March 6th, 2006

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Unraveling gauge swatch in case of yarn shortage & sock sizing?

I know that typically when making a sweater, you buy more than the recommended amount of yarn, so you probably have enough to spare for a gauge swatch. But what if you're knitting something like socks, so you only buy 2 hanks of sock yarn? Is there usually enough in there to spare a 4" gauge swatch and also complete a pair of women's socks?

I am making socks for my Sockapaloooza pal, and since they need to fit her feet, I figured I should knit a swatch. But I was worried about having enough yarn, so instead of binding off the swatch, I just put them on a stitch holder, measured my gauge, and then unraveled the swatch and added it back to the ball of yarn. But now that yarn is all crimpy/slightly fuzzy from being knitted and frogged out, so I don't want the top of her socks to be all crappy looking...will this even out under tension and look fine? In the future should I bind off and keep my swatch? I just didn't want to run out of yarn...

On a related note, I am wanting to use the "Classic Sock" pattern in Folk Socks for her, and it just says to knit the leg (k2, p2 ribbing) as long as you want. But I am not sure how long to make it so that I don't run out of yarn. How long should an average sock leg be? Luckily she has small size 6.5 feet, so I won't have to make the foot too long. I'm using 2 hanks of Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock, 215 yards each. I really should just buy an extra since I am so concerned about running out, but I bought it online, so not sure I can get the same dyelot (I am using one of the solid colors)...

Blocking Question - Pinup Queen

Hello - Thanks to a bit of help from this community I am nearly done knitting Pinup Queen from the first SnB book. I used Cascade 220 and would like to give the sweater a bath with some wool shampoo and conditioner to soften up the wool before wearing. If I wet block this sweater will it loose the elasticity of the ribbing? There is a lot of ribbing.

Thank you!

(no subject)

My knitpicks order arrived today... in a plastic bag that positively reeked of cigarette smoke (WTF? I didn't know plastic bags could pick up smells.)

Unpleasant smells aside, though... I basically ordered a hodgepodge of single skeins so I could see what I thought of the different I need to find something to do with them. What are some good, teeny, one-skein projects?

Felting and Fibonacci

Has anyone ever felted a fibonacci-striped knit? I'm making Sophie from magknits with Knitpick's WotA and I wanted to make it striped with the Fibonacci sequence alternating colours like:

13 1 8 1 5 2 3 3 2 5 1 8 1 13

But, I'm not sure if the one and two row stripes will even show up when felted. Thoughts? I could do a boring old 5-5-5-5

st. brigid sweater

I hear tell that there's a St. Brigid sweater in Alice Starmore's out-of-print ARAN KNITTING book.

Does anyone know if this pattern is sold individually somewhere? Or should I just try to check it out of the library...

Knit Pic 2

Knitpicks- Color Reduction

Is it just me or did Knitpicks significantly reduce the number of colors they have available for Sock Landscape? Does this mean they won't be getting them back, do you think? Has anyone noticed any other missing colors in the non-summer yarns? Do you think it's just a seasonal thing? I'm worried now, I think I'm probably going to order some Sock Landscape since I love the yarn and I'd be really upset to not have it available when i need it.

Anyway, just so that this post has some worthwhile content, I was wondering if anyone knew of any small lace star/heart motifs. I'm designing some secret stripey items and I want to have little lace hearts and stars in them if I can (if I can't I'll probably just use purl bumps instead). I've tried to come up with my own design, and while I am fairly good at designing lace myself, I can't come up with anything satisfactory on the scale that I want. I just want little stars (5 pointed) and hearts.

Gauge for this is going to be worsted on size 3s, I don't know what that works out to exactly but probably around 6-7 sts/inch.

Thanks in advance for the help guys, I'm almost finished with a pair of socks so I'll post photographs of those for your enjoyment later on.
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getting a bad rap...

i don't know if anyone else caught this article in the Boston Globe Magazine from this weekend, but I'm so annoyed by this woman's response to the question about knitting at conferences. Normally I don't even read etiquette because they irritate me anyways- but this was posted by someone on my friends list. I think I may actually have to email a letter of response because it's been bugging me since i read it.

I know the topic of knitting at lectures and things has been discussed here before, so i just thought i'd pass on the link.
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Help me id this yarn.

Oh ye who know of the yarns - What yarn am I knitting with? Because I have no idea.

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Thank you. :)

Edit: Consensus is that this is Bernat Sox, an acrylic/nylon blend (Thank you to all for your help!). So now I have an additional question: How does this feel as a sock? I mean, does it do the things that acrylic do, like not breath? Or does the nylon help to tone that down? Thanks again.

yarn store database?

Whenever I travel, I wonder if there are any badass yarn stores around. I've noticed others asking the same kind of question in this community. So what I want to know is:

Is there some sort of comprehensive online database of (non-online) yarn stores all over the world? Please give me the address if it exists. Google has failed me.



ETA: OK, so I'm dumb. Thanks for the help, all!

Advice needed on EPS raglan top

I'm planning to rip out, from the sleeves up, a short sleeve raglan top completed over the weekend. The body fits well and I'm spot on with the gauge of 6 sts to 1" for a 5 ply yarn on 3.75mm circulars.

According to my EZ (Knitting without tears) I need 66sts for my 11" wide sleeves (all round) and should leave about 17 sts on thread for underarm seams before knitting upwards after joining to body.

I can get away with a slightly tight sleeve and with blocking would probably get a better fit but it just doesn't look right on me. To give an idea on how stretched it looks; I can see through the raglan joins while wearing it.

I'm certain I got the percentages and gauge right, maybe I should have 66 + 17 stitches to start with so that the width is maintained after leaving the arm seam sts on thread?

Please help!
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(no subject)

Gauge question. :( I tried searching past posts, but, uh, wasn't so successful.

I'm knitting the Short Row Hat from Interweave Webknits. Since it's knitted around and then joined, I'm concerned about my gauge.

The measurements should be 21sts by 30 rows in St st = 4". I'm getting almost 5.5" tall by 5" wide.

Would decreasing needle size maybe get me in closer? I was knitting on my Addi's, which always loosens up my knitting, so that's probably part of the problem.
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(no subject)

Hi! I'm new to this community. My name is Tracy, I'm nineteen years old and I've been knitting for a year and a half. My dad taught me how. He hates it when I tell people that.

This morning I completed Knitty's Ribbon XBack. I made some changes. More or less, I knitted it up to be a sweater vest instead of a summer tank top because I (unlike the pattern's author) don't like ribbon yarn too much. So it's made of wool. I told someone a few days ago I'd post the pictures here and tell how the size-change went.

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(no subject)

Several months ago I posted asking for ideas for what to knit my boyfriend. I decided on a mandolin strap. I finished it about a month ago, and finally got around to uploading some pictures.

Thanks again to all who provided ideas!

P.S. He LOVES it!

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Pattern Problems

Has anyone made the Maple Leaf socks from the latest issue of MenKnit? I'm having a problem with the instructions.

Row 5: k2tog, yo, k5, yo, skp, k9 (no probs here)
Row 6: Knit (that I can do)
Row 7: k5, reach down to each yo hole, pull up loop (should be 6 loops, these loops will be ktog next row) k13.


I don't have a camera, but the yo holes are not only a few rows away, but I can't see any loops, and when I try to put what I *think* are the loops on the needle, it just looks like I've stuck my needle through the knitting. (ie, it looks like crap and I can't k7tog through them).

The holes go like this

O 0
0 0

Help, please?


EDIT: okay, obviously I know nothing about formatting. Those little 0's are supposed to make a V-shape.
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Self Striping Sock Yarn

Ok, I'm new to sock knitting and my mother and I have taken some classes and are combining our knowledge to try our first socks this weekend. A lady at the zoo even gave me a skein of Opal self-striping sock yarn!
However, one of my instructors (Nancy Weisman to be exact) said that in order for the self striping yarn to actually stripe correctly, you have to have the exact right foot measurements, gauge, and pattern. This sock yarn didn't come with a pattern. If I use some universal sock pattern, making sure my gauge is right (right as in what's on the label), what are the odds that it will stripe the way it is supposed to?
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Head to Head Comparison

I was hoping I could get some help comparing two yarns. How do Endless Summer Collection Luna and Knitpicks Shine compare? Is one more shiny than other? Does one split more than the other? Which one holds up better to washing? Does one block/hold a block better than the other? I imagine they're very similiar being about 50/50 cotton/rayon/modal, but I imagine they are different as well. Any help you can offer will be appreciated. Thanks!
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