March 7th, 2006



So, as a mini no-thought project, I made a standard rolled brim hat, stockinette all the way around, and it came out pretty good, I think. However, I have decided that I want it a little longer to cover my ears more. I don't really want to frog it, but is there anyway I can add length without making it horribly noticable?

(Anyone run into this before?)
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A sockapalOOOza extra FO

Since I was feeling guilty about my SockapalOOOza socks only being ankle length (what she requested) I decided to make my secret sock pal a suprise!

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This one is shown with my toothbrush for scale. It has a real turned heal and reduced kitchnering here today, just a star toe!

Knitpicks sells a kit to make these and you can get the needles there, too.
Knit on 4" 0000 (yep, 4aught) needles it took a just a few yards of yarn.The same yarn as her socks! The second isn't done, but they only take about 30 minutes. I hope she loves these too!

Oh the socks in question...
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what to do......what to do....

I have 600 yds of Lornas Laces Shepard Sport in Rainbow that i bought on an impulse. It's been sitting at the top of my stash waiting for me to wind it into balls and make it into something happy. But i've searched and searched to no avail. This yarn won't tell me what it wants to be! I was thinking something for myself or my 3 year old daughter but havn't found anything perfect. So now i turn to the magic that is this community.......HELP!
What can I - should I - would you make out of 600 yards of this super soft rainbow happiness ?


I'm knitting a baby blanket on size 3 needles with a cast on of 245 stitches. The pattern has in it 'D3' as an abbreviation, i.e. 'yo D3 etc. etc. [I can't remember the wording for a row]' (I don't have the pattern with me at the moment so unfortunately I can't give you how it is placed in a particular row).

Does D3 mean decrease 3 stitches? Why wouldn't it just say K3tog then?

thanks for any help!

EDIT: I've emailed the customer svc dept at Herrschner's (where I got the pattern) to ask them. Hopefully I get an answer.

EDIT #2 (for anyone interested): Well, I guess there is a key after all and I overlooked it. Here is part of the reply I received (at least I can begin knitting once I get home!):
D3 is using 3 sts, and decreasing to one stitch.
D3: Sl 1, k2tog, psso.
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easy men's sweater pattern

I found these two patterns that I think would be fairly easy to do:

1) --> instructions:

2) --> instructions:

I need a sweater made out of a simple stockinette stitch because I will be intarsia-ing (made up words rock) a larger design on the front.

Is one sweater better (read: easier :D) than the other?

Thanks! :)
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tube sock pattern?

My son, almost 9, has a request -- so here's my first post to this community!

He wants me to make socks for him, which I will do, but he has requested tube socks specifically. He doesn't like shaped socks, and has very thin, but long, legs.

Help with a pattern I can either do with magic loop or on two circulars? Non-itchy yarn suggestions? Free would be delightful, but book ideas or a pattern I could buy is okay. I'd appreciate any help anyone could offer, as I have not yet ventured into knitting socks, but am sure this is the start of an addiction. :) Thanks, all!
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(no subject)

I'm having a bit of a problem.

I offered to make a scarf for a man. I asked him what color he wanted - he said baby blue.

So now, I somehow have to make a "manly" scarf with baby blue yarn.

Here's what I'm wondering - do you know of any patterns that might work? I'm new to cable knitting, but I could probably do that. I wouldn't mind it just being a mix of knit/purl, though, as I'm *much* more comfortable with those.

I thought I'd like to do it in some sort of chunky, but not really chunky, yarn. I'd just use Homespun but that's evil to knit with. Maybe Plymouth Encore?

So basically - have you knitted a scarf for your husband, brother, boyfriend, or favorite rock star? Help!

Potentially dumb question

So I love to knit toys. I usually make them in Caron Simply Soft -- it's cheap, hypoallergenic, easy to care for, soft, and comes in all kinds of fun colors.

EXCEPT it doesn't come in skin tones, which would be nice for making dolls.

Not a problem, right? I could just use a different acrylic yarn for skin colors, right? Wrong. Turns out that Simply Soft is a slightly lighter yarn than other acrylic worsteds.

So my question to you is, do you know of any other acrylic yarns that knit up to the same gauge as CSS? I've looked on the website (where I'll be ordering the yarn from), and I see tons of acrylics that claim to knit up to the same gauge (i.e., Caron Wintuk, Red Heart, etc.), but I know from experience that they are heavier yarns than CSS.

Any help is appreciated!

Admin: in which I sound like your mom

Just a quick reminder, gang. It's OK to have disagreements, but try to keep it polite and non-personal. If the person you're disagreeing with says you've misunderstood their original intent, try to give them the benefit of the doubt. It's hard to get people's meaning through plain text sometimes. And remember, you can express that you're offended without becoming offensive in the process.

For the most part y'all are great. And I know I need to personally remind myself to not assume malice when carelessness is as simple an explanation ("Dude cut me off in traffic! That jerk! Oh wait, maybe he just didn't see me" is a conversation I have with myself quite often).

Weaving in ends with silk?

Hello Knitting!

I am working on a display piece for my boss and have run into a problem. How in the world do you weave in ends with 100% silk yarn and get them to stay woven in? The yarn is so slick that they keep working their way back out. It's a very open knit as part of a ruffle/frilled edging on a bolero jacket that is all knit in one piece, no seams where I could hide the ends if all else fails.
So knitting, what do you suggest I do with these ends? If all else fails, I can super glue them very discreetly since it is only display and not for wearing, but I'd like to do it the "right" way if there is one! TIA for any help!
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Web sites for swapping?

I followed a pointer here a few days ago for some yarn / knitting supplies swaps, didn't bookmark them, and now can't find the original post the links were in. I think they were part of an online yarn store's site?

If anyone has any favorite websites for yarn/supply swaps, or sharing groups whatever they're called, post them in a reply, and I promise to bookmark them this time!
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minisweater confuzzlement

Hello fellow knitting kin.

I'd love to make this sweater to use up some old worsted weight that's taking up space in my stash (woah alliteration, much?) However, I'm a bit unsure about the directions.

Here's a link to the "Minisweater" pattern:

Has anyone here made this before? She refers to "sleeve stitches" but never really says which ones they are. Also, could I make these on flat needles? I have no problem squishing stitches.


bitch please

SnB N's "Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers"

I practiced basic cabling on my practice yarn and just jumped into the work for these armwarmers, because I'm totally in love with the yarn. 2 attempts and 2 frogged pieces later, I'm more than just a little frustrated. Collapse )

EDIT: Not to be stupid, but I checked out the new key to the chart and I don't see what looks different about it. And also, you're supposed to read a chart from the top down, right?

Also, just because I've got a hunch that I'm wrong, I can't practice this pattern on straight needles can I? The pattern is only knitted on one of 3 DPNs, but I'm assuming that I'd have to pick up my work and move it on the needles, right?
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I don't know if this will be allowed or not (sorry mods) but I have question about tattoos. Has anyone been able (or been allowed) to knit while being tattooed? I getting a backpiece worked on tomorrow, and it will take a few hours. Knitting is so relaxing for me, and I hate just sitting there when I could be productive. So, what do you think? Again, sorry because it's a little off topic. Thanks!

picking up stitches using magic loop?

I'm making my first pair of socks and have been flying along using the Magic Loop method up to this point. I've just finished shaping the heel, and now I have to shape the instep.

Thus far, I've had no problems converting the instructions (written for DPNs) into Magic Loop, but I'm having trouble with this part:

With RS of work facing, and first needle, pick up and knit 18 sts along left side of heel. With Second needle, knit across 32 sts for instep. With third needle, pick up and knit 18 sts along right side of heel. Knit first 10 sts from heel onto end of third needle. Slip rem 9 sts from heel onto beg of first needle

Am I going to have to break out the DPNs for this part, or can I do it the Magic Loop way?

Long-tailed cast on in 2x2 rib?

So, I've been curious whether it is possible to cast on in pattern using the long-tail cast on -- ie, producing a row of both knits and purls. I googled, and lo! it seems it is possible (I gather you just treat your thumb as if it were a giant needle and the index finger yarn as coming from the ball and, well, purl.) (It turns out that you can describe the normal long-tail cast-on in exactly this way, except of course you knit instead of purl. Cool.)

But the first "knit" of the long-tail cast-on produces 2 stitches: the new one and the slip knot (or the bar, if you don't use a slip knot.)

So, I'm confused about what I'd do if I wanted to produce 2x2 rib in this fashion. Knit one and purl 2, then continue with k2p2? (If I had to make a bet, I'd bet on this.) Knit 2, purl 2, and so on, only purling on the last stitch to produce an even number of stitches? What about if I wanted to do 1x1 rib?

Is this possible? Is it useful?

Note that even if it has no real advantage over a standard long-tail cast on, I'd be interested in learning if and how one could do it, since I think it would help me understand how the heck the long-tailed cast on works anyway.

I think another way to phrase this question is as follows: I keep reading that a double cast-on is exactly the same as doing a single cast-on and then knitting every stitch. But that doesn't seem like it can be right: you do one less "knit" with the double cast-on than you have stitches, since the first "knit" results in 2 stitches. Or am I confused?

I tried it but I'm having trouble reading that first row of knitting, which might be the answer to the "useful" question right there. :-)