March 9th, 2006

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Circular needles

So, I'm having issues with finding circular needles again. This was pretty much the very first issue I came across when I first started knitting - I just can't find 16" circular needles! I have SOME now - like maybe two or three - and I'm trying to stock up, since they seem pretty useful. I can never find them in stores, about the shortest I can find are 29", and of course, people always suggest eBay, but even eBay isn't all that helpful for that. If I search for a lot of needles (which would be ideal) they usually just contain 29" needles and if I search for 16", then it'll just give me individual needles that I just can't afford.

Where did you guys get yours? Occasionally this is kind of frustrating... I wish I could find a decently priced pack of circular needles. There are the interchangable ones, I know, but man, it's flippin' expensive.
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Has anyone else seen the pilot episode of Stitchcraft on Oxygen? I thought it was pretty good. It seemed to be an advertisement for Vogue Knitting and their other magazine Knit.1, but the content was interesting and it moved at a good pace. I would definitely watch the show again.

What are your opinions about the show?

Sweater Help

Okay this is an extension to my post the other day about subbing a different yarn for a sweater pattern. I brought my book in today so I can give you guys all the specs so you can help me (PLEASE!!!!!!!).

Book: A Girls Guide to Simple Knits.
Pattern: "Even Daniel Did it".
Yarn: Muschio yarn (39 yards/50g ball). I will be needing about 13-14 balls (which is the problem since this yarn is like $10 a ball!!).
Total yardage: Between 507 and 546 yards
Gauge: 2 stitches = 1 inch; 8 stitches = 4 inches
Needle size: US 15 (10mm)

This is my first big project and firt knitting item other than a hat and scarf (which are getting a smidge boring!).

Thanks for your help! You all do such wonderful work!

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Need some yarn substitution help

Hi All! First time posting.

When my grandmother found out that I had started knitting, she promptly sent all the knitting books that she had to me. One of them was a Bernat book with designs for Blarneyspun cardigans and sweaters from 1976. Of course, I fell in love with a pattern in the book.

I am looking for a yarn substitution for the Blarneyspun. So far my internet research has uncovered that it is worsted weight. Can anyone who has quite possibly worked with Blarneyspun recommend a moderate priced substitute. Superwash is preferable.

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question on circs

I am currently working on a bag pattern using circular needles, size 10 1/2, 24" long. I love working with them, but it seems like the join (I think that's what it's called) is a stumbling block for the yarn. I have to stop every ten or so stitches and force it over the hump. The loops are big enough, as I've learned to loosen my knitting, but they all bottle-neck right where the wire joins the needles. Anyone else have this problem, or know of needles that are a smoother join? Thanks in advance; I tried googling but to no avail.

Is this instruction backwards?

I am working on a raglan baby sweater and the following is to shape armholes:
Bind off 4 sts at beginning of next 2 rows. Ok, got that.
Row 1: K1, slip 1, pass slipped stitch over, work to last 3 sts. K2 together, K1. This is where I’m confused. Don’t you usually slip 1 K1 then pass slipped stitch over?
Row 2: Purl. Repeat these 2 rows until 24 sts remain finishing on a purl row.
Bind off.

First Post

A short introduction;
Hi I'm Melody, I was taught how to knit when I was eight by my Granny, but it's only in the last year or so that I've become a whole lot serious (I'm 20).

I would like to knit some summer hats and would like to know what yarn you'd recommend, or even patterns.

I was thinking a Cotton blend in DK weight.

What would you recommend?

Sewing in ends

OK, quick question: I'm knitting a 'furry' scarf on large (10 mm) needles. Any tips on the best way to join on a new ball of wool, and on how to sew in the loose ends? The needle size means that the holes in the fabric are big, and the yarn is quite shiny/slippery, so I'm really not sure the best way to proceed.

Question about Chart A of ModeKnits' Silk Corset

Ok, I give up. I was hoping I wouldn't have questions so soon, but here I am, stuck on the first row! The part I am having troubles with is this, in bold:

Rows 1 & 5: (RS) K4, place marker, work row 1 of chart A over next 28 sts, pm, Repeat chart A 4 (5, 6,7,8, 9, 10, 11)times, pm, work next 29 sts in chart A ending with greyed st at last repeat, pm, k4.

I hope I can put this clearly. The pattern says the chart is 14 stitches. But the VDD takes 3 stitches, while the chart just gives it one. Or am I doing the VDD wrong? My count isn't coming out right because of this; at least, I don't think it is. Working only 28 stitches leaves me short of completing the chart twice that first time, and working the chart twice leaves me less than 29 stitches when I get to the end of row 1.

I know about the email knit along list, and I have joined it and posted my question there, but I've asked a couple of questions before that were never answered there, so I thought I'd try here, too.
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Tracking KnitPicks Orders

I was wondering if anyone had ever tried to track their orders before? I saw today that my order has been shipped. (Not that I was signing in to the system every few hours to check on it or anything. No...not me! ;)) There's a tracking number there, but it doesn't list which delivery service that they use. I picked the standard shipping option.

I've tried to use the number on the FedEx, USPS, and UPS sites, but it didn't work. Any suggestions?
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I've been looking into making Rogue. I thought I'd use KnitPick's Wool of the Andes, but I saw some posts about various amounts of pilling. Is pilling just a characteristic of wool? Has anyone used a wool yarn that doesn't pill?
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SnB N's Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers, again. (Impossible?)

So I'm finally going to cast on again and try the "Hurry Up Spring Armwarmers". Let me just confirm some stuff with everyone here before I start and have to frog due to my naivete. A cabling chart is read from the bottom up and right to left, correct? The rows are numbered bottom to top, so it's more the r->l that I'm concerned about, because it probably makes a difference.

Also on the key for the chart, it says slip right needle through next 3 st as if to k, k through the front, back, and front of all 3 sts. I know this is going to sound really stupid, but does that mean to knit each stitch 3 times or knit the 1st stitch through the front, 2nd through the back, and 3rd through the front. Or does it mean something entirely different?
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(no subject)

I'm starting a sweater, but I'm a little confused with this part of the instructions:

**With smaller needles, cast on 95 (99-103) sts.
***1st row: *K1. P1. Rep from * to last st. K1.
2nd row: *P1. K1. Rep from * to last st. P1.
Rep last 2 rows (K1. P1) ribbing until work from beg measures
2½ ins [6 cm], end with a 2nd row.***

My understanding here is that knit the first stitch, purl the second..... and end in a knit. Then in the second row, I should purl the first stitch, knit the second... and end in a purl stitch. Now this is where I'm confused. I think this should end up lookling like k1p1 ribbing, but looking at the pattern, it looks likes the instructions are telling me to moss stitch?

Can someone help me out? :)

PS: I apologize for the numerous posts this past week. You've all been amazingly helpful and I'm so excited to start this project!

Re-sizing advice

A friend of mine is expecting twins due in June, but they are likely to come any day now (lots of complications). They're hoping to keep the babies in until they reach 2 lbs approx, but of course nobody can predict anything.

I'm knitting a few things for them (booties/hats in some different sizes) but wanted to make Magknits' Blossom as well. However, I have a lot of changes I want to make so I am seeking some advice!

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Thanks in advance!!
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A request for vintage yarn help

So I recently went and saw my paternal grandfather, and he pulled out a tin box and handed it to me. Apparently he'd found it and was going to throw it out, but I enthusiastically accepted the moment I opened it, and saved it from the dump. This is cotton yarn that my great grandmother left behind, many years ago, and is still in absolutely gorgeous condition.
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