March 15th, 2006

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Baby bootie #1 - check!

My sister-in-law's baby shower is this weekend, so I decided to whip out a pair of booties. But not just any booties, special Debbie Bliss booties with fair-isle!
Well, the knitting was more successful than the subsequent photo session. It is really damn hard to take good pictures of your first attempt at fair-isle when your kittycat insists on helping out.

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A question for those who are more experienced with fair-isle: is there anyway to avoid weaving in a million ends? Is there some way to weave them in as I go?

DPNs instead of circular needles?

I am doing my first knitting in the round project (the little i-cord baby hat in the first Stitch and Bitch). Once I sat down to start I realized that I didn't have the right sized circular needles. The pattern tells you to start on circular needles for the first 5 inches and then switch to double pointed needles. So anyway, though I have never knit in the round before OR used DPNs before, I wanted to start the hat, so decided to do the whole thing on DPNs and I've knit the first couple of inches. That should be okay, right? Will it make any difference in the outcome?
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Are there any luxury sock yarns in true solid colors?

I am wondering if anyone can help me find a luxury sock yarn in a solid color. My sockapaloooza pal said she didn't like varigated yarns, so I got some Lorna's Laces in a "solid"  color, but since it's handpainted, it's still has quite a lot of color striation....It's more tone on tone, but I wonder if she'd consider that varigated? I know that Cherry Tree Hill and Koigu also make "solids" but I think they have the same issue...

I was thinking maybe something like Gems Opal by Louet Sales, but that's a sport weight yarn, and I'm not sure if that will be too thick if she wants to wear the socks with shoes?

I know about KnitPicks essential, but I was really wanting something luxurious. Price is not an issue since I'll only need a couple skeins for socks. I am looking to get something in an earthy green color. Any recomendations?

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It's true, I'm a columnist on knitting and crochet now! I'm really excited to be doing this, and to boot it even pays. I love the idea of talking about something I love and being paid for it :D.

It's right here:

I'm brand new to the column, so I would LOVE to hear some suggestions and ideas of what people would want to read about in the knitting and crochet world. Nothing is a bad idea! I want to make sure I'm writing in the area that people want to read about :).

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hey everyone :)

i'm a member of a local choir and we currently have two african exchange members staying with us for the next few months! i really want to knit them both something that will not only help keep them warm in the still freezing cold winter that edmonton is having, but also to stand as a reminder for the time they spent here with us.

my idea was to knit them each an earflap hat out of a cream tweedy colour, with brown edging detail and, here's the tough part, a kokopelli figure on the front.

i've never done any colour work other than easy stripes before and have no idea how to go about making/finding a chart. i'm totally willing to learn though, as i think these hats will be the best gifts ever!

if anyone has any suggestions on how to go about this, what yarns to use, where to find a chart, easy pattern i can base the hat off of, it'd be more than awesome!


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I'm working on LTK longies. I've done the pattern before, but this time I want to do it in 2x2 horizontal stripes- alternate two rows of orange with two rows of red. My issue is that on the backside of the pants, there are short rows to shape the pants to fit aorund a bulky baby butt. How can I continue the striped pattern through this area without making it blatently obvious that there are short rows? I feel like just continuing the 2 orange/two red rows pattern would just outline the short row/butt area as noncontinuous.

I've been trying to make a swatch of striped pattern to practice, but can't seem to get it right. Help! Is this even possible?

cardigan pattern questions

I've gotten the dangfool idea in my head to knit my first sweater, and I'm trying to decide between the Peace Fleece "everyday cardigan" pattern and the Knitting Pure and Simple neck-down women's cardigan. It bugs me that I can't find a decent photo of the KPS one, especially the collar, which is hidden by the model, but I've heard, in general, that KPS patterns are wonderful for beginners. I do like the roll and rib collar on the PF pattern.... agh! decisions!

Would love to hear feedback from anybody who has knitted either or both patterns. What did you like? Not like? Is it beginner friendly? Photos especially welcome!


Baby born sizes?

Never mind, I found it!
Link, for those interested.

I need to knit some things for a baby born doll. I'd be forever grateful if someone has one laying around and could measure it for me. Googling got me nowhere so far.
If you know of fabulous patterns, of course those are welcome too, but I'm mostly looking for the sizes:
Head circumference, chest, waist, shoulders, upper body length, neck, length from armpits to hips (where a sweater would sit), arms and arms circumference.

Thanks so much for the trouble!
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In this post, I mused about headband patterns.

Then, that night, I made one. :)

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Yarn Berocco Glace in Midnight (?). Basketweave stitch. The whole thing with ties is about 26 inches. Once I figured out what stitch pattern I liked (lacy ones and cables didn't look good with the yarn) the whole thing took about an hour.

Chenille worming

I recently finished a large blanket with Lion Brand chenille (91% acrylic 9% rayon). It was stockinette with a garter border. I washed it in a pillowcase, and it died. I take it this is worming:

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So my question is if there's a way to fix it, or if I can unravel it and try again. The instructions recommend against unraveling, so I'm wondering why (since I already killed the blanket). Also, for any of you who also crochet, is worming less likely to occur when crocheting or do I just suck at chunky yarn knitting?

Thanks in advance.
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so, i just won a bunch of sari silk yarn on ebay (about 600 yards) was a good deal, but what am i going to DO with it?

any recommended patterns for this stuff? it's sort of tempermental, pretty as it may be.

Magknit's Blossom

I finally finished (except for weaving in ends, embroidering and ribboning but that will wait until the 2nd one is finished) my first Blossom from Magknits. I modified the pattern quite a bit to be knit all as one piece.

Thanks to everyone who helped me figure out the grafting - after knitting a test swatch and trying out several methods, I realised that if I aligned it at the right rows, it was just a KNIT row all the way across - so I just kitchenered as normal. Silly me for not realising that sooner!

I used Knitpick's Shine and I LOVE it. It is so soft, and knits up like a dream! I cannot wait to try the worsted version!

Anyway, I am very pleased with how it turned out. I apologise for doing this, but I'm having trouble with my photo hosting site at the moment so I have uploaded photos to my knitting blog, and if you would like to see them they are here: Abigail Knits.
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My first Knit Picks order!

I'm so excited because I got my very first Knit Picks order today! It was supposed to be here yesterday, but UPS rang my doorbell (which stopped working) so I missed the delivery. I paid the extra $8 (all I had to pay since my huge order got me free shipping) to get 3-day delivery, but I only needed to get it before Friday (when I'm flying from NYC to Rochester), so all is well.

I went a little crazy with the ordering because I wanted to see lots of colors (plus I had a little extra money to throw around). Collapse )

I already have another order in my head: for Sierra, Andean Silk, and some of the cotton yarns (I forget the name right now). I don't have much planned out for the yarn yet, except a scarf for myself out of either Panache, Decadence, or Andean Treasure (or maybe one of each!) and hopefully some stuff for my mother & sisters out of the same. I'm also kicking around the idea of writing a sock pattern for the Essential, but I'm not sure yet.

pattern ideas?

I recently ordered some beautiful hand dyed handspun wool in a peach color from ebay and it just arrived! Yay for yarn orders! It is 110 yards and a nice thick yarn. When I ordered it I knew I would have trouble coming up with an idea of what to make with it, but I loved the color so much I had to have it. So, now, I turn to you all for help as to what to make with it...its not enough for a scarf or a hat I dont think, and I wouldnt mind using it with something else striped or something, as long as this yarn stays the focus. And I want it to be something to wear as opposed to a household item or something like that. So, any pattern ideas?

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I come to you, knitters, looking for some help. Of course.

I found this picture of Britney Spears online recently. And, dear God, I like what she's wearing. It's some sort of shrug-y thing. I've never seen a pattern like it, and uh, I want it.

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I'm looking to make the anthropologie-inspired capelet, but I think that Rowan Polar is likely to be far too itchy for me. I'm very sensitive to wool- I can't work with Lamb's Pride at all, for example, and merino brings me out in a rash. Does anyone know of any yarns that are not itchy and knit up to about 3sts/in?

Another thing- for those of you that've made the capelet, about what bust size did it knit up to? I know in theory it ought to be one size fits all, but I'm pretty small and don't want to look swamped in it.

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more hats.

i have been making lots of umbical cord hats. i make themon size 8 dpns.

i made some with some (groan) red heart rainbow. i was out of yarn (i was moving) and desperate. but despite the yarn they came out kinda cute. for the toddler hat i added about 5" to the pattern to fit my 2.5 yr old's head.

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