March 11th, 2006

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Hi, everyone!

I have a question about a sweater that I'm working on at the moment. It's kind of a mix of two patterns but for the sleeves and yoke, I'm using this pattern by Stefanie Japel. My sweater has a black body, but red-and-white striped sleeves. When knitting the yoke in this pattern, it's all done in the round, right around the body and sleeves. Meaning that I need to knit so many black stitches, tie on a red strand and knit, tie on a black, and then tie on a red again. For every single row. I gave up after one or two rows and the sweater has been laying on the floor all week.

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So my question for all of you is: what's the best way to go about knitting the yoke? Should I give up on having stripes all the way to the top and just use black? Should I pull out the bit of yarn on the inside of the ball (I always use the outside strand) so that I have two pieces of yarn to work with (one red for each sleeve, and one black for each side)? Should I suck it up and keep going as I am?

Thanks in advance!
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M1 Stitch Inquiry

I'm considering a sweater for myself. (To be able to make a whole sweater for under $40? Holy crap, sign me up! Yay Knitpicks!) In any case, there's an increase (m1) in it that says 'pick up loop between last and next st and work into the back of this loop'. I understand how to do it, but it seems like an odd way of doing it. Could I just k1 into the back and front of the next stitch (or k1 into the front and back of the last stitch) and get the same effect? Or does it really matter which way I increase?

(Ugh, and can I just say that Sirdar patterns, while relatively simple to read, seem to just be written in some obscure dialect of the language of knitting? Probably the difference in country of origin, hey?)


I had a dream last night i finished my hourglass sweater from Last Minute Knits (i also found out i can't spell minute 7:00 in the morning on a Saturday with out google's help...why Saturday class, why?). I had finished the neck and i wanted to make sure it was a boat neck. i remember trying it on and it feeling good, but i couldn't find a mirror. Before the Olympics, I set my sweater aside and never picked it back up. I recently started a pair of socks which i did not gauge for and i was taught a valuable lesson. So to avoid frogging half of a lace sock, i picked up the barely begun sleeve of the sweater. The size 7 needles felt strange after working with 1's. At any rate, I dream about my knitting a lot.
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Picot Bind Off Question

I am making a pair of wool shorts for a friend's baby. I just finished the first leg and decided to do a picot bind off. I used the instructions given here in the first response to the post. It wassuper easy and I like the look, but it is rolling on me. It makes it hard to see the pattern. Will this be solved by washing/blocking them? Or will this generally be a problem? Is there another way I should do this so they don't roll (it is rolling outward.)

Any thoughts on this before I do the other leg? Thanks so much!
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finding the right shawl pattern

Hello everyone!

I picked up a couple hanks of lovely rusty-red mohair while in Copenhagen recently, and want to make a triangular shawl with it, something lacey, but am having a heck of a time finding an appropriate pattern. I've never made a shawl or done anything lacey, so this is really a new area of knitting that I'm exploring.

The yarn itself is two 50 gram hanks, about 100 meters each, according to the tags. I don't know what weight to call it--worsted at most, sockweight at least...maybe sportweight? The tags don't say at all, in any language.

I'm still hunting around, but I'd greatly appreciate any recommendations and advice you have to share!
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Dying Linen?

Can you dye linen yarn? Is it possible? I have Googled with little solid evidence.

I have some re-claimed linen yarn that I fell in love with. While it was still in the sweater, I thought it was a lovely color. Once I unwound it, it took on the apperance of Peto Bismol. I would prefer to dye it darker, either a burgandy red or blue.

I have emailed Mechers (I think?) to let them know of my delima.

Any idease out there?

Bad Penny

I have questions about Bad Penny from Knitty.

How much ease would you say it has? I am rather large on top and i want to make sure that the largest size (46" chest) will fit me.
The pattern calls for 16" size 8 and size 4 needles. 16"? I can CO 152 sts on 16" needles and work 400 by the time i get down to the body? Perhaps i'm mistaken but that seems pretty cramped, even for a small gauge.
And i was considering making it a little longer in the body as well as longer sleeves. Has anyone modified this pattern successfully?

I know i've been posting a lot lately, i just got back into lj after a hiatus and i enjoy this community.

Spun Bamboo Update

I'm on my third project in an attempt to work with spun bamboo because it's not behaving for me.  It actually breaks apart with an gentle but audible snap.  I knit too loosely for my own good, so I know it's not my tension.  I'm currently working on an open lace accent scarf just for pattern and yarn practice, but I'm starting to wonder about the durability of bamboo.  Is this normal, or is it possible I have a defective skein?  If I hold a length of it between both hands and tug, it snaps in half.
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Crochet pattern to knitting pattern

I was looking at the Stitch n Bitch crochet book in a store yesterday, and there was a pattern I really liked. It was called "preppy" something and it looked like a fairly standard suit jacket, kind of. The type of thing that has been at Urban a lot recently. Anyway, I like the pattern, but I hate crocheting, I'm awful at it. I was wondering if anyone either knew of a similar knitting pattern or knows a way to convert the pattern.

FO: Baby Poncho

So this pattern was a bit of a challenge for me, it involved a lot of picking up and knitting (which I had a hard time with), and casting on at the end of each row which took a while to get a handle of, but it's finally done and while I pretty much hated the entire experience (I was making it for someone who couldn't knit herself, yet is very critical of my knitting) I did learn a bunch of techniques I didn't know how to do before, so for that I am happy. But mostly I am glad it is over and I can go back to finishing up my other projects this weekend :)
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Is this yarn ever avaialable in more colors?

I really want to try that kool-ade dying of self-striping sock yarn as demonstrated here and I want to wind up with machine washable socks. since I have little faith in my patience and abilities, I'd rather try it at 6.00 a pair (plus cost of kool-ade) than at some higher price but I'm having a hard time finding suitable yarn. I think I'm going to resign myself to practicing on a nice earthy colored pair and go with 2 balls of the essential fawn..

but I sure do wish this yarn was available in more colors, and not just for this purpose.. I wish it was available in.. funner colors, bright ones and pastel ones.. pinks! is it ever? maybe they're just.. low on colors right now? wishful thinking?

if it works and is fun and I love it, I've already selected the yarn I'll buy to do it next! but.. for starters I want something cheap and I'd really rather start with a yarn that's a pretty pastel.. blue, ideally.. but pink or yellow or even pale green or even pale yellowygreen would suit me better than this light brown. although.. I can see the light brown making a pretty yarn, it's just.. spring.. my thoughts are running to springy pastels and summery tropicals rather than autumn colors.

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ok, so... i got some simple stripes from knitpicks, and i looked around the site but didn't see any recommended pattern for using it (in order to get the socks in the pictures), so i just used the "pattern" from that Sock Class website...and they're waaaay to wide for my feet. the ankles fit ok, but the main part sucks, and the heel is really ugly.

So...I'm thinking about ripping it out, even though it's like 8 hours of work (but I guess it's all a waste if I don't use them, right?) What patterns have you guys used with this yarn? I just want something really simple to show off the stripes and stuff, but it's gotta be an ATTRACTIVE sock, that fits my feet (which aren't particularly narrow, by the way... I'm pretty sure it's the socks that are to fat.) I'll wait til I find a better pattern before frogging, I think. Thanks.

OH NO!!! emergency!

a couple of weeks ago, i bought a lovely skein of noro transitions. the lady at my lys rolled it into a center-pull ball for me. i took it home, looked at it and sighed a lot, then put it with the rest of my stash.

tonight, i took it out, and decided to pull out the end to look at it and try to inspire myself to do something with it. SO. i found the end. i gave it a gentle pull. it started to come out, around one foot or so.

and then it snapped. and i freaked out.
i pulled out a little more, and it snapped again. then i realized that it wasn't even the real END, there was another one hiding in there.

desperate to find the source of the problem and try to fix it, i kind of pushed the inside of the ball out of the end of it. now, i've got two balls of yarn... the center is seperated (via snapped yarn) from the rest.

i don't know what to do. someone pleeeeeeeease give me some advice. i'd hate to lose this yarn :( i can't even find the end where i could tie on the snapped yarn!!!
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i bought some size 1 DPN's (brittany birch) from they arrived today. let me first mention that the smallest needle i've used up to this point is 3. one snapped in half. then another one had a snag in it, so i lightly sanded it, and went to use it, and it broke. 2 BROKEN NEEDLES! i bought them in order to knit headphone sleeves for my ipod. i was pretty upset, as i need at least 4 to work in the round around the fork in the wires. luckily for me, brittany has a 5 year guarantee against needles (including breakage), so i sent them an email. but it can take up to 2 weeks!

*sigh* stupid teeny tiny needles.