March 3rd, 2006

Back to the "Ribbon xBack" from Knitty

Okay, so I'm starting over on the Ribbon Xback from knitty, and I've read that the pattern is 'off' on the measurements, I guess.

Well, now I'm feeling confident in myself to try it once again, and this time I AM going to get it done, and it's going to look great, but I have one question for those of you who have made this before.

It says cast on 90 for small (96 for med, 104 for large (and so on.) 112, 120, 128), well, normally I would wear a size medium sweater or shirt, or a large...depending on the brand. I guess my question is, how many stitches would you suggest I cast on, for myself? (My math isn't very good, and I really don't know how I would go abouts figuring that out). So if I normally wear a size large, would I make this a size med. (to the creators directions, or a small?)

I'm excited to start working on this, again, but I'm worried at the same time...just becasue I don't want to wait a billion years to knit up the ribbon yarn my boyfriend bought for me.

Thank you very much for all your help.


Does anyone know what happened to the on-line magazine MenKnit? It seems to have gone "poof". What a shame. My fiancee really enjoys the item I made from that magazine, and had looked foward to more. So do they have a new name? Any info would be greatly appreciated. It was nice to have a source of patterns from a mans point of view!
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First Human X-Ray

FO: Red Vest

My father has been looking for years for a bright red vest. All he found in the stores were burgundy, deep red, etc. Nothing close to the Flaming Red he wanted. He stopped looking about 10 years ago and I forgot about it, until it unfortunately popped back into my head last month. The yarn was so vibrant it hurt my eyes if I worked too long on it, and I got a headache yesterday finishing it up. There's been some discussion here about on-line yarn sites and color reliability, and I can vouch for Knitpicks WotA red being garishly bright, luckily that's what I was going for.

Yarn: 7 balls Wool of the Andes from Knitpicks in red.

Pattern: Interweave Knits magazine, Spring 2005, Skye Tweed Vest by Kathy Zimmerman, using my own central cable pattern and worked in the round up to the arm hole shaping instead of working 2 flat pieces.

Needles: US 6 24" circular for the bottom ribbing 16" for the arm holes and neck (US 7 was recommended), US 7 35" circular for the body (pattern suggests US 8), US 7 straights for the upper section.

Gauge: 20st x 28 rows = 4" in stockinette stitch with larger needles.

Finished size: 45" chest.

Start date: Feb. 11, '06.

Completed: Mar. 2, '06.

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Yarn substitution question--Go Graphic

Hey all. I'm wondering if anybody has knitted the Go Graphic baby afghan from Under Cover. The pattern calls for six skeins of Lion Brand Babysoft (1 of each color). I'd like to use KnitPicks' Shine instead. Babysoft's skeins are like four or five times the size of the Shine, so I'm trying to figure out how much of the LB skeins the afghan actually uses. I could just buy three or four skeins each of the Shine, but I should probably try and keep the cost down a little bit. ;)


FO: Hippocampus

This is the project I was asking about last month. It's a hippocampus, a mythological creature with the front end of a horse and the back end of a fish. (Actually, it's a Darigan Peophin, for those fellow Neopets addicts to whom that means something.)

This was actually the second project I ever started. Technically, she has the front end of a zebra and the back end of a walrus, since those are the patterns from World of Knitted Toys I used. I started knitting the walrus tail and then switched to the horse partway through. Originally I switched too soon and wound up with a freakishly short tail. So I gave up and set her aside until, a month or so later, it occured to me I could probably cut her up, put her back on the needles, add extra length to the section in the middle, and then graft the two halves back together again. Once the nice people here confirmed this was possible, I plunged right in. The grafting turned out not to be that bad (I just chanted "knit purl purl knit" over and over to myself like a madwoman) but putting the needles through the fabric and then ripping the center section out was miserable. Who invented Homespun, and can I hurt them? I'm surprised people manage to knit prayer shawls out of this stuff: the things *I* was thinking while working with the yarn were not religious in nature. :-)

I'm doubly pleased with myself since besides learning new skills, it feels really good to have gotten something nice out of a project I'd originally given up on.

I'll end with a warning: if you try to knit one of the larger animals in World of Knitted Toys in bulky yarn instead of the DK it calls for, you may end up with a toy larger than the child it's intended for. I mean, I knew using a bulky yarn would make the thing bigger. I just didn't realize HOW MUCH bigger. Luckily she's for me and not for a child. :-)

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Proportions on a Man's V-neck sleeveless sweater

Hi, everyone. I'm working on a sleeveless V-neck sweater for my father; I'm working without a pattern, and realized I don't have all the measurements I need.

The well-fitting sweater I originally measured was an XL. I'm looking for proportions for the armhole and shoulder shaping. It's meant to be informal businesswear, so that it will go with chinos and a collared shirt, and I think unshaped shoulders are a bit rough for that look. (I've looked at Knitty's Petrol, and googled around for men's sleeveless sweaters, but they either don't have shoulder shaping or they don't have schematics.)

The sweater is designed to be 23" across at the underarms and should be about 26" long from the bottom hem to the top of the shoulder (or maybe to the top of the middle shoulder.) I have at this point knitted well into the armhole shaping, so it's 16" from bottom to the armhole shaping. How deep should the armholes be? and how deep should the shoulder shaping be? I realize that measuring either my Dad or his sweater would be the best step, but the truth is I'm secretly hoping to surprise him with the finished sweater the next time I see him.

Chestnut Mare

pattern help

I'm knitting the striped black and white sweater (#31) from Rebecca 31 and I'm a bit confused on the sleeve shaping...

Here is what the pattern says, and at this point there are 66 stitches across:

When work measures 47 cm or after 100 rows st-st, bind off for sleeve cap at eac end of every 2nd row 4 sts. once and 2 sts. once, then dec 1 st. on every 2nd row 14 times; then dec 1 st. on every 2nd row 14 times as for back. Bind off rem 22 sts.

The part in bold doesn't seem to make sense to me. Am I decreasing in the middle, one stitch per every other row? It seems like you'd want to decrease on both sides? It references the back but on the back there are two decreases on each row, a k2tog and a SKP on each side, with an edge stitch. Help!

eta: The main thing I'm not getting is how it turns out to be 22 stitches at the end. If I bind off a total of 12 stitches, and then decrease 1 28 times, (or dec 2 14 times??) that's 26 stitches.

(no subject)

Bloody hell, why can't they make instructions understandable! Anyone able to help me figure out how to do this??????? I can't figure out what the hell they mean. Argh!!!!! And while you're at it, please tell me how I'm supposed to make the buttonhole where they say to pick up stitches, if I'm knitting in the round????? *is thuroughly agitated*. I hate pattern instructions

ps. pardon the crankyness....maybe the icon'll explain the why ^_~

**edit** Thanks for all your help. I've made an attempt at the buttonhole and it seems to have come out ok. Am going to finish it up in a minute and try it on, hopefully it'll be ok. You people are great and very helpful. Not to mention inspirational. Hats off ^_^
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nova scotia

(no subject)

I bought some Trendsetter Aura yarn (which is 100% nylon) and was going to knit a bag using that and some worsted weight wool, and just let the Aura yarn make it all poofy. The people at the store assured the Aura yarn it would work fine in a felted project. I just checked the skein, though, and it's cold water only, no detergents. I'm guessing trying to felt a project with this included would be a bad idea, right? Has anyone else tried felting something while using Aura?

Edited for clarity.


in my hurry to felt my bag, I not only forgot to take a "before" picture...I didn't even think about all of the ends. There were approximately a million of them, and I was delighted that once the bag was felted, I could just snip them away. I threw it in with my wash, and was somehow surprised when I took it out and the entire inside had turned into a mat of fiber. I managed to separate it, snip out the biggest clumps of felted yarn-ends...but the top half of the bag didn't felt.

Is there a way to keep it from happening again? Will turning the bag inside out fix that? I had it inside a zipped pillow protector, and the part that did felt looks great. Can I felt this in the machine, or will it be better to try to even it out by hand? right now one edge, most of the top third of it, and the handle still need to be felted. Also, can I put this in the dryer when it's done, or should I just wait for it to dry on its own?

For a completely experimental project, I was surprised. The Merino Style I used created a really nice(if kind of smelly) finished fabric. And even with all of the ends felting together, I was able to shape it pretty easily into what it was meant to be in the first place. :)
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two FOs!

These are the first FOs I've had the opportunity to post. I'm so excited!

Please pardon the blurriness of some of the pictures. It's almost impossible to get enough natural light to take pictures with this time of year.

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Tracking Knitpicks

Knitpicks gives me a "Smartpost" tracking number to track my order (which has been shipped, as of a few days ago), but I can't figure out where to plug it in to track my package. I tried the fedex site (I think that's who runs Smartpost) but it didn't work...but I might have been doing it wrong.

I could just wait and be surprised, but I'm antsy, and I like tracking things.

Am I crazy?

Or are there suddenly more choices on Knitpicks? Shine Worsted? Mainline? New colours for Shine? Is it possibly because spring is coming that there are more lightweight options?

Sorry for all the questions, but I've been looking at that site for the past few days (contemplating an order) and suddenly there are things I don't think I've seen before!


I'm knitting a cardigan -- not from a pattern, just a super simple top-down raglan -- but I want to give it a hood & I've never made a hood. So: what's your favourite hood-making method? Make afterwards and sew on? Graft on? Two pieces and sew? One piece and shape? Experiences and tips would be great!

If it makes a difference to you, the yarn is a chunky, fuzzy wool-acrylic blend frogged from a giant, ugly Salvation Army sweater ($3 -- makes a poor college student happy!). I haven't started it yet but I'll be using 11s or 13s, depending on which swatch looks prettier.

I finished my blanket!

Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick in Claret and Wheat. Size 15 circulars. Knit in three panels and stitched together with mattress stitch. Warmer than any blanket I've ever had.

Would've been done weeks ago, but I got bored with the border, so I went on to socks on size 1s. :) Finished it tonight during Battlestar Galactica.

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