March 12th, 2006

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Look! I learned to make cables!!

I've gotten so bored with plain garter stitch scarves for friends that I've decided to take a dive into my SnB to do list: The cabled hat

I've never used DPNs before, nor have I ever used cables

It said to used 16" circs...but for some reason I couldn't make the stitches stretch long enough to make that work, so I just switched to my DPN's

Oh appears like its too small for my head....its gonna stretch right?

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By the way...this is for my roommate...who is at the moment out...everyone went away this weekend :(

Question on Crumpets from Chiagu

Greetings all - this question is for anyone here who has worked on (and completed) Crumpets.

Did you deem it necessary to use the elastic through the back smocking? If not, what did you do instead or did you leave it be?

I have found it impossible to find the elastic to match the CottonEase I have. The previous dress was pink, so it was simple - this one is bright blue. The first dress was for an active 6yr old, so I needed that elastic. This one is going to be for a lump of a 2month old.

Any opinions or ideas are welcome.

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I have tried googling, but I can't seem to find what I am looking for.

Does anyone know of a free online program where I can import a picture, and turn it into a knitting graph/chart?

Thanks in advance for your help.
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latest WIP

Im working on Anouk from right now and am almost done with it. Its my first time doing intarsia and it was a bit of a PITA! But, now I can at least say that ive done it. It was hard to keep the yarn carried over in the back loose! I did change the flowers on the pockets tho because I LOVE tulips. So, I graphed out some tulips and did those instead. Pic below the cut. Its taken me a little longer to do this dress since work is demanding like 10 hours of OT each week. And this has been going on for several weeks now! Im beat down. :(

oh, and Im still waiting for Hill Country Weavers to send my the Encore I ordered 3 weeks ago. Ive been calling them everyday and they still haven't recieved it! Next time Ill order it online so I won't have to wait so long. I wanted to start the UT BBBB weeks ago! They didn't even order it for like 10 days after I went and asked them for it. They are the ones that offered to order it for me. Sigh. I love the store, but won't be having them order anything for me anymore.

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Baby blankets question

Are lacy baby blankets a very bad idea? I've read and heard people say that babies' fingers can get caught in the eyelets, and that's bad. But then I see alllll these lacy baby blanket patterns.

I would really love to make this blanket, but I also don't want to hurt the kid with it!

So can those of you with experience with babies and blankets set me straight?
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Sigh. My creativity factor has gone down quite a bit. Maybe it's because I am tired...? Anyway, I would like to ask, does anyone have any patterns or ideas for knitting something anime-based? All I can think of is a kittyville hat in orange with a little anger mark representing Kyo [Fruits Basket]. Which would be great if I could get out of the house and buy more yarn/needles. And if I had more experience with circs/dpns. sigh. So any ideas?
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holes in my sock

I am trying to make toe up socks with the figure 8 cast on. I am alternating the increase rows with the regular rows but I am still getting holes. The holes occur where I am doing the make one. Is there a way to prevent the holes, should I switch to a smaller needle size? Is there another way to increase besides m1 that will keep the holes from appearing? I tried to do knit through front and back of the loop and that crated bigger holes. Please help.
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Self-Felting Socks

I recently posted a pair of Zinnia Jaywalkers, made of Knitpicks' Sock Garden (100% merino wool - handwash). They are yummy soft and comfy. I have only worn them twice, and the heels and toes are felting themselves!

All of the conditions for felting are there, friction with the inside of my shoes, heat and moisture from my feet. All of the signs of felting are there, too, loss of stitch definition, completely opaque fabric, loss of stretch, and retention of shape.

I wasn't expecting it, but it makes sense, and I'm actually kind of happy about it. The stress points of the sock are less likely to wear holes through now, as felted fabric is stronger. They're also molding themselves perfectly to the shape of my foot.

Has anyone else experienced this?

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Cashmere for Sale

I have some ColormartUK 100% cashmere I never used. I hopefully want to sell it so I can get a color I'm anxious to get for this sweater.

If anyone is interested, please email me at mars at boudoirdoll dot com or respond to this post.

I have (2) 150g cones of 4 ply olive green ($28.00 each)
I have (4) 50+g balls of 6 ply burgandy ($35.00 for all)

Help with pattern: Maggie's Felted Tote

Hi ladies and gents. I'm wondering if you can help me decipher this piece of instruction. I'm finishing up on the last couple of rows on this bag and am not sure if I'm understanding the directions.

Cast off very loosely. Cut yarn, leaving a 3 yard length. Fold the top border in half to the inside (knit side) and slip stitch the cast off edge to the bag, just above the last stripe.

What exactly does that underlined part mean? Amy I just supposed to seam the edge in to make a reinforced lip? Is there something special about slip stitching the cast off edge of the bag? How would I do that? I can't to find anything with google-fu.

Thanks in advance!

anthropologie inspired capelet.. inside out?

I'm trying to do one of these and I'm finding that I'm too inexperienced or one-brained or stupid to deal with stitch markers and purl-sided yarn overs at the same time.. but I couldn't find a movie that showed me how to do a purl-sided yarn over so I may be doing them wrong.. I discovered last week that I'd been doing knit-sided ones wrong for decades.. because there is an online movie for that. :)

so I started over doing it inside out, purling where it told me to knit and knitting where it told me to purl and yarn overing where it told me to yarn over, but on the side that works for me.. because I am not too inexperienced or one-brained or stupid to handle stitch markers and knit-sided yarn overs (now) and it appears to be working. (yay!)

knitting is a mysterious thing.. and I haven't learned how to think more than one row ahead. this garment is supposed to wind up being able to be worn purl-side out or purl-side in, so.. it seems like it shouldn't matter if it's knitted backwards.. or inside out.. or whichever it is I'm doing but.. does it matter? I have no faith.

is it going to be different than what I think I'm making, in any significant way, if I do it this way. there must be a reason the instructions want me to do this thing I can't for the life of me do while I can do the opposite of the thing quite easily.. but as long as it looks sort of right and doesn't fall back into a big long string when I bind it off, I don't think I'll mind..
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me again--this time it's a technique!

I've finally found which pattern I want to use for that lovely mohair, the Kiri Shawl. Before I can even start, however, I'm in need of help. Here's the cast-on instructions: "Using provisional yarn, cast-on 3 stitches.
With shawl yarn, knit 14 rows.
Using shawl yarn, knit-up 1 stitch from each
garter-stitch ridge. There should be 7 ridges.
Undo provisional cast-on and knit these 3 stitches.

Ok, now I get the casting-on 3, knitting 14 rows, all that. What confuses the heck outta me is the bit about "knitting-up". Is this to mean that I, when looking at the right side, want to 'make one' at the outer edge of the previous row? I've never seen this term before, and really want to be sure about what it means before starting.
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Moda Dea Wild!

About a month ago my local Michaels was having a huge sale on yarn. I didn't have much money but I went anyways. While there I bought two skeins of Moda Dea Wild! in Denim because it was pretty and soft. Now I have absolutely no idea what to knit with it. I would make a scarf but it is getting warmer and I wouldn't have anything to wear it with.

I'm still fairly new with knitting. Any ideas on what to do with these two skeins? I have a total of 206 yards. Not much. :/
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