round I am not as sure how to handle it.

Any tips/tricks or reccomendations? Can I stick the needle in the one side of each stitch all the way around and then rip? Or should I just rip that sucker hafl way and see how the stitches keep shape and try to re-insert the needle. I imagine it comes apart easier int he round. I'm a little scared to do it! I want to re-knit the sleeve because I didn't like how wide it was and tried some very BAD looking decreases (too many, too often).

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Another question (yes, I'm full of them tonight). I'm watching Smallville at the moment on WB, and Lana's wearing this shrug, but I can't seem to get a good enough look at it. Anyone have an idea what kind of shrug it is and if there's any patterns around that match it or are darn close to it? Thanks

I'm a woman possessed.

I currently have two WIP (sorry no pics yet) and during a bout of insomnia the other night, I cast some Boulce yarn i was gifted on size 13 needles....and knit in garter.....shaping as I go. I think it will make a nice Shawl once i'm done. Anyhow, so for like months, i've been visiting sighing over Artyarns Regal Silk cause I don't have any kind of account that I can order stuff online with.

BUT, then I found out they're located about 30 min from me!!!! I was there when they first opened:) Unfortunatly they don't really have a store front where you can oogle yarn, but was kinda a warehouse set up. I knew I wanted some Regal Silk though. I knew it. I picked out 2 colors, 123, and 106.
3 skeins of 123 and 4 of 106.
It's about lace weight, I'm still winding them all in balls and haven't had time to knit up a swatch yet. but I think it's a hat i want to make with 123. anyone know of any hat patterns for lace weight yarn? or should I double strand?

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On order....

I'm going to Hawaii for my honeymoon and I plan to seriously kick back and relax. Sun. Sand. Beach. Ocean.


Three skeins of Lorna's Lace Lion and Lamb in Hawaii for my honeymoon clapotis!
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What Blogs Do You Read?

Hi. My name is April and I'm addicted to reading knitting blogs. I love looking at what other people are working on and reading about thier successes and failures. I don't have too many blogs on my bloglines list though and I've been looking for others to add. So I figured I'd ask here for recommendations of good blogs to check out. I read some of the big name blogs already like Yarn Harlot, Crazy Aunt Purl, and Wendy Knits. I like them but I would like to expand my knitting circles a bit. Feel free to recommend your own blog for me to check out too...I don't mind self-pimping. :)

Also if you ladies would recommend good knitting web-rings to join would be awesome as well.

And for those keeping score here is the progress on my 2nd GAAA block:
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Knitting Clapotis with Artfibers Kyoto yarn?

Hello knitters,

I'm thinking about knitting Clapotis with Artfibers Kyoto yarn.
  • Have you (or someone you know) done this?
  • Have you knit with Kyoto on a different project?
I'm a little gun-shy and I would really appreciate any tips/warnings/encouragement you might have. Kyoto isn't technically expensive, but I wouldn't call it cheap, and Clapotis seems like it takes a lot of yarn to knit up. (Most of my projects are on the hats/gloves/socks scale.)

I searched google, the knitting archive, and the Clapotis knitalong ML and came up empty-handed. Will you hold my hand? ♥

Neat Edges in Double Knitting

I'm working on a self-designed water bottle holder.

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The body is as long as I'd like it to be (although that's not in the picture. It's only about halfway done there.), and now I'm working on adding a strap that will cross my chest. I'm also adding a pocket on one side of the strap, that will be big enough to hold a credit card, ID and some cash. The strap itself will be linen stitch, and the pocket will be double knit St st. I'm using the *k1 sl1 w/ yf* method of double knitting, which I figured out and taught myself through trial and error. I've made several test runs, and the pocket itself is not a problem. However, because it's the width of the strap, I'm having trouble keeping the edges neat.

My question: Are there any tips or techniques that you've used or would use in double knitting to keep the edges neat?