March 14th, 2006


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Okay for those of you with a better colour sense than me please offer your opinions and suggestions.

EDIT: Thank you all for your suggestions. I plan to knit a couple full hexagons and take them to Tokyo with me when I look for yarn. I shall keep all your suggestions in mind. Thank you again.

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Mr. Wonderful

Smelly Felting

I think I need just a little reassurance - I've just felted a bag using Knit Picks Wool Of The Andes. It's my 2nd felted project (the first being a Booja Bag) and I'm really happy with the way it turned out except for the fact that it stinks. I've googled and it seems that the smell should go away once the bag is dry. I think what's making me nervous is that my Booja bag (using Noro Kuryeon) didn't smell and I basicly felted both the same (small abount of soap, heavy agitation in the washer, etc).
Oh wise knitters - please tell me the smell will go away or tell me what to do to make it go away?

Thank you!
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What's the weight?

I really want to make the Sarah's Shawl Collared Cardigan from White Lies Designs. I bought a copy of the pattern, but not the kit because I'm hoping I can use yarn in my stash.

The yarns called for are their own brand -
Joy which is 100% wool and 100yds. per 50g. skein and
MoJo which is 90% mohair and 10% silk and 100 yds per ball (no yardage given).

For those of you who might have experience with this pattern, what's the weight of the yarn they call for? Worsted? DK? Bulky? What's the weight once they are stranded together? It's hard to tell because the gauge swatch is in a lace stitch.

I've e-mailed the designer already, but I'm hoping I can get a quicker response from you all.


EDIT: I've gotten a reply from the designer. She said the wool is DK and the mohair/silk is laceweight. So if I wanted to use only one yarn - would it be heavy worsted? bulky? hmmmm... *wishes she was at home to swatch*
Levi Weaves

Selling Sweaters

Has anyone ever sold some of their sweaters, or other knitting projects?

I toy with the idea of doing so. But the wool I like is rather expensive, and the time it takes to knit a sweater would put the cost up there. I don't see many, if any, hand-knitted sweaters on ebay that sell for around $250.

I'm just curious if any websites exist that sell various things people make by hand. I could probably put something on consignment in a store in Park City, Utah. Hand made in Utah, and I could even get some wool spun in Utah which would be fun. :) Reach the tourists.

It'd be really neat to have an ebay like store that is for all the hand-knitters (and crochet etc) out there. Then people could buy and rate the knitting just like on ebay. :)

Anyway I was just wondering. :)

Fiber Allergies (not my own, though)

I tried searching the community and came up with nothing, but if I did miss this somehow, feel free to point me in the right direction.

My boyfriend is allergic to all sorts of crazy stuff. To give a brief background on why I'm asking about allergies, in Dec 2004 we got rabbits - one short haired one and one long haired one. Shortly after, he developed asthma like symptoms. After a year of doctors trying to make him better, we determined on our own that he's allergic to the long haired rabbit which had it's hair everywhere in the house and was causing these asthma like symptoms. So, from just this, I know he's allergic to angora which is fortunately a yarn I've never purchased thus far and have a feeling I may never be able to.

I've been knitting with a lot of wool lately and all the symptoms that were gone from the rabbits being around have somewhat returned, though not to the degree they were before. I noticed he was having more issues at night when we went to bed and I thought that it was because we hadn't cleaned our bedroom very well after moving the rabbits downstairs and then finding them a new home and that some of their left over fur was causing the reaction. Then I noticed over the last week that I've been knitting with more 100% wool and at night when we're watching TV and I'm knitting, he's having breathing and coughing problems. Then, I found out last night that he's allergic to wool, at least skin on skin contact. I started thinking about it. Wondering if he could be allergic to ME using the yarn in the same room as him.

So, I've come to you all to ask about fiber allergies. Do you have someone who's allergic to your yarn? How did you determine this? How have you dealt with it? Do I have to give up my wool for his allergies? (Please say no!) Are you allergic to certain fibers? How did you know? I'm just wondering how to know if this is really what's causing these problems and how (if that is the case) I can help him not suffer from my hobby. I know it's been mentioned that it may be the chemicals used in processing the yarn, but he knows already that no matter how the fabric of wool is treated or washed, it still irritates his skin - though I'm wondering since his uniform that irritates him is 100% wool and it's been washed that maybe the respiratory reaction doesn't happen anymore... so maybe it IS whatever chemicals are used in processing yarn that's bothering him?

I appreciate any feedback provided! Thanks!
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Hunter + McCall pose 3

Flying with knitting stuff

Just a real quick question. If it makes any difference...

I am flying to New York City tomorrow morning with a group of students from my college. I will be flying via Northwest Airlines (ick) both ways. I have a layover in the Twin Cities, and we will be flying into LaGuardia in NYC.

I just wondered if anybody else had any problems with getting thru security and flying NWA with their knitting stuff. I might bring my stuff with me, I might not...I don't know yet.

Also...Another question, not entirely related to flying, but it -would- help. I have gone ahead and embarked on my afghan project. I am using Wool-Ease yarn that was mentioned in the entry I linked to. It's mostly aryclic, and I am using one pair of metal circs. I know you guys know that aryclic yarn + metal needles = dry needles, thus making it harder to knit. Any ideas of what I could do to keep my needles "moisturized" WITHOUT having to resort to a damp rag (which I have been doing)? If I take my afghan project with me on the plane tomorrow, I will want to have a way to "moisturize" my needles without having to get up to use the plane bathroom. XD Ideas? (No, they're not Addi Turbos...I wish I had a set!)

Thanks so much in advance!!! =) I am pretty dang psyched about my trip to NYC, because it will be my first time. :D
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Mom in Garden

Lamb's Pride Worsted vs. Patons Merino for Fuzzyfeet

I'd like to make some fuzzyfeet from the pattern for my mom's birthday, but I'd prefer to use the Paton's Classic Merino wool instead of the Lamb's Pride Worsted. Has anyone had any experience substituting the Patons for the Lamb's Pride in felting projects? The gauge is about the same, Lamb's Pride Worsted is 4.5st 6 rows/in on size 8, and the Patons gauge is the same except for size 7 needles instead of size 8. But, I don't think gauge is an issue, its more a question of the felting properties. I know that Paton's merino shrinks more in the direction of the knitting (perpendicular to the rows), but I have no experience with the Lamb's Pride. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Yarn, but what to do

I have this Red Heart Classic yarn that is 4 medium worsted weight, however I don't know what to do with it. I don't want to make anymore scarves. Is there any websites with patterns for this kind of yarn. I have 2 skeins of it. Thanks


A few weeks ago I bought myself the Schoolhouse Press Dubbelmössa kit. I had a few kid ponchos to get out of the way, first, but finally started on it two nights ago.

My knitting history has been filled with Aran pullovers and garter stitch lace, mostly. Recently it's just been a ton of small projects like socks, scarves, and hats. I've done the Starmore tams, but multicolored knitting is still new terrain for me, new enough to be exciting. Plus, I really loved the feeling of lanolin on my fingers again, and the unspun Icelandic wool was a real treat. The hat pattern had a range of gauges that should work, so I just started it on some US 4s, which were within the range given on the pattern, and got a good six inches into the hat in one evening.

Then last night I was knitting away happily on it and found myself gradually getting more and more unhappy with it. Just cranky, grumpy about it and it was a mixture of "the pattern says I can get two hats out of this yarn and I'm not going to be NEAR that" and trying not to be disappointed about that and grumpy about the flaring beginning edge... and... finally I blinked, assessed the feeling, and got out the ruler.

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hi all,

i'm making the BLOOM vest from rowan magazine and they call for a slip stitch edging for the first 6 rows or so.

What is the purpose of the slip stitch edge? What happens if I use a regular knit edge? Is my piece going to be "ruined" ?

Thanks for your advise!

Name That Yarn

Hey, y'all. I was hoping that someone could help connect me with the yarn of my dreams. I've been looking in every single LYS in my city (when it comes to yarn, I'm more of a tactile shopper, and wouldn't even know how to navigate the shopping-for-yarn-online scene), and I can't find what I'm looking for. Therefore, help! Please!

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Weird knitting question

Hello knitters! I'm writing a personal essay on knitting for my Creative Writing Nonfiction course, and I find I need a weird datum: how many stitches, would you say, go into making the average, plain old stockinette with ribbing on the leg sock for an average-sized female foot? Ideally on size 2 needles, but I'll take any estimate you can give me.


ETA: Just to clarify- I'd like to know the total number of stitches in the ENTIRE sock, so if you cast on 52 (like I sometimes do), and you knit for 200 rows, it'd be something like... 10,000 and some stitches. But I have no idea how many rows, really. I know there are knitters who love doing this kind of math and figuring, which is why I ask here rather than pulling out a sock and counting. Not to mention that all the socks I made I've given away...

adapting an adult pattern for a child - still more capelet :)

I'm thinking I might like to make one of these capelets for my niece for her birthday. She's going to be 9 next month and probably a children's size 12 (us) is what I'm aining for.

link to capelet

I have some fairly fun variegated wool, worsted weight, that would probably make a nice jeans and tshirt capelet for her.. and I'm itching to knit some of this yarn into *something*.

so.. what do you think.. the capelet wants big needles and bulky yarn and fits an adult.. if I do it with worsted yarn and smaller needles.. say.. 8, that should take care of the proportions if I knit it according to plan/pattern, stopping when the sleeve section ='s her upper arm measurement?

maybe knit up a fun felted flower pin for the closure?
mamo-chan and usako

another yarn question

Hi! I know there have been a lot of posts like this, so sorry if this seems repetitive. i have some lace weight recycled cashmere - actually, quite a bit of it. <3 ebay. I want to make a sweater out of it (lace weight yarn into a sweater! a long-term project for sure.) but I haven't found a pattern I'm in love with.

This is the yarn:

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The closest I've found to what I want is knitty's candy (which I have been in love with forever and really, really want to knit eventually), but I don't think I'm capable of changing the gauge that much. Besides, I already bought yarn to make Candy out of. : ) Does anyone know of a close-fitting sweater or cardigan made out of lace weight yarn? Thanks!
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Grafting Help

I've nearly finished Magknit's Blossom, modified rather a lot. I didn't pay too much attention to one of the modifications, and now I'm in a quandary:

I've finished the knitting, and just need to graft/sew together the shoulder seams. Unfortunately the way I have modified the pattern I've ended up with the back sides of the shoulder straps a lot longer than the front, so the seam will sit at the front of the shoulders. I tried the three needle bind off that I had intended to use and it is too bulky and sits funny. I'd rather not have the noticeable sewn or three needle bind off, but I'm not sure how grafting will work in this case.

It's three stitches of garter border on each side of three stockinette stitches. Is there a way to Kitchener/graft together IN PATTERN? if so, do I want to have the front and back straps both end on right sides, wrong sides, one right, one wrong??

This is a gift so I'm picky about how it turns out, but at the same time I'd rather not try a million things and rip because the yarn tends to split if it is pulled out over and over.

I appreciate any hints, tips, etc.. I've googled but am probably not looking for the right words.
New Mexico

Finally finished!

So, I've been working for about two months (off and on as I'm a grad student!) on a pair of cabled fingerless gloves w/ a mitten flip-top! The pattern makes a women's medium and I have slightly larger hands so I upped the needle size from 3s to 4s and used a slightly (really slightly) heavier yarn. They fit quite nicely! I had never attempted anything like that (or cabled, or used dpns) so it was an interesting adventure and I feel like I've achieved a lot! I learned quite a few things in one project which is always fun :) (several pics under the cut for those of you on dial-up!!)

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I'm sooo excited to have finished these that I'm almost excited it got cold again in Michigan (it was 60 degrees yesterday, 30 today)... I am a strange strange person :)

In case anyone is interested, they come from a Heartland Knits pattern and are called the "Peekaboo Mittens". I used Cascade 220 Superwash wool in color #837!


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