March 8th, 2006


Long-Term Pilling

A question for people who've made sweaters and other high-wear items in KnitPicks' Wool of the Andes:

I completed a sweater this past Friday using Wool of the Andes knowing that it would likely pill a bit. What I didn't realize is exactly how much "a bit" is. I've worn it twice now and there are already spots in the fabric where you can no longer see the stitches because of the thick layer of fuzzballs that has developed.

How long-term is WotA's pilling in your experience? Does it eventually reach a critical mass, or will it not make a difference in the amount whether I take a razor to the piece? I've worked with some wools that only pill at the get-go and eventually stop once they've shed all of their short fibers, but then I've also worked with some that don't stop until the fabric's completely worn through, and in this case I'm worried that the WotA is leaning toward the latter. Is it safe to continue wearing my sweater as a day-to-day item, or should I reserve it for special occasions?

Thank you!
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Debbie Bliss alpaca silk

I hate to add to the "what to do with this yarn" group of entries, but I am just stuck! I have four balls of debbie bliss alpaca silk that I am at a pattern loss for. I purchased it specifically for a scarf, since it is uuber soft, thick and "nubby" feeling. However, nothing I've searched around for has piqued my intrest as yet. This includes back issues of IK, Vogue Knitting, Simply Knitting!, Scarf Style, Knitty, Mag Knits, Google and such. I've been practice swatching with it and don't like what I've done so far.

Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk
65m; US 7/8; 80% Alpaca 20% Silk
colorway 25015

This yarn makes great stockinette and cables, for what it's worth. I made an oxblood-red color cabled scarf of it already, and it's fantastic. This colorway is perfectly easter lilac-purple, which is suprisingly hard to photograph in natural and artificial light.

Mods, I don't know how to add the tag for this type of question, sorry, I'd tag it myself if I could.

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Are there any sites out there that have basic lace patterns of any sort?

I'm just starting a hat of my own creation that's basically going to look like a beret. The brim is ribbed and then the rest of the hat is going to be lacey. The only problem is, the only lace-like pattern I know is a simple yo, k2tog repeated endlessly. I've already got a project going in that pattern, so I'm kind of sick of it, and was hoping that someone knows of some lace pattern sites or something that have some nice patterns I can mess around with to throw into my hat.

Thanks in advance, guys! :D

FO: sleeveless sweater / yoke vest thing

I knitted a yoke vest during the Knitting Olympics. Pattern was from Hip Knits : 65 Easy Designs from Hot Designers and I used Encore Chunky in a dark red. The nice thing about this pattern is that it was knit completely in the round, and then you cast on 20 more stitches for the sleeves and do decreases for the neck. I made it slightly longer then the pattern intended but other then that it was pretty much straightforward and only took about a week.

I really like knitting sweaters but I truly hate sewing so I think I will do some projects from the Loop-d-loop book. If you haven't seen this book already you should... it's filled with lots of scowling European-looking models but the designs are very original and almost all done in the round. It's quite ironic how much I loathe sewing the pieces together... I used to sew quite a few of my clothes for many years and then I discovered knitting. I think the reason why I prefer knitting is it has a soothing rythym to it, can be done without a machine and is completely stress-free.

Anyway, on to a photo of the sweater. That's me in my phone store, hence the ad for Nextel in the background.

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Cardigan pattern suggestions?

So I recently finished up spinning a nice 1650-yard skein of 2-ply 70/30 merino/silk yarn that's weighing in at about 7.5 ounces for the whole deal, and it's sturdy but has a nice loft to it, and weighs, well, very little. Upon lots of reflection, I've concluded that it's a summer cardigan. Soooo I am on the hunt for some basic elements which I'll most likely modify heavily, making it into a lacy summer cardigan somehow. Here's what I want:

- set-in sleeve
- at least a little shaping at the waist; not short row shaping though because I want to do a lace thing
- length anywhere from cropped (say at the navel) to about hip length
- not a wrap type thing, as I'm far too busty for that to work out
- neckline undetermined, but probably not a strict crewneck; collar possible
- closer fit (say 1-3 inches of ease depending on the overall design)
- button band! buttons right up the middle.

I'm hoping to find something that fits the bill and has a schematic, to save myself the structural design work... sizing isn't terribly important as I will adjust it regardless, yarn weight/gauge also not a critical factor (although the yarn's lace to fingering weight and I expect to use somewhere between US3 and US5 needles depending what swatches reveal). Anybody have any thoughts?

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So, I really want to make Knitty's Revolution. I love war period looking stuff, and I think this would fit into my collection. Has anyone attempted this? Any thoughts on it? For instance, did it run small, large, was it light-weight, did you add a cap and emblazon it with a big red 'S'? I'm planning on using Knit-Picks Wool of the Andes, just in case you're interested.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Everyone!

Question for all you pros...

I just bought some "Thick 'n Thin" yarn (It's one of those JoAnn Exclusives) from JoAnn Fabrics, and I was curious to see if I would be able to felt it. It's 75% wool and 25% nylon. I'm wondering if the wool will all felt leaving the nylon notiable, or if it will all felt together and create a nice looking project. Please help!!

PS....About my patchwork scrap quilt in case anyone was wondering. I decided to just knit 6 inches by 6 inches out of each yarn and then just crochet it all together. I bought one of those 6 inch rulers and it's nice and small to carry in my knitting bag with me, so it works like a charm. I only have like 8 blocks done so far, but it's getting to come soon!!


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This summer I want to start a sweater (my first!) that I found in "Girls Guide to Simple Knits". The yarn it calls for is Filatura Di Crosa - Muschio. The yarn is $9 and it only comes in small balls. Does anyone know of a nice yarn (on the soft side) that I can sub? It's my first "big" and "pricey" project, so I don't want to be unhappy with it.


Oh and so this isn't a text only.. a hat I made for my old boss' baby:

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Spun Bamboo

A week or so ago, someone posted that an online, bamboo clothing company had recently added spun bamboo yarn to their offerings.  I jumped at the opportunity and ordered two skeins ($7 - 280 yards each) of the most-gorgeous yarn I've ever seen or held in hand.  I ordered what first appeared to be corn/maize yellow, but it's actually more golden.  It appears to be quite durable and angel-wing soft, so I've decided to attempt preemie caps for local donation.  If you've even thought about working with a spun bamboo fiber, I'd highly recommend ecothreadz of Gardena, CA.

Note:  5 sts & 8 rows = 1 inch US 6

FO - Nicky Epstein Embroidered Gloves from Vogue Knitting Fall 2005

I lost one of my leather gloves and can I confess that I was secretly a little eensy bit happy because it meant I could knit these gloves? Which truly makes me evil because my husband gave me the leather gloves for Christmas last year.

Anyway, I used Tasmanian Merino wool and embroidery floss, 3.25 mm needles and a lot of patience. The gloves took me 6 days to knit but the embroidery took me another 4 days. The original pattern is for opera length gloves but this was a little impractical for me so I shortened the cuffs. This meant that on my first glove I had to do a few rows of quick decreases when I got to the thumb gusset, so there's a bit of a bulge there but I figured it out on the second glove.

They're my first pair of gloves and my first embroidery project so there's a bit of weirdness around the fingers and the embroidery is a bit wonky. They're totally an item that I would go nuts for if I saw in a store, though, so I'm pleased with them.

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knitting vintage

my fellow pattern creators

i'm thinking of making the pattern i just created for my cardigan into a "real" pattern which means having various sizes. how does one do this? did you find standard measurements somewhere to use as a guideline? did you wing it? any advice would be appreciated. thanks!

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KK...since the 75% wool blend I bought probably isn't going to felt, can anyone suggest a good AFFORDABLE wool that I can use to make my first ever felted project??

Thanks Again!

Update on SFSE Issues?

I might have missed the post, but has anyone seen any updates on the Snb vs. SFSE copyright situation?

I'm really wondering what's going to happen with that seeing as it effects lots of independent knitting groups.

Does any one have new scoop?

First Sweater FO!

Hi all. I finally finished my ds's sweater! It's my first foray into sweaters since learning how to knit in November! I'm actually pretty amazed at how far I've come in such a short time! It's knit from 100purewool in the colorway Winter Joy. It's a top down raglan pattern knit on circulars & dpns. The pattern is from here. It's still blocking. Can't wait to put it on the boy!

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headband pattern

I want to make a headband, but not an earwarmer, one to hold back my hair. My hair is growing out from a very short cut, and it's kind of unruly. It's not long enough for a ponytail and I need something to tie it back from my forehead. Everything google gives me is wintery and such.

Is there a basic pattern out there, or should I make some i-cord for a while, increase a little, maybe put a nice sitch pattern from one of my books in it, decrease, make some more i-cord and be done with it?

I got Berroco Glace in Midnight. It's nice and ribbony and a gorgeous dark blue.

(no subject)

So I'm working on a neckwarmer --- basically just a collar plus a bit of a yoke. I'm knitting it from one end (with buttonholes) to the other (with buttons). 20 stitches across, knit until it's long enough to go around the giftee's neck, with short-row darts added to shape the yoke.

My question is --- should I form the double darts of the increase with long-to-short and then short-to-long rows, or the other way 'round? I instinctively thought short-to-long and then long-to-short (making a triangular insertion), but Montse Stanley's Knitter's Handbook specifies the long-to-short then short-to-long order of making a double-dart. (Which makes me wonder if there's an unobvious problem with my obvious idea.)

Any thoughts?

FOs: Knitpicks Stockpot Scarf; Magknit's Sophie

A friend is having twins and in addition to a few things for the babies, I'm making the big-sis-to-be a few items. She's a huge girly-girl and loves pink and purple. First on the list was a scarf: this fuzzy scarf was made with approx 1.5 skeins of Knitpicks Crayon in Pink, and one skein of Butterfly Kisses in Lilac. I roughly followed their free 'Stockpot Scarves' pattern, casting on 175 stitches and knit until I was out of Butterfly Kisses. The Crayon is very soft and wasn't too difficult to work with; I like the butterfly kisses much more than Lion Brand's fuzzy eyelash yarn. I found the pink to be ever so slightly orange-y in fake light, more pink in daylight. The second project, not yet felted, was Magknit's Sophie bag, modified to be slightly taller and striped - I used a Fibonacci striping sequence, from 13 to 1 with colour A and 1 to 13 with colour B. This meant I spread out the decrease rows to be every 12 rather than every 10. The two colours were Wool of the Andes in Tulip and Violet. I used a skein and a little bit of the violet, and just one skein of the tulip. I have found WotA to be very comparable to Cascade 220 but of course I have not felted it yet. In retrospect, I wish I had co-ordinated the colours of the two projects but Knitpicks didn't have much in the way of options. Collapse )

Mariah Yarn choice?

I'm thinking of trying to make Knitty's Mariah in Peace Fleece Worsted. So many colors to choose from!

I looked on knitter's review and found this review which seems quite favorable to me.

The listed gauge is 4st/inch, whereas the pattern seems to call for 5st/inch. This seems reasonably within tolerances to me.

Does anyone have any comments on Peace Fleece, or concerns about using it for this pattern?

I've never made a sweater. Something new to try!
Theresa 2008

Conquering the fear...

I am afraid of DPNs. They seem mysterious and awkward and generally "huh?" to me. And yet, I would like to say I once made a pair of socks. Heck, I'll take "a" sock. Just so I can say I did. So today I took a deep breath, bought a set of DPNs and sock yarn, and... dove in.

Uhm. It's not so scary. I started over three times before I was satisfied with how it was coming together, but now I'm taking a break from the itty-bitty knitting to save my hands. :p

So I hope that anyone reading this who has a "fear" of trying something with the knitting obsession will just follow my example and dive right in -- It's not so scary here in the "deep end", I promise!

Under the Hoodie

I've decided my summer project is going to be the Under the Hoodie from Stitch 'n' Bitch.

I have two questions for you lovely people:

1. What is a good subistitute for the Rowan or is the only yarn that works? I can order it from e-bay if I have too.

2. Could someone help me convert the pattern to a 32" bust? I'm tiny....

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(no subject)

To fit chest measurement Finished chest measurement
Small 36 ins [ 91.5 cm ] Small 41 ins [ 104 cm ]
Medium 38 ins [ 97 cm ] Medium 43 ins [ 109 cm ]
Large 40 ins [ 101.5 cm ] Large 46 ins [ 117 cm ]

What is the differences between the "to fit" measurement and the "finished chest" measurement? When deciding what size to make, should i be more concerned with the to fit?


OK, so, I just made this pair of mittens with stripes of 4 rows each. The mittens were knit on two needles. Now, as I'm sitting here sewing up the side seams and weaving in the many, many ends of the two colors I used for the stripes, I'm having some thoughts...

Why did I do this this way?
Why did I make these mittens? I hate weaving in ends.
Should I have just carried the yarn up over the other colors? It's only four rows each.
Should I sew up the side seams using some of the ends?
Should I tie two ends together and just cut the yarn at the knot?

It goes on like this forever.

I'm curious to see how you all handle this situation. Weaving in ends, joining colors, whatever. Color work in general. I have different ways of handling it for different pieces of work, I guess. I'm not looking for advice, just sort of a general idea of what other people do. Hope this stimulates some good discussion...
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