March 22nd, 2006



I come from a family of biologists. I'm third generation -- my grandmother was a virologist, and both my parents are virologists, too. I am a rebel, and am a cell biologist instead.

Anyway, for my dad's birthday, I made him a DNA molecule:

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To Frog or Not to Frog.....

That is the question. I'm about 11 inches (one complete ball of Aurora 8) into my first section of Tubey....flat stockinette. About halfway down, I have a couple of spots where my tension got much looser and I can tell there's much more of a gap between the purl rows in a couple of places.

I'm terribly worried that if I leave it, I'll wind up with a couple of spots on my back that show gapping in the end. I think I'm going to wind up frogging back (hopefully getting a needle/lifeline inserted before I start to frog) and reknitting. I'm having a hard time keeping my purl/knit tension even, and there is a bit of "waviness" to the stockinette on the knit side that flattens out under a little tension but is making my perfectionist very nervous.

Do I frog or is there any way to snuggle the tension tighter in that area? Sigh......
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Yarn porn... Danger, Will Robinson!

A gal who works in my office and also weaves brought in a box for me the other day and left it in my office. In it are sample cards of about 80 different yarns, from cotton to cashmere to alpaca, in all the colors. Why? Well, I didn't know this but it would seem she used to own a yarn store and she says she has about two trucks of yarn in her attic from when she closed the store. She wants to give me whatever I can use...

She has NO idea what she just did. None whatsoever.
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Scarf help!

Hi all,

I am attempting to making Branching Out by Knitty.

However, I don't know how to make 25 stitches into 31 after the first five rows of garter stitch. The pattern says nothing about inc/decreasing, and counting the number of stitches as specified by the pattern leaves me with a different number every time.

Am I reading the pattern directions (not the chart) wrong? 


Yarn and cat allergen

Hi I am new here and recently received some great yarn from ebay at a great price. The huge problem is that it is very evident that there is cat hair on the yarn in fairly large quantities. The yarn is rowan polar and just opening the package caused my eyes to get very red and burn. The yarn is now in my room and open. As long as I don't hadle it I am ok but, What is the best way to go about cleaning or removing the allergen?

I know simply removing the hair will not do it. I did some research and there is a specific allergen associated with cat saliva/urine. And since they lick their hair to clean themselves it becomes deposited on the hair. Please help me how can I clean this so it no longer irritates my eyes. Should I ask to send it back or do you think it can be cleaned? Ive never had a cat for obvious reasons and I know many knitters have cats so I hope you can help.

Any ideas?

Yarn Substitute?

I found a simple garter stitch shawl pattern that I love--the woman at my LYS reccomended that I knit it in a crepe yarn, but I don't want to spend over 45 dollars on one skein of yarn. Are there any reccomendations for an online vendor (I checked elann and knitpicks) or a substitute yarn in a similar weight? Thanks!

Eris sweater help

Hey there knitters,

I have a question for any of you who've made the sweater Eris into a symmetrical version. I'm at step 12, soon to be on steps 13 and 14 (obviously!). I'm wondering how to adapt step 14 for the symmetrical version, particularly in terms of knitting back over the stitches on the left front ( I see the directions for the right front, but am not sure what to do about the left front) as well as about adding back the stitches on the holder; would I do that for both sides (right and left) and place marking yarn on both sides?

I'd thought maybe to purl across the row in step 14, and then to turn around and do something similar on the knit side, so that I can add in the left side as well - what do you think?

Thanks so much! I'm sure this will sound confusing, but hopefully someone can help! I can't go any further till I figure this out!
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Dear Livejournal

Finished some projects...

I finally finished my very first knitting project. It took me a while to get the finishing touches on it, but it's finally done!! The Harry Potter Scarf is soooo easy to make once you get used to using circular needles.
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I also finished a beanie that I did in a quick little click of the needles...
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I think for the next project I'm going to do the POA scarf, but in slightly different colors...I like the pattern, but the one I want to make is probably going to be in Denver Bronco's colors since my boyfriend likes those colors and asked for a blue, orange and white scarf.

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First FO

I've been lurking in this community for about a month now, and first of all I want to say how much everyone else's posts and questions have helped me. Not that I've done anything nearly as complicated and beautiful as I've seen here, but...

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I must say, I am quite proud of myself. I have dozens of scarves and a few afghans in the works, but this is the first thing I've ever completed. *happy sigh*
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Knitters Anonymous (by hookers__)

More sock stuff!

Thanks so much for answering my self striping sock questions, they are now finished! No pictures yet, my computer has stopped recognizing my camera. It only took me a week and a half. Actually, less then a week but I reknit the first one after doing modifications on the second one.
DPN/Circular question: Having used DPN's since I was 8 or 9, I have never had a laddering problem except on ribbing. However, I used size 2 DPN's for the leg (I have big calves) and size 1 DPN's for the foot, and I got ladders on the size 1 but not the size 2. Weirdness. I learned how to do the 2 circular needle sock method as well as the magic loop with size 10 needles, and I'm wondering, if I did those methods on size 1 or below needles, am I as likely to get ladders as on the DPNs?
Also, if you use reinforcement yarn for toes and heelds, what kind of you recommend and where do you buy it?
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Gift for friends?

I know several of you have "Tuesday Morning" shops in your area. Those shops were bombarded during the "mad dash to buy up cotton ease". At any rate I stopped by one pick up more...cotton ease of course, and found something interesting. Most of us that knit have had a friend, relative or co worker ask us to teach them how to knit right? Well today I found this "learn to knit kit", included are instructions, yarn and needles to make a belt and matching purse...for $2.99. Granted the yarn is not fine cashmere, but at this price it's still a good deal. If you know someone itching to learn how to knit drop by your local Tuesday Morning shop and grab one. I actually purchased 4 of them, gifts for my nieces and a co-worker.
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Rounds vs. flat decreases

I'd like to make this shrug. However, I hate seams -- both doing them and how they look. So I wanna do it in the round.

The pattern says to decrease/increase basically at the edges. If I were doing this in the round, where would I decrease/increase? Once at the beginning of the round and once at the end? Kind of a quarter of the way through each round (i.e., if you're looking at the arm, I'd decrease once at the bicep and once at the tricep)? Will it make a difference either way?

what to do what to do

I have 1100 yards of worsted wool yarn, 10 balls, 50 gm, 110 yards each.. and I'm trying to decide what to make out of it. when I bought it, I thought I was going to make a felted knitting tote.. not so much to tote, as to sit here by my chair and hold my ugly pile of stuff, in a way that makes it pretty. :) but I've gone off that idea somewhat, as I haven't found a pattern that suits me and I don't really want to just wing it. so now I'm trying to come up with something else to do with it. I've already made purses for everybody I know. :) well..

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drat, the cut worked, but I forgot the title!

Works-In-Progress Completion Chart Thing

I've stumbled across several of these while looking around on various knitters' blogs, and would love to have one on mine, too.

An example of what I'm talking about can be seen on this blog, in the left column under 'works in progress'. And then it has a list of projects and how much the blogger has completed of that project. Seems like a neat way to keep track of things, and to let other people see what you're working on.

If anyone knows where I can get hold of the code to put one of these in my blog, I would be really grateful. Thanks!



Edit: Thanks! I got it working and put it here!
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Followup to Weird Self-Striping: Finished Socks!

Okay guys, for those of you who remember my post about confusion with self striping yarns, we concluded that the only way to know for sure if it was striping the same way was to check before you started knitting. Ah well, so much for finding something normal for that, right? Anyway, I finished the socks I was talking about.

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The yarn was Limbo Mexiko, a DK weight self-striper in some kind of discontinued color. I knit them without a pattern toe-up on two US2 circs (both socks at the same time), doing a figure 8 toe and short-row heel, with 2x2 ribbing at the top. It is my first pair for the Cirque du Socks knitalong. I'm working on my second pair in SWTC Karaoke now. In the pictures you can also see my two homemade sock blockers I made out of wire hangers. I didn't really make them to block socks, but so I had something to take pictures on. I was sick of my socks looking dumb.

PS: i'm destashing so right now and over the next few days I'm going to be selling yarn at my Etsy Store, at a discount over what it retails for so you might want to check it out.
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