March 10th, 2006

teal dress

Zinnia Jaywalkers - FO

Yarn: Knitpicks Sock Garden "Zinnia"
Needles: 32" #2 Addi Turbo circ
Pattern: Jaywalker by Grumperina

I loved making these socks almost as much as I love wearing them. The handwash 100% merino is soft like buttah, but is rather pilly. I don't mind the pills so much. The bottom heels appear to be slightly felted from walking around in my shoes, but that's OK with me, just makes them stronger. I will definitely use this yarn again. The colors are happy and warm and they just make me feel goooood.

(FO Pics)

Also, I'd like to add a quick invitation to my blog, Savvyminx Knits!

cell phone cozy

I finally got a new cell phone this week, a Razr, which is great. However, the outer screen attracts fingerprints like you wouldn't believe, and I can only imagine what tossing this phone into my purse with keys and other jagged implements of destruction would do..

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basic technique question

hey ladies!

i learned to knit about three months ago, and after three pairs of nearly perfect mittens and a good start on a baby blanket, i decided to branch out and try something different... specifically, i have now made a list of about 12 projects i want to get done before christmas! i'm a knittin' foo'!

many of these will involve knitting in the round, so i decided to get some practice by doing's kate the cat. almost finished; pretty happy with it (will post pics when she's all finished; right now she looks like a barbapapa with no appendages or ears) but i haven't quite mastered knitting in the round without getting gaps now and then. any pointers on fixing this problem?? also, the tutorial i watched skipped from dividing the stitches on the needles right to the knitting, and i think there was supposed to be a joining in there... so i've just tied the yarns together to join, is that okay? seemed to look alright... but i want to make sure i'm doing it right :)

thanks ladies, you rock!!

Picking Up Stitches

This is my first attempt at picking up stitches around the collar for the yoke and I am having a hard time getting them evenly spaced. I was wondering if there is a method to this madness and I am not aware of it or do I just keep trying. I'm kind of hoping there is a method because I have a total of 178 stitches to pick up. I did do some research and I couldn't find any thing so any help will be appreciated.
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the danger zone

I am awaiting acceptance from a graduate school in Manhattan which is dangerously close to 2 yarn shops that i know of. See, i live in Brooklyn and all i have within walking distance are craft stores so when i make a trip to buy yarn, it is a special day out... even beyond that fact that i'm buying yarn! With these yarn stores mere blocks away from school, i will be with in what my fiance and i call "the danger zone". I gain a one track mind and my goal is only to get into that store. I don't even have to buy yarn, i just need to (at least) look around and pick up something small... a new pattern, dpn holders, anything.

This spells nothing but trouble!
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Downsizing Fuzzy Feet?

Has anyone downsized Fuzzy Feet from I'd like to make a few kid-sized pairs, and I love the pattern, but I'm not comfortable enough with socks yet to try knitting them smaller. I don't think felting them down to a smaller size would work just through shrinkage alone, at least not as small as I'd need them, say Size 1 (kindergartener size).
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Office Cat


So yesterday I finished a Weasley Sweater and you have no idea how glad I am that it is DONE! OMG! It was so boring... I hate stockinette now >_< My brain feels like mush...

So as soon as I got home from work, I started on the Eris Pullover for my girl. I'm already through charts A & B on the collar and I couldn't be happier!!

But I know boring stockinette looms here as well... Maybe I need to start the Great American Aran Afghan or a big fat lace piece....

Maniacal laughter... ^_~

How does everyone get thru the boring parts of projects? How do you keep motivated??
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Stumped! No ideas what to do with this yarn...

Hi fellow knitters,

I am STUMPED. It's March now, and I live in North Dakota. It's really not freezing cold anymore -- it was 52 degrees the other day, and I think it was 50 degrees yesterday. Right now, it is currently 42 degrees, and they are predicting snow. AGAIN. *sigh* Typical North Dakota weather.


I am still a relatively new knitter -- I learned back in November, but have not really knitted anything since January.

I have three skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky yarn in Orchid at 153 yds each, so I have a total of 459 yards to use up. I wanted to make a hat out of it, but ehhhhh. Don't want to make one right now. I'm not particularly sold on the idea of a scarf -- I've made enough scarves! And like I said before, it's too warm for a winter hat now, by ND standards.

I really want to make a queen-size afghan, but that would take up more than three skeins of yarn, and um, I'm a college student. =) I'm not exactly swimming in money, a la Scrooge McDuck. ;) Plus, I don't have very many needles -- I think the highest I have is size 10s right now (both straight and circs). It's an awfully big project to take on, and I fear that I would lose interest in it after starting. Don't want that to happen! =(

I have been scouring the 'net for beginner patterns, but so far I haven't come up with anything particularly interesting. I don't want to make hats or scarves...Maybe something afghan-type? Maybe I should just go ahead and start on my afghan project, and purchase additional balls for it as time goes on? I'm not planning to have it be all will definitely be in different colors. I want to make the stitches interesting, but not difficult...I couldn't do an afghan entirely in garter stitch...I would SCREAM!!! LOL! Do you guys think an afghan project is doable on size 10's, or should I move a few sizes up?

Thanks in advance for any feedback you amazing knitters can give to a stumped knitter! :)

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What's the best project you've knit for a baby?

Don't be shy here, I want to know yarns and patterns!

My entire office seems to be preggers, and it's time to get into baby knitting mode...I'm just looking for a bit of inspiration.
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Flower Petal Shawl Help

Has anyone made Elann's Flower Petal Shawl? I am about 2 rows out from finishing the basic body of the shawl and am confused as to how to start the fishtail points. Looking at it, it seems as if I need another needle(s) or placeholders, but I could just be making it more complicated than it really is.

Here's the pattern:

Thanks in advance...
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Stinky Packages

Given all the posts regarding packages that reek of either cigarette smoke or...."ass" as someone put it, I questioned some of my fellow delivery drivers for other companies. I asked about smoking policies and their experience with "smelly packages". The input I got was fantastic. Let's start with the various company's policies on smoking.

USPS...Buildings and vehicles are to be smoke free. Smoking in a USPS vehicle can result in the driver being "written up" (see note #1). In some rural areas, carriers use their own personal vehicles and are paid an allowance. Prohibiting someone from smoking in their own vehicle is...well imposible.

DHL...Smoking in DHL facilites and vehicles is forbidden, drivers caught smoking in a DHL vehicle can be "written up" (again see note #1). All DHL vehicles are company owned.

UPS...Smoking in DHL facilities and vehicles is forbidden, drivers caught smoking in a UPS vehicle can be "written up" (again see note #1) and this is a safety issue (see note #2). UPS vehicles are company owned.

FEDEX...this is where it gets complicated. Smoking in FEDEX facilites and company owned vehicles is prohibited drivers who smoke in vehicles can be "written up" (see note 1) and safety issues apply(see note 2). All Fedex EXPRESS, Fedex FREIGHT (for packages weighing more than 150 lbs) and Fedex CUSTOM CRITICAL vehicles are company owned. FEDEX GROUND and FEDEX Home Delivery vehicles are either leased OR owned by drivers. Smoking in a leased vehicle is forbidden. Prohibiting Smoking in a vehicle a driver owns...impossible.

note 1. If a driver is written up, this infraction is placed in the drivers file, doesn't sound too bad right? WRONG, as long as the infraction appears in the file the driver cannot a)apply for another position in the company. b) be promoted. c) transfer to another location. Additionally this infraction will count against the driver for his/her yearly review. The yearly pay raise for a driver with an infraction will be lower than it could be. In other words every hour that the driver works for the company, for as long as they are with the company, they will earn LESS! (Not worth the risk if you ask me)

note 2. SAFETY. Virtually all the "overnight delivery" companies, deliver hazardous materials and drivers are required to have a HAZ endorsement on their drivers license. At any given time my truck may have one or more of the following "Hazardous materials" on board: several classes of explosives, flamable gases, liquids or solids, corrosives, spontaneous combustable materials, oxygenizers etc. It is foolish and life threatening to smoke around these materials. Any driver that does so should enroll immediately in a "pre paid funeral" program.

So maybe your package was contaminated by the delivery driver, or maybe not. There are other ways that your package may be "contaminated" with undesireable ODORS.

Every driver I spoke with had a story about smelly packages. Recyled/reused boxes seem to be the most common offender. Mrs. Jones orders some pale blue yarn from the Acme Yarn company, when it arrives she realizes that she really meant to order sky blue. Three days passes before she returns the shipment and during those 3 days the box sits on her dining room table where she and her husband see where I'm going here. The shipment is returned and the box is reused.

New shipping materials can easily be contaminated by odors too. Those poly bags that are so popular with many companies (knitpicks uses them, so does LLBean and Haband). They can be manufactured easily in a "garage operation". John Doe goes into business, he buys rolls of sheet plastic, a cutter and a heat sealer and he's in business. He spends his days cutting, sealing and adding an adhesive strip in his garage..while he smokes..cigarettes, a cigar, perhaps a pipe! New cardboard cartons are also easily contaminated with a variety of odors. Companies manufacture cardboard cartons, palletize them and ship them to a distributor (generally a large warehouse opperation). Ever drive through an industrial area? Ever notice where the employee "smoking area" is? RIGHT outside the loading dock!

There are a few areas in the Chicago area that come to mind when it comes to "stench". An area just west of the City of Chicago has a HUGE landfill. Surrounding this landfill is an industrial area. The stench from this landfill in the summer is...GROSS. One of the business' in the surrounding area is a warehouse, that holds a sale every year, people come from miles around to buy fur coats at a huge discount. I wonder if the smell of rotting garbage ever gets into those coats???? And yes there is a cardboard box manufacturer right next to this landfill! In the far North Suburbs of Chicago there is a company that produces "grilled" sausages. People for miles around have been complaining for a few years that they cannot open their windows without being assaulted with the smell of grilling pork. Again, there is a packing materials wholesale warehouse just down the street.

Sorry this was so long, just thought you should know that your package may not have picked up an odor from the company you ordered from...or from the delivery driver..or the dump next door...or maybe it did.
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Joining yarn

I have some Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair that I'd like to join using one of the no-ends-to-sew-in methods. However, it only has one ply, and is 70% wool and 30% mohair. Will a spit splice work with a bit of mohair? (I'm guessing yes). What about a Russian join with only one ply?

Thanks in advance!

**UPDATE** Thanks to those who responded; I've moved ahead with spit join!
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Coloured fingers and yarn

So today I dyed wool hanks. Yay! You so do not want to see the colour of my fingers though. They look like they have been beaten with a hammer. Blackish purple. Not terribly flattering. Should have worn gloves more. Anyway here are the results! Well there are about 4 more hanks than what you see here, but I took pictures while waiting for some to soak.
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I'm going to knit a skirt with it. It should look so nifty. (Well I hope it will) Now it needs to dry and then I can knit a test and see what it looks like. I'm so excited!

I really shows how cotton does not dye as the white you see are the cotton ties I used to bind the hanks. Now this makes me wonder why it is that the cotton won't dye, but be sure if I dump anything on the sweater I knit out if this cotton, it will stain like the devil?

So to those who made the mistake and did not wear gloves when they were dying with Kool-aid, did you come up with any tricks to get this stuff off? My school principal is going to freak if he sees my hands like this. :P I already got frowned on for wearing light pink nail polish. Somehow I don't think black fingers and nails are going to go over well. Being a teacher sucks sometimes.

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FO - Charlotte's Web

I finally finished my Charlotte's Web! I'm really pleased with the outcome. It was so tough to pick my five shades of Koigu from so many gorgeous colourways and I wasn't sure how they would blend, but now that it's done I'm really happy with my choices.

I'm still undecided on whether or not to add the fringe. I kind of like it without, but I don't want to waste all that beautiful yarn! Thoughts?
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