March 4th, 2006


I'm the luckiest girl in the world... :)

My boyfriend made me a swift!

Last spring, we spent a day with a friend dying yarn. My boyfriend was enthralled by my friend's swift. He promised me that he would build me one. I kind of shrugged it off like... whatever. But I've since learned that you should never doubt a determined engineer.

Now... I did find instructions that you can purchase to make a swift:
I offered to order them for him to aide him in this swift-making process. He laughed at me. He said... "Do you think I really need a pattern? I'm an ENGINEER!" I shook my head and truly doubted that I'd ever see my swift.

But then, his parents gave him a drill for Christmas. And what does one do with a drill...? Yes... you build things. He showed up with it the other night, and I was so excited! And it works really well!

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kinky + not = ugly

Hi all. :)

Recently I started making the streakers shrug from interweave knits, but I decided to make it using Bernat Satin (acrylic). I bought this yarn sometime in the summer, used up a few balls making something I ended up hating (another shrug from interweave actually...) and then left it sitting around in my room till now. When I saw the streakers shrug it just looked so nice I decided I'd use up the extra balls of Satin I had, then frog the old shrug and use that yarn to do the rest.

Big mistake, or was it?

My shrug was looking great until I started using the frogged yarn. Now half of it looks nice, and half looks like when I just learned how to knit (looks like my tension is constantly changing, but it isn't based on earlier rows).

So (finally) my question is: if I "block" this thing when it's finished, will the kinky yarn / tension problem work itself out? (I know I can't block acrylic, but I just really want to know if wetting it will get the kinks out, and make the ugly half of my knitting look nice again).

I'm willing to rip it all out so that all of my yarn starts out frogged so it all looks the same, but that would make me a very sad muffin.

Please let me know if my work can be salvaged! Thanks!

ETA: Thanks for all the quick responses! I think I'll finish it, wash it, and if it doesn't look right then I'll frog the whole thing, try to de-kink the yarn and start again.
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Knitting Knewbie. ;)

Happy Saturday Ladies!

I joined this community over two weeks ago, never having even had a pair of knitting needles in my hands! You all showed me so many amazing things that can be done, so I've decided that I really want to pursue knitting as my new hobby. My old hobby was...falling asleep watching my boyfriend play XBox 360. ;)

The first thing I did was pick up this little "Learn to Knit" kit from target that included a couple of "things" of yarn (don't even know what to call them yet, sorry!), 2 plastics needles, and a DVD to teach me. I sat down and tried to teach myself how to cast on (I believe they taught a long tail cast on - one needle), but unfortunately, the yarn was of such a texture that I couldn't see whether or not I was doing the stitch correctly. The DVD wasn't very helpful either, they just showed the same thing over and over again, without really explaining what was being done. I'm a perfectionist, so I want to make sure I'm doing it exactly right before I move onto the next step.

So, needless to say, I got pretty frustrated pretty quickly and quit. :(

I've ordered Stitch and Bitch, and bookmarked a couple of the sites that you wonderful people have recommended, and I think I might be ready to tackle trying to teach myself again. I'm hoping some of the other sites and books will break things down a bit better for me.

Now that I've rambled on, I'll get to my question. I want to get some good supplies in front of me to help motivate me to learn. I'm in the Chicago area, so I have a lot of good arts and crafts stores around, but the one that is the most convenient for me to get to today is a Michael's.

What supplies would you recommend for an absolute beginner? What I'm looking for is sort of an "essentials" basket. Good quality starter needles, yarn that will let me see what I'm doing without being crazy expensive, and preferably also something that would be readily available.

I'm really excited to get started, but I must say I'm incredibly intimidated right now! Any advice, ideas, or supply lists you could provide me with would help get me off on the right foot.

I'm so happy to be a part of this community and I'm looking forward to getting started!

Thanks in advance!

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My gauge for the Coronet hat from Knitty is 3.25" instead of the 4" they say to have (I did just realize that I did the gauge calculation with 17 sts * 20rows though, but that still puts the gauge off quite a bit. If I go to the suggested 28 rows, I get 4" in height).
I'm using Red Heart Supersaver yarn. I've never tried to adjust a pattern before, so I haven't a clue how to attempt to re-do the math for that hat. I was hoping someone here would be able to help me?? The hat has to fit a head with 22 and 3/4" circumference (as you can guess, it's not for me lol). Any ideas how I go about making this hat so it'll fit properly????? Thanks so much for your help

ETA: when checking gauge, do you just look at the height or also the width of the swatch???

washing frogged yarn

So, this is probably the dumbest question ever: I really have to wash my frogged thrift store yarn? I know it brings the yarn back to its original self and etc but... what if I don't? Will the finished sweater completely change character when I block it/the first time I wash it? Will it look weird and lumpy? Will it attract reavers?

I know it's a silly question, but I'm just so damn antsy to start knitting with it.
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manos madness

I finally got some manos del uruguay! I am in knitters heaven! This yarn is incredibly beautiful, I got it in colour 106 or "autumn" as the sticker says, the colours are fabulous! Anyways I have 2 hanks and I was trying to decide what the best thing to knit out of this awesome yarn is. I had thought scarf, a small clapotis maybe. I just want it to look luxurious and magnificent when I wear it. I like the flowy quality of the clapotis. Has anyone else knit a scarf from Manos? Do you have any fun stitch patterns that would translate into a flowy and fabulous scarf? Any other suggestions as to what Manos is good for when you only have 2 skeins?
Thanks bunches
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Two things:

First, I'm intrigued by the Knitpicks Shine Worsted. I don't think there'll be many that have used it since it's new, but I wonder if anyone have used the other weight and can attest to feel, and also just how shiny is this?

Second, is there any special way to attach a zipper to a knitted thingy?

Oy, bad knitting day. Had to frog something, which makes me cranky, and now I have to untangle all this yarn as I frogged it so. dramatically.
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Yarn change techniques - a question

As my one spring break splurge, a classmate and I travelled up to Lansing, MI to visit Threadbear Fiber Arts. After 3 hours, we each came out with less money, gorgeous yarn, and a determination to return (in my case, an hour and a half later, after dinner).

My after dinner purchase was two skeins of Mountain Colors 'Twizzle', in Mountain Twilight and Crazy Woman. I intended to knit a small shawl, but have run into a bit of a snag that none of my knitting books are solving.

I wanted to switch colors every few rows, to keep the colors looking even and that part looks beautiful. I followed the KnittingGeek's pattern for the Thinking Woman's Shawl to a point, and have started adding the occasional lacy detail in the center on a stockinette background. But I initially decided to not cut the yarn every 2-4 rows, and to just carry it up the side...but that's making one side look a little lumpy. Not very much, but a little bit. So my question is: if any of the wise and intelligent members of this community were going to make a shawl like this, how would YOU change the yarn?

The increases are done every row, after the garter stitch border, so it's k3, sl marker, yo, k (or purl on the ws) to end of row.

Not Socks!

Greetings and salutations! Newbie knitter joining the ranks. :o)

After 5 months of simple scarves and hats, I've just finished my first "major" knitting project. I'm terribly pleased with myself, though more for the fact that I actually finished it at all, instead of ripping it apart in a crying tantrum and leaving it in a tangled mess in a corner. Dropped stitches in a lace pattern make me a sad panda. But, anyway. :o)

Please allow me to present the Edwardian Carrying Cape from Oat Couture, knit using Sirdar Country Style DK in Tartan Green. As modelled by my very patient teddy bear, Andreas. ;o)

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Sock Method?

I've been knitting plain stockinette and simple lace socks for a while now, and figured it's time to delve into fair isle. I'm planning on using knitpicks's Tulip Socks pattern, and was just wondering: what sock knitting method do you subscribe to? DPNs? Two socks on two circulars? One sock on one circular? Two socks on one circular? If you've tried more than one method, do you prefer different methods for different kinds of socks?

I've been using DPNs myself, but it seems like the circular methods would be more practical with fair isle and also easier to carry around.
Fun - Kitty Claudia

Knitting lace and a question for you all...

My name is Claudia, I am 29 and have the new addiction of knitting lace.
I love love love the challenge in it, the counting of the patterns.
And that the few repetitions making such a pretty end product.
Currently working on a simple one for my mom kitchen shelve:
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She's all WOAH about this sudden new talent when it's even not all that special.
It's quite funny.

So what are your current addictions?
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Will Wool-Ease Thick & Quick felt well? I lost the label but I know it's not 100% wool...

if not, what are some good felting wools that come in nice bulky sizes? Low price is more important than feel, since it's for a bag.

Book advice

Just discovered a fab new LYS (Banana Berry, on Wardlow near Orange in Long Beach, CA). And one of their 'regulars' had a book - The Vogue Stitchionary - that I got to leaf through.

Now, I *really* want this book, for it is time for me to learn new stitches.

Anyone used it? Appropriate for a beginning knitter?

Alpaca mittens

Pattern: CJ's Fingerless Gloves with Detachable Mitten Top (sent to me via email by a Secret Pal)
Yarn: Blue Sky Alpaca, sport weight, colours 53 & 50 (also sent to me by my wonderful secret pal)
Other: 3.25mm DPNs, adorable penguin buttons I had in my collection just waiting for the perfect project...
Cast on: Jan 2/06
Cast off: Jan 12/06

New techniques learned: Kitchener Stitch. And I kind of love it! Mmm... nice tidy mitten tops!
This was also my first foray into gloves and their many fingers... not so bad! A little fiddly with the seemingly way to much needle for so little a tube... but I got the hang of it :) The hardest part was figuring out the picking up stitches and where to attach the yarn for each new finger.. I think I did okay, though.

Changes to pattern: Well, I misread part of it for the mitten top first time through... oops. Missed a bunch of rows. So I accidently made the mitten top shorter then intended :P (I purposefully repeated the mistake for the second mitten top, so at least they match!)
The original pattern calls for 3 buttons, and making button holes. My first try at the button holes did not leave me with any holes... turns out I am unable to do a YO properly when knitting in the round... something I'm going to have to work on...
However, I didn't really care, since I didn't have enough penguin buttons for 3 buttons each mitten. Also, I didn't ever intend to actually remove the mitten top - might lose it that way! So in the end I opted to just stitch the mitten top in place, and added the penguins for just decoration.

What I would do differently if I made them again: Read the pattern more carefully for the mitten tops ;) And I'd make the thumbs complete... while tucking the thumb into the mitten top does keep it toasty, I can't do that when I need to hold something, and my thumbs get mighty cold outside of the mitten top!!

I absolutely adore alpaca yarn, and am in love with these mittens. I've worn them just about everyday since I finished them! They permenantly reside in my winter coat pockets :) They wear well, and I think they've managed to get softer!! *love* They've stretched a bit, and fit more losely, which makes for easier on-and-off taking and has not impacted the warmth giving at all. Even with a several rows shorter mitten top, my fingers stay nice and toasty!

Anyhow, enough of my babble:
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Felting question

I'm hoping you lovely ladies and gentlemen can help me out here.
A friend of mine has asked me to make her a felted bag that has a main area, a pocket almost as big as the main bit, a flap that will go over both bits to close it, and a shoulder strap. Now, I'll make my own pattern up, because I'm like that, but it's the felting I'm a bit worried about. Do I make the bag as a whole and felt it like that? Do I make all the bits separately and felt them at the same time, then sewing it all together afterwards? Do I just slap my friends upside her head and tell her to smell the coffee?
I'll be using Noro Kureyon if it makes any difference to your answers.



I've searched and my google-fu has failed me, so I have come to you all for some help. Does anyone know of a scarf pattern that the yo's end up outlining a shape of dragonflies or really anything with dragonflies in it?

FO: Gansey Gloves

A pair of gloves for my brother, knitted from this pattern. They are in a 90% wool, 10% acrylic yarn spun and sold by a local LYS, and knit on 3mm bamboo DPNs.

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1. The mini-cable ribbing that I did is not the same as in the pattern. I simply repeated rounds 1 and 2 of the pattern without doing rounds 3 and 4, because I prefer the look.
2. Continental is so much faster than Anglo-American for seed stitch. There really is no comparison, for me at least.
3. When attaching the yarn for the fingers, be sure to leave very long tails because you will use those tails to sew up and fill in the gaps at the bases of the fingers.
4. Whenever the pattern said 'Cast on X stitches to bridge the gap' I always needed to do X+1 to make the fingers wide enough without stretching the stitches.
5. When I bound off these gloves, they looked terrible. Bunchy weird blobby things with a funny spirally pattern. I didn't actually block them properly but gave them a good wash in hot water and mild soap, formed them into the correct shape, and left them on the radiator to dry. A vast improvement. I don't think these gloves would work at all well in a non-blockable yarn.
6. I'm thinking that 3mm may be the lower limit of practicality for bamboo DPNs if one is knitting a very tight, dense project like this one. They didn't actually break, but they're very warped now and they made some ominous cracking noises as I picked up and twisted the stitches for the fingers.
7. Incidentally, if anyone is really unhappy with DPNs and wants to build confidence (although they're not scary, honest!) this would probably be a nice project for getting used to them.

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Debbie Stroller's
Happy Hooker is out
I know its a crochet based book, but there is a section dedicated to Crochet vs Knitting and the benefits of both. It was interesting to me just because I used to crochet and then stopped for a while and took up knitting. Check it out, its got some good projects.
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