March 5th, 2006

Arina knitting

FO Red Horse bag

Tonight I finished a felted intarsia bag I have been working on. As a child I always wanted things with horses on them, so now my childhood obsession has been fulfilled. :) It was my second foray into intarsia, the first being a knit square for the square trade community.
Although in no way does it look remotely professional, I still like how it turned out. I created the pattern and the intarsia chart myself so I'm pretty pleased. I will use this bag. That is what matters. The cool thing was I was able to use all recycled hardware from another broken bag I had. So I stole the zipper and the D-rings. Nice!

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So yeah, I say yay for another finished project. Now onto the Stargate blanket!
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Varied WIPs and whatnot...

In to-be-finished order...

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I'd like to have the first 3 these things cleared out by roundabout the end of March. The last is going to long-term project status while I consider the yarn. There should be 2 smaller skeins of silk that comes close to matching, which might be a solution, if I can figure out where the heck I put them.

My knitting is getting jealous...

Before the knit Olympics i was working on The Hours Glass sweater in *swoon* Noro Aurora. Since it stripes i have been trying to wind the yarn beginning with the same color so when i knit the striped will mostly match the way up. My body is done, and i'm on the sleeves. I've seemed to have lost all interest. In the interim,  I knit up Olympic socks and in the middle of the Olympic socks, I began a dishcloth baby blanket! Then Friday i almost finished this Teddy bear. Now abandoned, it looks like a skinned fun fur animal. I have to stuff him and i didn't want to get the polyfill out of the dangerously packed closet. The up side, finally the fun fur that my sister-in-law bought me in a sweet gesture will be used. She though it would make a great scarf. My gift to her is a lion brand Jiffy thick and quick fun fur scarf in "Ozarks"-?-. Don't look at me like that.  Yesterday , in a moment of weakness I went to Knit New York which i just "happened" to pass by and i picked up 4 skeins of Koigu, 2 in moss and 2 in burgundy (not real colorways, i just don't know the numbers), a size 2 bamboo dpns and a go knit bag to put it all in and i knit on the train like a happy little squirrel (Err..a squirrel that knits that is...i'm embarking on an Eddie Izzard moment here, okay forget the whole analogy). So i'm on these gorgeous socks which i'm trying to do something very special with and <i>then</i> i read the post about the 2 skeins of Manos which *gasp* i seem to have in my stash too.Clapotis is calling me.

My friends, i have a problem. I lack knitting monogamy.
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Who's with me

Would you pay a fee if online stores that carry yarns sold in hanks would ball them up for you, if you don't own and can't afford a ball winder and swift? I don't usually buy yarn online if I can help it, and a ball winder and/or swift is not in my immediate future, as I don't buy enough yarn in hanks to justify the expense. But I would pay an extra $3 per order if an online store did it for me.

What do ya think?
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DDR bunny

Getting ready to do the Rogue Sweater

I did a google and a lj search for projects that will help me get ready for the rogue sweater but I did not find lots of info. I have done some cabling and I do enjoy it but I don't think that I am quite ready to do the rogue yet. I am thinking about doing the Celtic cap as practice but I am also looking for a few more small projects to do that contain cables. Please give me suggestions. 

I made this for baby!

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I finished this this morning for baby (due soon). I may embellish with embroidery or buttons but haven't decided yet. Yarn is just Caron Simply Soft in orchid and pattern was from March 2006 Creative Knitting.

Now, I'm going to start a blanket . . .
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Ianto Fucking Jones

(no subject)

I normally knit in a smoke free environment, but I'm home from college on spring break and staying with family members who smoke. I'm using knitpics merino and Manos del Uruguay and I'd really like to get some knitting done but I don't want to ruin the yarn with the smell. So are there any good ways to remove the smoke smell, or should I just hold off on the knitting?

Easy peasy dog sweater?

Hey everybody!

One of our shelties recently had surgery (she had a big tumor taken out of her side), and she needs a sweater while she's recovering. Her little torso is shaved, and the wound needs to be covered while she's healing. I've been looking online for a really easy dog sweater pattern, but I'm not having much luck. Anybody made one before that was quick? Thanks in advance for any help.

Knit Picks color cards

I know they'd disappeared from the site briefly, but they're back, and now they have all of the yarns on one page. So if any of you were frustrated this week about not being able to buy color cards, there they are, with the new yarns included!
ETA: It's been pointed out to me that a few aren't on the list (the biggest gap IMO being Wool of the Andes), and of course I failed to notice that because I already bought those a long time ago. D'oh. I hope they're just making more!

I caved and got some Shine Worsted for a baby sweater. Being home alone with a partially potty-trained kid, a nasty cold, and halfway through a pregnancy can lead to some impulse shopping to cheer one up... :-)

Mrs Beeton's

Finished this small project over the weekend and I am very pleased with them.

I knitted them out of Cashsoft DK, colourway 511 "Madame", and Kidsilk Spray, colourway 574 "Regal", on bamboo DPN:s. I must say that the casting on with beads and the Kidsilk was somewhat nightmarish, but it became much better when I did it over two needles instead. This was definitely an advantage of the bamboo being less slippery than my other DPN:s, not sure I could have done it with the normal ones. The Cashsoft on the other hand is a dream to knit with.

I used seed beads with sort of a silver lining and clear Czech glass beads. I like them very much, they give off a very "finished" look with the lovely yarns, the beads and the picot bind-off (which I enjoyed very much). All in all a very nice, small project, finished over the weekend. I will probably make more of them :)

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off to the frog pond

A few days ago I talked my husband gazerwolf into building me a swift from PVC pipe. It ended up considerably bigger than we'd expected, but works quite well.

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So last night I finally frogged my nearly-done Sonnet body, resulting in this pile of rainbow yarn. It was my first attempt at upsizing a pattern, and I overestimated by quite a bit. I'd finished the whole body (except for the buttonhole band) before I pinned the shoulders together to try it on. Darn thing fit like a circus tent. *sigh*

I untied the knots as I came to them, so this was nine full skeins of Red Heart Mexicana. I've balled up three so far (thanks to a PVC nostepinne made from swift leftovers) but had to stop and give my shoulder a rest.

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Express the knitter in you!

I was surfing the web, and came across this. If you really wanted to express the knitter inside you, believe it or not, there are "skins" for your cellphone or computer that actually have patterns of stockinette stitch on them in a few colors. The website is, and if you click on "Skins", then the subheading of "StyleSkins", then under that the subcategory of Textures, you'll see 7 skins of various colors called Knit (color), and you can see what your phone or computer would look like if it were knitted. Cool!

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DDR bunny

Wig pattern idea

A prof at my school is going to retire at the end of the semester. This prof keeps asking me to knit him a cap for his head because he has no hair on it. This prof is a mischievous man. He takes students out on snipe hunts and dose lots of practicle jokes. So I decided that for a retirement present I am going to make him a hair hat. I got blond color eyelash/polyester  yarn blend from the yarn store and now I need ideas. What pattern would you suggest for the hair hat? Google came up with the hallowig from knitty and the elvis wig but neither are what I am looking for.