March 17th, 2006

Small projects and packets of info for campers...

I just got hired at as a textile specialist at a summer camp. So, I'll be spending my summer teaching sewing and knitting to kids that range from age 7-16 and I couldn't be happier!

The campers generally have free reign of what they choose to do for the day, so I will only see most of them for somewhere between one and five 1 hour sessions. I'm looking for some quick, easy projects for beginners that wouldn't take them much longer than the time they'll spend working with me. I know for most kids instant gratification is the best way to get them excited about continuing something, so I'd like to see them be able to finish a project in their short time there. Any ideas?

Also, I'm thinking of putting together a packet of "continuing education" if you will. I'd like to be able to give them directions on how to read patterns, purl, knit in the round and maybe a few easy but more extended patterns so if they decide to keep knitting they could continue to do so while finishing up camp or at home. I know there's some great beginner links in the memories, but if anyone else has a few more that they think would be good for this, throw them my way!

Yarn question and FO

Well, I guess I'll start with this question I've got about Noro. It all starts with a recent trip to a LYS. I hadn't been there in well over a year or so, but I was in the area so I thought I'd check it out. Now, this store isn't 100% knitting stuff, but when I had been there in the past, they had a LOT of yarn. Rows and rows of the stuff. When I went there recently though, I had noticed that their yarn section now took up a small corner of their store. Thankfully, they had what I was looking for, and I went to check out. While I was being rung up, I asked the lady at the counter if they'd be getting any Noro anytime soon, or if they just don't carry it. This is the answer I got: "It's really hard to get Noro these days because there are people out there who are trying to shut them down." I asked her for clarification, but then the phone rang at the shop. She answered the phone and went into the back of the store. Now, by the looks of the place, it looked to me like they might be near closing the shop down. There really wasn't a whole lot left there, yarn or needlework oriented. I don't know if the lady was just giving me a line or what. I suspect that what she told me was not true. Sooo...anybody else heard of people trying to "shut Noro down"?

Now that that's over with, here's my FO--its the Waikiki T-strap top knit with Patons Brilliant. I actually finished this last year, but finally got around to uploading the pictures. I don't know why on Earth I thought this top wouldn't turn out to be scratchy as hell. I'm a bit pleased with the outcome though...

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appropriate cast-on?

I'm about 1/4 of the way through a knitted squid hat for a baby whose parents have a great sense of humor. :) But I've hit a snag...

The pattern calls for knitting a rectangle, then a triangle on top of that. But the base of the triangle is larger than the top of the rectangle, so you need to cast on into empty space, as it were. The only cast-on method that I know is the slip-knot and wiggle-the-needle-around-your-thumb kind of method. I've searched online, and found a variety of websites with photo and/or video instructions, and are very helpful except I can't figure out which would be appropriate for this application.

Thanks for any help. Links would be great, coming to my house and showing me how would be better ;)

I'll be sure to post a cute photo when it's finished!
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Clap fever, baby!

I have succumbed to clapotis fever, and now I need help. I got some light worsted weight cotton/acrylic yarn I'm using, size 8 needles, and I cast on and began the first few set-up rows last night.

For those who have made it before - Are the first 5 set-up rows always this tight?

I thought it might be the cotton/acrylic yarn, so I repeated the swatch in some Caron Simply Soft I had lying around, and it was the same. I noticed that on both the knitting loosened up after the 5th row. I did make sure I wasn't knitting too tightly.

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pattern database website?

okay, this is really vague, i know, but someone's got to have this bookmarked, too! i lost mine (firefox ate them somehow), and i am looking all over for this one pattern website. it's like the free knitting pattern database or compendium or some word like that (but not that because i googled).

it basically compiles all the free patterns on the web by category. it's got links to knitty and magknits and knitting about patterns, etc., all in a handy dandy list form. the background is black (or dark) and the text is a reddish color, i think i remember.

anybody know what i'm talking about? it was a great resource that i am bummed to have lost!


barbie toilet paper hideaway?

so i was pestering my mom about what i could knit her for this mothers day, and after a lot of careful thought, she became stuck on this idea that her grandmother knitted for her family when she was a child.

apparently, my bubba (great-grandmother) knitted a very long, very wide skirt for a barbie, and then stuck that barbie inside the tube of an extra toilet paper roll with the skirt covering the actual toilet paper to make the whole thing fun and more presentable.

so, what i was wondering was... does anyone have a pattern for anything like this? should i just find a barbie dress pattern and extend the dress? im an advanced beginner, but i have no experience altering patterns whatsoever.

any help would be greatly appreciated!! thank you so much!
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Technique question - am i purling correctly and why is my tension so wonky?

I've been working a couple of cabled projects recently, which gave me the opportunity to examnine my tension pretty closely, and I've noticed that I have problems with loose stitches when I go from purl to knit. This manifests in uneven side edges in a stockinette swatch and in extra loopiness in the knit stitch when i'm working across a pattern and go from purl to knit.

To complicate the issue, I was leafing through Stitch'n'bitch, and realized I may be purling WRONG. I had been wrapping clockwise for purls and counterclockwise for knits. The books suggests I should be ccw for BOTH.

I tried to do the new way, and it MAY have solved the above tension problem, but I'd like ot be sure before I relearn my purl completely.

Please help?

EDIT* Changing to CCW for both seems to have helped.....last problem is regarding the there a specific technique for changing over sides that is important? I think I'm doing things right....this is in conjunction with the question: When should the first stitch be slipped and when not?

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I received the yarn I ordered for a self-designed baby blanket yesterday. It's Cheryl Oberle's Reflections in Moss and let me just say this yarn is a dream to work with. ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, soft, and when I blocked the swatches the yarn bloomed so beautifully. Ahh, I'm in love!
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You will all understand this pain

So I had been working on a BigBadBabyBlanket for seven months now. The intended recipient has been born already (fortunately, it was just a little while ago, and I haven't had the chance to go see her yet). Three nights ago, I was so close to finishing I decided to just buckle down and go for it. I cancelled all my calls, locked myself in my room, and knit like crazy. I got down to where I had just two more rows to go, and....

...I ran out of yarn.

And it was five minutes just past the closing time for my LYS, too.

I came out of my room and wandered around the living room in a daze for a few minutes saying, "Two rows. Only two rows. All I needed to do." And I kept thinking about how I was now going to have to buy an entire whole skein of Koigu just to knit two bloody rows so I could finish this thing.


But it has a happy ending, because when I DID go to the LYS to get the yarn, I told them the story about why I needed it and they felt so bad for me they threw in a free pattern for baby booties so I could at least do something with the rest of the skein. :-)

(I'll add pictures later tonight -- it's blocking. I've just started the booties.)

Yarn to make a lightweight scarf look heavier

So having finished the new Hot Head to replace the one Himself lost on the set of West Wing (really!), I've been asked to further his 'Hollywood' wardrobe a bit further.

Several of the shows he works on are set back East and require 'winter clothing,' including scarves. Which is fine, but the only scarf between the two of us is red, and red is verboten for background actors (makes them pop out too much on screen).

As if that weren't enough, they will start shooting for next season in a month or two. So in Los Angeles summertime, he has to be all wrapped up to look as though he's in, say, Boston in late fall.

Is there any lightweight yarn that would look to be heavier than it actually is? I could, I suppose, just use the Lamb's Pride Bulky or somesuch, but 10-hour days in SoCal summertime bundled up in something like that would be very uncomfortable.

I swear, the things we 'Hollywood' wives do for our spouses...
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Garter v. stocking, which uses more yarn?

Based on this thread in hp_knitting earlier today, I made a garter stitch swatch and stockinette stitch swatch using the same length of yarn to see how much more length I get out of the stocking stitch vs. garter stitch. I figured some people here would be interested in the results. I used Sugar n Cream on size 7 needles, and got about 35 rows out of both. The garter stitch swatch was quite a bit shorter, because it contracts in, but it was pretty easy to stretch out to the length of the stockinette one. I guess how much yarn you need to make something in garter stitch depends on how you plan on blocking it.

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