March 19th, 2006

Vest Help Please

I bought this vest and it's exactly what I'm looking for in terms of style and fit and it's also knit in the round, which I like. However, it's fair isle and I want a solid vest and because it is knit in the round it involves steeking, which I'm really hesitant to do and picking up and knitting, which I suck at. Also, because the instructions are for fair isle a lot of the directions are left up to colour charts, which I don't need. PLUS, I'm moving back to Canada next week and most of this will be knit on an airplane where I don't want to deal with steeks and such.

So, long story short, I want a vest exactly this style, perhaps knit in the round to the armholes and then knit flat so as to avoid steeking and picking up and knitting. Any suggestions? Thanks so much!

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Okay, I'm here AGAIN for help!

I recently bought a Knifty Knitter and decided to test my skills with my new wool. I knitted about a sleeve's length on the RED knitter loom and then threw it in the wash. I decided that I was going to use the end of the hat as the end of a foot and use that concept to create a sock. Anyways, felted, it ended up coming up to my ankle and I just threaded some ribbon in it to tie them around my ankles. Not exactly comofortable, but I need some advice..

Does anybody know where I can get some free patterns to use on my Knifty Knitter (Other than the 99 cent patterns they sell at LYS's)


Does anybody have a pattern for EASY 2 needle felted socks??

Please Help!
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A few day's ago someone posted a question about what everyone uses for blocking. One of the responses showed those fit together mats that you can get at "do it yourself home centers". I decided I'd stop at home depot on the way home from work. I was less than thrilled at what I found. Most were themed for a childs room with train tracks and streets printed on them. The price was about $30.00. Well on the spur of the moment, I decided to stop by Sports Authority and look into a yoga mat. I found a set of 14 one foot square, interlockinig foam tiles. The price was under $15.00 and it came with a zippered carrying case! For years I have used a fabric cutting board that I had laminated. It worked quite well, as it easily slides under my bed. The only problem being, that for small items it was too large and for long items (shawls and long scarves) it wasn't long enough. Now I can configure a blocking board to any size needed!
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ive been dying to make the lucky sweater in SNBN ever since i got the book for christmas two years ago.
after getting lots of money for my birthday, im finally going to go for it however, rowan 4-ply doesnt quite fit in my budget
so i pose my question to the group:
what yarn did you use for your lucky sweater? any idea of which knitpicks yarn would give me the appropriate guage?


Knitpicks Merino Style color equivalents

I know some of you have been frustrated that this color card is out of stock. So I present unto you my rather subjective (it's hard to compare colors on wool and cotton) comparison between those yarn shades and DMC embroidery floss colors. Do note I've had my color cards for a while, and I'm doing this in my living room in indirect sunlight, so the matches won't be perfect. Want to bet they'll be back in stock not long after I do this? The same way it rains after you wash your car. :-)
Collapse )(I'll do Wool of the Andes colors in another post)

I'm stuck...

So I've started my first sweater, cardigan really, and I've gotten to a part in the pattern where I'm stuck. Things aren't lining up right. I'm making this:, except I added stripes. The pattern seems to be worked in sets of 6 rows, so thats how tall my stripes are. Alright, on to the problem. I started with the left front so it would be a small piece and I could kind of hold it up to see if it might fit. Everything was going fine until I got to the increases. It starts with 46 stitches, goes down to 40 then back up to 46 and I'm supposed to work until its at 36 cm, then start the armhole. Right now its at 30 cm and I need 4 more stripes to hit my 46 stitches but, there is only room for about 2 stripes if I'm supposed to go to 36 cm. So, I'm wondering should I just leave it at 44 stitches, or double up on the increases for the last 2 stripes?
Oh, and my gauge was actually a bit smaller than the pattern called that part is confusing as well.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Sparkly hat from SnB

I want to make that sparkly 'old lady' hat from SnB because I love the pattern.

The sparkles, however, errrr not so much.

Has anyone made this sans sparkles? How did it turn out? Did the directions have to be modified?

Can it even be MADE sans sparkles, or am I doomed to make something that looks like a wearable Christmas tree?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The start to a blanket for baby.

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I'm getting closer to my due date!

I'm using pastel pink 'cause I just couldn't resist. It's Caron's CuddleSoft in Baby Pink. I hope it does end up being a girl--you just never know! Even if it doesn't, I can always give it to another baby girl.

This blanket is the pattern from hell. It's this pattern. It was a cast on of 245 stitches; size 3 needles and you can easily mess up with all the increases/decreases etc. I already had to pull it out once and then messed up on one row (you can't really tell and I'm just leaving it as is!).

I'll probably have it done by end of summer as I need to do what's pictured another twelve times!
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Stitch pattern help!!

I need someone with the Vogue stitchionary to give me some help. I'm doing the eyelet swirls pattern and the friend that gave it to me messed up on row 12 of the repeat...I think.

I have Row 12: P1, *P2, yo, P2tog tbl: rep from * end P1.

This isn't enough stitches!!


ETA: Thank you artemis9976!!!!

It should have been Row 12: P1, *P2, yo, P6 P2tog tbl; rep from * end P1
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knitting help


I just joined this community. I'm a beginning knitter working on a dishcloth using knitting and purling stitches. Here's my question - when you're going back and forth from knitting to purling or vice versa, how to you do it so that you don't get these weird holes in between your stitches? I'm pulling the yarn over the "yarn crotch" to the front and back when I switch the kind of stitches I'm doing. Do you know what I'm asking? My teacher told me how to do this but I've forgotten and I'm trying to do some knitting now!


Invisible Cast-on?

Hi everybody,
I'm starting Eunny Jang's "Print O' The Wave Stole" (available @ It requires an invisible cast-on, because you'll be going back and picking up the CO stitches for the border. Has anybody made this? What CO method did you use? Even if you haven't knit this, what is your preferred or recommended invisible CO method?

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so i'm about to buy some yarn for a project (the flower petal shawl). i have never specifically bought yarn for anything before, and if it was anything it was cheap acrylic or recycled yarn and never more than one ball. so, mostly i've never really spent more than $10 for any project. i'm nervous.

i'm also trying to figure out this whole yarn substitution thing. though i don't think i have a problem buying the yarn in the pattern, i hate the colors. i figured i could just redye one to something i like. anyways, i went over to knitpicks, and will this be okay to replace it with? i know the gauge is slightly different, but i didn't think that it'd be a problem, since slight size differences won't matter much. i don't know. eek. i'm yarn-purchasing-phobic.

i have a lot more questions on the topic, but i think i'll just stick with this one right now.
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ok so, i decided that the herringbone stitch (for the candy-striper messenger bag in snb nation) is probably too advanced for me, so I've gone back to the original stitch n bitch book and decided to make the marsupial bag. it seems pretty simple, but it's knit in the round. now, it says that you do the bottom of the bag in garter stitch. well, i looked at the directions for knitting with circular needles, and it says that if you just keep doing the knit stitch, you'll end up with stockinette stitch (without doing purl) wtf? so, i'm having that problem (how do you do garter stitch with circular needles). also, this part of the pattern isn't a tube, it's a rectangle. how do you do that with circular needles? and then you "pick up" stitches and start knitting the tube part (the sides of the bag). i don't understand that either. this is all really confusing for me, so all i did was cast on and then get frustrated and started watchind invasion of the body snatchers.

help? explanations?

i really don't seem to be understanding the stitch n bitch books...but i'm REALLY tired of making scarves and hats and coin purses and cell phone holders and the like from the "klutz" kids' "how to knit" book (hahaha). so can anyone point me in the right direction? or am i jus knitting-retarded?


madonna not interested

Some Almost FOs and a question

question: if you were a ribbed scarf in Lorna's Laces Angel (70% Angora, 30% lambswool), how would you want to be blocked? i'm usually pretty fearless about just tossing my work into a nice coolish lukewarm bath with some Eucalan, but my pretty 44 dollar scarf begged me to ask first this time *g*.

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why bother

How out of practice am I? Well...

I took a very long knitting hiatus when my Orangina hit a stitch-count snag, but I picked it up, dusted it off, and got it back on the right track. Now I am at the part where I am supposed to put both the front and back pieces on the same circular needle to join and knit them together in the round. The pattern indicates to do this after completing the stitch pattern, which ends with a right side row. Because I figured it would be easier to transfer stitches on a purl row, I did one more on each side. Now it occurs to me that perhaps I shouldn'a oughta done that. Perhaps the pattern was wise to instruct me to put front and back together when the wrong side would be facing me, instead of the right.

So now my dilemma is this: How to join the body and start knitting in the round? My original inclination, before I remembered how one normally joins a round, was to do a row of ribbing straight and then do all that pesky joining up on the next row. But then, you know, it occured to me that a round is usually joined with the working yarn being on the right needle, rather than the left as it was for me. So now the thing I am not sure of is, if I were to just turn the needles around so that the working yarn was in the proper place and join that way, would the stitches all be sitting in the right direction? Would the resulting row of stitches look normal? Should I take the pieces off the needles so I can rearrange them in the proper order? Help. :(